BJ Training

by Something Else

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Revenge, Light Bond, Rough, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Revenge by two ex boyfriends on a hot woman who denied them sex while dating. She is slowly transformed from a cock tease to a full fledged slut.

Alan and Trevor were having a beer together. They weren’t exactly friends but had gotten to know each other through a mutual acquaintance named Alicia. Both had dated Alicia at separate times. Guy talk ensued and before long they were sharing stories of their attempted sexual advances towards Alicia. Both were surprised that neither of them had even gotten to first base with the hot woman they had dated for a brief period of time.

Alicia is a twenty-five year old woman who is hot enough to turn heads wherever she goes. She is about five foot seven inches tall and always wears beautiful clothes that are designed to show off her incredible body. Alicia’s idea of a casual outfit would be a tight short skirt that showed off her petite and firm ass as well as her long, slim, tanned and perfectly shaped legs. On top she would alternate between a skin tight tube top or a sheer loose top draped over her magnificent C sized breasts. Neither man could ever remember her actually wearing a bra as her perky globes were firm and provided just the right amount of jiggle as she walked to attract the attention of both men and women as she strutted to her destination. Her mid-drift was always exposed. A navel piercing accentuated her flat stomach that showed a hint of six-pack abs. Her hair was jet black and flowed half way down her well defined back. She was always made up. Dark eye shadow and bright red lips. She had multiple piercings in her left ear and an ear cuff in her right ear. There was a tattoo of a small brightly coloured butterfly high on her neck on the right side. Then there were her shoes. She had a closet full of the sexiest high heels. Nothing below four inches and many with platform soles which increased her height equal to most of the men she dated. The shoes combined with her short skirts showed off her shapely, tanned legs and served to accentuate her delicious bum.

In short, Alicia was the ultimate cock tease.

Both Alan and Trevor shared stories about their dating history with Alicia. Alan had dated her for two months before he finally gave up. She was the ultimate arm candy but resisted any attempts at having a sexual relationship. Just being around her and looking at her was enough to bring his manhood to attention but he inevitably ended up going home alone and jerking off. Trevor had a similar experience although he had persisted for four months before calling it quits. He had actually managed to sleep with her on two different occasions but both times it had been sleep only and no physical contact. As he described it he had the proverbial blue balls problem for the duration of their short relationship. He had failed to even get something as basic as a hand job from her.

The more the men talked about their experiences with Alicia the angrier they became. She obviously knew the effect she had on men as she was outgoing and very flirtatious with any good looking man in her vicinity. At parties she was always surrounded by men and enjoyed participating in their sexual banter while showing cleavage and even ass cheek whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Trevor knew of two other men who had briefly dated this cock tease and they had told him of the same frustrations they had encountered.

Alan and Trevor agreed that the bitch needed to be taught a lesson. They would find a way for both of them to get at least a blow job from the ice queen.

Over the next two weeks Trevor worked out a plan. He then met with Alan and laid out what he had in mind. The two of them tuned the plan for a couple of hours and picked a date a few weeks out when they would turn their plan into action.

Trevor was a part time musician and had a makeshift rehearsal area in his double garage. Nothing fancy but he had focused on soundproofing the garage so that he wouldn’t disturb the neighbors. Other than some old carpeting on the floor, musical instruments strewn around and a few woodworking tools it still looked pretty much like an empty double garage. There were also two tri-pod mounted video cameras stored in one corner. Trevor and his group used these to record many of their sessions in an attempt to improve their stage presence. In preparation for Alicia’s visit he had installed a large metal hook in the ceiling of the middle of the garage plus hooks mounted low on the two side walls.

