Sunday Surprise

by Phoenixwriter

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Mystery, Cheating, Big Breasts, Public Sex, .

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Had it all been a dream or was it real? A man on a walk gets the surprise of his life.

It was 20 years ago that it happened. It was like a dream or a male version of that old movie "Starman". When I was about 30 years old something or "Someone" strange happened to me. I could only find time in my busy job to run or walk for an hour a week. I had recently bought myself a pick-up truck as a treat. I decided to go looking for a quiet place to walk or run in and I remembered a place called 'Heber Downs Conservation Area' where I had taken, my now wife, Joan on a few picnics and dates. It was perfect and had not changed in years.

I went for a cautious walk to reacquaint myself with the land. It was the perfect challenge and at 7 am there was nobody around for miles. The conservation area is a meadow with a towering ridge behind it which is part of the green belt surrounding the most populated area of Canada. This little ridge was part of the Oak Ridges Moraine stretching east and west for 300 hundred kilometers north of Toronto from Caledon due south of Georgian Bay to north of Brighton and south of Rice Lake. It is one of the largest green belts in North America. It was once surrounded by farmland on all sides when I was in my late teens. Now, the nearby cities were encroaching quickly forcing the local wildlife such as white tailed deer into a smaller and smaller area.

In late spring, like now, there was a crisp chill to the air and the fiddle heads were just starting to push through the soil. This early in the morning the whole area seemed to sparkle with some ancient faerie magic. I was lost in that wonderful fantasy as I got to my truck when, out of the bush pops this busty angel or ethereal goddess. She had a long white dress, shining sparkling blue eyes and waist length golden blonde hair. She was barefoot and dancing around the field in front of the parking lot I stood in. As she got closer I got a good look at her. Her large breasts capped with tiny protruding pink nipples, bouncing as she danced to music only she could hear. I could now clearly see a patch of golden pubic hair showing through the dress.

She came up to me, pressed me up against my truck, and passionately kissed me. She pressed those beautiful breasts into my chest and I got hard. She stopped kissing me long enough to step back and reach for my dick through my pants stroking it a few times. She said aloud to nobody in particular, "Good, not gay." I was about to say something, but she pressed a finger against my lips. She said to me, "Shhhh! You will break the spell." Then she was dancing across the field and suddenly stopped, reached down and put on a pair of running shoes, panties and a bra. Apparently she had left them at the edge of the field, and then she was bounding through the forest following a deer path.

That's when I saw him come bounding out of the forest; a handsome young buck. A few others started to come out of the forest to start grazing on the grass at the edge of the field. Was that young twenty something woman a dream of a tired man who had yet to have his morning coffee? Could she truly be real? Her breasts pressed against my chest felt real. Her lips as she kissed me felt real. In the early morning light people see things and sometimes strange things. Was I simply caught up in my own fantasy of Heber Downs being a faerie world apart from the busy city life surrounding it?

I'll never see her again anyway. Nobody will EVER believe me; certainly not my wife of 3 years. She will say it was my mind daydreaming and desiring to have an affair. Beautiful young women just simply DO NOT DO THINGS LIKE THAT! That woman and the deer convinced me that Heber Downs would be the perfect place for my Sunday morning walks whenever the weather was good. I drove off to my next Sunday morning spot, my local Tim Hortons coffee shop (Timmies) for a coffee, donut and breakfast sandwich. I was sure the breakfast sandwich and coffee would undo the good of the walks, but they tasted soooo good going down. Then it was off home to live my ordinary, mundane boring life for another week. Make love to my wife a few times, have supper, do chores, pay the mortgage, get up every day to work as a low level manager of a nearby factory and all the ordinary things of life. Mind numbingly dull!

Sunday rolled around, and I hopped in my truck and drove from my home in Oshawa to Heber Downs, just north of Whitby, Ontario. I did my walk at the exact same time as last week and had forgotten all about that woman that I was convinced had to have been a daydream. I looked around and she was nowhere to be found. I bowed my head and sighed. Thinking to myself, "Just a pleasant dream after all," I lifted my head and I saw her dancing across the field barefoot and clearly naked under her white dress. As she spun across the field her golden bush was clearly visible and I became instantly hard. Her game was on.

