The Initiation of Jan

by Phil E. Hebe

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Pedophilia, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Losing her parents in an auto accident Jan is taken in by her aunt and uncle. They live in one of the last hippie commune left in the U.S. They are isolated and have their own rules. At first poor Jan has a hard time coping to the nudity and sex.

The car skidded across the black ice as if on wings. It slammed into oncoming traffic, and careened into the edge of a building head on. Both the driver and front seat passenger were killed instantly. By some quirk of fate the teenager in the back seat suffered only minor injuries, and a broken arm.

The man and woman came to the City Child Care Center where Jan was being held. They introduced themselves as her Aunt Bess and Uncle Jon. The girl did not know she had an aunt and uncle, and would have denied their existence if it weren't for the strong resemblance of Uncle Jon to her father.

They attended the funeral, signed papers at the lawyer's office, and were off. She road in the back seat of a car with a bubble like shape. It was called a Pacer. She never heard of it. Jan had to leave much of her belongings behind as there was little storage space behind the rear seat. They traveled all day and into the night. They only stopped for food and fuel. The plains gave way to mountains. Jan fell asleep curled up on the small back seat. Jan had no idea when they stopped or that her uncle carried her into the house in the early dawn's light. The first thing she was aware of was waking on a couch in front of a fireplace. The second thing she was aware of was being naked under the covers. The third thing she became aware of was her aunt and uncle standing over her, and looking down at her. She pulled the covers up close to her neck. The fourth thing she became aware of was that her aunt and uncle were naked too.

It was the first time that she saw a real man's genitals, with its tube like penis and sack like scrotum. It looked bigger in real life than on statues at the museum. She tried hard not to stare at it, but her eyes kept going back to it of their own volition. Her aunt, Jan saw, was busty with gold rings dangling from her nipples, and had no hair, but a third ring on her pubic mound. Her aunt asked, "Would you like a cup of coffee or hot chocolate?" The choice startled her, neither was offered at home, or what used to be home. "Hot chocolate, if I may."

"Of course you may," her aunt answered.

Jan swiveled on the couch to a sitting position, making sure the blanket continued to cover her nudity. "Don't be a silly goose," her uncle said, as he snatched away the blanket. "We want to see what you look like under the clothes." Jan cringed. She cupped her crotch and tried to cover her nipples with the arm that had the cast. Her aunt knelt before her and gently pulled away her arms. "Here we are proud of what we look like naked, not ashamed. Don't worry, you will get used to it." Jan still tried to make herself as small as possible. Her aunt and uncle walked away. Jan fought the urge to dive on the floor for the blanket.

Aunt Bess brought Jan a cup of cocoa and a piece of bundt cake on a plate. "Here, Dear, I am sorry we don't have much else for breakfast. We didn't know how long it would take to get you and didn't want to stock up."

"This is fine," she answered. She was happy to get something beside the Farina they served every morning for breakfast at the childcare center.

"Snowed heavy last night," Her uncle said. Jan looked where he was standing looking out the window. He had a broad back and a muscular butt. She wasn't sure she could get used to seeing them naked, or, especially, her going naked. A shiver ran down her spine thinking about it. To her relief, they dressed after breakfast. Her uncle went out to tend to the live stock. That is when Jan discovered they lived on a farm. The day went well, Jan helped her aunt clean the attic. It wasn't much, a bed, dresser, and chest of drawers, but it would be all hers. It was cramped with angled ceilings that followed the roof line. There was no stairway to the attic, just a ladder in the kitchen.

"What about school?" Jan asked.

"We have no schoolhouse around here, all the children are home schooled." It made some sense to Jan if they were living on a farm far from town.

