Puzzle Box Genie
Chapter 1

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Brother/Sister Incest Story: Chapter 1 - After finding a old puzzle box in a occult store thor's life starts to became a fantasy the likes of which he could never have dreamed of.

Caution: This Brother/Sister Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Paranormal   Genie   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Rough   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Tit-Fucking   Analingus   Size   Big Breasts  

As I trudged through the snow, wind blasting into my face, I vowed again not to leave Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve. I had managed to buy most of what I needed but was still looking to buy something for my annoying older sister. Most of my family members are easy to buy for. Perfume for Mum; for my twin little sisters, huge bags of sweets. Sugar that would transform those already energetic 14-year-old teens into two hyperactive balls of energy; they were guaranteed to drive my mom mad before Christmas day was over.

My older sister Lauren however was always difficult; she seemed to change her style, tastes and interests as often as the sun set. She had arrived back from university two days ago in fishnet tights, a short pleated skirt and a metal band tee-shirt with the horizontal rips going from shoulder to shoulder, a fabric ladder running down to the small of her back. Her look was topped off with purple highlights streaking through her naturally midnight black hair. She had decided on some sort of Goth type look and how she hadn’t caught her death

wearing so little in December...

Two months ago, when she turned 20, she was going through a gamer girl / geek stage so I just brought her a few game tee-shirts. Easy. But, now I had to buy something sufficiently dark, possibly occult-ish during a time of year where everything is sparkles and jolly.

I stepped into a side street to get a temporary respite from the biting wind and to decide upon my next move. Jewelry was always a safe bet but my wage packet would only stretch so far. After turning 16 five months ago I had managed to get a part time job at a retail store that paid enough to let me be a bit more generous with gifts this year than previous years; but I still couldn’t afford to start visiting the glass fronted high street jewelers.

Looking down the side street I noticed a sign for a shop I had never seen before. It said, “Black Cat Curiosity’s” under the sign it read “oddities, old, & occult”. Goths are into all the occult black magic rubbish, right? I glanced at my watch and decided it was really my only option. I had maybe half an hour till I needed to head home and most stores had already closed early.

Below the sign was a large glass display window showing various deity carvings and a few fliers offering palm and Tarot readings, and séance events. The faded black door swung open with a creak. The bell above the door chimed.

Inside it was lit only by a mish-mash of candles placed sporadically around the room casting fearsome looking shadows that moved and shifted as the flames flickered. Despite the door chime no shop keeper stood behind the ancient looking register resting on a cluttered counter on the left wall. I moved toward the aisles on the right and started the search for some type of trinket or bauble that would appeal to my sister’s latest phase and not break the bank.

Shelves containing a variety of finely and less finely carved statues, such as Buddha’s, Fertility Goddesses, and the like, sat across from shelves of Tarot cards and crystal balls. Rounding the corner I noticed that various occult figurines and books took up most of the tiny store’s shelf space with smaller oddities dotted around. Reaching the back of the store I came across a wooden box about seven inches across. The front face was carved to depict the face of a woman with eyes closed. Even from the old carving it was easy to see she was stunningly beautiful. The bottom was plain and the top embossed with some sort of crest. Small pieces of gold leaf still remained but most had worn down to show the dark wood beneath. The remaining three sides were a complete mess. Each side was split into an 8 by 8 grid and had one panel missing from each.

“It’s a puzzle box” a sensual voice purred.

I spun in shock at the sudden appearance of what I assumed to be the shopkeeper and my breath caught in my throat. She was stunningly beautiful. Unbelievably so: Pale alabaster skin stood out in stark contrast to the dark shadows behind her. Pools of orange candle light reflected off her skin making it look like she herself was glowing. Tresses of raven black hair cascaded down her back in a sensual obsidian waterfall. Her eyes were a piercing violet colour; her lips red and invitingly full. Her dress was black with a plunging vee neck ending just below the bottom of two of the largest breasts I had ever seen.

They were the same alabaster white as the rest of her; they were massive yet perfect on her frame, standing high and firm on her chest without any assistance. The slight bounce caused by the rise and fall of her chest proved they were natural. The lay of the dress left the inner portions of her breasts in full view. The dress continued to the floor; a slit from her right hip to heel displayed a long, smooth, toned leg. Slowly coming back to myself I realized she had been talking and was waiting on an answer

“I’m sorry, what?”

