Soar to New Heights

by Babyboomer

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Historical, Mystery, Crime, Cheating, Slut Wife, Rough, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Double Penetration, Military, War, Politics, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: New Ken and Barbara story. Ken is in the Army. Barbara is working undercover without him. Will she catch the spy? Will her loneliness get her into trouble? Can she remain chaste or will her desires threaten her country and her life? Can the two lovers remain married?

Chapter 1

Barbara really hated to take divorce cases. But sometimes they were the only game in town.

Her first case was just such a case. Her mentor had gotten Ken and her into a high profile case involving husband and wife actors. They had been lucky to live through that one! The last divorce case turned into a non – divorce case. An owner/pilot of a new airline, had been away from his young beautiful wife. He had heard rumors that she had been having an affair. He had come to the Barken Agency with a great trepidation that his wife was an adultress. He couldn't afford the going rate but he promised to train Ken and Barb as pilotsin return for their services. For a full month they both tailed her and found nothing. No secret meetings, letters from admirers, no boy friend meeting her when he was away. What they had found was a rival who had made up the rumor as a way to keep him out of the air. Now both of them knew how to fly a small airplane.

Another case had involved the F.B.I. and had ended with a promise that Ken would be drafted into the undercover branch of the Army. Amonth later Ken was drafted and her dad had found out that he had been placed into Army intelligence. Now Barbara was staring at her desk.

When they had been married a couple of years ago, children weren't exactly desired. Sure, things happen, like the various seductions or a gangbang or two, or even a few needed love-a-thons with her husband yet none of those occasions had killed the rabbit. It was her sudden loneliness that caused her to wonder if they had been too lucky. That is, maybe she couldn't have children! With all of those men having their way with her wouldn't she have gotten knocked up by now?

She had asked her mother about the possibility of being barren. Cornelia told her that sometimes girls do get lucky. She had been lucky a number of times in her career. It seemed to her that when she really wanted to have a child God had helped make it happen. Of course Stephan had also helped. She had a boy several months ago and now she was pregnant again!

Barbara could only nod and be happy for her. Her mother's advice was ' get Kenneth when he comes home on leave and get the job done.' So when the F.B.I. came to her with a case, she was intrigued. The Gurman Aircraft corp. had a manufacturing plant nearby. Its headquarters was near the plant. She was to become an undercover operative. She was to answer to the head man in the research department. Even his bosses didn't know that she had been planted. The corporate structure seemed so poor that she wouldn't be found out until the war was over! The worst part of the entire operation was that Willie would be her contact. However much she giped she was finally persuaded to cooperate only by threating to send Ken into the infantry. She found out later that it had been a bluff but she couldn't take the risk.

Chapter 2

'Damn, if I was on the street I'd break the wrist of one of these bastards! I can only smile and slap their hands.'

"Donald, I need to remind you thhat I am a married woman. You are a married man. Please stop pinching me!"

"But Barbara, your little tush is so tight and bouncy! Maybe you'd like to try out something bigger than your hubby!"

"No, Donald! Quit it! If you do that again I will break your arm! A draftsman with a broken arm is out of a job!"

"O.K. Barbara! Don't worry I won't tell anybody that you made a pass at me!"

"I didn't make a pass at you of all people! You are a liar and a slimeball. Anything you start

I will FINISH!"

"So when are you meeting me tonight?"

Somehow Donald's chair slipped out from under him and he broke his nose. Barbara helped him up and got him to the first-aid office. She tried to guide him but he accidently ran into a wall twice before they got there. After the second time Donald promised to behave. There were far fewer overt attempts of men trying to force themselves upon her. However, some were more devious and therefore more dangerous for her reputation.

"Mrs. Braun, would you come into my office please?"

"Yes sir, Mr. Upton."

"I need someone to help me with a difficult problem. Your reputation as a problem solver may be what the doctor ordered. Please join me for lunch. I'll outline it then and we'll proceed from there."

Barbara agreed but wondered how he had ever heard about her ability at problem solving.

His reputation was about using his people as stepping stones for his advancement. She wasn't even part of his department so she wondered how she could help him. Her job was to try to find out whether any spy could get secret material out of the company. Also it was trying to find out if there were possible blackmail opportunities for any spy to use. Mr. Upton may help her to find out about such people.