Like last week she pressed her nearly naked body against me, kissed me passionately, rubbed her breasts against my chest through our clothes, and again ground her crotch against my hard dick. She stopped kissing me and I started to ask who she was and once again placed a finger against my lips and once again said, "Don't break the spell." She stepped back, pulled her dress over her head, and proceeded to undress me. I didn't know where this was going, but I had a delightful idea what was going to happen next. She told me to wait and she bounded across the field like a little girl giggling with delight. She grabbed a picnic blanket from her pile of clothes at the edge of the field and brought it near where I was standing naked sporting a raging hard on as I watched those beautiful 38 DD breasts bouncing and swaying back and forth as she ran towards me.

She placed the blanket on the ground near my truck. As my mind started to think of the moral implications of what was about to happen, she grabbed my hard dick after giving it a couple of gentle strokes and guided me by my dick to lay on the blanket face up. I was hoping she would mount me and have sex, but that was not to be. She got on top of me in a 69 position, ordered me to eat her and soon as I started to lick her she began sucking my dick with gusto.

The feel of those large young beasts pressed against my stomach and the wonderful blowjob she was giving me had me cumming in a few minutes. When I was done sending my load down her throat I redoubled my efforts at licking her to orgasm. I delighted in her taste and fragrance trying to give her the same pleasure as she had just given me. Then her first orgasm rippled through her body and she clamped her thighs tightly around my head. I cupped those big beautiful ass cheeks in my hands and kept going; licking and probing her pussy with my fingers. She came again, pushing back at my mouth as I buried my tongue deeper and deeper in her pussy. Feeling kinda wicked and since this was obviously a dream, I took my mouth away from her, stuck a couple of my fingers in my mouth, and continued eating her out. Then I stuck those wetted fingers into her ass, she pushed back hard against my mouth, nearly breaking my nose and howled her pleasure to the morning air; her whole body shaking. Then she collapsed on me. She caught her breath, got up, pulled me to my feet, rolled up the blanket, and grabbed her dress. She ran to the rest of her clothes, got dressed and left once again just like last week.

I caught my breath, got dressed and instead of sitting in Timmies I went through the drive thru on the way home. I hopped in the shower to wash this woman off of my face before my wife woke up. The wonderful smell of the strange ethereal woman clung to my face and fingers as I entered the shower and her lingering scent had me almost completely convinced she was real. I still had some doubts since I have had some livid dreams before. I drank my coffee and ate my sandwich at the dining room table wrapped in my towel. I came back to bed and the wife was feeling a little frisky; riding us each to a couple orgasms. We never bothered with protection since a year ago she found out she was sterile after repeated tries to get pregnant. That is when I started to go for my Sunday coffee and breakfasts at Timmies to think about my life, and what I wanted from it. My walks in Heber Downs were simply an extension of that. I needed to think if I loved my wife enough to give up on my dream of having kids and a real family. True love won the battle. I still mourned for the life I had abandoned for true love.

The week proceeded much like any other week, but I kept thinking that the young woman must be real or some goddess of fertility. Whoever or whatever she was, she ratcheted up my passion and I made love to my wife every day until Friday when we both were completely worn out. Sunday rolled around and I did my walk as usual. That blonde goddess was nowhere to be seen. I was ready to give up, turned to get into the truck when I felt a large pair of soft breasts collide into my back. Hands wrapped around my eyes and she said, "Surprise!" She swiftly moved her hands down to my pants, undid my pants and yanked them down, turned me to face her, grabbed my dick and balls and began to stroke me to hardness. Once hard she pushed my head down to her already wet pussy and said, "Lick me until I come." I did as I was told and had plenty of practice on the wife this week and I seemed to be getting better. This mysterious lady seemed to enjoy my efforts to bring her as much pleasure as I could.

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