After supper Jan helped her aunt do the dishes. "It's shower time," Uncle Jon announced. "We take a shower every night, so take your clothes off and get into the bathroom," Aunt Bess said. Jan did as she was told and got into the spacious stall and under the shower. Next thing she knew her aunt and uncle joined her. "We usually wash each other, but since it is your first time you can wash yourself," Uncle Jon told Jan. After the shower, and still naked, the three of them went into the living room. Jan was again uncomfortable being nude, but had no idea what to do about it. She sat between her aunt and uncle on the couch watching the TV over the mantle. Her uncle put his hand on her thigh and she froze. "Relax, I don't bite," He said. "That is not quite true," Bess said, and the aunt and uncle started laughing. Jan didn't get the joke. At bed time Jan asked if they had seen her pajamas. She could not find them. "I threw them out. We don't wear anything to bed here," her aunt said. The next morning when she came down into the kitchen dressed, her aunt said, "From now on you don't get dressed until after breakfast." Both her aunt and uncle were naked.

Mid-morning Jan went outside to look around. It was a farm with a big barn, a chicken coop, a garage, a shed, and fields that looked like they went on forever. In the distance were snow covered mountains that circled the whole valley. Later that day Jan and her aunt sat at the kitchen table while Jon was in the barn. "You are thirteen, if I remember right."

"Yes, Auntie."

"Your uncle says you have a very nice shape for your age. He likes your small, high, breasts and how your butt curves out in back." The blush rose quickly in Jan's face. "Now don't be going all shy on me. He was complimenting you." Jan could not get over how her uncle talked about her body like that. "Have you had your period yet?" Bess asked.

"Yes," Jan answered.

"Good. You must shave your pubic hair."

"I shave under my arms."

"Your crotch too."

"My crotch?"

"Yes, my dear, it is a local custom. All the women around here do. We will do it tonight in the shower. Today I will sew you up some mini dresses; girls don't wear pants in the commune, nor, for that matter, do they wear panties." Jan worked in a daze that day thinking about what Auntie told her.

Her aunt shaved her that night while her uncle watched, and Jan squeezed her eyes tight to keep the tears from flowing. After they were out of the shower and dried, Jon said, "You look much better without the hair hiding your womanhood. You have a very pretty pussy, and should show it off." Jan squeezed out a, "Thank you," in a squeaky voice. She did not understand these people and their strange ways. She wished that her mom and dad were still alive, and they were still one big, happy family. The next night Uncle Jon shaved and washed Jan, paying particular attention to her breasts, buttocks, and both the inside and outside her sex. When he was finished he had an erection. Aunt Bess dropped to her knees and took Jon's cock into her mouth. Jan stood and watched how Bess gave Jon a blow job and what delight showed on Jon's face. It became a ritual between the three of them every night in the shower.

Her aunt and uncle went to church on Sunday. She went to Sunday school in the church basement. It was nothing like the Sunday school she attended when she lived with her parents. From what she could tell it was a mishmash of Christian, Hindu, and Buddhism, along with some other minor beliefs she never heard of. Woman was created to be the helpmate to men. That, Jan knew, came from the Bible. A sexual orgasm was god's gift to mankind. Jan never heard that before.

After a couple of weeks Jan was starting to get used to walking around naked. Once she got over the initial trauma it wasn't so bad. One evening after their shower her aunt and uncle put on their street clothes. Jan asked, "Why are you dressed?"

Bess answered, "I am going to visit a friend over night. Your Uncle Jon will be right back." Jan sat and watched TV like they do every night. About forty-five minutes later Jon came back accompanied by a girl older than Jan. Jon introduce the girl as Cheryl. They disappeared into the bedroom, and when they came back out Jan was startled to see that they were both naked. Cheryl was shorter, but bustier than Jan. Just like her aunt the girl wore rings through her nipples, and another larger one pierced her pubic mound. Instead of sitting between her aunt and uncle to watch TV, Jan sat on the end with her uncle in the middle and Cheryl at the other end. They were watching a murder mystery. When the commercial came on Jan turned to her uncle to make a comment about the plot. She never got it out of her mouth. She was startled to see Cheryl was stroking Uncle Jon's erection. Jan kept taking sly glances out of the corner of her eye as the evening progressed.

