Handyboy Copes

by realoldbill

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: With his sister-problem unsolved he takes on another randy family.

Billy knew his cute sister had been talking about changing after that gang-bang party, had been spending hours on the phone, had bought some new and much more conservative clothes and, she told him proudly, had stopped handing out bj's like they were candy kisses. But it still surprised him when he went to her bedroom Saturday morning as soon as he heard his folks leave, and she refused to let him use her luscious young body.

There he stood with his huge, morning erection, a thing of impressive length and girth, blood hot and piss hard, throbbing with energy and jerking in anticipation of getting into Susie's tight little pussy as he had every Saturday for more than two months, and she said no and made her soft lips into a thin line. She even scooted away to the far side of her bed and pulled her covers up to her chin, looking frightened. He bobbled the blood-hot shaft in his hand, smacking it up and down, hoping to entice her, but she waved him away and shook her head.

Damn! He was tempted to take her anyhow, but she had been so nice to him week after week, he just limped off to the bathroom and relived himself in the shower, spurting ropes of his jism at the tiled walls and trying not to scream with relief. He let the pounding water stream over his shaft but it wouldn't relax. He couldn't even beat it down.

Susie smiled to herself as he left. His cock had been huge and beautiful, she had to admit that, its blunt head a wonderful color with a pearl of precum at its tip, but she was proud that she hadn't let him hump her even though her vagina seemed to be humming and pulsing with need.

It was the first time she had refused him after climbing into his bed and arms, and she knew exactly what his horn would feel like upside her, the thrills it would give her, the pounding she needed. She hopped out of bed and did her morning exercises, twisting and stretching until she heard her brother leave the bathroom. By then sweat was dripping from her nose.

After she showered, being careful not to excite her swollen clit, she hurried back to her room with just a towel on her head and there was Billy, smiling, sitting on her bed and waiting for her.

"What's going on, Squirt?" he asked, admiring her wonderful naked body and ignoring her squeal of protest as she clamped a hand between her long legs, covering her carefully shaved vulva, and her other arm across her chest.

"I'm going to be a good girl. I hate being called a slut." She quickly turned her back to him, pulled on some underpants and tossed a big sweatshirt over her head. It fell to her hips making her long legs look even more enticing.

"So I get no more, right?"

She sniffed and stood before him, looking serious. "I'll always love you, you know that. But right now, you're part of the problem. If the time comes when you really are in need, well then, then I'll think about it."

She blinked at him and pouted. "OK?"

He reached out, grasped her lean hips, pulled her to him and kissed her, sweetly, as a brother should. The phone rang, and Billy let go of his sister and answered. The caller told him that she was Mrs. Green and that she had heard he did various jobs and chores and that she needed her gutters cleaned and her garage straightened out. She asked what he charged and he told her ten dollars an hour while he watched his slim sister wiggle into her jeans. His cock had still not fully softened, and it surged as she pulled her pants up over her cute little ass.

Mrs. Green said that her friend, Mrs. McKee, had told her about him.

Billy's cock twitched when he heard the name of the randy woman who had taken his virginity almost a year ago and gotten him started as the handyboy with sex on his mind. He told the caller that he would be over in an hour or so. She purred when she said "thank you."

Susie meanwhile had gulped down her orange juice, snatched a granola bar and run to meet the friend who had pulled up out front and honked her horn. They headed for the Target store at the strip mall.

Susie had sworn to herself that she would stay away from Vicky's and avoid sexy clothes.

Billy got on his bike and pedaled to the Green home, a mile or so away, wishing he were already sixteen and had a car to drive. When Mrs. Green answered his knock, he almost stopped breathing. She looked like Christie Brinkley, a full grown blonde with a huge mob of hair, a killer body and a bright smile. She was wide-shouldered, long-legged, big hipped and deep-chested.

Billy licked his lips and said, "Hi," not sure he could get out anything else.

She said he could start on the gutters and pointed at the extendable ladder. She was wearing white jeans and a loose-fitting and unbuttoned top that flapped open between her lush globes and displayed a strip of her tanned middle.

