Teasing Tom Again

by LiteroCat

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, InLaws, Swinging, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Double Penetration, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: In this SEQUEL, Tom returns with his wife to their exhibitionist neighbors. They strip her and themselves and introduce her to Sue's thrills. A surprise woman walks in on them, all naked and enjoying their bodies.

[This sequel spans: exhibitionist, erotic couple, anal and perhaps mature and ... surprise... ]


"I'll jerk you off again, I see you're ready, but no more than that today." His dick softened, then rose up again, a cock renewed. We talked about our exploits and his wife's for the next hour, naked. We learned enough about Valerie and her preferences to anticipate that tomorrow would be even MORE fun!

The next day, Tom rang us and reminded us that we were invited to use his in-ground pool with his wife instead of our lowly fifteen by four-foot blow up pool. I'm busy so I'll let him continue this story. Tom? "Umm, yes, wouldn't want to interfere with your mmm intense internal inspection there. When you refused our invite, I thought you all had re-thunk yesterday's fun, naked chat. Instead, you insisted we come to you so Sue wouldn't feel obliged to dress' up for the short walk and possibly spoil the mood. As IF!

"Let's step back two hours. When I found our insurance clearance letter and confirmed that it said we were in good health, no STD or HIV, I let out a WHOOP! that caught Val's attention. I excitedly shouted that we were going to see you for a few hours and to dress sexily - pale, braless crop top and tiny orange gym shorts. No need for panties or a swimsuit, but I wanted to show off her long, toned, sexy legs. Since her shorts were slightly waist stretched, though the seat seemed tailored around her curvy, perfect ass, she insisted on wearing sheer, lacy boy-shorts instead of her ass cheek-framing thong. I wasn't about to argue.

"I'd asked Sue to wear the same sexy outfit as yesterday so my wife could see why I caved in to her scantily covered, tantalizing body. Yes, I told her everything we did. Well, nearly everything and, well, without those pesky details. I told her enough to tempt her and appeal to her adventurous side. You see, Val always starts new encounters as a shy yet a coy lady. It takes about four conversations to convince her it's appropriate to open up about her and our adventures, ' THEN she completely opens up!

"When we came through your gate, Sue's unzipped, tiny shorts opened to below her hair line, counted as THREE conversations. That sweat soaked crop top with a semicircle of aureola peeking out under it, further dropped Val's jaw. That's why she froze, speechless, when we rounded your house and saw Sue sprawled on the lounger with her knees up and apart. I had to haltingly pull her closer to you both. I don't think she even saw you, Al, for several minutes since she couldn't stop staring at and appraising your beautiful wife.

"'Honey, HONEY! This is Sue and Al', I said. 'Close your pie hole and show them your sunshine outfit before you settle in. Al's been staring at your shapely ass since you froze.' No reaction! 'Twirl so Sue can see it and Al can get a peek at your great tits.' Yes, THAT was my attempt to break the ice and leap directly into Val's fourth chat before she said her first word. It seemed to work somewhat since she slowly, wordlessly turned her body without her eyes ever leaving Sue's playful, teasing twat. As she turned, Al and I noticed her camel toe was pushing plumply against her revealing shorts. Our cocks immediately tented our shorts.

"Sue noticed all our swellings and conveniently ignored her own. She commented flatteringly on Val's firm, high, crescent cheeks saying she wished she had such full, squeezable glutes. She asked her to come closer so she could check how firm they were. As Val approached, toes up, by half steps, her jerky advance caused her crop top to jostle and expose one tit, then the other, to Sue.

"'Wow! Great tits too. I can't guess their size yet, but they're at least twice the size of my tiny titties. See?'" She brashly lifted her soaked top to her chin and held it there for Val and Tom to assess.

"'I, uh, guess you were serious about seeing Sue naked yesterday. She seems very comfortable exposing herself to all of us. I'm not sure how ready I am to... '"

"But she was already too close and felt Sue's hand wrap onto her ass, squeezing and shaping her firm cheeks. Sue sat up straighter, letting her top catch and stay on her hard nipples, and pulled Val's top away from her chest. She whistled at the magnificent flesh below.

