Healthy Desire

by Flying-Circus

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: I lost my wife two years ago. It was just my daughter and me now. I did without physical companionship but when my daughter started regularly having a study group at our house, I sought to fulfill healthy man desires.

The head of my dick continually rubbed over her clit and on top of and between the inner and outer lips of her pussy. She moaned softly.

I held my 16-year old daughter Kaylee tightly to my side. She felt like as much a comfort to me as I'm sure I felt a comfort to her.

The sun was bright this morning but this was a very dark day. I was burying Stephanie, my wife and Kaylee's mother. I heard the words spoken, all genuine and truthful, all accurately describing what a wonderful and amazing woman Stephanie was.

Was. I choked up. No longer "is". Was.

Cancer sucks. Fuck you cancer! You took the best thing I ever had in my life. Life is a hellhole and only the love of such an incredible person like my Stephanie made it tolerable. I held Kaylee tighter and she reciprocated. Stephanie was gone but together we made a beautiful young woman to always remind people of my wonderful wife.

I was grateful for each person that come up to me and said how sorry they were for my loss. I was grateful when this day was over.

In my bedroom that night I spoke to the picture of Stephanie in her wedding dress. "I'm glad you're finally free of the pain but I really, really miss you." I kissed her then cried myself to sleep.

"It's too big," she said as I pushed.

"It will fit."

Over the next two years I didn't date. I didn't even feel sexual. The death of Stephanie put to death that desire in me. It wasn't that I became completely non-sexual. I noticed beautiful women around me or on TV but I had noticed them before I lost Stephanie. I was a man. I noticed the hot blonde weather babe on the evening newscast. I noticed the cute brunette in those tight jeans while at the supermarket. These two years just felt dead without Stephanie.

My life was going to work, coming back home, and raising Kaylee. I was so proud of Kaylee when she graduated high school but it would have been so MUCH better if her mom was there to celebrate with us.

Kaylee started the nursing program at the local university.

Just after the beginning of her second freshman semester several other nursing studies classmates began to regularly come over twice a week in the evenings to our house to study together.

College was the natural next progression in Kaylee's life.

It was about to change me too.

"Ow!" she cried out as my dick broke through her virginal hymen.

Kaylee's study friends were five other girls in the nursing program. They were all enrolled in the same initial classes. Usually only four of the five girls showed up.

I generally watched TV in my bedroom or just surfed the internet on my tablet whenever the girls were over. I could go to the kitchen without being seen or interrupting them. I could sometimes overhear them talking about the study topic of the night or the moment.

I went to the kitchen to get a snack on this Tuesday night and the girls were louder than normal with lots of laughter. I was glad they were having such a good time even if it didn't sound like much studying was going on right now. I didn't pay much attention to what they were saying but right before I was about to return to my bedroom I heard, "What about your first time, Kaylee?"

"No, no, no," my daughter replied laughing.

"Come on. I shared and Ash shared." It was Madison speaking.

"It was here," Kaylee said.

"In your house?" Madison asked.

I edged closer to the family room the girls were in so I could hear better.

"In my bedroom. My parents were gone."

"Who?" asked Ashley.

"Joey Martinez."

Joey Martinez? The boy who lived across the street. I will strangle him!

"How old were you?" Madison asked.


Fifteen! Kaylee was only fifteen!

"I was curious about sex and I knew he kind of liked me so we went to my bedroom and it was over in like five seconds." The other girls laughed loudly. "I was so stupid when I was young. It's so much better with Brad."

I calmed down about Joey and any possible misgivings that she was doing it with her boyfriend. She was eighteen now. She could fuck her boyfriend if she wanted. I was okay with that.

"So you mean you just got naked and did it with him?" Madison asked incredulously.

"We made out first and I didn't resist his advances."

"Because you wanted it."

"Because I was curious. I didn't do it again until I dated Mike Trammell but he just wanted notches on his dick."

"Ugh! Mike Trammell, " Madison said. "I slept with him too. What a jerk!"

"Brad is great. He takes his time. We're great together."

