Einstein 3 - Life on the Moon and an Early Departure

by Smiley Smith

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Aliens, MaleDom, Spanking, Harem, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Things get interesting for the Einstein Colonists. Yuki gets into trouble and Bruce is appointed system governor.

On the moon base, when you were on duty, things were expected to be totally professional. I, Bruce McCoy, will not say that sexual relationships did not show up at work, but when it did it was consensual, at least between sponsors. Many sponsors had their concubines as secretaries. Even so most people liked to keep the sex at home, including most discipline.

When you were off duty, sex was everywhere. There was not much traveling to places because of the transporter pads. Once at any public venue sex was often out in the open and vigorous, making Woodstock look tame. It was not unusual to see a concubine spanked in public, even an occasional sponsor in a sexual context.

My greater household and I went out regularly to various restaurants and clubs on the Tranquility Base. Most of the clubs were setup by permanent resident sponsors or the Civil Service to keep people happy. They had various themes. We were well known enough that usually no one messed with us.

One day Yuki, Tula and I were walking through the restaurant concourses when a Marine walked up to Yuki and smacked her hard on the butt. Her hand flew back to protect her rear and blocked the second blow. The Marine then leveled Yuki with a right backhand to the face. By then I arrived and pulled the man off Yuki. He swung at me, which I ducked. At that point the Marine discovered that a naval boot to the crotch did the same amount of damage to an enhanced Marine as it did to a normal man. Within a few seconds, station security arrived and was threatening to stun anyone that moved.

The Marine however had recovered enough to demand that I be arrested for assaulting a sponsor and Yuki be recycled on the same charge. I explained the situation to the Marine security sergeant in charge. The sergeant decided to take us all to HQ and sort things out there.

Once at HQ a Marine lieutenant began an investigation. The gist of it was that the man could not be charged with assaulting Yuki, in fact Yuki blocking the second blow could be considered resisting a sponsors correction and be a capital crime. My kicking the man in the balls was assaulting a sponsor and also a capital crime. I pointed out that his taking a swing at me, was assaulting an officer and what I did was a perfectly legal act of self defense and the protection of my property. Yuki's blocking the second blow was no more than a reflex action to the first blow.

I was getting pissed. I demanded to see the man's superior officer. Yuki was still unconscious, her face swollen and bruised. I demanded she get medical attention and the lieutenant said, "There is no point in that for a concubine that is going to be recycled in five minutes."

At that point I asked the AI though my interface, What the hell is going on? Tell them what happened!>

The AI said, <<I wish you had done that earlier. I cannot interfere without being asked.>>

The AI then said, "Commander McCoy, has requested AI intervention. Lieutenant you had better get his concubine to medical now or you may end up on charges."

A medical team appeared few seconds later and carted Yuki away.

I had to stay for the time being. The AI continued, "The actions of Private Pyle, will require that the man be charged with three counts of damaging Commander McCoy's property, one count of assaulting a superior officer, two counts of lying to a superior officer, one count lying during an official investigation, and one count of conduct unbecoming of a sponsor."

The initial lies were accusing Yuki and I of assaulting him. The official investigation lie was when the lieutenant questioned him. I would find out later that as bad as all the other charges were, the conduct unbecoming of a sponsor was by far the most serious.

"The concubine Yuki McCoy is cleared of all charges. She did block the second blow, but it was a reflex action any human would have had. At most she should be spanked, but that is at the option of her sponsor.

"Commander McCoy is cleared of all charges. Nothing he has done was improper.

"Lieutenant if I could charge you with being an idiot I would. All you had to do was ask me and this all could have been avoided. Instead you went with the word of a Marine private over the word of a Naval commander. I am recommending a full investigation of this incident to your superior officer."

From behind me a Marine major appeared and said, "Lieutenant I suggest you apologize to the commander."

The lieutenant sputtered a second and then said, "Sir, I am sorry. I should have handled this differently."

I replied, "Lieutenant, I honestly don't know what to say so I accept your apology."