For the next hour Billy cleaned the high gutters with a trowel and a hose and tried not to think about the mature woman waiting downstairs with the big jugs and long legs. She probably outweighed him by twenty pounds and was almost his height. Getting a hard-on while on a ladder, he decided, was dangerous as well as painful. When he was done, he put the ladder beside the garage and went to the back door.

"That was fast," she said after asking him in. "Do you do everything fast?"

He smiled and admired her jutting breasts that stretched her yellow shirt, obviously bra-restrained and probably something like 40Ds, a pair of cannons. Christie Brinkley, he thought, was flat-chested by comparison. Stacked, that was the word, Pam Anderson stacked. In his mind he saw her spread on a glossy gatefold, her soft lips parted, one hand on her bare belly, back arched.

"No'um," he said. "Want to show me what you want done in the garage?"

She took a deep breath, raised an eyebrow and said, "Sure. Come along."

He followed her outside, aware of her smell and watching the movement of her wide hips and rounded buttocks which seemed to rise, roll and snap before they rolled again. If he bedded her, he decided, she would be the biggest woman he had ever done, and he suspected and hoped he was in for a very interesting and tiring morning.

"Look at all this junk," Mrs. Green said with a wave. "I've got three kids, and most of this is their trash. Bag up the dirty and broken stuff that should be discarded and put the rest out here in the driveway.

When they get back, I'll have them go through it."

Billy nodded, feeling himself becoming aroused by the woman's nearness. No matter how she turned or moved, she was exciting with her shirt gapping open and the crotch of her pants so tight he could see her split mound. Except in Playboy, he had never seen such a voluptuous body, and he wondered why she needed him since there was no man he could think of that wouldn't climb in bed with her.

"Before you start," she said with a smile, "how about doing me a little favor?"

"Sure," he said with a grin, "anything."

She unbuttoned the front of her white Levis and peeled them down her long legs and over her light sandals. She tossed them on a broken bike and stepped out of her tiny underpants, dropping them there too while he gawked at her. Her pubic hair was also blonde and there was a good bit of it, all golden curls.

"What are you waiting for?" she said. "I just want a sample. My friend bragged about you something awful."

She turned, grasped the windowsill and spread her legs. Her bulging sex was wide open, pouting and dripping, showing the pink flower within. Her labia actually fluttered. Her buttocks were about the size and shape of a couple of basketballs.

Billy quickly stepped behind her, patted her ass, dropped his jeans, pulled down his boxers and let his big ram jump up. He stroked the woman twice with it, butting against her clit, feeling her heat and her sticky juices and then eased the head right up into her dripping folds. Her pussy seemed to suck him in and then to flap open and snap closed, quivering and rippling as he sank deeper and deeper. He had never been in a vagina like it.

He wanted to grab her big breasts, but he held her hip with one hand, burying his fingers in her flesh, her shoulder with the other and quickly accelerated his deep thrusts, grunting with effort as he smacked them together with rapid half-foot insertions, straining his abs. He heard himself grunting with effort.

She made an odd noise, a kind of moan, and bent her knees to take him still deeper. "Ah, damn, she didn't lie," the woman sighed. "Go to it, boy. Harder!" Billy was not aware of it but he was rubbing across her super-sensitive g-spot every time he rammed up into her womb, and she was gritting her teeth to keep from screaming with pleasure.

Billy held her hips with both hands and began smacking his hot pole in and out of her furiously, their flesh popping together and her body jerking on his shaft, rising on one toe with each ram. He had never, he decided, been in a woman who had borne three children, and this certainly felt different.

Inro her he went, loosely massaged; out he withdrew, tightly gripped. His swollen balls swung up and banged her slit with every thrust. His thick shaft swelled and throbbed and her vagina quivered about it. She gasped with every ram, and he made a deep throat noise with his effort. Um-ah-um-gah-oh-ugh-ah-ungh; on and on they went toward their goals, single minded, teeth bared, beginning to sweat.

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