Nanotechnology at Work

by realoldbill

Caution: This Sci-fi Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, NonConsensual, Coercion, Science Fiction, Rough, Sadistic, .

Desc: Sci-fi Sex Story: A "doctor" and his cruel assistants enjoy abusing women until this happens, and the tables are turned.

"This is my daughter, Kimberly. Say hello to Dr. Pierce, Kim."

"Lo," the girl said and sniffed, never lifting her chin, lips quivering.

"She's heavily tranquilized, doctor. It was the only way I could get her here. Kimberly is quite willful, very stubborn."

"It's the age," said Pierce, admiring the ripe body of the fifteen-year-old standing before him, five and a half feet of succulent feminine beauty, lusciously young but thoroughly nubile, a bit top-heavy perhaps but her hips would become more womanly with time. He could hardly wait to get his eager horn into her pussy and his hands on her soft flesh.

"I saw your demo tape on the Internet. Doctor. Unbelievable, that's what it was, really. Can you do that? Break 'em like that?"

"Oh yes," said the lean doctor, his palms itching for the girl's full breasts.

"And how much will it cost?" asked the girl's father, taking the chair the doctor gestured toward but leaving his daughter standing and fidgeting, blinking and wondering why she couldn't get her body to do what she wanted. She could not even figure out where she was and her numb lips refused to form words.

"The minimum is ten thousand, plus the cost of training devices. For that you get one tit implant, which is usually enough with most young females, but for really difficult cases, and you suggest this girl is rather hard to command, we recommend a pair for fifteen thousand. That practically guarantees submission. Let me show you." He pushed a button on his phone and said, "Send for Seventy-three." Then he looked up. "We avoid names here. Kimberly will become One-oh-two."

The office door opened and a tall, young woman entered wearing a short robe. "Drop it," said the doctor.

The pouting adolescent girl tossed her head, swaying her long, straight hair, but when the doctor picked up his plastic controller, she undid her sash and let the terrycloth robe slip from her rounded shoulders and puddle at her sandal-shod feet. She had an admirable body with small, perfect breasts and a soft mound of a belly. Her pubic hair had been trimmed to a narrow knot above her pouting labia, which appeared to be damp and rather puffy.

"Kneel," said the doctor and the girl dropped quickly to her knees, looking up hopefully. "Now I will reward her for obeying two commands." He pointed the small device about the size of a cell phone or TV remote, rotated a dial with his thumb and pressed a button.

The girl's eyes closed, her lips parted, she wriggled and smiled. "Thank you, sir," she sighed. The smell of her juices briefly wafted through the room. Her nipples were suddenly erect and a darker pink and her belly rippled. She licked her lips and groaned deep in her throat.

"She has all three appliances, a pair of tit exciters, which I can command one at a time or together, and a clit ring, as we call it. If I flip this switch to red instead of green, " he did so and showed the girl, "I can administer exquisite pain from a pinch to a really agonizing burn."

The girl's lips quivered and a tear ran down her cheek. "Please," she said very quietly.

The doctor turned the lever back to green, and she relaxed, blinked and smiled.

"As you can see, once trained, the jolt is seldom necessary because the pain is so immediate and so all-consuming that it is unforgettable. It is as if a glowing iron nail is driven into the subject's nipples and clitoris and twisted there. The number indicates how long the pain lasts; setting number one is a quarter second; at nine it is fifteen very long seconds. Few can take that. Most go unconscious even at number eight which is five seconds."

The doctor smiled. "Seventy-three here will be ready to go home tomorrow I believe. She has been with us two weeks." He looked down at a paper. "No, just ten days at a thousand a day so her owner will have a well trained young female for an initial cost of about thirty-five thousand. When she arrived, she even refused to talk or eat, utterly uncooperative." He did not mention that she was also a virgin then, but he certainly recalled deflowering her. She screamed wonderfully.

"Can it be paid over time, in installments?" asked the man, knowing what he would have to sell to get that much.

"No, no, I'm sorry. In cash," said the doctor, shaking his head and smiling. "In advance. Would you like to see 73 orgasm? It's really quite spectacular."