Alan went on a shopping spree at a bondage store that was located in a strip mall not far from his house. He was amazed and a little confused by the wide selection of bondage and torture implements on display. He was the only customer so the store clerk took the time to explain what all the various implements were used for. Alan had to admit to himself that he felt completely out of his element and appreciated the education provided by the cute clerk. Alan had the shopping list that he and Trevor had compiled and the clerk was eager to help him find implements that matched his list. While driving home his mind was in overdrive. He must go back to the store someday and explore some more. Maybe he was into the BDSM scene and hadn’t known it. A growing erection under his pants seemed to confirm this theory.

Trevor called Alicia one evening and made small talk Despite having broken up they had still remained friendly. He mentioned that he and his group had been working on some new music and asked her if she would like to come over and give them some honest feedback. Alicia had enjoyed the fact that Trevor was a musician and had attended most of his gigs while they were dating. They had even met for the first time at a gig his band was playing at in and underground cellar nightclub. She accepted his invite and they set a date for the following Thursday at seven pm.

Alan arrived at Trevor’s house at about six pm. They went over their simple plan a few times and examined the bondage items that Alan had brought with him in a duffle bag.

Alicia was a half-hour late. The guys weren’t upset with this and, in fact, had anticipated it. They chilled drank a few beers and relished what an adventure they were going to have this evening.

The doorbell rang. Alan took his beer and duffle bag and headed for the bedroom.

Trevor was taken aback at the vision presented to him when he opened the door. Alicia still had the power to take his breath away when he saw her. She was looking her best. Dark eye makeup, red glossy lips, arm bracelet, bright orange fingernails which contrasted nicely with her tanned skin, a very tight crop top (also orange), flared white skirt that was way too short, and at the bottom of her long tanned legs a pair of open toed five inch platform wedges which not only showed off the muscles in her legs but also her matching orange toenails. Exquisite thought Trevor. He could hardly contain his excitement as to how different she would look in a few hours.

They hugged and kissed and made small talk as Trevor lead her to his garage. She was comfortable with her surroundings and with Trevor. During their brief time dating he had always been the perfect gentleman. She actually felt somewhat guilty in her withholding sex with such a sweet man. She knew that it must have been very frustrating for him. She had heard him jerking off on more than one occasion while he was in the bathroom.

Alicia had decided some time ago that sex with a man would wait until she had picked the right man and married him. She was aware that the way she looked and dressed made men think that she would be a good lay but she was determined to stick with her game plan. This didn’t mean that she didn’t get aroused by all the attention afforded her but she chose to use this arousal to pleasure herself when she was safe and in her own bedroom. She sometimes wondered if her frequent intense masturbation sessions would spoil her when she did finally allow a man to penetrate her. But, for now, she was content to continue with her self-pleasure sessions while fantasising about one or more of the many attractive men who tried hitting on her. Would they ever be surprised to find out that she was still technically a virgin although she had a wide selection of dildos and vibrators which she enjoyed shoving up her pussy.

Alicia was somewhat surprised to see that none of the musical instruments were setup. In fact, they were all neatly stored in one corner of the garage.

Trevor could see the confused look on her face.

“I have something special for you today,” said Trevor in answer to her un-asked question.

Alan had been waiting at the garage door for the right time to make his entrance. He opened the door to the garage and strode in with the duffle bag in one hand. He then locked the door with a key and put the key in his pocket.

Alicia was surprised to see another of her ex boyfriends joining her and Trevor. She quickly composed herself and went to Alan and gave him a warm hug and a peck on the cheek.

“What’s up you guys?”

“Well, it’s like this Alicia,” Alan stated in a slow and calm voice. “Trevor and I feel that it is about time you started putting out for the men in your life. We both went through hell while dating you and now is the time for you to make it right with us. We might also invite a few of your other men acquaintances to join us in indulging in your womanly charms.”

Alicia all of a sudden had a bad feeling about this meeting and decided to leave before things got out of hand. She quickly made her way to the door. She was relieved that neither man moved but this relief was quickly overridden by panic and fear when she tried opening the locked door.

“Unlock the door. I want to leave now,” said Alicia with a slightly quavering voice.

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