White Warrior

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, First, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Being all white was an honor but if you had any other mark it was a curse. Being mostly white only meant my clan would never let me be what all Kaire were, hunters and warriors. I fought for everything and still what I won was given to another. That was when I turned my back on clan and left and that was when my life change. When I was taken prisoner I would have to fight to free us and take our ship back.

I was not normal, that is what everyone kept telling me since the day I was born. I was white with a red star on my chest. It would have been better if I had been any other color. Since I was old enough to walk I have been told I would never be a hunter or a warrior. My clan was a mountain clan and from the time I could walk I began training to prove them wrong.

I did not only learn the Art but several of the human martial fighting arts. I was running and climbing all the time and learned how to stalk. I learned to shoot a rifle or pistol or use a knife. I used an AI and spent hours in sims learning tactics. Slowly time past and I grew strong and faster and was an extremely good shot.

What I did not do was change my color. I was still treated as a freak that could not hunt or fight. I had turned sixteen and even my clan had not found a match for me. I did not mind since I intended to win the Hunt and win a mate and prove myself. My clan would pay for the hunter that brought back the largest Kratcal.

I striped out of the long tan kilt and the light tan shirt. I wore a thick belt with a long knife sheath on my left thigh and a short double edge dagger on my right. When I joined the line of males they went silent and everyone looked at me. I ignored them as I looked towards the forest and waited for the signal to hunt.

I had searched using sats and found a Kratcal that was very large. Of course it was not close and there were others between here and where I had seen it. I finally looked at the clan leader and he growled before gesturing, "so be it."

Finally the signal was given and we began to run, I was quick to take the lead. We hit the forest and many slowed but not me. I had run the forest many times and flowed over bushes or obstacles. Time slipped away as the world around me became the forest. I slowed a few times as I looked at the area I was in.

I drank water from a stream at mid day and then continued. I knew I passed at least two Kratcal but since I did not slow they would have to track me. I was deep in the mountains when I reached the area I wanted. I slowed and began my hunt, I stayed in the brush and thick bushes. It was late afternoon when I found the signs.

I glanced up at the silent drone following me before I started to stalk. Finally I saw the Kratcal and it was huge. I was behind a tree and bush but watched as it shifted and then stood on its rear legs. My heart was pounding as I slipped around the tree and my right hand pulled the dagger.

I was only a couple of paces away when it turned and saw me. It roared as I slipped closer and crouched. My left hand swept up debris and the Kratcal swiped with both left paws. I leaped and my left hand snaked behind and up to the upper shoulder to grab and pull. My body swung as the beast spun and my right hand struck.

The dagger went through the spine at the base of the head and it just collapsed. I left the dagger as we fell and rolled to my feet as I pulled the long knife. The Kratcal was thrashing and spasming but it was dead or close to it. I squatted and waited until it became still and then signaled to the drone and it used a grav to lift and weigh it.

When it was done I skinned it and removed the claws before I started the long walk home. I carried the heavy pelt on my shoulders and it was the next morning before I returned to the clan starting point. Most of the others were back as I set the pelt down and looked at the weight listed beside my name.

The clan leader growled, "Adjar will go to the Hunt."

I stiffened, "my Kratcal was fifty kilos more than his and twenty more than the record. It is my right to go."

He ignored the others as my father hissed a warning to me, "you are not a warrior."

I growled as I moved towards the clan leader and the long knife came out and up to his throat, "you are a coward and thief!"

He shifted and I moved with him and then shoved him, "the clan does not stand at my back so now I will never stand at theirs. You are lost to me and your name forgotten like thieves. Call not my name in the clan rolls."

I spun and stalked to the pelt and yanked it up before walking away. My mother ran to catch me as all the clan present began to talk. I glanced at her, "leave. I do not need you. I will go to the Emperor and demand my place and right to start a new clan."

She gasped, "Star go back and..."

I hissed, "they are dead to me."

Those words sometimes return to haunt the ones that speak them in anger. I chose a human word for my clan name before I even reached home and packed. I used a machine to clean the pelt and claws and then headed to the starport. I used the imperial sanction law to buy passage on a freighter going to Kair.