The major replied, "Thank you for your understanding Commander, but I have to deal with this a little differently. This is completely unacceptable behavior in a security officer. Lieutenant you are relieved of duty and suspended until the proper disposition of your case can be determined. You are confined to quarters until then. Dismissed."

After the lieutenant left the major said, "I am truly sorry this happened. Now to the matters at hand do you wish to press charges against Private Pyle?"

"Yes I do."

"Very well. There will be a hearing tomorrow morning at 10 A.M., please attend. The AI will direct you. The hearing will be short, because the evidence the AI will present is irrefutable. The outcome will be that the private is recycled.

"Now about your concubine. She was injured pretty severely. She will fully recover though. Reflex action or not you need to train your concubines not to do that. It can be done.

"You are a senior officer, you are going to piss people off and they are going to try to get back at you. You need your women not to react when attacked. I know this sounds a little cruel but whacking their backsides every once in a while and making sure they don't react is in their best interest. You need to tell them why, do it often and punish them when they react until they learn. After that a roll in the hay is a good idea to make them realize that the only reason you are doing this is because you love them.

"Please go see to your concubines, Tula is waiting outside."

"Thank you Major."

I left the room and met Tula outside the door. She was hugging me not wanting to let go. "They said both you and Yuki were going to be recycled. I didn't know what to do! I told the AI to call your mother, she is on the way."

"AI, tell my mother to meet me at the medical facility they took Yuki to. Tell her everything has been solved favorably. Tell her to lay off on the hugging, I already have sore ribs."

Tula let go and said, "Sorry Sir!"

"Don't sweat it honey, it feels good. You hug, but Mom bear hugs. Let's go find Yuki."

We were led to the transport pad in the police station and then sent to the local medical center. We were sent to a waiting area where we were told that the doctor would be out in a few minutes to discuss Yuki's condition with us. After waiting fifteen minutes I asked the nurse what the holdup was. Two Marine guards stepped up, next to me.

"Gentlemen I sure hope you are not trying to intimidate me. I've already dealt with one of you tonight, and I don't fancy doing two more, but another threat and I just might."

"Sorry about earlier, Sir! We are just here to do our jobs, that is to protect the hospital staff from upset family. The doctor will be with you shortly. Something serious not related to your concubine has come up. He is dealing with it and will be with you in a minute. Please go sit down."

I went and sat down. The nurse in charge ran off seconds later. When she came back she said, "There has been a major accident in one of the lunar manufacturing centers. All medical personnel are required to go there and help. Your concubine has just finished her treatment in tube #15 in back. The AI will show you the way. Just lift the cover and she will awaken. I suggest you leave immediately after. Things are going to get very ugly very quickly here."

She turned and started grabbing satchels of medication and bandages trying to get as much as she could. It was obvious she could not carry all she wanted. She started dragging the satchels to the transporter node in the med center. I grabbed a few of the satchels and started helping her. The marine guards seeing this did the same. The nurse went through and I followed. The scene was like the CAP testing center attack on steroids. There were dead and injured people everywhere. I grabbed some supplies and started toward one of the injured.

The nurse grabbed my arm and said, "No sir, you can help us more by going back through the portal and tossing every piece of medication and supplies you can get your hands on through to us. We need that more than two more hands."

I did as I was told. When I returned I told Tula to get Yuki out of the tube and bring her here. By then my mother showed up, by total coincidence, with Jackie Evans (the school nurse). My mother went to give me the bear hug she was driven to give. I told her, "Not now! There is an emergency and we need to get every piece of medical supplies through the teleport pad. So start looking and bringing things." I was sort of surprised because my mother took one look at my face, frowned, and did exactly as I said. Never before had I been able to stop her from the delivering 'the bear hug of love'. She would later tell me that I had the 'Don't mess with me now, woman!' look that my father used to get with her. She was quite startled at the time.

I told Jackie to go through to the other side. "Find out what they really need and come back."

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