The Boss Is Always Right

by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cuckold, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man must convince his wife to have sex with one of his clients in front of him. If he can't do this he will lose his job, he is successful he keeps his job but can he keep his wife. Either way does he win or lose? My second try at a cuckold story!

"Hello and how are you?"

"I'm doing well. Sit down Mr. Chambers tell me about your problem won't you?"

"Well Doctor this feels silly I'm not even sure why I made this appointment. I don't think my situation is any worse than anyone else's problems. I didn't realize you were a woman. I thought Doctor Hadley Lillie would be a man for some reason."

"Why would you think that? You think Hadley is masculine sounding, I don't. Do you have a problem with me being a woman? Or is it women in authority you have a problem with?"

"No, not at all ... it was just ... um well ... No, ma'am I have no problem with that. It is an embarrassing issue at best."

"Okay let's do this differently. Lay down on the couch and tell me your story. Just close your eyes, relax and tell me everything you think is necessary and I'll decide what would work best for you. That's it just lay back, relax and tell me all about the issue that has you so upset." She was an older woman and spoke to me in a motherly way. I lay back closed my eyes and began telling her my problem. I hoped she wouldn't find me a disgusting toad.

My name is Phil. Phil Chambers. I married my high school sweetheart almost ten years ago and that relationship went straight to hell. Meg had an adventurous spirit where I lived in the constant fear of losing everything. I grew up in foster homes while she lived a life of privilege provided by generous and wealthy parents. Her father hated me and cut her off when she married me. Out of a rebellious spirit, she stuck with me as we struggled to survive. One of the driving forces for me has always been to prove her father wrong. So I devoted my life to work, long hours and a constant can do attitude with my boss. I guess I was a yes man but it paid off. I eventually made salesman and twice have won Salesman of the Year. But, recently Sorenson and Son lost its founder and Erling took over the company. Tough, no-nonsense Erling made sweeping changes. My style with the customer wasn't acceptable to Erling and I had to adjust. I didn't do it very well.

I think perhaps right after we married Meg (short for Margret) felt a bit abandoned. I started out within a month of our marriage with the Company and at once launched into my plan. Feeling alone and lonely she had an affair less than six-months into our marriage and several from that point on. I had always had doubts if our son was actually my boy or not. I had even made the mistake of asking her that. I mean, I loved the boy no matter what. Still a guy wants to know if the kid he is raising is his or not. Her response to the question, "Such a child," in an angry voice filled with disgust.

One night coming back from a mountain get away I hit a slick spot on the road. It was a patch of black ice and I crashed the car. We spent a few days in the hospital, but a deeper tragedy came from it. The boy went into a coma, then it got worse. We lost our only child after he lived in that comatose state for a year. Since that dreadful event our relationship, understandably, hung by a thread.

Working in sales for Sorenson and Son is stressful beyond belief. The owner, Erling, overseas the sales department personally and guides it with an iron hand. The stated reason is if there are no sales then no one feeds anyone's bulldog. The boss is not a person who gives compliments. The only pat on the back would be a meager bonus. Another change from Senior's methods.

No one wanted to go before the boss, not for any reason. After lunch was when it happened – I was called to the Erling's office the clock read 1:40 pm. The hour of my devastation was at hand. I approached the door with dread and apprehension as I walked through the threshold and knew I was doomed. There the boss sat on the edge of the desk. The bright blue pinstripe suit, coupled with the blue power tie (with a lone red stripe), gave Erling a particularly confident appearance. Erling held a look of controlled anger while in Erling's right hand was a report and in the left a cigar. The boss dropped to the floor and pointed to a chair, a metal folding chair known to the sales staff as 'Old Sparky.' It was where sales staff, both men, and women, sat to die a fiery painful death.

There were other chairs in the room. Big comfy chairs but when a salesperson entered the boss's den and the metal folding chair was in front of Erling's desk, odds were you wouldn't live to see tomorrow. Occasionally the boss would give the condemned a way out. It would be something terrible, humiliating, and very personally devastating. Often, destroyed marriages lay in the wake of the punishment, or the dynamic of the union changed forever. That alarmed me the most; my poor performance might affect my already shaky marriage.