"What about you, Kellie?" Ashley asked.

I stayed still and continued to eavesdrop.

"Come on Kellie. We've all said," Kaylee encouraged.

My impression of Kellie, brief as it was, was that she was a mousy-type girl, quiet, no make-up, hair and clothes a little frazzled. She wasn't awkward socially and wasn't afraid to speak up or say her thoughts but she followed the lead of the other girls. She was pretty and shapely, like most 18-year old girls are, with short brown hair. Blonde Madison was the hot princess girl of the group and brunette Ashley was attractive also. The only one that looked a little chunky was Victoria who wasn't here this evening. Victoria looked like a heavier version of Kellie in my opinion. Girls this age had a way of looking similar to each other.

I listened but I couldn't hear Kellie's story. I don't know why I wanted to hear her virginity story but I did and I wish I had heard the stories of the other two girls.

"You can't remember it?" joked Ashley.

"Shut up!" snapped Kellie.

"Did something bad happen?" Kaylee asked gently.

I didn't hear a reply.

"Then what happened?" Kaylee followed up.

"I haven't done it."

I wasn't positive that was what Kellie said but I soon knew for sure.

"That's okay. Wait for the right guy," Ashley said.

Kaylee and Madison were encouraging too.

As the girls continued to talk about their sexual experiences I realized they could be just as bawdy and crude as men. Something was super exciting about listening to this so I stood right where I was until the girls finally focused on actual study material. I stayed longer hoping they would return to sex talk but they were done for the night. I did get to hear how Ashley lost it in the back seat of a car and I think Madison and a boyfriend secretly did it at his house while his parents were home.

For the rest of the night until I went to sleep I thought about the girls talking about their first times. My dick was so hard. I hadn't felt such a stiff erection since ... since my wife.

I wanted to hear more college girl sex talk and so the next evening after work I stopped by a store and bought a hidden camera system. I set up the three cameras in the room were the girls met. One camera was on the near wall where they sat. The other two cameras where on the side walls. They looked like flower decorations and when Kaylee asked about them I just told her I liked them. I could zoom in or out with the cameras from my tablet.

Thursday night from my bedroom I logged into the cameras and watched and listened. Madison wasn't here tonight but Victoria was.

They weren't as explicit as the other night but Ashley did ask how to stop itching under her boobs and Kaylee teased back, "We don't know because we don't have big boobs like you do."

Over the next few times that the girls were over I found myself looking at Kellie, the girl who never had been with a guy yet. She was very intelligent and had understanding and insights the other girls didn't have but there also was an innocence and naivety quality to her. I kept thinking about her virginity and the thoughts kept causing rock strong erections.

The next morning while Kaylee was in the shower, I found her phone and looked up Kellie's phone number. Later I played inquisitive father and while I already reasoned the five girls had the same classes I discovered there were some variations in when some girls took a certain class. I also obtained the information I most wanted, the school schedule of Kellie. It fit well for when Kaylee was out.

"No!" she said as my dick began to open up and enter her tight pussy.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I eagerly exclaimed. I was almost there.

"Hello?" said the female voice on the other end of the call.



"This is Karl, Kellie's dad. I know this is going to sound strange but I think I'm sick and since you're studying nursing I wonder if you could come over and check what's wrong with me. I know it's Monday evening and you might be busy but could you help me?"

"Um ... what about Kaylee?"

"She's out tonight. I can tell that you're a very caring person so you're already a great nurse and you know there are some things that would be just too embarrassing to ask my daughter to do that are no big deal for a medical professional such as yourself."


"Please? I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important."


"Thank you, Kellie. I so appreciate you. I'll leave the front door unlocked so come right in."

I prepared my medical condition while I waited for Kellie.

Twenty minutes after we hung up I heard, "Hello?"

"In here."

A minute later Kellie entered my bedroom. She was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt.

"Thank you for coming over."


She looked at me dressed in pajamas lying on top of my covers. I had an ice pack wrapped in a dishcloth on my head.

"I feel so warm," I said.

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