Somehow, just as mom taught me, I managed to maintain eye contact; her strange purple eyes trapped my own green ones in their gaze. She gave a slight smile knowing where my attention had been, albeit briefly. “I said, it’s a puzzle box. It is said to contain a powerful being that will grant wishes to any person able to complete all three sides of the puzzle.”

Released from her gaze I managed to gather myself and remembered my original purpose: finding my sister a gift.

“I was wondering if you had any jewelry for sale. It’s a Christmas gift for my sister. She’s really into this sort of stuff,” I said as I waved my hands to encompass the whole shop still with the box in my hand.

She stared at me for a moment before turning and walking towards the counter. She was just as stunning from the back. The black dress was completely backless revealing a smooth expanse of skin that begged me to reach out and touch it. Her ass could cause traffic accidents, perfectly shaped and framed by the dress. The tight black material showed no lines to suggest she was wearing underwear and the thought nearly gave me a stroke. Its spell over me broke as her ass disappeared behind the counter and I quickly raised my gaze hoping she hadn’t noticed.

Moving to the counter top, I placed the puzzle box down next to a long thin box the woman had procured from somewhere while I was worshiping her butt. I lifted the lid to reveal an eye-catching necklace. A thin silver chain held a black spherical jewel. The inside of the jewel seemed to swirl as if a black hole was in the center pulling in all within its reach. It was perfect.

“How much miss... ?” I let the sentence hang hoping for a name.

“Esmeralda Smoke. But call me Esme”

“£100 for the necklace” Even business-like, her voice sounded seductive.

“And for the box ... a kiss,” she finished.

“Pardon?” I asked. Surely I had misheard her.

“£100 for the necklace and a kiss for the box”

I just stood there the gears in my head not quite processing what I was hearing. Taking my silence as an invitation Esme leaned over the counter toward me; my eyes dropped to her cleavage, which was now even more outrageous being pressed together by her arms as she leant forward. I could fall forward into those perfect tits, suffocate, and die happy with the knowledge I had experienced perfection before I died.

A shock ran though my body and my cock instantly grew hard as a slender finger touched my chin and lifted my head up to bring Esme’s face just inches from mine. Her violet eyes grew brighter the closer she got, her lips feathered along my jaw bone before she gently nipped my ear lobe.

“Do we have a deal?” she whispered into my ear.

My heart pounded, my head swam and my erection throbbed.

“Yes,” I replied in a hoarse voice, my lips nearly touching her ear. I breathed her in. Her hair smelled of lilies.

She pulled back until her face was just millimeters from mine. She stared deep into my eyes as if she was looking at the very essence of my being. It felt surreal, as if she was looking past the physical and seeing my soul. Then, taking her finger from my chin, she gently stroked down the side of my face, her soft finger tips sending shocks of pleasure with every touch. Her hand slid to the back of my head and softly gripped my shaggy black hair. She pulled me that last short distance toward her and our lips touched.

My entire body tensed. Every nerve exploded with pleasure. I could feel every bit of her touching me; my vision blurred, my head swam, I could hear the blood rushing in my ears then as her tongue slipped past my lips, I came. My head fell back supported only by her hand, my mouth fell open and I felt as if something was tugging deep inside me. It was the only thing I was aware of beyond the pleasure burning though my body.

Esme drew back, a look of pure ecstasy on her face as motes of pure white light floated from my mouth into hers. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was her shutting her lips cutting of the stream of light. Her skin glowed brightly and her very being seemed to hum with satisfaction. She released the hold on the back of my head and I fell back unconsciously to the shop floor.

The first thing I was aware of was the ache. Every muscle in my body hurt as if I had just ran a marathon while holding weights above my head. As I came back to the world I could feel dry cum in my pants, embarrassed at having done so. The images of Esme’s face in front of mine swam to the front of my mind.

“What the fuck,” I groaned as I pushed myself up.

I remembered the puzzle box, the necklace and the kiss. The pure ecstasy it elicited and then the weird tugging sensation and motes of light leaving me and entering her. After a moment, I pulled myself up; my muscles protesting every movement.

