The Mom's Club, Volume One

by Dainii

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Angie and her friends are newly wed, and newly mothers. They are smart, energetic and. bored. They want to work, doing something they like, and they like sex. Follow this gaggle of friends as their aspirations evolve into The Mom's Club.

Bob and Angie were married on a sunny day in October.

Bob was in his mid-twenties, working in construction as a project manager after gaining his civil engineering degree on the coast. He was with a small company designing and building bridges, road work, and other smaller civil jobs. He was medium height, and with him working outdoors supervising jobs, he had managed to stay in decent shape. He was into the beer though, and with not much time for sports or other things, staying in shape was at risk.

Angela, better known as Angie, had just finished her commerce degree, locally, didn't have a job yet and was four years younger than Bob. She was five foot four inches in height, and a very svelte one hundred and fifteen pounds. Flared hips above tight buns and below her narrow waist, her figure was hour-glass with her medium sized breasts rounding out her top half. Her face was narrow with pixie-like features, framed by raven hair, cut to mid back and often curled. She was a beauty who didn't have to consciously work out to maintain her figure.

They had met each other at a campus bar where Angie was hanging out with her girlfriends and hit it off immediately. One thing led to anouther and they became girlfriend/boyfriend. While Angie had flirted and teased many boys through high school and university, she was not what you would call 'experienced'. Bob was only her third boyfriend, and she had only gone 'all the way' once, in the backseat of her second boyfriend's car. Bob had even less experience. So it was a bit surprising for both of them when they found themselves pulling each other's clothes off and fucking like bunnies on their fourth date. It had been one of those over-the-top, passion-fueled experiences in the passenger seat of Bob's car. But after that, they spent as much time in bed, or at least in coitus, as they did doing anything else. So much so that they found that the bed wasn't enough. Bob and Angie were inside each other's clothes in the car, at the park, at the movies, and everywhere else. After the first few times Angie's concern about being 'caught in the act' turned into anticipation. She found out something about herself during those heady days of wild sex – the young woman loved the thrill of 'almost' being seen. Bob was more than complicit – he loved putting his girl on display, knowing that she was his and while others could look, they could not touch. They were wildly, passionately, in love.

Bob had some money saved already, so, after the wedding bills were paid they enthusiastically set about finding their first home. After some looking, they found a back split on a cul-de-sac overlooking a small lake in a new neighborhood. The house and the little lake was separated from a very large lake by a ridge of small hills making it very easy to get to the beaches there. There was one other house already built there – and occupied by a young family of four, and only two other lots to be developed. They were assured by the developer that the last two lots would take a long time to move as they were both on a shoulder of rock – about fifty feet high – looking down on the cul-de-sac, and would require a 'bit of work' to build on. Buyers would be tough to find. Bob and Angie fell in love with the house, the view, the area, and the potential, so, even though it was a stretch for them financially, they decided to go for it. After all, they were young, Bob had a good job, and Angie would find one once they had settled into the place. A deal was made, and the young couple moved in as soon as they could.

They were in the house for no more than two months, and Angie was ready to go look for work – something in accounting or financial management which is what her degree was in – when she realized that something was 'off'. She just wasn't feeling good, and she always felt good, so she checked into it. She was aghast to find that she was pregnant. For some reason, this bright young woman had simply never considered contraception, or the risks of not being on the pill (or being protected in some other way). Thinking about it, and all of the times that Bob had painted her insides with his cum, she had to acknowledge that they had been lucky so far. But, she was still shocked.

Bob was even more concerned and surprised. He had just assumed that his wife was on the pill, and besides, whenever he was in the process of dumping his load into her tight, almost virginal cunny, 'protection' was the last thing he was thinking of. His thoughts went to concerns about money – he had been counting on Angie getting a job to help out with the mortgage, but now it looked like belt-tightening was going to be the order of the day for a while.

The mutual surprise notwithstanding, nine months later Angie delivered a healthy bouncy baby girl – that they named Sammy. During these months while they redid one of the rooms for the coming baby, and Bob started to sweat their finances more, Angie's friends seemed to go on a marriage kick. Angie had, through most of high school and on into university, stayed in close contact with a clutch of six friends. They were all, in their own ways, as good looking as she was. In fact, they were the group that she had been hanging out with when she met Bob. Some she had introduced to some of Bob's friends, and some had found their own men, but regardless, they all seemed to reach the matrimony decision in or around the same time. So, the nine months of Angie's blossoming included many wedding showers and weddings followed by house hunting and moving in to new homes ... all within the same general area that Bob and Angie were in.

Shortly after Sammy was born, the first of her friends announced that she too was pregnant. That started anouther flurry of announcements and soon all of them were in the family way. They all joked that it must be something in the water.

Angie, for the first time, consciously started working out. She wanted to regain her pre-Sammy figure. Surprising to her, she found that she really enjoyed going to the gym and pushing her body to the limit. To herself she also admitted that she enjoyed all of the men watching her work out ... even the older, less fit ones. She found it to be a turn on knowing that it was her body that they were staring at. She imagined that when those men were having sex they were actually pretending to be having sex with her. It was so hot! Not so hot as almost being caught having sex, but Bob and her hadn't been doing much of that since Sammy was born, so it had to suffice.

Even after she had lost the baby weight, she kept at it, eventually getting into the best shape of her life. And she continued to go to the gym, and even started availing herself of some of the outdoor sports that their area offered – hiking, swimming, rock climbing, etc. She found that she preferred the summer sports because then she could wear less clothing, and show off more to whoever was watching. The beach, for swimming and paddle boarding, turned out to be her favorite.

She was a bit disappointed in the fact that Bob never showed much of an interest in joining her, but understood that his focus had to be his job. Besides, after some consideration, she thought that maybe she wouldn't be quite so comfortable parading around in front of all of the other men if her husband was there. The couple of times that he did join her and Sammy at the beach, or when they found a babysitter and went by themselves, Angie wore something just a little less risqué like a more fulsome bikini or a one piece. They were still sexy, and had the desired effect upon her husband, but they did not reveal nearly so much of her beautiful flesh to the consuming public. Angie always giggled when she thought about that.

She was very happy when her clutch joined her, one by one, as they each had their children. Soon enough the circle of friends had found two more ways in which to enjoy each other's company – babies, and working out. Ok, maybe three things. Babies, working out, and showing off their bodies to strange men. One of her friends said, over some wine, that she actually got turned on when she discovered some other women staring at her too.

That particular conversation with her tall blonde friend – Karly – was just a beginning. Angie's circle of friends had always been in the habit of, at least once or twice a week, gathering at one house or anouther, to have giggle sessions over each other's babies, have some wine to relax, and talk. Karly introduced the subject of other women, but that evolved into a general discussion about all the 'strange' that was watching them, and how it made them feel. Of course, being women, that quickly morphed into conversations about sex. Sex with their husbands, comparisons of husbands – both their endowment (apparently Karly's man had a nine inch cock!), and their abilities (or lack thereof) in bed. In this regard it seemed that most of the friends would like more from their husbands (all, it seemed, were suffering from the same reduction in sexual interest that Angie was experiencing) or perhaps something a little different in bed, at least once in a while. But they were just talking.

While Angie and her friends were working out, and drinking wine, and talking, and their babies were growing up, other things were happening.

Bob and Angie got along very well with their neighbors – Ted and Joanne (just Jo) - the man helping Bob out on things around the yard once in a while, and they would drink a beer or wine in the backyard from time-to-time. They were nice people, just not real true friends. But that was ok.

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