Thundering Knights: Part One

by Tamalain

Tags: Paranormal, Violent, Transformation,

Desc: Fantasy Story: Tamalain leaves the Isle of Refuge, only be thrust into a new and deadlier adventure. Will she survive the challenges unchanged that lay ahead? We shall see.

After boarding the ship, Tamalain met with the Captain of the good ship The Golden Mane, Captain Marian. Marian was not what Tamalain expected after her previous trip on a human run sea going vessel. Marian was tall, over six feet and heavily muscled from hard labor of working as a sailor. She also had a voice that carried loudly over the wind and noises of a ship under way.

"What can I do for you lady Elf?" asked Captain Marian.

"Will it be alright for me to sleep in the upper crows nest, I had problem with the crew of the Far Journey and that was the only safe place I could find to rest at night."

"I would much rather you slept and stayed below decks, out of the crew's way. Please understand this about my crew; they are not going to bother you in the least. Ask any of the older men why they will stay away from you and you can rest in comfort."

"Just your word is enough for me Captain, and thank you." Tamalain picked up her pack and headed below decks. She asked one of the crew and was directed to the quarters she would have for herself. This ship many times carried passengers, so it had several staterooms set aside if they were not on a pure cargo run. The cabin had a low ceiling, only six feet high with heavy timbers running across the width of the room. It had two short bunks and a night stand with a wash basin on it. She set her pack on the left side bunk, then set down on the right. It was a hard mattress, but not stone hard. She felt she could live with it for the next two weeks at sea.

After sitting and reflecting about her behavior on the Island when she had first arrived, she knew that she had crossed the line that would have gotten her convicted for torture and murder back home. She knew she would have to live with her sins and do better in the future to make up for her bad judgment in several cases. The Necromancer, of whom she had never even learned his name, he had gotten exactly what he deserved as far as she was concerned. She wasn't as sure about the Orc, but he did try to attack her while he was still alive. His being a raised dead the second time didn't count in his case.

A quiet knocking on the door frame snapped her mind back to the present situation. Seeing it was a teenaged boy, she relaxed, "Yes?" she asked.

"Will you be needing anything Ma'am? The Captain sent me to see if you needed anything before we sail," he asked in a quiet but firm voice.

Tamalain thought about this for a few seconds, "Well, you can tell me were I might obtain some drinking water, and what times are the meals served."

"You can find the drinking water in the ships mess, and meals are at sun-up, mid-day and sundown Ma'am."

She looked at him more closely, seeing a hard working young man that had a strong future ahead of him. "Boy, what are your duties on board, if you don't mind my asking."

He seemed startled for a second, as if he had never had a passenger ask that question before. "I am the ships boy, a runner and general helper in most shipboard duties Ma'am. Someday I will be a regular sailor like everybody else on board, except for you of course." He seemed to hesitate for a second then asked, "What is it you do Ma'am, if you don't mind my asking."

Tamalain smiled a faint, sad smile, "I seem to have become a sort of trouble shooter for the gods. Do you have a dragon problem, call Tam's monster killing service, Is the local Necromancer getting you down and disturbing the dead, call for Tamalain, she will explain his errors to him." She frowned then her look turned even sadder. "I guess I do all sorts of things, but never get to do what I always really wanted, to be a Ranger, a guardian of the Fey."

"Well, I guess it could be worse," he said with a silly grin, "you could be shoveling a cesspit instead."

Tamalain smiled at that witty comeback, started giggling brightly, "Your right, that would be a much worse fate, though it still may happen. Thank you young man, I needed the laugh, now which way to the galley?"

"Up one deck and head towards the stern ma'am, you will find it easily enough I think." He then turned and shimmied up the ladder next to the door and vanished.

After a moment, she carefully followed him up the narrow ladder to the second deck. The passages below decks were barely wide enough for a medium sized human man to walk in without having to turn a little to clear his shoulders. She came upon a situation she was not sure of the protocols for. She was face to face with a crewman coming from the other direction. Before she had a chance to worry, he turned and backed to the wall and motioned for her to go by. As she squeezed passed, her rather large breast pressed and rubbed across his chest. His face turned red and he started to apologize.

