Cheating and Recover

by Commentstory

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Revenge, .

Desc: Drama Story: Cheating wives or fiacées are in these short stories. Every chapter is an independent story. They are interesting, because these stories were anonymous comments in other story collection. To prevent forgetting I collected them and published them.

I am Duna here on SOL and these short stories are not mine. I read these the Anonymous comments in other story collection. I could gather some of them. I do not know some person wrote these Anonymous comment stories, but I suspect the writer was same. Because of the comments were Anonymous, I think copyright problem is similar as at the folklor's products. They are for everybody.

Chapter 1: First Story

"Finally, I made sure that our last fuck in his bed was anal. Angie and I had done it that way just a few times, and she and Tommy hadn't done it at all."

That's what she said, huh? And you believe her?

My girlfriend said she was going to save her cherry for us on our wedding night. And then she came to our bed a very well used young whore. I forgave her because I loved her. Then, she told me I was the one she wanted to get her anal cherry. Until a few years later she admitted her boyfriend had taken all three of her cherries. It was tough to forgive a liar, but I did.

And then she told me all the whispers I heard weren't true, she wasn't hanging around Tom, her old boyfriend, while I was at work during the night shift. But then I had a note slipped to me that my wife and Tom had already been seen that evening together. I faked a massive stomach ache (not far from the truth) and left work early. Her vows that they were all lies were all lies. I caught them together in our marriage bed and he was in her ass, doggy style.

I left her and drove away. A liar is a liar is a liar. She came up pregnant and I was served a summons saying she swore I knocked her up and that she should be covered with my insurance. My lawyer agreed and I put her on it, but didn't talk with her, although she did her best. I stopped by to give DNA after the baby was born but was told it wasn't needed. I stopped in to see the baby sucking on her tit and understood why.

You see, my ex-wife and I are both blond haired and blue eyed. Tom is black and so was the baby.

Her and Tom moved in together and that lasted about 6 months until she caught HIM screwing around. I guess when it's her, it's okay but when it's him, it isn't. He wasn't happy about her reaction and ended up in jail for a couple years for rearranging her face. Me? I remarried and my new wife swore she would rebuild my lack of trust in women. Slowly, painfully but surely, I learned to trust again.

The last time I saw my ex she was at a function with her baby, by herself. He was walking very well and making himself a nuisance. It was great when she saw me and my wife, along with our little girl in the stroller. They both should have been ours and she knew it.

Chapter 2: Second Story

Back in the '80's something similar happened to me. Thankfully we didn't have kids. Growing up, I loved the girl next door. We were boyfriend/girlfriend off and on all through primary and intermediate school, but when we got to high school, she dumped me for someone else. I just about died and I'll be honest, I cried like a baby when my mom came to my room and asked what had happened. After explaining, she told me that someday I'd get over it. I didn't agree but also didn't disagree with her.

As we went through HS together, it was obvious she was one of the girls that spread her legs for her boyfriend. I heard him talking in the locker room and mentioning to his buddies, she couldn't get enough of his cock. Pretty much anytime and anywhere they could get together, they fucked. Even at school a few times, I found out later. Everyone was patting him on the back and telling him what a stud he was. Of course, my heart broke even further.

Then he cheated on her. She broke it off and was devastated, everyone around school could tell. After a month or so of listening to him talk about how bad he needed to get laid again, he finally talked her into getting back together. Then he let everyone know he was getting it before school, after school and in the evenings. Who knew the girl next door I loved dearly was such a horndog. He loved to tell about how wet her cunt was when she found out they could fuck, by the time she could skin out of her pants, she was running down her leg. Well, he fucked up again and that time she broke it off for good.

I noticed her making some moves toward me but I just couldn't have anything to do with her so she started going out with another guy. I found out later it was because once you start fucking, you can't stop and this guy was buried in her cunt the first time they went out together. Cutting to the chase, we eventually got together and believe it or not, married. She wanted to be a housewife and be there when I got home, and I had no problem with that. I wanted to wait about 10 years to have kids, she wanted to have them right away. We compromised on 5 years. Sex was incredible, her boyfriend was right, she couldn't get enough cock. When she was horny, she did anything she could to get me up and going.

