Sarah at the Treehouse
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, First, Masturbation,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My first sexual encounter was with the girl next

As a kid of 14, the summer holidays were a welcome break from all the crap relating to school and I couldn't wait for them to arrive. Fortunately, it was a lovely warm summer so no need to be cooped up in the house, my parents usually had to drag me in at night or even meals at times. I spent most of my time with my next-door neighbour Sarah. Sarah wasn't your typical girl, hardly ever wore a skirt as she was happier in either shorts or track suit bottoms, I guess looking back "tomboy" would be the word I'm looking for though I never saw that at the time. Sarah was two months younger than me, similar height, very slim with shoulder length brown hair, which was always tied up in some fashion.

I remember the first time we went swimming that year and I saw her in a bikini - wow what a difference a year makes. She had boobs, not huge but my god they brought a lump to my throat and elsewhere. I felt a bit guilty as she saw me looking and went bright red, I didn't know what to say so I just dove into the water and tried to think of anything other than girl bits. We swam around for a while, neither mentioning the awkward moment and soon things were back to normal. That image however, remained imprinted on my brain and there was the only thing I could think of when I took things in hand later that night.

The next day, at around 10am Sarah was at the door, with a smile from ear to ear as usual.

"I thought we could head over to the tree house today" she said and turned to walk away. For the second time in two days I found myself checking out her body. She wore a pair or white shorts that I hadn't seen before, no different to any of the others I had seen her in but not normally a colour she wore. I liked the way they followed the curves of her bottom, not too tight, just enough to show off her shape. What I really noticed though was her top. She never wore yellow, she never wore figure-hugging tops and never anything low cut.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't exactly saying look at me but it made me look because it was such a change from the covered up type tops she had always worn. What the hell had happened to me? Just a couple of days ago I didn't have much interest in girls. Now I couldn't take my eyes off her.

We talked as usual as we walked towards the woods and I made a point of not checking her out, she was my best friend after all and I didn't want anything to change that. Well that worked right up until we reached the tree house. I climbed up first and as I reached the entrance I looked back down. Bloody Hell, I could see down the front of her top. That was it, instant hard on.

I turned quickly hoping she hadn't noticed my stare or my lump and sat down in the corner. Sarah climbed in and didn't say a word, which is unusual in itself. Neither of us were ever lost for words, thinking about that I guess I was a fairly quiet person, but never around Sarah. After a few minutes of silence Sarah finally spoke.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable" she said. I looked up and saw her staring at the floor.

She looked like she was about to burst into tears. I felt so guilty for what I had done and didn't know what to say. I sat for a moment; it felt like forever, before I finally picked up the courage to reply.

"I'm sorry Sarah, I know I shouldn't have stared down your top, I wont do it again I promise. Please don't hate me" I stuttered. Now I was the one staring at the floor.

"I know I'm not as big as Louise (her sister), are they really that bad?" she asked.

I looked up and noticed that Sarah had started to cry. I looked her up and down, but this time I wasn't looking at her body. She was beautiful. All the time she had been right in front of me and I hadn't really "seen" her.

"You are beautiful," I blurted out, not really meaning to say what I was thinking, but I couldn't help myself.

She raised her head and looked me in the eye.

"You're just saying that ... if you thought that then you wouldn't have looked away," she replied, wiping away the tears.

"I thought you would be mad at me for looking at you like that, so I stopped." I was sure that every time I opened my mouth I was just making things worse.

Sarah went on to explain that she wore that top for me.

She had noticed me looking at her in the bikini and actually liked the fact that I was looking. As she spoke she pulled her top a little tighter to show off her curves and asked me to be honest and tell her what I thought.

Well she asked me to look, to be honest I couldn't look away. I could see the outline of the white bra I had spied earlier but this time I got to have a long hard look. "Fantastic ... Absolutely fantastic" I stated. Once again I realised I had a hard on. Sarah's eyes widened, she was looking at me, no she was looking at my bulge.