Chapter 3

"So there you have it, Barbara! How do I get my wife to calm down? Her fears are unjust.

I have a son and a daughter to raise. Will you help me try to get my family back?"

"What makes you think that I would be able to help you Mr. Upton?'"

"Mrs. Braun or should I say Mrs, Youst, you are a private detective. I need you to find out why she is suddenly so sure that I'm committing adultery. Certainly she knows I would never leave her!"

"Who is this Mrs. Youst Mr. Upton?"

"Look, I saw you on stage myself a coupple of years ago. You and your mother are wonderful actresses Reading the newspaper about all of the murders and your efforts made me realize that I could enlist you to help me. I will not say anything to anyone else. A detective of your stature must be on an important case at Gurman yet I do need your help."

"I guess it won't do me any good to try and deny it. O.K. I'll try to help you but firstly, have you committed adultery?"

"I admit, I'm a healthy male. A couple of affairs, one night stands really, that is all. But I know none of my former friends would talk to anyone about our – trysts."

"Be that as it may Mr. Upton, your record is not pure so you may have to suffer as a result.

However, if there is more to this than a wife guessing her husband is a scumbag, I'll try to find it out. If someone contacts you about blackmail get ahold of me immediately. I have a lot of resources available."

"Will you join me in a toast to a successful completion to this venture?"

"Mr. Upton, if you don't mind my water glass as a substitute for booze then I will join you in a toast."

"Then to success Barbara! And please do call me John."

"O.K. to success, mr. -er – John."

Clinking glasses, John couldn't help but think that in his mind a successful completion to the case would be Barbara, on her back, legs spread wide and his own long, thick prick inside of her spurting his seed deep within her womb. His wife's affairs were her own. They had an unusual marriage.

Chapter 4

Barbara was bored. John's wife didn't seem to have any outside sex life from either male or female. She hadn't found any loopholes in the security system. She hadn't found anyone worthy for a blackmail attempt. Yet she was a bit worried too. She hadn't had even a note from Ken in two weeks. Worse for her were the nights alone. The first week her hairbrush had been enough.

It wasn't anymore. She seemed to be crawling the walls with desire. A few weeks ago she had busted a guys nose because of his advances. Now she wanted to take up his offer and let him fuck her. Breaking his nose seemed to make a marked improvement in the behavior of all of the men.

Even Donald had changed. First he had apologised to her. Then he had done the same to every woman he had made an advance. Interestingly another unforseen circumstance occurred. His broken nose, after it healed and the bruising went away, made him even more handsome. Now he oozed maleness. Of course it wasn't just Donald but she was looking at all of the men like they were lollipops waiting to be licked. Tonight she had to report to John that she hadn't found anything.The thingis she didn't want the case to end. John was the only male near her age that she talked to on a regular basis. She had found out that she actually liked him. He was polite, witty, a good listener, very handsome and smart. She liked their regular luncheons on Friday.

What was she to do?

"Hello beautiful!" John gave her a peck on the cheek. Barbara wished it had been on her lips. A hollow feeling began to engulf her lower belly. She had to do something to overcome it.

"Hi John! It's so good to see you today. I have good news. After all of these weeks I have not found one iota of evidence against your wife. If anyone is seeing her then they are apparitions not people. This time I'll join you on celebrating a successful conclution to you case."

John and Barbara toasted several times until John said, "Look Barb, I don't mean to throw a wet blanket on this but have you found out who might have started her thinking about me?"

"Oops, sorry John, I concentrated on her fidelity and forgot about possible sources for rumors. I guess this means we'll have to see more of one another."

"Yes, it does Barbara. However, people have begun to notice us here. I need to talk to you some more. Please jump in my car and I'll drive us to a safe place."

It wasn't a surprise to her. She knew what she was doing. She had taken her own clothes off in the hotelroom. She had watched him take his clothes off and saw his erection. She spread her own legs so that he could enter her. Yet he didn't do that. No he began by kissing her breasts and worked his way down to the dark red thatch covering her mound. The ache was overwhelming.

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