Gifts for Momma

by mattwatt

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Maddie, Madelaine Burns worked at every job possible to give her Galinda, Gail the chance to become the doctor she wanted to be. It was a life of sacrifice but now, with Gail established, it was time to show Momma that love in return. Spoiling Momma became Gail's fondest dreams, and then Maddie met the big boss of Gail's medical practice: Graham McDonald, 'the Kilt Man'


Galinda was smiling as she pulled the lovely new Caddie into the driveway. Her plan was now fully in action and she was way beyond pleased with it all.

She was home, as usual, for tea time with Momma, and had decided that her next action would be based on what her Momma did first.

As she parked in the driveway, the front door opened and Maddie Burns came out, a huge smile on her face.

"There she is," Maddie said, "The lovely, successful doctor; my beauty Galinda that famous orthopedic surgeon!"

"Well hardly famous," Galinda said, grinning at her Momma, and spreading her arms for a usual hug.

"You must be famous," Maddie said, hugging Galinda, "Look at your new car."

It was time! Right then Gail, Galinda Burns, knew that it was time for the surprise.

"Momma," she said softly, "You know very well that I'm still in love with my sports car and don't intend to get rid of it.

"But I don't understand then," Maddie said, casting another glance at the shiny cadillac sedan, white with lovely light blue interior.

"Don't you?" Gail said, grinning at her Momma.

Then the thought struck her and Maddie put her hand up to her mouth and barely, barely suppressed her sobs.

"Galinda Burns, you didn't!" Maddie said, tears now forming.

"But I did, Momma," Gail said, hugging her Momma, who was now clinging to her.

"Isn't it pretty, Momma," Gail said. "Isn't your new car pretty?"

"My new car!" Maddie said, still fighting the tears. "You didn't need to do this!"

"Of course I did," Gail said. "We've got the house and now Momma gets a new car."

"A new car!" Maddie said, wonder in her voice, "But a cadillac."

"Best for my Momma," Gail said.

"Ohhhhh," Maddie said, and then, with a grin now, "Show me!"

They sat in the car then and Gail went over all of the features of the new caddie with her Momma. Throughout Maddie was tearing up and finally the tears were on her cheeks.

"Oh, honey," Maddie said, "This is so fine. You really didn't have to do this. My old one was fine."

"Your 'old one', as you call it," Gail said, "Was decrepit!"

"Like me!" Maddie quipped but the tears were still there.

They had 'the talk' then. It happened now and again; not very often but Gail always made sure that her Momma knew these things.


At the time of that particular version of 'the talk', Gail, Galinda Burns was a lovely 28 year old. She was finished with all of her preparation and had been a member of a medical practice, their orthopedic surgeon, for over a year and a half. She closely resembled her lovely Momma, with the same kind of short, brown hair. They shared a similar build, nicely formed in the breast and with large nipples, and a kind of runner's frame with good legs and outstanding butts.

Maddie, Madelaine Burns was a glorious 46 year old. She was an active woman and had, for years, taken care of herself and given herself over to exercises of all kinds.

As a mother and daughter team, Maddie and Gail Burns were stunners.

Their shared history only served to make them closer, to make them a real team.

Gail's Dad, Donnie, had gone off zooming on a motorcycle after Gail was born and never came home. The word that finally reached Maddie, only after a huge amount of time went by, was that he was killed in a motorcycle accident and had been 'taken care of' by the friends with whom he was then living.

It was strange but that was the end of the story of Gail's Dad. From that point on, Gail was Maddie's life. She worked extra hard to be a good and providing Mom. Even when Gail was finishing college and going to Medical school, Maddie was taking care of things. She worked, often enough, two jobs to make sure that Gail got what she needed.

One of Maddie's proudest moments was the graduation, when her lovely Gail, Galinda, had become Dr. Galinda Burns.

It was after those days of preparation were behind her and she joined the medical practice of McDonald and Whorley, as their orthopedic surgeon, that Gail turned her attention to taking the best care possible of her Momma.

They had had occasions to have this 'talk' before, since it had taken Maddie a little bit of time to resign herself to being the one now being cared for.

They'd had 'the talk', when Gail bought the house and told Maddie that the house was 'her', Maddie's house. Gail had a room there but it was all for her Momma.

Now the same was the case with the new gift of the car, the beautiful Cadillac.

They sat in the front seat of the car and Gail reached out to wipe a tear from her Momma's cheek.

