A Life Changing Event

by DG Hear

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A short story of my life and marriage.

I'm Henry Grayson, just a regular old guy. I'm fifty-six and I want to tell you my story. I'm not famous or did anything fantastic; not a martial arts specialist or anything like that. In fact I was never in the military. My life totally changed five years ago when I got a ticket fore a DWI (driving while intoxicated).

I wrapped my late model pickup around a tree. It was a day that changed my life forever. Before I tell you about the accident I would like to tell you a little about my life and what lead up to me driving drunk.

I've been a truck driver for over thirty years. I went to high school and upon graduation I knew I wasn't college material. My dad was a truck driver and I wanted to be just like him. Since I wasn't old enough to drive a big rig my dad got me hired as a yard man at the trucking company depot.

I loaded and unloaded trucks and even learned a lot about repairing trucks. I've been around them all my life. I attended a truck driving school after I turned twenty-one. It was a year later that I finally got hired on as a driver. My dad told me he was proud of me and that makes a guy feel pretty good.

Mom was a homebody and volunteered a lot. I have a sister, Jen who is two years older than me and she worked at the local supermarket and got married when she turned twenty.

Life for me was good and I dated a lot of the local girls. I went to a party with some of my friends who attended college about forty miles away. It was where I met my future wife Mary. I called her Mare and she never seemed to mind.

Mare came from a more uptown community but for some reason thought she would hang with us less intellectual people. Maybe it made her feel smarter or something, I don't really know. She had a year to go to get a teaching degree when we began dating; I would go up to the college every chance I could just to be with her. We were having sex pretty regular and she got pregnant.

When she told her parents they were really pissed. The hadn't even met me and when they found out I drove truck for a living they were even more pissed. Mare told them she loved me and we were going to get married no matter what they said. I hadn't asked her yet but I loved her and had no problem asking her to become my wife and the mother of my children.

We got married before she began showing and her parents paid for the wedding. My parents gave us a thousand dollars to help us get started. They liked Mare a lot but not so much her parents who often interfered with our marriage. They just didn't think I was good enough for their only daughter.

When Mare graduated with her teaching degree she decided she wanted to be a stay at home mom. Her parents told her that they helped pay for her education and would hate to see it go to waste. Mary decided to appease her mother by becoming a substitute teacher and worked up to three days a week. My mom watched our son Robbie whenever Mare worked.

I was an over the road long hauler and would be gone four or five days at a time. I would then get at least three days off before I hit the road again. Being a long hauler paid a lot more than local driving but I would have much rather been home with my family.

Whenever I was home Mare and I spent a lot of time making love. Whenever her parents would take Robbie for the day, Mare and I had sex all day. We were young and fucked like bunnies. Her parents got pissed when Mare got pregnant again. Nine months later Boyd arrived.

Her mother told her that if I wasn't man enough to use condoms than she should take birth control pills. It kind of pissed me off that her mom didn't consider me a man because I didn't wear condoms. We were married for Christ sakes. Mary made an appointment to go to the doctor the following month after Boyd was born.

The doctor said she had an allergy to birth control pills and shouldn't take them. She talked to her about possibly getting fitted for a diaphragm. She said she wanted to talk to me first. We decided I could use condoms for awhile and see how it worked out. When I got home the following week we had sex a couple of time a day. I did wear the condoms but one time the stupid thing came off.

I had stayed in Mare after we both came and when I went to pull out my cock was soft and the condom came off. I was half finger fucking Mare trying to get the condom out of her. We were both laughing and Mare was getting hot at the same time. I finally got hold of it and pulled it out; my cum had pretty much leaked out of it.

I threw it in the trash and put on a new one and we went at it again. Mare and I decided after our little mishap that she would get fitted for a diaphragm and made an appointment to get fitted. When she went back to the doctor they told her it was too late, she was already pregnant again.

She came home and cried and said her parents would kill her. We waited till she began to show and she told her mother. Her mom blew her stack and of course blamed me. She said Mare should cut my dick off.

To make a long story short Mare had our child. It was a girl and we named her Amber. She was such a cute baby that Mary's mother actually smiled when she saw her. As for me, her mom rarely talked to me unless it was to degrade me.

Mare and I had a long talk and I told her I would have a vasectomy. We had three beautiful kids and that was more than enough. When she told her mother her mother said I should have had one before our first baby was born. Damn, that woman hated me. I remember her saying that Mare was too refined and too good for me.

My mom was over most every day when Mare needed help with the kids. I knew I had to do something and put in for a daily route where I would be home every evening. Eventually I was able to get a daily route but had to take a pretty good pay cut. At least I would be home in the evening and help take care of my kids. I loved my kids and they loved me. I would play with them and let them crawl all over me.

Since I backed down to the daily deliveries money was a little tight. Once the two boys were in school Mare decided to become a full time teacher. As she explained, she would be off the same days as our kids and my mom loved taking care of Amber.

After Mare went back to teaching full times things began to change. I realize after you've been married a number of years and have three kids that sex isn't the number one thought in a person's mind but we weren't even doing it once a week.

When I mentioned it to Mare she said we went through our sex everyday stage and it wasn't as important to her as it was to me. She had a family and a job and I should understand it. I knew she had been talking to her mother.

I did understand but some of the loving wasn't there during our love making. I don't believe she was cheating on me or anything like that, it's just that I rated our sex life at a possible seven and Mare said it was about four for her. Eventually I lost some of the interest also because it was so one sided and I wasn't going to plead with her whenever I got a little horny.

I spent more time doing things with my kids. Sometimes Mare took part, other times she didn't. When I went to the kids' ball games and school doings, Mare would go with her mother to plays, movies and what not. She told me she missed doing the more intellectual things.

I took the kids to the big amusement parks every year. Mare went about every other year. She said she didn't like roller coasters or things that went round and round; they upset her stomach. She wouldn't even go on the water rides because she didn't want to get wet, but the kids and I loved it. We would let the sun dry us off.

Our life over the years became somewhat mundane. The kids and I did things together and Mare had her life of plays and operas and went to intellectual parties with her parents. Thinking back she never invited me to go with her, probably because she usually went with her mother or maybe she was just embarrassed to let people know she was married to a truck driver.

Don't get me wrong here, Mare loves our kids and was always there to help them with their school work and made sure they had breakfast and a good dinner every evening. It was more like we were going through the routines of life that didn't include a lot of love between Mare and I.

She would often go see her parents and take the kids with her. They liked going there because my in-laws had a pool and the kids loved it. The only time I visited them was during holidays or if there was a party. I honestly believe that my wife felt she sowed her oats with me and had the kids. Now it was out of her system and she wanted some of her old life back.

There were times when she would go out with her friends. It was other teachers or her old neighborhood friends. She might have to much to drink and when she would come home she would be horny and want sex.

I would never deny her because I was happy to oblige. During these times she would often be her old self and the sex was good. She would even let me go down on her which we didn't do very often. I remember telling her she should go out with her friends more often.

She never really cared for my friends. I don't know if she had something against truckers or just thought she was above them. When my friends and their wives threw a party we were often invited. Mare never wanted to go. If it was a family party I would take the kids.

We just seemed to drift apart as far as doing things together. One thing for sure is that we were opposites and that was probably our initial attraction. Then she became pregnant and we were struck with real life. I enjoyed the whole family thing and doing things with the kids. I just wish Mare would have done more with me.

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