Sound carried in that small house and that night Jan could hear the sounds from the downstairs bedroom. First was indecipherable mumbling, moans, and groans, but then Jan heard Cheryl say, "Eat me." There was maybe thirty seconds of silence before the girl said, "That's it. Yes, yes. Lick higher. Yes, there, lick the clit, lick the clit." That was followed by the girl screaming. It wasn't long after that when Jan heard the familiar rhythmic sound of the bed springs creaking. She was pretty sure she knew what was going on then.

Over breakfast, Jon explained to Cheryl how Jan came to live with them. "So, Jan is going to be here permanently?" Cheryl asked.

"Yes, this is her new home," Jon answered.

"Is Jan going to be initiated then?" Cheryl asked.

"Yes, of course, when the time comes."

Jon left with Cheryl and came home with Bess. Jan wondered if her aunt knew that Jon had cheated on her, and wondered if it was the right thing to do for her to tell Bess. That put her in a quandary. She decided to hold her tongue.

Jan was interested in what the initiation was all about, and asked her aunt. "This is the remnants of a free love commune that was started fifty years ago in San Francisco. We are completely cut off from outside society. That is the way we want it. Everyone works for the good of the commune. That will include you when the time comes. Children enjoy all the pleasures of being children until the age of sixteen for boys and fourteen for girls. At that point they become adults. We have a ritualistic passage for the transition. That is called the initiation. Around your fourteenth birthday you will be initiated by our Spiritual Leader, Mr. Domino. But before then you need to be taught your place in our society; you have a lot to learn. Today your uncle will move your bed into our bedroom. In the commune the family sleeps in one room together. You will watch your aunt and uncle make love so you know what to do when it is your turn."

She sat with her back to the headboard. Her aunt and uncle were directly across from her. There was a low watt light bulb in the lamp on the night stand next to their bed. It provided just enough light for Jan to see what they were doing. First her aunt laid on the bed face down. Her uncle swatted her aunt's butt hard twice before climbing in bed. They never showed that in the movies or on TV. In fact a lot of what her aunt and uncle did for the next half hour was never shown in the movies, even in films rated NC17. Jan could tell when her aunt hit a climax. Her aunt wasn't as loud as the girl, but just by her aunt's body posture, and muffled cries Jan knew something extraordinary happened.

The next morning after Jon left to attend to the cattle, Jan asked her aunt, "Why did Uncle Jon spank you? Did you do something wrong?"

Bess laughed. "That wasn't a spanking it was love taps. You heard the phrase, one man's meat is another man's poison, well that was a good example. He smacks me to remind me that he is the lord and master and I am the servant. All the men do it to their wives."

Later in the day her aunt showed Jan how to tend the chickens, to feed them, clean the coop, collect the eggs and put them in the carton for pick-up later. Uncle Jon showed her how to milk the cows and put it in milk cans. Those became her job on the farm from then on, along with helping with the housework. Bess sewed up three more mini skirts for Jan. They were all full cut, and two had straps that went over the shoulders. Bess took away all of Jan's slacks, dresses, and underwear. Jan missed wearing panties.

The next night Jan watched her uncle have sex with a different woman, one that was delivered to the farm and Aunt Bess taken away. When Bess returned the next day Jan asked out of curiosity, "Where did you go last night?"

"I spent the night having sex with Mr. Topper, down the road."

"Did Uncle Jon know this?"

"Of course, he arranged it." Jan shook her head not understanding. "I told you, we believe in free love. That is a misnomer. We believe that sex is different than love. I deeply love Jon, but that doesn't mean I can't have sex with other men. Jon loves me, and he is free to have sex with other women. It goes on all the time. The men decides on the trade, and us women go along with whatever they arrange. After you are considered an adult your Uncle Jon will arrange trysts for you. It is all natural, and fun. Why do you think it is so important for you to watch us at night and learn sexual techniques? It is so you can enjoy sex to the fullest when the time comes."

One morning Jan awoke to find her period started. For three days she wore tampons held in with a cloth belt around her waist and through her crotch. That week she started taking birth control pills.

