Buck Takes a Bride

by realoldbill

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Desc: Sex Story: A rural policeman decides to get married and captures a pretty wife out on the highway.

Young Buck decided he ought to get married. Lots of his friends were married; some were even divorced. And most of his friends had children, little rug rats running around and spitting up on things. Buck looked at himself in the mirror at the police station behind the town hall. He looked all right, he decided, damn good in fact. Nearly six-two and about two-hundred-and-ten pounds, most of it muscle. Beer belly of course, but what the hell.

Shoot, he ought to get himself a wife and a pretty one too. He was sure he could please her and also sure he could sire plenty of children. He already had a half-dozen or so scattered over the countryside and up in the scrubby hills, and he did his share at the baby factory his daddy called the Henhouse.

Young Buck slid behind the wheel of his unmarked Crown Victoria with its 235 hp V-8 and headed for the Interstate, his mind on a list of unmarried or recently widowed or divorced women. He eliminated them one by one as too old, too fat, too skinny, too ugly or even too dumb and sucked his teeth as he cruised down the asphalt at a steady sixty-five. When a bright yellow blur flew past in the slow lane on his right it quickly got his attention.

Buck floored his big Interceptor and the supercharger Jason had installed whined up to full speed. He hit the lights and sirens, watched the disappearing yellow car fishtail out into the fast lane and went in pursuit, pretty sure it was a Corvette or a Dodge Viper he was chasing and not sure he could catch it.

Five miles down the wide road, Buck crested a rise and found himself three cars behind the yellow Vette where traffic had backed up at an accident involving a big, upside down SUV and an eighteen-wheeler. The State troopers were on the scene so Buck turned off his lights once he edged up behind the big Chevy and cruised on by, right on the yellow car's tail. He could see now that the driver was female and that she was blonde.

Once the traffic broke free, the Corvette quickly accelerated up to eighty-plus with a roar of its twin pipes, and Buck followed and then hit his lights and whooper again on a straight and level stretch of road.

She swerved to the side, skidded to a stop, got well onto the shoulder and shut down her engine, waiting with her elbow on the sill, her fingers tapping the steering wheel. He was miles out of his jurisdiction, but he didn't care. Buck hitched up his belt, squared his hat and sunglasses and approached the car with his Crown Vic's tail just slightly out on the highway, lights blinking like a crazed pinball machine.

He looked down the front of the young woman's blouse at her bare and jutting breasts and said, "Lemme see your driver's license and registration, Ma'am." His cock jumped which he took as a good sign. By damn, he thought, what a set of jugs and look at them tanned legs, lordy, they go clear up.

He looked at the documents in his hand. Sue Anne Sparks, age 22, height 5'8", weight 135, hair blonde, eyes blue. Glasses required.

"Where're your glasses?" he asked.

"Contacts," she said.

"You were going pretty fast back yonder."

"Uh huh. I'm in a hurry. Just give me the ticket."

"Got'a check. Might be a stolen car. Why don' you step out here, Mrs. Sparks."

"It's Miss Sparks and what for?"

"Routine," he said, unlimbering his handcuffs, and opening the car door.

Out she stepped, showing her tight-fitting shorts, long legs, toned abdomen and her thin-soled, ankle-strap sandals as well as her beautifully rounded ass. Buck clicked the cuff on her right wrist, spun her about and cuffed the other hand behind her, ignored her howls, walked her quickly to his car and shoved her in the back seat and slammed the door closed. Since there were no handles on the inside of the back doors, he knew she would stay put, and he ignored her squawking.

Buck checked out the Corvette's glove compartment and got a small suitcase and thin lap-top computer from behind the driver's seat. He put the keys up on the visor and locked the car. Back in his unit, he radioed home, told Roger to send out the tow truck to pick up the Vette and told him the keys were in it. He would bring a SlimJim to open the door. Most of the cars they grabbed went to a chop shop, but this one they would wholesale and it would probably end up in Columbia or West Africa.

Then Young Buck drove home, to his doublewide up in the piney woods which was on the backside of his Daddy's hilltop home. The hardworking still his cousin ran was on the far side of the hill. He hauled the young woman out of the back seat, held her by the neck with her face pressed against the side of his trailer and ripped off her shorts, panties, shirt and shoes and then took her inside and threw her at the bed, noticing that his sheets were still stained from the last girl he had there, that stupid little Curtis bitch he caught stealing cigarettes. She sure learned a lesson, in both holes.