I leaned against the counter top and looked around. The shop was empty on anyone. I called out but got no reply. Mysteriously the shopkeeper was gone. Looking back to the counter top I saw that the necklace box gift was neatly wrapped and next to it, the wooden puzzle box. A folded note on top read, “The necklace is on the house, the kiss was worth it.” She’d signed it “ES x”.

Tucking the note into my pocket, I looked around once more and still seeing no sign of the beautiful woman I dropped the necklace box, the note and the puzzle box into my bags, and hurried out the door. I finally pushed the door to my house open at 6:30 ... an hour later than I was supposed to be home.

“Hafthor Henry James where the hell have you been?”

Oh shit. You know it’s bad when Mom uses your full name. No-one ever calls me Hafthor, most of the time it was always just Thor.

I groaned as the tall statuesque blond woman, my Mom, entered the hallway. At 37 my mother still had her good looks. Her Nordic parentage had granted her high cheek bones, long blond hair and smooth pale skin. A real Nordic beauty who could readily appear to be near 30-years-old. When she was angry like this however her accent came though and it was as if she was a Valkyrie come to claim your soul.

My mother had met my 19-year-old father while she was backpacking across Europe and he was studying in the Netherlands for the summer. Six months later a very pregnant 16-year-old turned up on my father’s doorstep. My grandmother quickly brought the young woman into her home and made her part of the family. Family lore is that as my grandmother hid her laughter, my grandfather was furious with my father for being so stupid. He forced them to get married before the child was born and as soon as my father could afford a small flat, kicked them both out.

After about a year he relented and the family started to try and build some bridges. As it turns out my father and Eira, my mother, actually fell in love in the last few months of the pregnancy and were very happy together. My grandmother was delighted to finally have more contact with her new daughter in-law and granddaughter. It was one big happy family. Relations between my father and grandfather grew stronger as they worked together to build the business my great-grandfather founded.

Sadly 14 years ago my father and grandfather were killed in a traffic collision with a drunk driver. I think I was only two. I don’t really remember much. I remember the police turning up; Mom and gran crying, and I have a few vague memories of the funeral, but not much.

Two days after the funeral mom found out she was pregnant with the twins. Gran helped her a lot through the pregnancy in the absence of my father. I think it was as much for her as it was for my mom. She had known my grandfather since they were kids. Sadly, just two years ago my gran also died; another tragic loss.

Thanks to a healthy inheritance, the sale of the business that neither Gran nor Mom were in position to run, and the two life insurance policies Mom’s bank balance was nicely into seven figures, but that didn’t mean she was indulging in an extravagant lifestyle. Mom was a careful conservative when it came to watching and spending her money. The biggest expenditure so far had been to pay off the mortgage on our house. Other than that we lived fairly simply. Other than monitoring her investments Mom didn’t have an actual job but keeping the twins entertained took up most of her time.

Eira was usually merciful but my mother seemed to be anything but as her icy blue eyes bored into mine waiting for an answer.

“I’m sorry Mum. I missed the last bus so I had to walk home and with all this shopping and the snow it took ages.”

“That’s no excuse. You shouldn’t have left your present buying till the last minute again.”

“I know Mum, I’m sorry.” If I said “sorry” enough she might let me off ... it is Christmas after all.

My mother’s eyes continued to stare into mine for a moment or two. I loved her dearly, but she had that look and nature that bore into you. She could be so gentle one moment, and most formidable the next.

“Fine,” she said with an exasperated huff. “Go and change, your dinner is in the kitchen going cold.”

Feeling somewhat relieved to be leaving her presence, I rushed upstairs before she could change her mind.

I was shattered from both the walk home and the weird kiss from Esme. All I wanted to do was warm up, have some food then go to bed. However, before I could reach my bedroom I was attacked by two evil monsters. They worked as a team. One wrapped around my legs immobilizing me, the other jumped at my torso forcing me to the ground. Before I could grasp what was happening, my Christmas shopping bags were taken from me and the two little attackers vanished into their room.

I really cannot be arsed with this shit.

Getting up I stormed into the twins’ room to find them staring in disappointment at the contents of the bag.

“You already wrapped them,” one said in disappointment.

“That’s no fair,” pouted the other.

“That’s right, munchkins, I made sure to get them wrapped in-store, so no presents till tomorrow,” I grinned as I had rightly anticipated their actions.

