Prison Raid

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: A small unit specializing in patrols and raids hits an enemy base behind our lines. From a wounded enemy officer we received information on the location of a prison. Now we were going far behind the enemy lines to break our people out. We had no real idea of the numbers until it was done and then it was time to find a way back for everyone.

I joined the army when I was seventeen. Han had a basic course and a few advanced courses but all officers had to go to Genta. When I came back it was three months later and as a second lieutenant in a combat team. Two years and I was a captain in the Han rangers. My company was more a large platoon and I was the only officer.

With the new advance into Clar, fighting was fierce and we were getting more and more hidden bases behind our lines. When we got the recon report of a company of Rus thirty kilometers behind our lines my company got the mission. It was in the coastal hills and according to the report they had a strength of two hundred.

I had fifty men in five elements, two support and three assault. The support were eight millimeter miniguns and grenade launchers. I had each man carry extra ammo and we loaded onto two Mules. They flew to the coast and dropped us twenty kilometers away in a small clearing above a cliff.

Once they lifted and headed away I shouldered my pack and gestured. Two men slipped into the forest in front of me as everyone else started to follow. I carried a Wild pistol on my right thigh and a brush shotgun captured from a Nees soldier. We moved slowly and quietly and stopped a couple of kilometers away from the objective.

We set a perimeter before I moved forward with two of my best men. It was easy to find the base since they had chopped and cut down a lot of the forest to make it. We slowly scouted around it before returning to brief the company. I led them forward to the position the support was going to set up in and everyone left the extra ammo.

While they set up we went right and around and moved on line. I checked the time and we began to wait until the sun started to rise. Finally grenades started falling and exploding inside the enemy perimeter. When they rushed out and towards their positions the miniguns opened up. That was when we began to crawl.

The enemy had shifted towards the side the miniguns were firing from. I gestured and one of the sergeants fired a flare. I leaped up and started charging and shooting and thirty men were with me. The grenades and miniguns had shifted towards the far side of the enemy base as we began to sweep through.

I shot an officer that was standing up shooting towards us. He spun and fell but writhed around. I knelt beside him and shot two enemy soldiers as they jumped up. I let my shotgun hang and yanked the officer onto his stomach and used quick restraints on his wrists. I stood as I lifted my shotgun and started moving again.

The sergeant fired another flare and the miniguns and grenades shifted off the base. None of the enemy made it to the trees and after the last fell silence returned. I looked around and gestured, "check them. I need the search teams on everyone. Second squad help the support squads bring everything in."

I started back to the officer and knelt and rolled him onto his side. He groaned and jerked as I checked the large hole in his side. I searched him and took a map and a small notebook. I also took the pistol he had been using. I looked at master sergeant Dolan when he knelt, "you call in the Mules?"

He nodded as he looked at the Rus officer, "we have four wounded and three dead. We also found six prisoners they were torturing."

I sighed and nodded, "when the medic is free he can start on the enemy."

Master sergeant Dolan pointed to a patch on the enemy officer, "that is a prison unit patch."

The officer glared and I pushed on the wound. He screamed and jerked away and I grabbed his shirt, "I am giving you the choice. A Han prison or I turn you over to Genta for a possible prisoner exchange."

He spit and I pushed on the wound, "I am afraid we do not have a lot in the Han prison, like doctors or nice living areas. This wound will probable go septic in a week or so."

He paled and looked away and I stood, "tag him master sergeant."

He twisted as the sergeant caught his arm, "wait!"

I looked at him and he licked his lips, "you get me a doctor and turn me over to Genta. What do you want?"

I knelt, "I want the location of the prison and its layout."

Three days later I was looking at a map when general Diamond walked in. I straightened and came to attention but he gestured, "relax Matt."

Our company area was just inside the side gate to one of the main bases. More than half my men had dependants living with them. It was a series of buildings made from cargo pod walls. Behind my office was my quarters, a large living area with a bedroom and a bathroom. My office had a large skylight right above the planning table.