She broke into a smile, from ear to ear. "You mean it, you actually mean it don't you" she said, all the time staring at my crotch. Realising that she wasn't mad at me anymore I sat upright and smiled back at her. Her gaze returned to my eyes and she slowly scooted across the floor towards me. She slowly raised her arms and hugged me close to her. The feelings were amazing. Yes I could feel her boobs pressing into me and as we rose to a kneeling position I could feel my erection pressing into her tummy.

At that moment, 10.32am to be precise I experienced my first kiss. Neither of us had kissed anyone properly before but that didn't matter. This was a moment to treasure as long as I live and I was so glad that I had that moment with Sarah. Sarah moved backwards slightly and looked down at my bulge.

"Can I see?" she asked.

"You ... you want to? I replied.

She looked back up with a big smile nodding her head yes.

"Can I see too?" I whispered. Sarah paused, bighting her bottom lip slightly and nodded yes. Sarah suggested that we both undress together, at the same time so that's what we started to do. I started to raise my t-shirt when Sarah took hold of my hands and stopped me. Looking into my eyes she took hold of my shirt and slowly raised it up and over my head and threw it into the corner.

Now it was my turn. I felt my hands shaking slightly but there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity; I placed my hands on her top and slowly began to raise it.

First I noticed the beautiful skin on her tummy, and then her bra-covered boobs slowly came into view. My god I had no idea, no idea that a pair of boobs could do this to my body. My hard on felt like it would burst. I threw her top onto the floor, not taking my eyes from her boobs for a single second. I expected Sarah to make the next move but she didn't. I looked up and saw Sarah smiling at me. She looked down at her bra then looked up at me again biting her lip and nodding yes. She wanted me to remove her bra. I had no idea how to remove a bra ... I reached around behind her but I fumbled and fumbled but couldn't work out how to undo it. Sarah removed my hands and place them on the top of her shoulders & reached around and undid the fastener. I slowly moved the straps off the edge of her shoulders and watched as her bra fell to the floor. What an amazing sight. They were just perfect. Not huge as I mentioned earlier, but I'm sure they would be a definite hand full. Her nipples stood proud and swollen. I had no idea what to say so I just took a moment to drink in her beauty. I could tell she was waiting for an answer ... a comment.a reaction. anything to tell her what I thought. I looked back into her eyes, whispered "Wow" and kissed her. A long deep, deep kiss that seemed to last forever but in someway ended too soon if that makes sense.

Sarah broke off the kiss; her hands went down to the waist of my trousers and quickly went about undoing them. I don't know if she meant to, but she also had hold of my pants (yeah I know, nobody wore shorts or boxers back then) so when she pulled my trousers down the pants went with them. To be honest it was such a relief no longer to have a boner restricted to the confines of my pants.

Sarah gasped and stared. She seemed mesmerised by it; she never said a word she just stared. Feeling a bit awkward, I decided that if my pants were around my ankles then hers should be too. I reached out to undo her shorts and like her, made sure that as I lowered them her white cotton pants came down with them. I could not believe my eyes. Right in front of me was a fanny, a real live fanny. Id seen pictures but never even a glimpse of a real one. Sarah had a little more hair down there than I did (people didn't shave back then) but I could easily make out her lips. Sarah looked down and realised that she too was now completely naked. She hadn't really processed what I was doing as she was so fascinated by my cock.

So there we were, standing facing each other, both with pants around our ankles, no clothing whatsoever above the ankles. We both cast our eyes over each other's bodies. I could not in my wildest dreams ever imagine a better sight. I was the luckiest guy on the planet. In my eyes, Sarah was absolute perfection. From her infectious smile, down over her perfectly formed breasts ... Her perfectly flat tummy and on to her beautifully formed pubic patch. I wanted to touch, no I needed to touch every inch of her body and I needed it now. I didn't get a chance to ask, Sarah stepped forward and wrapped her arms around me pulling me tight against her. I let out a groan and Sarah stepped back.

"Did I do something wrong" she asked, looking rather concerned.

"No it's just, it's just oh god. It's just I'm getting close to shooting" I gasped.

Sarah's eyes widened ... A few seconds later I saw her right hand move towards my cock. "Oh god" I gasped as her warm hand gently took hold of me. This was the first time that a hand other than my own had touched my erect penis. She slowly moved her hand along the length and I knew I couldn't last much longer.