"Momma, who took care of me, when I was a wild teenager?" Gail asked.

Maddie knew these questions and always answered them.

"I did," she said. "And, honey, you weren't that wild!"

"Yes, I was," Gail said, "We both know that."

They shared a grin then.

"Who worked at several jobs so that I could get through school and med school?" Gail asked next.

"I did, but honey," Maddie said, "You were my whole life. When your Poppa was gone, and zoomed away and out of our life, you were everything to me."

"Yes," Gail said, "And I don't and will never forget that."

"And so," Gail went on relentlessly, "Who deserves the gift of this brand new cadillac?"

"I don't know," Maddie said, now blushing.

"Momma!" Gail said, "Do I need to ask all those things again?"

"No, honey," Maddie said, reaching out to hug her daughter. "If you say that I do, then I deserve the new cadillac."

"I do indeed," Gail said.

"It's so lovely," Maddie said, running a hand over the wheel and the dash board. "It's like you my beautiful daughter, the great doctor, the surgeon!"

"Then lets go for a ride," Gail said. "We might even be able to pick up some men!" She was giggling by the time she finished that last statement.

Now Maddie was giggling too. "Too old!" she shot back at her daughter.

"Bullshit!" Gail said with a grin. "You're at that age when women become the best, the most beautiful! You, Madelaine Burns, are a certified babe!"

That made Maddie blush and giggle.

"Now, ice cream!" Gail said.

"Yes, ice cream," Maddie said, "With my new chariot!"

She turned to Gail, as they were about to drive out of the drive: "Thank you, honey; I want you to know that I am always, always so grateful for what you do for me and the way that you treat me."

"Payback time," Gail said, "For the world's greatest Mom!"

Gail grinned then and said: "So, Momma, shall we look for some men?"

"No," Maddie said with a giggle, "No men."

"Then," Gail asked, the grin on her face widening, "Shall we look for some women?"

Maddie just put her hand over her mouth and shrieked into her mouth at that.

"Oho," Gail said, "Found you out, Madelaine Burns!"

Maddie was giggling and turning bright red. "Stop it," Maddie said, "Or I'll pee myself!"

"Not in your new car!" Gail said with a final giggle and reached out to hug her Momma.

"You are the best of the best," Maddie whispered to Gail.

"Exactly what I was going to say to you," Gail said, and kissed Maddie on the cheek


They went off then, Maddie driving, and sighing now and then about the loveliness of the new, white caddie. Maddie took them to a Friendly's where they settled for an ice cream treat.

"So," Gail said, a grin on her face.

Maddie, knowing full well what was on Gail's mind, put up a hand and said: "Don't you dare!"

Gail laughed and said: "All I was going to say, Madam, was that you should look around to choose a man or a woman that you might be interested in, depending on your outlook for fun and sexual expression..."

"Galinda Burns," Maddie said, trying to put weight into her voice. "I'll ground you!"

Gail grinned and giggled then, saying: "You can't; I don't live with you! I have my own place now."

"Rats!" Maddie said. Then she added: "And no, I'm not looking for a man, and never was looking for a woman!"

"Maybe you should, Momma," Gail said then, "You're so gorgeous!"

"Gail Burns," Maddie said then, "This conversation is over!"

Gail smiled and said: "Momma, I love you like there is no tomorrow!"

"I know that, sweetheart," Maddie said, "It's been you and I right from the beginning, right from the beginning."

Gail smiled but Maddie wasn't finished: "But you don't need to fix me up, young lady." She got a grin from Gail then.

"You already have bought me a house and a new car!" Maddie said.

"Momma," Gail said then, being earnest with her now, "I'm just returning the love. It's such a blessing for me to get a chance to do that, to return the love."

Maddie reached out and put her hand on top of Gail's and said: "And you do it so well!"

"Hey," Gail said, giggling, "People will think that you and I are girlfriends!"

"Will not," Maddie said, although she did look around.

Gail noticed her Momma's look and grinned at her again. Maddie stuck her tongue out then and they both laughed.

"By the way, Momma," Gail said, when they were together in the front seat of Maddie's new car. "I have something to tell you."

"Yes?" Maddie said.

"We, the practice is having a get together this coming Saturday at Dr. McDonald's house. We are each invited to come and bring a date. Guess what?"

"What?" Maddie said then, still not suspecting what Gail was driving at.

"I'm taking you!" Gail said.

"What?" Maddie expostulated. "Me?"

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