"No, thanks. That will not be necessary. May I leave Kimberly with you while I go raise the cash? It may take an hour or so."

"Of course. You just need to sign some papers. Have you decided what you want?"

"Both breasts," he said. "I think that will be enough. How long do the, the ah, batteries or whatever last?"

"The implants are guaranteed for five years. You do have to change the batteries in the controller now and then."

The man nodded and licked his lips. The girl blinked, looking from speaker to speaker but not understood nothing. Everything seemed fuzzy, and she wondered who the kneeling girl was and why she was naked. The musky smell wrinkled her nose.

"Very well. You may bring her back for the clitoral ring later, when she is older, more fully developed, and I will give you the same price. It's twenty by itself."

'Thank you," the man said, signing where the doctor pointed. "That's very generous. I think Kim will only need the tit stimulation and a bit of training to change her ways."

The doctor stood, shook the father's hand and showed him to the office door.

"Be a good girl," the man said, turning his daughter's face toward him. "Be back as soon as I can. Twenty thousand should cover it, right?" He was looking forward to using her as a sex slave now that his wife had run off with her lover.

"Oh yes," said Pierce, "five days training is almost always sufficient with breast activators only." Actually two days was plenty, but the clinic had others uses for good-looking young women. He smiled thinking of the videos he planned, another source of income.

When the door closed the doctor resumed his seat and picked up the small, white remote. "Now Kim," he said sweetly, "I want you to watch this girl. Have you brought yourself off with your fingers or something else, a toy perhaps?"

Kimberly nodded and then shook her head. It seemed full of mush and cobwebs. She did not really understand the question, but she felt a tingle between her legs.

The doctor rolled the control to a "five" and pushed the button. The kneeling girl gasped and shook, her body spasmed several times and her head bowed as sexual pleasure rolled through her in waves centered on her tiny clitoris. Her toes curled and her hands were in tight fists and rubbing her groin as she shook and groaned. Her vulva oozed liquids and her nipples erected fully as her pelvis moved in rapid coital simulation.

"That was a five," Pierce said to the new patient. "Imagine what a nine feels like. Stand," he commanded. "Pick up your robe. Go back to your cell."

He took young Kimberly by the hand and led her into the next room, a very sterile looking place with several machines, three camera positions and an examining able. "Take off your clothes and put them in this bag," he said quietly. He was nearly fully aroused and growing impatient.

Kimberly shook her head.

The doctor pulled his small Taster from his lab coat pocket and fired it into the girl's smooth thigh. She screamed and fell to the floor, kicking and wailing. He turned off the charge and rewound the wires. By then the girl had stopped moaning but her heart was pounding.

"Get up, undress and put your clothes in the bag."

She nodded fearfully and pulled her favorite top over her head. The doctor's cock jumped at the sight of her high, full jugs in her sheer but outgrown bra. They were the size and shape of softballs or grapefruit, a top-notch rack with prominent nipples. Thirty-sixes he guessed, probably C's.

She wriggled out of her short skirt, pulled off her underpants and put everything in the black zippered bag then took off her low-heeled slides and stood blinking at Dr. Pierce, wearing only her sheer, lacy bra. "Take it off," said the doctor softly and Kim looked down and shook her head, surprised she was still wearing it. She reached back, unhooked the snaps and put the filmy garment in the bag. Her nipples were firm and pink, her areoles quarter-sized.

"Up on the table," said the doctor, licking his lips and feeling his erection rising painfully. "Put your feet in the stirrups. I'm sure you've had a cervical exam before."

The doctor stepped between the youngster's widespread legs, unzipped and produced his hard penis while fingering the girl's labia. It filled his hand, a healthy six-inch-long rod with a golf-ball sized head that was reddish-blue and dripping lubricant. He stroked the girl's slit with his blood-hot weapon, notched his prick-head in her very tight opening, rocked it from side to side and setting it firmly, and leaned forward to grasp her buttocks with both hands as he drove his shaft all the way into the girl, hardly noting her sundered maidenhead as he pinched her nipples between his fingers and ripped her open.

The doctor closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure as the girl's immature sex squeezed his experienced manhood. She seemed to quiver all over and to massage his shaft.

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