Buck sat down beside the wriggling woman who had managed to roll more or less on her back and half sit up, cursing him and demanding this and that. He didn't bother to listen. He pulled off his boots after smiling at her and admiring the size and shape of her big tits and the puffy lips of her gash. When she called him a motherfucker, he backhanded her.

"You're crazy, that's what you are, you stupid redneck," the girl yelled, kicking her feet at him, her lip bleeding.

Buck smacked her hard on the upper thigh leaving a big handprint.

"That's right," he growled, "you don' want'a get me riled." He pulled off his shirt and his undershirt and pushed back his shoulders so the woman could see his well-muscled chest. He was proud of his muscles and of the waving flag he had tattooed on his right bicep. The KKK cross was on his left forearm.

"What do you think you're doing?" she cried. "You can't get away with this. They'll put you in jail, throw away the keys. Lemme go!"

"Now don't get so excited," Buck said, patting her shoulder and eager to get those long legs wrapped around his butt. He stood up, took off his equipment belt and then slipped off his uniform pants and his jockey shorts.

The young woman screamed wordlessly, a long gasp as she cringed away from the grinning man.

Buck was used to girls getting excited when they saw his pecker, especially if it was riled up some as it was now. He shook it out and stroked it twice. Up it jumped, rearing and ready.

"Oh no," cried Sue Ann, backing up as far as she could, "No, no, no. Please. That thing would kill me."

"Now don't you fret none," Buck said, grabbing the girl by the hip and right breast and pushing her flat on the bed. He pulled one of his pillows down under her buttocks and lifted her legs up on his thighs, kneeling before her, his cock jutting up at about 75 degrees and dripping pre-cum, nearly fully erect and quivering as blood surged into the thick shaft. He mauled her breasts and rubbed her startled nipples with his hard hands, teasing out her teats between his fingers and hoping to get her ready but not really caring. He had fucked dry holes before.

"Don't do this," the woman begged as she felt Buck grasp her hips and pull her toward his jerking manhood which was now pointed at the roof. "Please don't, please, please."

And she screamed as he yanked her pelvis down and rammed his hips upward and sank about a half-foot on his rigid rod in her vagina, turning both her outer and inner lips inside out and rubbing hard on her clitoris as he did so. The girl had never felt such pain in her vulva, and Buck had seldom been in such a tight and pleasurable cunt. He grunted, backed off and jolted her again, getting another inch or so deeper.

Buck then sighed with pleasure and stretched out atop her, his favorite position, rocked from side to side, braced on his knees and elbows, and got to work nailing this prize female he had decided he was going to marry the minute he looked down the front of her shirt.

Damn, but he was going to make the boys jealous. He ripped her open, rubbed her nipples with his hard and hairy chest, battered at her cervix and then stretched her vagina deeply before he began fucking her in earnest, bouncing her off the thin mattress and pressing the top of her head against the back of the plywood couch frame. Her mouth was open and her head swinging from side to side as she screamed, "Stop, stop, stop!"

The girl writhed and bucked, kicked and cursed, tried to bite him and butt him, gasping and heaving her strong body, hoping to unseat the man rutting on her belly, bruising her thighs and gnawing her breasts. Sue Ann had enjoyed a number of partners since she was sixteen, fell in love with a star football player at her high school and let him take her cherry in return for his letter jacket, but she had never felt anything like the hard pole that was pistoning back and forth in her now or seen anything like the wild look on the man horsing her.

As Buck worked up a sweat and extended his arms to arch his back as he humped faster and faster. The girl bit her lower lip and swore to herself that she would not give him any pleasure if she could help it and that she would certainly not orgasm on his huge raping weapon that was tearing into and rearranging her guts.

Buck fired ropes of thick cum into her, closed his eyes, shuddered and groaned and then ejaculated two more times before he fell on the woman he was violating and kissed her neck, shoulder and mouth, sticking his tongue down her throat while his cock continued to enjoy itself in her tight birth canal, stretching her in all directions as it poked and probed. For the first time in her life, Sue Ann knew what the word 'ravished' meant.

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