Same Old Song and Dance

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, BBW, Clergy, Slow, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: The more things change, the more they stay the sme

Hi Guys, Long story here. The next one will be shorter. This is also a very different story. But then I always say that, don't I. Well I read a lot of your comments on the last one and wanted to spice things up a bit. Some of you will probably hate the ending this time. I know in this type of story, as JPB once said they either divorce them or forgive em and stay together. Sometimes they divorce them and end up getting back together. This one's a little bit different. And no I didn't cop out and kill her off. I did try to spend some time fleshing the characters out and there are multiple threads and most of the characters aren't as black and white as usual. I hope you like it and find a lot of things to comment about. As usual, the credit for making this story readable goes to the great Barney-R. Who also prodded me a bit while I was consumed with finals and comps for this semester. Anyway, Here we go. SS06

I was going to kick that boy's ass. Truthfully, Terry, my son was a good kid. He'd just turned 19 and finished his first year of college with grades that any parent could be proud of. Terry wasn't majoring in Liberal Arts or some other program that promised an easy degree and a fun time at college. He was an engineering major. He wanted to go into automotive manufacturing like his father.

The apple definitely fell right below the tree in Terry's case. And that got me wondering yet again where Terry was. It would be just like him to have driven into town to see the car show instead of coming out here to the park to help me set up for the church picnic.

This weekend was Founder's Weekend in our small Michigan town. There were special events going on all over the city and the parks surrounding. The funny thing about it was that you could do things all over town all day long, but you had to come to the main celebration this evening where they would give out any awards or prizes. Following the awards show there would be a concert and then fireworks.

My hubby was running in the 10k race, and he was showing off his new 2015 Mustang GT in the car show. Terry was out late last night. He'd gotten home yesterday afternoon and after a quick nap had gone out to see his friends. Some of those same friends attended colleges away from home like Terry did, while others had stayed here to work or attend colleges in the area.

I have no idea what time Terry had gotten home, but before I left the house this morning at 7:00 a.m. I'd poked my head into his room and told him to drag his ass over to the park to help me set up the grill before he did whatever he was going to do today.

I had purposefully taken one of the early shifts at the picnic, so I wouldn't get stuck having to be on the cleanup squad. My goal was to get here early, unload the food, set up the grills, get them lit, and then turn everything over to the next shift. That way, I could go and watch my husband run the race. Then I could sit with him while we were at the car show.

My phone rang and I answered it angrily, hoping it was Terry.

"What? Where are you?" I growled into the phone.

"Hi, Mom. I love you too," said Sherry my oldest daughter, with a heavy dose of sarcasm in her voice.

"Sorry I bit your head off, Honey," I said. "Thanks for watching your sister. I thought that you were your brother. He was supposed to be here to help me set up."

I spoke to Sherry for a few more moments and then got back to what I was doing. There were other women and a few men on the set up crew too. We all had and knew our jobs, so everything went relatively smoothly.

Some of the guys had been there before I arrived, so there were already tables set up for me to put the food on as I unloaded it. The thing that pissed me off was that if Terry had been here, he could have been setting up the grills as I unloaded.

That would have gotten us out of here earlier and given me more time with his dad. It would have also given him more time with his friends. I sighed and kept working, wondering why I had volunteered for this in the first place.


I backed my Mustang into the parking slot that I'd been assigned to. Almost immediately the car was surrounded by people. I'd only had the car for a few weeks and today was the first show I'd taken it to.

It was really cool to drive a 2015 Mustang in 2014. I'd been one of a select few people who'd been allowed to buy the car early. We were supposed to be guinea pigs to help root out any problems in the car before it went on sale to the general public.

I looked at the clock in the dashboard and saw that I was running late. My intention had been to have been here a half-hour before. At the last minute, I'd decided to go ahead and install the more aggressive 3-D Carbon splitter I'd ordered from American Muscle. The splitter had been delivered yesterday, but my wife Donna somehow hadn't told me about it until this morning. I'd looked over the instructions while I ate breakfast and figured that I could do it in under an hour, and it made an already spectacular car, even better.

So that got me here later than expected. Truthfully the splitter was probably overkill. Most of the people who would wander through here today had never seen the new body style. I knew that I was in for a lot of opinions today. Some of the people who saw the car would hate it. Others would love it.

Ten years ago when the retro body style had come out, it was different. The S197 platform was loved immediately. There were very few who didn't fall in love with it on sight. And most of those people were owners of the outgoing body style. * I knew it would take a few years before some of them changed their minds about this body style, and some never would. I myself was torn. I still had a heavily modified 06 Mustang in my garage at home. I was thinking about giving it to my son Terry.

It was a tough decision because Terry was still a bit of a hell raiser at times, and that car could be dangerous. It made over five hundred horsepower. It could be a recipe for Terry to get in trouble really quickly.

As people gathered around and stared at the car I considered giving Terry the newer car. After all, it did kind of make sense. He was the younger generation, so maybe he should have the newer generation of the car. I'd had my 06 for almost ten years now and there were still things I wanted to do to it.

As I grabbed my quick detailer spray from the trunk, people started asking me questions about the car. I fielded them as nicely as I could. "Thanks," I said to a couple of people who told me they loved it.

"That's probably why I bought it, and you didn't," I said to a guy who said he hated it. For everyone else I just answered questions.

"Beautiful car, Greg." I looked into the smiling face of Tara Conklin. Tara was probably the most beautiful woman in our town. She was the daughter of the town Sheriff. She was a three-time loser and also my wife's best friend.

"Thanks Tar," I said. "Why are you running around in those tiny shorts? Still looking for husband number four?"

"Are you applying for the job?" she smiled.

"Donna would slit both of our throats," I said.

"Donna's my best friend," she smiled. "I'd slit my own throat before I'd hurt her."

We both laughed; Tara and I joked around all the time. She was like a sister to me.

"I'm running the race in about an hour just like you are," she smiled. "But my dad and Mayor want me to help pick out people for some of the prizes, including the nicest car in the show. Of course, there are other judges, but you've got my vote. She spun on the toes of her running shoes and walked away. Even though I was happily married, I couldn't help watching Tara walk away from me. The woman was perfect. She was beautiful inside and out.

But, at the same time, I was a married man, and I loved my wife. Maybe it was like the cars. At home in my garage was my old Mustang. It was from the last generation. It didn't have the cool independent rear suspension. It had fewer new electronic doodads. Its gas mileage wasn't quite as good.

Here I was driving the latest and greatest most technologically advanced Mustang there was. It was a great car. But somehow there was something missing from it. It just seemed kind of plastic or artificial. Somehow this car was more sports car, and less muscle car.

Tara, at 36 years old was ten years younger than me and twelve years younger than Donna. She's medium height and slender with beautiful, inky black hair and luminous blue eyes. Her breasts aren't huge, but on her tiny rib cage, they seem to stand out so much that they seem bigger than they are.

Tara is a runner like me so her ass and legs are wonderfully shaped. Although she doesn't flaunt her beauty, men stare at her as she passes. Her terrible luck with love is just that. Her first husband joined the military and died shortly afterwards. It took more than five years before she tried again. After only a year of marital happiness following a few days of being engaged, he was killed by a drunk driver. Husband number three, was a B&C guy. That meant he liked to beat her and cheat on her.

Her father, the Sheriff made short work of him. There are several men around town who are interested in Tara, including the town's mayor. But Tara doesn't seem to be interested any more. I guess it's like the song, "Once bitten, twice shy. Twice bitten, oh my. Three times bitten so why the hell should I try?"

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