"'Wait til you boys, um, I guess I mean Al, get a load of these great tits! I am so freaking jealous. Not only are they pendulous, but they are still high and shapely like an ingenue and at LEAST twice my size. Her rosy nips are firming up too and show great promise. Why don't you show the boys your big, beautiful girls?'

"As she began to protest, Sue opened her knees and exposed a bare, shaved, hypnotizing labium. Val couldn't believe the temerity, or the plumped naked beauty exposed so freely to her. We hungry men had approached so we could see into Sue's cut-offs too. I slapped the insurance letter on Al's chest and yanked off my shirt before nearly bumping my wife with my long tent pole for a clear, over her shoulder view of her bountiful tits and Sue's wavering clit and full labia from above. Al pulled off his shirt too and adjusted his prick so it pitched farther out and moved against my wife's sweet ass. His balls dropped into view when he unzipped and released his cock. Val's unrestrained, barely covered, toothsome tits were subject to any breeze or Sue's will. It was hard to say who would be fully naked first since Sue had already shown us her tits, twat and clit while still dressed.'

"Al settled that question when he stepped out of his sorts and leaned his bare cock against Val's firm, rounded shorts. She MUST have felt his pole poke her, but didn't turn or acknowledge it. Before I could strip, Sue beckoned me around Val. As I dragged my cock along my wife's shapely ass, I noticed Sue's left hand was gently exploring Val's camel toe from her obviously swollen clit to her still hidden taint.

"My wife surrendered and stood frozen in a daze, breathing raggedly as Sue molested her. I stood next to Val, staring at Sue's gentle probing and was barely aware that she was working my gym shorts down. Finally breaking hypnotic contact with my wife's eyes when my shorts got stuck on my swollen cock, Sue reached into my trunks and adjusted my bare cock to point up instead of out. Val watched her intimate contact wordlessly even when my purple bishop appeared over my shorts and under the hot Cali sun.

"Val whispered I ... I see now how this could happen now. We haven't even greeted or met each oth ... her.' With my cock fondled in her right hand, Sue moved her left hand off the wet spot in Val's shorts and under her short top. She held Val's top up with her wrist to expose and fondle her right nipple. It immediately torqued, hardened and grew beautifully tall. It matched Sue's perfect nipples, but was thicker and taller.

"Watching Val's succulent nipple stiffened in Sue's fingers was too much temptation so Al knelt behind Val and gently pulled her gym shorts to her ankles as he did. He was surprised by her sexy, sheer boy shorts that made her legs and sweet ass look longer and even more shapely. I knew and loved that view. Now I get to share it with new friends. He slid his hands up her toned legs, into her lacy panties and cupped her bare ass as I watched. Val didn't move.

"Sue stared at the wet spot at the bottom, the wide strip of pubic hair and Val's clearly visible, swollen labia thru the diaphanous scrap as she continued to jerk my cock for Val's pleasure and mine. We both gasped when Sue released our bodies to the real world and stretched her arms straight up. I took the hint and lifted her top to her chin. As both tiny titties and perfect nipples fell out, she nodded at Val and told her to help me. Still entranced, she leaned to grasp Sue's top and partake in stripping our new friend.

"She cupped Val's mons and my balls, then, ensuring she had Val's attention, she brazenly licked my balls, up my shaft, around my helm and slowly captured my cock in her mouth. Val and I gasped and moaned in sync. Sue pushed a finger against the lacy panty, shallowly pushing it into Val's plumped raphe. I watched her rub the slightly coarse lace up and across Val's clit. This caused her to stop breathing and flush brightly as she approached orgasm on the fingers of a strange female. As Sue sucked me deeper into her hot, wet mouth, Al continued to fondle Val's bare ass. He shaped the shorts into a thong and coerced it deep into Val's smooth rear crack. We could see him kissing her plush cheeks and rubbing his nose into her deep crack.

"About the time he pulled the scented thong' out of her ass and worked her panties to the ground, Sue completely swallowed my cock. She smiled around it as she proved my aching stiffness was nearing her belly by putting my wife's hand in contact with her lips and my pubes before moving it to her throat and bobbing on my delirious cock. She felt my cock forcefully stretch Sue's throat from within. Sue allowed my bishop to rest on her teeth as she breathed to prepare for another deep throat voyage. Val's eyes bulged. She had never been able to swallow me like that.

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