The general crossed to the table and looked at the map, "so I have been talking to general MacQuillin. He has been in contact with the Genta war department. They think if we hit this prison and free everyone it will be a huge boost in morale."

I nodded and reached out to touch the spot the camp was supposed to be, "we have a few problems. My company would not have any problems taking it. The first problem I see is the range and place the camp is set up. It is only fifty kilometers south of the Rus border which means they will have mage scanners for planes."

He gestured and I grinned, "we need two Mules going in but that means they would run out of fuel coming out. My idea would be to change it to four so the Mules can carry internal fuel cells. That is only going in, once we hit the prison we are going to need Mules to carry everyone out."

He shook his head, "with internal cells we would need twice as many."

I shook my head, "actually not. I would go with a dozen because once they land we can pull out the cells for the trip back."

He grinned, "so..."

I sighed, "so we will not have any idea of what exactly is there until we are on the ground. Any radio signal that close to Rus will alert the enemy. I was thinking two days on the ground, one in and to the prison to scout it and take it. The pick up should be at dawn of the next morning."

The general turned and looked out a window before nodding, "get me a plan before dinner."

I nodded and he started for the door before stopping and turning, "do you know a Genta lieutenant colonel named Alerez?"

I shrugged, "he was one of the prisoners the Rus were torturing."

He grinned as he started for the door, "he bought a Clar girl from the local clan leader for you."

I straightened and opened my mouth but he left. A moment later a Clar in very colorful clothes followed master sergeant Dolan in. Behind him was a teenage girl carrying a large travel case. The master sergeant was grinning as he turned and gestured. The Clar started off very formal with a long speech before he got to the point.

Ten minutes and he was walking out with the master sergeant and the girl Sona was looking at me. She was very pretty and I led her into my quarters, "I only have a living area, a bedroom and a bathroom."

She looked around frowning at the almost empty room and I reddened, "I can give you some gold to buy furniture."

She looked at me and reached out to touch my cheek, "together."

I sighed, "I have a mission to plan and..."

She touched my lips, "go plan and I will look at the rooms and go to a few shops."

I looked at her and finally nodded and turned to go back into the office. Actually I had most of the plan already finished and just needed to polish it. I called master sergeant Dolen in and went over the plan and made a few adjustments. I sent it off and he slapped my shoulder before he left.

It had taken longer then I expected but I found Sona waiting. I dug into a set of duffles where I dump my pay of gold coins and the money I made from the few things we brought back and sold. I handed it to Sona and she caught my hand and pulled me out the side door. A few minutes and we were walking out the side gate and into the small street full of merchants.

She had not spent a lot of time earlier and led me to a couple of shops. I watched her each time and finally gestured to a set of chairs for a living area. Next it was a sparse looking bedroom set with carved standing closets. After that she bought sheets and light blankets and towels and ... she finally relaxed.

I had everything delivered and stopped on the way in to arrange it with base security. Two hours and we were straightening everything up. I took her to our dining area to eat and then back to our quarters. She closed the door once we were in and smiled as she began to take her clothes off.

Her body was stunning and I undressed while stalking her. She grinned as she backed through the living area and into the bedroom. She backed onto the bed and into the middle and I followed. I moved over her and kissed her before I began to kiss down her body. I pushed her legs open and looked at her bald pussy before I licked through it.

She shivered and I kept licking her pussy and nibbled and then captured her clit and sucked. She moaned and lifted her hips as she shuddered. I continued to use the tip of my tongue on her clit as she squirmed. Finally she covered her pussy and I moved up and slowly pushed into her and buried my cock.

She groaned as she shifted and tilted her hips. I began to press and grind while her tight pussy kept clenching. A few minutes and she hugged me and spasmed, "aaaahhhh!"

I pulled back and started to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. She was clutching me and her pussy kept gripping my cock each time I pushed into her. She struggled and jerked and then she was wailing and bucking, "yyyeeeesssss!"

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