"Sarah, oh Sarah ... I'm going to shoot" I gasped.

She wrapped her hand a little tighter and carried on slowly wanking my cock. Well I could not hold it anymore. A white fountain erupted from the end of my cock, shooting everywhere. The first spurt landed on Sarah's tummy, she moved back a little, the second spurt went up into the air. Then a few smaller spurts just landed on her hand.

My legs went weak and I could hardly stand. Never, I mean never have I had such a powerful orgasm, even to this day. Sarah was still staring at it, mouth wide open, and still slowly pumping my cock. I had to place my hand on hers to let her know it was time to stop - I don't think I could take any more and I definitely needed a breather.

"I had no idea. no idea it would be like that - there was loads of it," she whispered.

I noticed numerous trails of sperm slowly dripping down her tummy and suggested we clean up. Struggling to find anything to use I removed my pants from my ankles and asked her to lie down so I could clean her up.

It started off matter of fact just cleaning the remains of my juice from her tummy, but once she was clean I found I couldn't stop. I threw my now soaked pants to the floor and returned my hand to her body. My left hand slowly traced up to the underside of her right breast, eventually gently cupping it. This was the first time I had ever felt a breast and I was in awe. It was firm, but warm and soft at the same time. The way it moved and changed shape in my hand was fascinating. As I traced a finger around the nipple Sarah let out a gasp. I looked up and could tell by the look on her face that I had not done anything wrong, quite the opposite. Sarah had sensitive nipples. I had to know what they tasted like so I move my head to her chest and slowly kissed and caressed them with my mouth and tongue. Well she definitely liked that as she pulled my head in tight to them and let out a deep deep groan. I flicked my tongue around a nipple and the reaction of her body was amazing. She was struggling to breath, her groin was lifting slightly of the floor, it was driving her wild.

Without even realising my left hand had slowly slid down her body and was nestling between her legs. Well she wasn't complaining, she was pushing herself against it so I figured why not. I gently moved my fingers through her hairs until I found her opening. I moved my finger up and down her slit and could feel her heat on my finger. Then i slowly started to insert one of my fingers into her. I was finally inside a woman, even if it was only my finger.

Her eyes flew open, her mouth as wide as it could be, she pushed up so my finger went in up to the second knuckle and that was it. The noise she made I could never explain. Her back arched, her head went back and I could feel her body spasm and grip my finger. Well I didn't know much about girls, but I could tell that this was a good thing.

Her body eventually relaxed and slumped back down onto the floor. Her breasts were rising up and down as she tried to breathe. If I thought she was beautiful before, then this was to a new level. As she slowly regained herself, I lay by her side and once again took in her beauty.

Sarah opened her eyes, rolled over to face me and wrapped her arms around me. We lay like that for some time.

Eventually, we did get dressed, well me minus my pants.

Sarah laughed as I said there was no way I was putting them pack on, as they were soaked.

"Next time, were going to have to bring some tissues...

Maybe a whole box" she laughed.

"So, there is going to be a next time then?" I smirked.

"What are you doing this afternoon?" she playfully asked.

She turned and proceeded to climb back down to ground level.

As we walked back towards our houses, we didn't say much. But at some point she had taken hold of my hand and I hadn't even noticed, we were walking hand in hand like any couple would.

As we walked past the front of her house I heard a voice.

"Well it's about time."

I looked over the hedge and my mum was stood with Sarah's mum. She was smiling at us and using her eyes to let us know that she could see us holding hands. "I think I'm going to have to keep my eye on you two now" she laughed.

"Come on you can tell me all about it while we make lunch" Sarah's mum said.

"Ok" Sarah said, she turned and kissed me right in front of our mums and I kissed her back.

"Looks like we need a bucket of water" my mum said and we all started laughing.

As we all went back to our houses, Sarah turned and shouted "see you after lunch!" and as neither of our mums could see she mouthed the word "Tissues!" gave me a huge smile and turned away to enter her house.

I couldn't wait for the afternoon!

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