Erling knew all about my personal tragedy and being a sadist would use this in my punishment. It was true my sales had dropped, significantly, but there were reasons. Beyond the economy, bad luck played a part in it and, of course, my mood was dark. That had to be part of the cause. The boss would punish me for declining productivity in some sick attempt to give me a painful reason to boost my yield. Alternatively, the boss would fire my sorry ass. There would be some humiliating punishment involving my wife, which could cost me my marriage. Or then again, I might just be outside kicking stones. That would also end my marriage. Either way I knew I had brought this on myself. Staying at a place like Sorenson and Son after Erling took over was stupid.

Dropping the report to the desk, Erling, then puffed heartily on the stogie. Thickly the smoke rolled from the boss's mouth and curled around those piercing eyes providing me a hazy view of the short cropped hair of my obsessive, sadistic employer. Then the boss spoke and it was as if God had come to earth. I couldn't help it my cock stood at attention, for Erling was one sexy executive. Tall, blonde, athletic, with an aggressive approach to any situation which always kept Erling in control.

"If your wife has to put up with the same level of incompetence as I do, it is a miracle you have held on to her for nine years. My guess, unless you're hung like a horse you won't make your tenth wedding anniversary. Are you hung like a horse, Phil?" I shook my head the fact I had a raging hard on and it wasn't even noticeable should give you some indication of how hung I am. "Pity," Erling spoke in a low hiss.

Carefully, Erling returned to sitting on the desk. She crossed her legs in a manner to avoid letting her bright blue pinstriped skirt part enough to reveal the prize below. Again she placed the cigar in her mouth puffing hard the smoke rolled out thickly, it momentarily concealed her stunning face.

"Do you know why my father called his company Sorenson and Son?" Shaking my head, I dropped my eyes. Her voice raised as she continued to talk showing her flash of anger, "Look at me when I speak to you, Phil." I looked back at her and I could feel the tears welling up. I was so scared and still my prick was rock hard. It was the first time I had been happy I had a little pecker, at least she couldn't see how turned on I was. "He wanted a son very badly, my name is a Swedish unisex name 'Erling, ' has a nice ring doesn't it, Phil?" I nodded, "You do realize it was my father's name as well?" Again I nodded, "When my mother was pregnant with me he renamed the company. Once I was born, he held out hope for a son. He wanted another child, one to carry on the name. As fate, or perhaps an angry God would have it my mother developed cancer, complication set in and she died." She shifted a bit then resumed her story. I wondered why she was telling me all this.

"My father was undaunted if God would not give him a son he would make his daughter the best man she could be. I was raised like a boy, taught to fight, like a boy, behave like a boy. He prepared me in so many ways to be a man. Not just an ordinary man but an aggressive, domineering man. I think I have made him quite proud! So I have kept the name of my company unchanged. I have embraced my upbringing, I am very pleased with the person I am." Like a lion pouncing on prey, she moved so fast I am still not sure how it happened. She literally jumped on top of me, knocking the chair over backward with me in it. Erling straddled me with her knees on my chest her hands on my shoulders. I was pinned to the floor. Face to face so close her short cropped platinum hair and piercing blue eyes were all I could see.

My heart pounded so hard, I was sure she could feel it beating against her knee. Erling held me pinned down with her face glowering at me. I knew she held a 5th-degree black belt in some martial art. I heard she had kicked men's asses all over at tournaments. I even knew she had beat the shit out of an attacker once as well. Put the poor, bastard, of a–would be rapist in the hospital and then jail. I'm also old-fashioned – a man can't hit a woman. Even if she is a mean dyke bitch.

My eyes streamed with tears of pain – also I cried from the fear. Terror gripped me hard clutching my lungs, my heart and my stomach in a firm unrelenting hold. She didn't blink she bore her eyes into me burning through my soul. Then Erling's face softened and she laughed, a hearty, mean-spirited laugh. It was a none too subtle put-down.

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