"Not a problem sailor, I am used to the problems these cause now." She continued towards the stern without further crew encounters and soon found the cabin that served as the galley. She also decided to wrap her breast to keep them under better control for the rest of the voyage. The rubbing across his shirt had felt a little too good.

The cook saw her as she entered the galley and waved her over, "Mid-day meal in about an hour miss," he called out. "Come back a little early and you get the food it at its best and hottest." His eyes roamed up and down her body, never quite reaching the level of her face.

"What are you serving today?" She asked, while attempting to look over the counter to see what might be in the pots, but he blocked her view with a pleasant smile that did not reach his eyes.

"That lady, you will have to wait like everybody else to find out." The smile had vanished.

"Alright then, not a problem, I will fill my water bags and wait in my quarters." She left the galley in a hurry, he was giving her the creeps. She had smelled the meat cooking and it did not smell like something she wanted to risk eating, that and the way he looked at her made her doubt the captain's word on crew behavior. She returned to her cabin and took stock of the supplies she had brought along from Refuge. Just over a weeks worth of rations, two if I go light and stay inactive she thought.

Tamalain knew what her best course of action would be, periods of deep meditation. It had been several years since she had last taken a chance to go deep into her mind and review her skills and spell's. This sailing trip presented the perfect opportunity to do just that. She also needed to look in the deepest recess and make sure a door was still secured. She laid out a small, soft travel blanket on the floor and sat in its center. As she slowed and steadied her breathing as her father had taught her all those years ago, she found her center and allowed herself to sink into that place of peace within ones soul. Next, she slowly and carefully called up the old work bench in her mind where her center of power resided.

On seeing it, she almost lost her mental focus, the workbench was a total disaster of tangled strings and broken hooks. She approached it slowly and studied each piece of the damaged image. She found a number of her abilities had come detached from the mana pool and others were floating around in the pot, not attached to the wall hooks as they belonged. Here she had a task of days, if not weeks to repair and clean up. 'You have gotten worse than sloppy girl, ' she thought. 'This is just plain and simple neglect. Mama and the others would be very disappointed in me for this.'

She felt the first chore would be to repair the image in her mind and memory then install new hooks on the wall for the new abilities. This alone she knew would take many hours to accomplish. Slowly and carefully, she started removing all the strings from the pool and sorted them by type, then set them aside until she had the rest of the repairs completed. She felt her power levels drop as she disconnected them from the pool and her center, but she didn't worry about it, she knew that this would happen before she started.

It took almost half the day by her perspective to fix the wall, removing all the old and damaged hooks, rebuilding the image with the new hooks in place. She spread them out further than they had been and sorted them by ability type this time. The original setup had been rough just to save her life and had not been very orderly in its creation. When she had this done, she pulled out her mana, strength, and speed abilities and reset them. These basic buffs could keep her alive in a fight, once she had those set up, she tied off the rest until later. Before opening eyes, she looked deeper and saw that the door was still secured, keeping the uncontrollable god killing powers locked away.

Slowly, she increased her breathing and started returning to the outside world. She was surprised to find out it was well passed midnight now. She ate a little of her travel rations, drank half a skin of water, then found the nearest head and took care of her bodies needs. On returning to her quarters, she secured the door with the simple wooden latching lock. She then added a few of her own touch's, a nasty blade trap should somebody try to sneak in as she slept.

She awoke many hours later to a sharp knocking on her door. It took her a few seconds to orient herself as to where she was now. "What is it?" she yelled.

She heard the ships boy answer, "It will be noon soon Ma'am, when you didn't show up for last meal and first meal, the captain asked me to check on you."

'Noon' She thought, I must have been more tired than I realized. "I will come out shortly." She answered back, slowly sitting up, stretching her body, cat like to get the circulation moving again.

"Ok Ma'am, sorry I woke you. The captain was worried about you when you didn't show is all."

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