It was an unwritten rule in our house that any unwrapped presents were fair game and could be claimed at any time. But, as soon as they were wrapped it was strictly hands off. I’m not quite sure how the tradition started, but it was respected through fear of losing the afore-mentioned presents. I snatched up the presents and turned to leave.

“But we need to know,” one said.

“I’m gonna die if I don’t know what you got me,” the other chimed in. I turned to see the twins giving me their best puppy-dog eyes. Even though I was really not in the mood for games I nearly broke.

Elsa and Elsie were 14-years-old and heavily took after my mother. Strong, high cheek bones, fair skin, big eyes and unlike my older sister and myself, long blond hair. They are identical in every way apart from their eyes. Elsa had inherited my mother’s piercing icy blue eyes while Elsie had my father’s strong green eyes. With their big eyes and pure colorings they had the puppy-dog look down to a tee. They were undeniably, absolutely frustratingly cute. They were both tiny however, at just a touch over four feet tall. It was already clear they would inherit my mother’s slim figure if not her height; their small bodies already supported a pair of well-formed and firm B-cups. Who knew how much more they would fill out; they still had a few years of growth ahead of them. Their hips while not yet near womanly, they were no longer straight either but curvy enough to teasingly hint of what was about to develop.

I put it down to my exhausted body as being the only reason I was able to break away from their devastating gaze. I quickly made my way to my room and shut the door behind me. I stowed the presents under the bed, threw my clothes into the basket and crawled into bed in just my boxers. Food could wait for an hour or two. I needed a power nap.

I dreamed of Esme and the kiss, a loop that kept replaying. The occasional image of my three sisters and my mother occasionally swam into view. The puzzle box made a few guest appearances as well. I lost count of how many times that I re-experienced that kiss, but when Esme’s face morphed into my sister Lauren’s face the dream took a dark turn, ... the edges of my dream vision got darker the closer Lauren’s lip got to mine. I tried to urge my body to react but I wasn’t in control. Lauren’s lips crept closer to mine. Her small hand was on the back my head just as Esme’s had been. Her green eyes were just as captivating as Esme’s violet ones had been. What was it with eyes recently?

Lauren’s lips were coated in purple lipstick and were now mere millimeters from mine. As her lips touched mine I felt the same explosive force of ecstasy and passion I had felt from Esme and I shot up in bed suddenly awake.

My covers had fallen to the floor. My cock had pushed its way through the gap in the front of my boxers. My full rigid eight inches pointed straight up as hard as it had ever been. I was breathing rapidly. My chest was heaving with a slight sheen of sweat covering it. I sat on the edge of the bed cock in hand. With little conscious thought I slowly started to stroke from tip to base. I already felt close to cumming; the dream had got me massively aroused. Fortunately, my slow stroking was interrupted by a rumble and cramps from my stomach. When was the last time I ate? I glanced at the clock: 3:24 AM. It had been nearly 14 hours since I had last eaten! I had taken far more than a power nap.

With a bit of a struggle I managed to tuck my cock back into my pants with the head pushing up past my waistband. I grabbed my dressing gown off the back of the door and went in search of food. I found a plate of meatballs in the fridge and coated them with a generous helping of sauce before blasting it in the microwave to heat it up. I guess this was supposed to have been my dinner. While the meatballs were being zapped I set some spaghetti to boil on the stove. I chugged a liter bottle of OJ while I waited and ruminated over the strange dream I had had.

Most of the dream I could justify: Esme and the kiss were easy. I’m a 16-year-old; I’m basically a bag of hormones on legs. Any woman set my mind and body to crisis level. To fantasize and dream of them was a regular occurrence. So, it made sense that a woman as stunningly sexual and beautiful as Esme would have an impact and then when you add a kiss that seemed to suck away part of you before causing you to black out, well. That definitely imprinted on my mind. The same for the puzzle box and necklace. They were all part of the Esme experience so it seemed logical that they would be mixed into those images.

I could pass off the occasional images of the twins as mom due to the fact I had interacted with both of them minutes before going to sleep. That just left me to account for my older sister Lauren. I hadn’t seen her since she had gone off to bed early the night before I went shopping. And the fact she featured so prominently in the dream and in such a passionate way played uneasily on my mind. I mean, sure, Lauren was stunning, but she is my sister.