After we married her cheater boyfriend joined the Navy and shipped out. Neither of us heard anything about him, his folks lived just down the road from where we lived. I knew she still had feelings for him but said it was over. Then one day after we'd been married about 5 years she started talking about going off birth control and starting our family. About that time, I happened to see her old boyfriend was home on leave, he was driving around in his old car stored at his folks house, the same one he used to fuck my wife in for years. I never thought much about it until one day at work, when we broke down. I was a logger and the log loader blew a cylinder. We were going to be down for a week. It was early and we headed home.

The crew bus picked me up every morning at 4 a.m. at the end of my driveway and I would walk out to meet them, about a 1/4 mile. When they dropped me off that morning, about 10 a.m., I noticed a car sitting in my driveway as I walked home. Yep, it was Tom's. It is hard to explain the pain that hits you in the gut when you realize what is going on. So I won't. Suffice to say, I threw up.

I also need to mention how my wife, when she would answer any questions about her and Tom, about their sex life, she just told me he fucked her from the back, either doggy style or just bent over the hood of his car. I never understood why, while I enjoyed her doggy style, I like face to face so I could look into her beautiful eyes and face while we made love. I loved to kiss her and suck her tits and make passionate love to her. To me, that was love.

I learned why he banged her from the back when I walked in through the back door. He had her bent forward over the arm of the couch and had reached around, grabbed her by the nipples and used them to pull her backward. I thought they might tear off but she didn't seem to mind, she was panting at him to keep fucking her. Christ, in the few seconds I watched, I truly believed he'd pull those things off her tits. No wonder, after we got married, that her nipples were so long. I thought it was the way she was built, but he had stretched them. Erect, I'd say they were probably a 1/2" long, he was pulling them at least 1 1/2" to 2" outward.

I had to backtrack to go into our bedroom. I pulled down our two ratty old suitcases and started filling them with clothes. When they were full, I could still hear them going at it and I grabbed my .45acp and shoved it in my waistband before walking out. I must have stood in the living room for 10 seconds before either saw me and then Julie screamed and he shouted. Unfortunately, he was getting his nut and when she pulled away to cower on the couch, he was shooting strands of cum from a cock that looked like it belonged in a movie, even though he'd fired most of it into her cunt.

I set the two suitcases down and pulled out my pistol. I told them both to get the hell out and pushed the suitcases over toward my soon to be ex-wife. It was her clothes I packed, I sure as hell wasn't going to give up a home that was a gift from my folks. She screamed and cried, asking me to forgive her, telling me we could work it out, she'd never do it again. I calmly told her to get out and I'd have everything shipped to her folks house. That earned me more tears from her and she cried about not wanting to go home. I told her that if she wanted, she could move in with her lover, Tom had earned having her.

I was more empty than I could have believed when I watched his car leaving down our driveway. True to my word, I boxed her shit up and anything we'd bought together, including our bed, to her folks house. She tried to talk to me but I refused and had divorce papers sent to her. Her dad talked me into letting her have her say and she'd sign the papers. I agreed, took the papers with me and went to their house. She promised it was the only time it had ever happened, but I didn't believe her and told her that a neighbor had seen him there before. That earned fresh tears and she admitted she'd fucked him the day before too. A little pressure and she admitted during that first time, he'd fucked and shot his load into her 3 times that day. I think her folks were sicker over it than I was.

Our divorce went through and it wasn't until about a year later, I heard from someone that my ex was sick. This was before anything really knew anything about AIDS and it turned out that he'd not only given her Syphilis, but AIDS also, something he'd picked up in a port. I saw her about a year later and she looked like death warmed over. It turned out by that time, Tom had already died. This was before drugs were available that were helpful.

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