As the weeks passed Jan got used to being naked in the morning and at night, wearing short skirts and no panties during the day. She learned a lot about sex watching her aunt and uncle. She was kept so busy on the farm that she had little time to miss her previous life. When she did think about it she found it too sad, and immediately found something to do to make herself forget. When men came to pick up Bess it was always in the evening and Jan was naked. She was introduced to the men and then had to stand up and slowly turn around for their inspection. At first she was shy in front of them, but they always complimented her telling her how pretty she was, and soon enough she was more than willing to show herself off.

Jan did have one problem. When she watched her aunt and uncle she got aroused, which led to frustration. She told her aunt her problem. "So, masturbate."


"Don't tell me you don't know how to masturbate."

"I don't." Bess had Jan take off her clothes and spread her legs. First Bess named all the parts of Jan's inner sex. Jan remembered her Sunday school teacher telling the class that the clit was a woman's button to sexual enjoyment. Bess showed Jan how to play with herself, massaging her breast with one hand while playing in her sex with the other. "Now this is important, do not touch your clit until you are highly aroused, because once you play with it, it is going to lead to a climax." Jan masturbated every night she watched her aunt and uncle have sex. She tried to time it so she climaxed the same time her aunt did. Practice made perfect.

Jan's uncle said, "There is an initiation this Sunday. It will be good for you to see one so you are not surprised when it is your turn." Sunday afternoon Jon, Bess and Jan drove the five miles to town in the Pacer. Jon found a parking place and they walked a block to the park in the town center. It was a big grassy commons with swings and slides off to the side where the kids played. They walked around and talked to friends that Jon and Bess knew. Jan was introduced with a brief explanation of how she ended up living in the commune. To Jan's astonishment one of the men lifted the front of her skirt high enough to see her crotch, and then told her she had a pretty pussy. Jan blushed a bright red. Her aunt told her the men were allowed to look, but not touch. It happened again a few minutes later. In the center of the park was area cordoned off with ropes. Inside the roped off area were two pillows about two feet apart. Everyone was drifting toward it. Jon, Bess, and Jan got standing room behind several rows of seats.

Parents with their daughter between them went into the cordoned off area. The girl, about the same age as Jan, was naked and looked dazed with a far away look in her eyes. At her father's instructions the girl sat on the pillow and then laid back and put her head on the other pillow. Her parents pulled apart and tied the girls ankles to stakes already in the ground. They did the same to her wrists, tying them to stakes at her sides. The parents left the ring and a naked man entered to a smattering of cheers from the audience. Bess leaned over toward Jan's ear and whispered, "He is our Spiritual Leader, Mr. Domino, who preached to the congregation." Seeing him naked for the first time she noticed he was very well built, with an engorged penis larger than her uncles, and Jan thought her uncle's was large. Mr. Domino straddled the girl with the tip of his cock touching her lips. She did more than just take it into her mouth. She ran her head up and down letting the cock go back and forth into her mouth. She did not stop until he withdrew. He took a sponge ball and pushed it into her mouth which she did not resist. He slid down her body until he was laying on top of her. He lined up his cock with her vagina and rammed it home. Her cry was muffled by the sponge. He rode her until he climaxed. He got off her, stood and declared. "By the power vested in me by the people of our fair commune, I declare this girl is now a woman and entitled to all her adult rights." He left to a round of applause. From Jan's vantage point she could see blood and semen dribbling out of the girls wide open pussy. The girl still looked dazed, but had a big smile on her face. A nurse in white went up to the girl. She pierced and installed gold rings into the girls nipples. The crowd started drifting away. "What about the poor girl?" Jan asked.

"Woman, she is now a woman," Bess corrected Jan. "She will lay there until she recuperates. The nurse will stay with her and release her from her bonds when the time comes."

"How come she only got rings in her nipples? Almost all the women I see also have a ring piercing their pubic mound."

"You get a ring in the mound when you get married," her aunt answered.

There was food laid out at the pavilion. Jan and her family got hot dogs and chips. She was introduced to more members of the community. Two more men raised Jan's skirt. Both told her she had a very pretty pussy. She turned pink faced, but thanked them for the compliment. She wondered if she really did have a pretty pussy, or if all the girls got the same compliment.

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