She had the same green eyes and black hair as myself, all inherited from my father. She had the slim body of my mother, but a fair bit shorter at only five feet seven inches. She was blessed with a perfect set of D-cup breasts that looked huge on her slim frame. A tight rounded ass atop toned legs finished off a pretty damn fine package. By all accounts she was a 10 out 10. Plus, the alt/Goth type look she was working at the moment added a sort of sexy rebellious charm.

However, despite the fact she was my sister, I had to admit that I had more than a few sexual fantasies involving her. She was probably the start of my descent into the depraved type of porn and erotica I enjoyed now on a frequent basis.

My first experiences of porn were all pretty normal. I was the same as any other teenager. Flicking through a dirty magazine a friend had stolen from his brother, then discovering Internet porn. Once again it all started out just like you would expect it to. Big tits, teens and lesbians were the three standard porn food groups. I had hidden away under my bed a small but growing collection of classic old porn pictures from the advent of photography through to the 60s. I admired the feminine form and seeing their sexuality being expressed in subtle and not so subtle ways in those pictures. However, the more pictures I looked at and downloaded, the more video clips I watched and downloaded on to hard drives, the more it took to excite me. I started to move onto BDSM and rough videos and rape fantasies.

It was watching one of these rape fantasy videos when one particular actress caught my eye. She was my sister’s doppelganger. Seeing her tied down, abused, and raped stirred something deep and primal inside me. I moved on to incest videos and incest rape fantasies. My sister was now the star of every depraved fantasy my hormone driven brain could think up. For a while, this was enough.

But after a while my tastes once again dropped to an even darker level. My fantasies started with the girls becoming younger. First it was just the barely legal ones, and then as I got older, I wanted them younger. I searched for any video with the youngest looking actress I could, but even then I still knew they were at least 18. Video couldn’t provide me with what I wanted ... well none that I could find anyway.

It was erotic stories that continued to feed my new obsession. There are now laws about how old someone has to be in erotic stories. With some judicious searching new levels of violence, abuse, incest and underage sex was now available at my fingertips. A father raping and pimping out his 14-year-old daughter, a brother blackmailing his younger sister to be his cum slut. Nothing was off limits. I digress however, so back to now.

My thoughts were interrupted by the perfectly timed beep of the microwave and bubbling of the pasta. Piling it all together on a plate I grabbed some cutlery and started to fill the void in my stomach. I was just finished up when Lauren walked into the kitchen.

“Hey bro, can’t sleep either?”

“Just hungry”.

Now normally meeting a family member in the kitchen at four in the morning isn’t usually that big a deal ... a bit odd but nothing to shout about. However, when that family member is wearing only a pair of lacy purple panties and a baggy black vest top it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting.

“I’m still running on uni time. Up till the wee hours trying to finish last minute assignments,” she replied pulling the fridge door open.

Now, something I learned tonight is that if you wear a baggy tank top without a bra you shouldn’t lean over. How do I know this? Well, as Lauren leaned forward to reach into the fridge the over-sized arm holes gaped open as the front of the tee-shirt fell away from her body and this provided me with a very clear view of her tits. Now seeing any tits is always a great thing. Seeing your recently dreamed about 20-year-old sister’s perfect D cups is another thing entirely. My dick which had softened in the time since I had come downstairs instantly hardened again and made a break for freedom causing quite a considerable tent in my boxers.

She seemed completely oblivious to the condition of her vest. As she moved searching the fridge they responded with little jiggles of movement making the situation so such more arousing. I could see her nipples harden in the cold air from the fridge. Not finding anything of interest in the fridge she turned to reach for a glass from one of the top cupboards presenting her back to me. Being so short she had to go onto her tip toes and really stretch to reach.

Her doing this caused her vest top to rise up completely exposing her ass to me. And by all that is holy, what an ass! Seeing it in tight jeans is one thing, but seeing the lacy purple underwear that did very little to cover it is something different. The thin backing slipped between the two perfect globes just barely covering her ass hole; the rest of the purple lace just seemed to frame it, presenting her ass to me in the best way possible.

After the dream giving me a raging hard on and the interrupted wank straight after, I was due to cum. Seeing her tits had brought my dick back to life and with my stomach’s hunger sated, the view of her ass took me to the edge of needing to satisfy with her another equally driven hunger. I felt as if I moved the rubbing of my boxer fabric over my cock that that alone would set me off to filling my boxers with cum.