There were fifty crew and ten passengers. The captain was a stunning young kaire female named Ash Sa No Urr Petti. She was yellow with black spots. One of the passengers was a female scholar that was a couple of years past mating named Mew Saj No Den Quillin. She was blueish silver with yellow spots. Both had refused or ignored males that tried to mate with them.

I was alone and without clan and no one spoke to or with me. Well almost no one, the girl Mew would sometimes speak to me and the captain whenever she saw me. The freighter was slow and old and took two days to skip out of the system. The jumps towards Kair were not as long as other newer ships.

A week out of the system and between jumps a huge ship appeared. Alarms went off and the ship speakers gave us warning that the ship was a Slith hunt ship. I was grabbing my weapons when the freighter shuddered as huge grav tractors locked on and then the world went dark. I woke to pain and opened my eyes.

I was naked and in a crude cage and slowly let my eyes search while I listened. I was on a small shuttle and heading into atmosphere as humans spoke of a hunt. I turned my head to see two other cages. One with the captain who looked pissed and the other with Mew who looked frightened.

I carefully looked around as one of the humans walked to the cages and shook mine, "your pelt will look real good in my study."

The others laughed but I came off the floor in a lunge and grabbed the man. I yanked him into the bars as the other men yelled. One hand slashed claws across his throat as the other slipped a small knife out of his belt and palmed it. He was yanked away as blood gushed out of his throat and I growled, "I can hunt to human."

They shoved stun sticks through the bars but I avoided them. One yelled and the men backed away and went to the man that was dying. I squatted and glanced around as they tried to save him and stood to step back to the bars. My hand snapped the knife blade open and I brought it up between the cage door and frame.

The landing chime sounded as I sawed and wiggled the blade and worked the locking bolt into the doorlock. I felt the door move and looked at the men before I shoved and then leaped and roared. I hit one and stabbed into his gut with the knife before ripping it up. I lashed out with claws from my other hand.

They ripped the face off another man as I tossed the first aside and leaped for the next. One lifted a pistol as I crashed into the man and I spun with him and brought the knife up and threw. It struck the one with the pistol in the eye and he screamed and fell. I ripped through the pants of the man I had landed on and he screamed as I ripped off more than the pants.

I yanked his pistol out and spun and pushed him into the others. I brought the pistol up and shot a man in the chest and another in the face. I spun and ran for the bridge and leaped and caught the ladder. I rolled up and onto the walk and brought the pistol up as the hatch opened and I fired.

It was the engineer and he went back and down as I rushed the hatch and fired at the human that turned. I killed another that was still in the seat and trying to use the comm. I quickly searched them and took two pistols before I started back to the shuttle hold. I killed the men I had only wounded and found the keys for the cages.

I let the captain out and then Mew and headed for the bridge, "we are on the ground somewhere."

The somewhere was on the edge of a plain with tall trees and few bushes. There were signs of a camp but no one was there. The captain hissed and I looked at her as she touched one of the displays, "this says ... it has been a month since we were taken."

I looked at her and then at Mew, "I doubt if this planet is occupied."

She shook her head and I turned as my mind spun and I had the idea, "we need to take the shuttle up and retake the ship or take theirs."

She frowned as Mew hissed, "not me! I am not going back."

I moved towards her as she looked around and could smell her fear and something else. I suddenly realized it was musk and I growled as my left hand snapped out. I caught the back of her neck and squeezed and she froze. I moved against her and sniffed and set the pistol on a console.

I slipped my right hand between her legs while still holding her, "Mew Saj No Den Quillin I see you."

She whimpered as I gently began to rub through her wet pussy. She humped and her eyes went wide. I slipped a finger into her while still rubbing and she shivered and wiggled. I heard the captain chuckle as I continued to finger Mew and slid one up and into her deeper. She began to pant and shake and jerk and I finally pulled her down.

I let her neck go as I buried my finger in her and she arched her back, "ooohhhh!"

I moved between her legs and over her like a human would and pressed against her, "I claim you."

I thrust and shoved and my cock emerged and entered her. She clutched me as her pussy was stretched, "aaahhhh!"

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