Glass in hand, Lauren dropped back onto flat feet but her vest top stayed bunched up around her waist resting on top of her ass. After filling the glass from the tap she leaned back against the counter. The top did no less to maintain her decency from the front. The neck hole hung so low on her tiny frame that it stopped below her tits. Both inner sides of her tits where in view and her nipples could be seen pushing against the fabric just a seam’s width from being exposed.

I could not help but stare at her chest as she stood drinking, my gaze trapped by the tractor beam of her tits. Her hard nipples pushing against the flimsy fabric. I wanted nothing more than to grab them with both hands, suck her tiny nipples and have her squeeze them together as I thrust my cock, slick with saliva, between those perfect mounds. With every stroke my head would press against her soft lips and her tongue would swipe across the head.

I thrust faster and faster her tits bouncing wildly barely contained within her grasp. I felt my balls start to tighten and held off as long as I could, but it was too much. I gave one last thrust before I started shooting ropes of cum. The first landed straight on her tongue as it swiped across the head. The next three hit her face her lips, cheek and forehead each being hit. I pulled back free from her tits and shot four long ropes of cum over her proffered tits.

“Thor ... hey Thor”

“Huh, sorry. What?” I stammered my sister’s voice pulling me from my fantasy. As I jerked my eyes up to meet hers a small smile formed on her lips. BUSTED, I thought. She knew exactly where I was looking ... but hadn’t moved to cover up.

“I said, we should probably try and catch a few hours kip before the twins wake up and drag us downstairs so they can open their presents.”

“Um, yeah I just need to wash my plate.”

Still with the sexy little smirk she sauntered from the room my eyes tracking her ass as it swayed out of view. While talking, I had become very aware of a situation in my pants. The tit fuck fantasy had been too much for my straining balls and I had once again cum in my boxers. All the while the cause, my own older sister, had been just feet away. Waiting until I heard her bedroom door close I dropped my plate into the dishwasher and went to clean myself up and clean a pair of cum-stained boxers for the second time in 24 hours.

I woke up face down with a small pair of hands pulling at my foot dangling off the end of the bed. I glanced down to see Elsa pulling on my foot and quickly shook her off.

“Come on, sleepy, we want presents and Mum won’t let us until everyone is downstairs,” she pleaded; her piercing blue eyes already in full puppy-dog mode. I glanced at the clock: 6:40 AM.

I didn’t justify her with an answer. I just rolled over and pulled my feet under the covers. “Thor... !” she said with her very best big girl voice as she ran across the room pulling my covers off the bed in the process. Before I could protest she had jumped onto the bed and was sat straddling my waist hands on my shoulders shaking me.

Now I’ve already explained my particular type of fantasy so you can imagine what the effect a 14-year-old wiggling on my crotch had. The fact that she was wearing just an over-sized tee-shirt didn’t help as it meant that just the fabric of my boxers separated her little pussy from rubbing along my rapidly hardening cock. Add the fact she’s my sister and cute as hell, and that’s pretty much a home run for my dirty mind.

I grasped her hips in an attempted to push her off but somehow found myself grinding her harder against my dick. I quickly realized what I was doing and pushed her back and pulled myself up to sitting. Not, however, before my cock had grown to full mast tenting my boxers. Something Elsa noticed.

“Ohhh, Thor is that your dick?” Elsa giggled bouncing over and grasping it through my boxers.

“Why’s it all hard?” she asked giving it a little wiggle.

My whole body tensed as she grabbed hold of my dick and pulled it out of my boxers. Her small hand not even able to reach all the way around.

“It ... shit ... it just gets that way in the mornings until ... oh my god ... un ... until I take care of it,” I managed to Mumble out as she still played with my rock hard dick just moving it from side to side.

“My friend Ruby said when a man’s dick gets hard it means he’s going to have sex.” It was strange hearing my cute innocent 14-year-old sister just say the word dick and talk about sex in such a casual way.

“How would she know? And it just means that I could have sex not that I’m ready to,” I answered, not completely sure why I hadn’t sent her away the second she grabbed my cock.

“Well Ruby said her dad taught her all about it but she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. But who are you going to have sex with?”

Her dad? That’s a bit weird right? Then again I have my sister’s hand on my dick so...

Her small hot hand felt amazing. She spoke without taking her eyes of my dick. Her hand softly squeezing it repeatedly.

“No one. Just because I’m ready doesn’t mean I have to ... I just need to make it go down then I’ll come downstairs and we can open presents.”

“Well how do you do that,” she asked innocently her hand still on my dick as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I should have stopped this long ago but by this point my dick had taken over all control of my better judgment.

“I ... I just ... just sort of rub it up and down with my hand ... Christ ... until I cum and then it goes soft.”

“Cum?” she asked innocently her small hand now moving up and down my bare dick. Holy shit, my 14-year-old sister was jerking me off. I must still be dreaming.

“Um ... white stuff comes out the end.” I’m guessing this is her first Sex Ed lesson.

“Oh, that’s the stuff Ruby’s dad said you’re supposed to drink ... It’s good for you right?”

I was really starting to wonder about just what Ruby and her dad were getting up to.

“Uhhh, I suppose ... Oh my god ... that’s a quicker way to do it. It’s called oral when a girl sucks on it like a Popsicle until he cums.”

She had started to stroke me faster and it was getting hard to form a coherent thought. Then something I will never forget happened. Something that was the start of my life changing forever. Just three words that were a precursor to the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my 16 years.

“Oh, like this?” That’s all my Elsa said before she wrapped her lips around my dick.

Elsa. My sister Elsa. My 14-year-old sister Elsa. My cute, blond, four foot nothing, B-cup little sister started sucking my cock. Her lips closed just past the head and her tongue tentatively made a few swipes across the tip. Then she slowly lowered her head taking about four inches before pulling back again. A few more tongue swipes then back down. Some people have natural talent.

Some paint, some sing and some, like my sister, are natural cock suckers.

Being my first blow job I’m pretty sure anything would have felt awesome but I just knew Elsa had talent. Any ability she may have had and my will to stop this had been ejected from my mind the second her lips touched my cock.

I reached down and wrapped her blond plait around my hand and started to gently push and pull her head along my dick. She sped up and took another inch and her big blue eyes locked with mine. I half expected to see fear or anger but instead just saw excitement mixed with curiosity. And there was also something that moved my heart, she was looking into my eyes with longing and love. Elsa was doing this because she wanted to do it and do it with her brother who she loved. She still had one hand holding the base of my cock and the other resting on my thigh. I was close. I could feel my balls tighten ready to fill my little sister’s mouth with cum.

“Elsa I’m gonna ... I’m gonna ... Elsa I’m gonna cum.”

My hand shot to my sides clenching the bed sheets, my hips thrust upwards forcing my sister deeper yet again on to my dick. I saw her eyes widen as I hit the back of her throat and then shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth as she pulled back. She kept her soft red lips around the head of my dick as I came into her mouth; when I finally stopped she pulled back with a mouth full of my, her brother’s, cum. My cum. In two gulps she swallowed my whole load and gave me a brilliant smile.

“Ruby was right! It does taste good. A little salty,” she said with a complete sense of normality.

“Oops missed a bit” she said and lifted her nightie up to lick a small drop of cum from the hem giving me a quick flash of her perky little tits in the process some sense of reason started to creep back into my mind. I was so screwed.

Grabbing a towel I cleaned off my sister’s hands then said, “You can’t tell anyone about this okay? If you do, bad things will happen. We’ll never see each other again; there will never be any more presents. I could even go to prison!”

She gasped in shock her mouth dropping open at the horrific thought. She was still young enough to be horrified at the thought of no presents and the whole prison thing just reinforced the fact.

“No one, okay. Not even Elise or Ruby and definitely not Mom or Lauren.”

“I won’t ever, ever, ever!” she promised.

“Now go I’ll be down in a minute and remember. NO ONE” I added sternly.

She climbed off the bed and as she moved towards the door she turned, “Thank you Thor for one of the greatest Christmas presents I could have received.”

She ran from the room and I cleaned myself down ... this could seriously get me into so much trouble. But if her promise held, it might just be to door to a world of opportunities.

I was the last one downstairs and everyone was waiting in the living room. After a quick clean-up of the cum my 14-year-old sister had innocently coaxed out of me, I donned a fresh pair of boxers and wrapped myself in a bath robe and headed down.

Elsa and Elsie, both still in nothing but their nighties sat by the tree waiting for the second I got there to start ripping open presents. Lauren gave me a quick smile from the sofa. Her long bare legs tucked under her so her perfect ass which was now covered by a small pair of tight cotton shorts could be seen. She had the same over-sized vest from last night on but her modesty was slightly more intact due to the black sports bra she now wore underneath.

Lastly Mom was sitting on the arm chair dressed down in joggers and a tee waiting to oversee the carnage the twins would no doubt unleash once the sugar rush hit. I dropped down onto the sofa next to Lauren and the second my butt touched the cushion the air was full of wrapping paper as the twins tore into their presents. If unwrapping ever became an Olympic sport the twins would be gold medalists for sure.

It was suicide to even try to get near to the tree while those two went at it, so we all just sat back and watched the merciless stripping of paper from presents and tried not to wince too much at the high-pitched screams and squeals of excitement as each present was uncovered.

After the short flurry of carnage had subsided, the temporarily satisfied twins took great joy in handing all the presents to each of us and watching as we unwrapped our gifts. As tradition goes we each opened ours in order of age so I was next. I got a pretty good haul. A few games I had wanted and some clothes from Mom; cash from her parents back in Iceland; Lauren had gotten me a few CD’s of bands I had never heard of ... No doubt another attempt to “educate” me in whatever was her current style.

The twins got me a best big brother ever mug and framed picture of the two of them posing in the snow dressed as Elsa and Anna from ‘Frozen’. Elsa had taken great excitement in finding that she shared a name with a Disney princess and had taken to wearing her hair in the same over the shoulder style. You’re never too old for the magic of Disney. Though, if I never hear “Let it go” or “Do you want to build a snow man” again it would be too soon.

Lauren next got pretty much the same as usual, perfume, clothes, cash, standard stuff. Then she got to my present.

“And the last one is from Thor.” She cocked her head and gave me a sarcastically sweet smile before lifting the top off the box. She took a short intake of breath as the necklace was revealed. Her fingers feathered the black swirling jewel and she just gazed at it for a second.

“It’s beautiful, Thor,” she said softly.

“What is it? Let me see!” moaned one of the twins.

She lifted it out to show the twins and Mom who all gazed upon the necklace with admiring glances.

“Put it on me?” she asked handing me the necklace and pulling her hair to one side before turning her back to me.

My pulse quickened slightly as I admired the graceful curve of her neck and I got a pretty good view at her ass as well. She let out a slight gasp as the cold jewel and metal touched her skin. The black jewel came to rest just where her cleavage started. My fingers lingered on her neck of their own consent and started to wander down her back. My mindless wondering was interrupted by the shrill ringing of Laurens phone.

Reaching over for her phone, she glanced at the screen and quickly answered it.

“Hey Tink ... What ... yeah I’m fine why ... Chill I’m at home with my family ... Just opening presents. What’s up? You sound odd.”

“Lauren you can talk to your friends later,” Mom admonished while giving Lauren her trademark icy stare.

“Sorry got to go Tink, talk later.” She finished the call and smiled sheepishly at Mom before apologizing.

“Sorry Mom it was my roommate.”

“Thor, how did you afford that? my mother asked.

“Oh it wasn’t that much. I got it steep discount,” I mumbled in reply before Lauren jumped into my lap and crushed me in a hug. If not for the fact baby sister had just sucked me dry I’m pretty sure I would have shot a load right then as my older sister ground into my lap and pushed her tits into my chest. She pulled back and gave me a quick sisterly peck on the cheeks before crushing me in another hug before returning to her own seat all the while gently toying with the jewel of the necklace.

I had to shift my position to hid the boner my sister had given me and just watched in silence as my mother was the last to unwrap her presents.

We all engaged in the normal post-present family chat for a while before our mother sent us off the get dressed and clean up while she started to prepare breakfast. The whole time I was waiting for Elsa to say something like, “These sweets taste better than Thor’s cum!” Or for my mother to turn around and stop my heart with her icy angry glare before laying into me screaming, “WHAT KIND OF BROTHER ARE YOU TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOUR INNOCENT SISTER LIKE THAT. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU’RE NO SON OF MINE” or something of a similar ilk.

But it never came. The morning carried on as normal as if my 14-year-old sister wasn’t walking around with a load of my cum in her stomach. Well, everything carried on as normal until that night.

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