Einstein II

by Smiley Smith

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BiSexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Incest, MaleDom, Spanking, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: In this episode the Hero's greater expands. This is a story set in ThinkingHorndog's The Swarm Cycle Universe. Please read The Einstein Extraction before reading this story

Ten days after I was extracted I was just getting home to my quarters after training, when the AI reported that Sylvia, Billy Jo, Karen, Susan, Sally, Mary Beth and Linda wanted to talk to me privately. We decided to meet in my study because there was plenty of room for eight people and the other sponsors wanted the concubines out of the conversation for some reason.

As the ladies arrived in the pod I could see that all except Sylvia looked like they had not slept well for a few days, possibly since the extraction.

I started the meeting off with, "Welcome to my humble abode, can I get you anything to drink?"

I knew I was in trouble when the ladies requested coffee or tea. As they began to relax a little while we were waiting for the drinks from the nearby replicator, I could see just how tired they were. They were all yawning and fidgeting. They were obviously beyond their comfort level on something.

My mother was not saying anything, just letting them work on getting their courage up. The coffee and tea came. We passed it around and the ladies started drinking it. The effect the coffee had in itself seemed amazing. I later found out that the AI was worried and had added a tasteless stimulant and something to reduce their fear to the drinks.

The AI knew the ladies were going through some pretty serious problems and needed my help. It also knew just how scared the ladies were. I did not need the AI's nanites to tell me that there was a big problem at least in the minds of the ladies. They oozed fear at a level that I could almost smell.

Sally finally started, "Bruce, we have a problem and we would like to discuss it with you. We would like to hear your advice on the matter.

"The problem is pretty much the same for all of us. Our lives and our concubines are out of control and getting worse no matter what we try. The basic reason, we believe, is because we have no male in our harem. Some of us foolishly thought that our sexual needs and those of our concubines would be met by other sponsors. Others of us have lost our male concubines and are not having any luck replacing them.

"Apparently most male sponsors have their hands full right now and are not interested in adding to their problems. We have all tried to find sponsors we trust to solve our sex issues but we are not having any luck."

Sally stopped, unsure of herself, and Karen took over, "Billy Jo, Linda and I have also tried to replace our male concubine with a new concubine from the pool but the candidates are awful.

"Some of us have tried to use the Civil Service (CS) brothels, but that just scared us and our concubines. I changed my mind both times."

Susan continued, "I initially thought that my concubines and I were just too tall for the men but that is just not the case because all the other ladies here have the same problem. No one wants to have sex with us. With our libidos turned up that is a serious problem. We and our concubines need our itches scratched. We need sex bad and no amount of masturbating is coming even close to solving the problem."

Mary Beth said, "My concubines are fighting. They are being disrespectful to me and demanding I find them a man. I had to paddle two of them yesterday after one insulted another and a fight broke out. I am afraid to consider what my quarters are going to look like when I return."

Linda said, "Things in my apartment are also deteriorating. My mother is helping keep everyone in line but even she is obviously biting her tongue until it bleeds. It is only a matter of time with her."

<<They are dealing with the things that were done to help them bond. Their lives are confused because only copulation will trigger the proper hormones to reduce their needs. Until they copulate with a male human, nothing is going to put an end to their problems.

<<It is not going to get better over time either. You could fix it now but two days from now they are going to be in the same spot.>>

Sally then continued, shaking and with tears in her eyes, "We can all see where this is heading. We are all going to end up on the 'Punishments of the Day Show'. We are deathly afraid of that."

Sally was referencing the daily video feed of judicial punishments administered to sponsors and concubines for breaking rules and regulations. The bottom line was, sponsors were responsible for their own behavior and the behavior of their concubines and dependents. Some of the more serious violations were handled with corporal punishment. The punishments were public and shown as a deterrent. Sponsors and concubines were required to watch the feed at least once during their training. The punishments were carried out by Marines. They were often cruel and vicious. Sometimes concubines were required by their sponsors to view the feed as a reminder of what could occur if they did not get with the program.

Losing control of your concubines in public was one the the crimes that could get you a guest appearance on the show.

After she let that image sink in Sally continued, "We decided to get together with your mother and discuss the situation. We needed help. She told us the story of your testing, the outcome and then forming a joint household. She suggested that we find someone to form a joint household with us.

"It was then that I found out why I was at your birthday party and extracted. You wanted me as your concubine. When you found out that I was a sponsor and could not be your concubine, you went out of your way to talk the AI into extracting me and my pre-pack.

"Ever since I was eight years old I had wanted to marry you and have children. When the Sa'arm landed I knew that could not happen any more."

"As I told everyone at the meeting, 'I would rather be your concubine than be in the mess I have created.' Then I realized there was a way. I could form a joint household with you!

"Please Bruce, I want to have your children. I want my concubines to have your children. I am willing to go to extreme lengths to accomplish this. I love you! I will do anything for you! Please let's join households."

I sat there for a second stunned. She was really scared.

Then I extrapolated. I said, "Wait a minute! The six of you! You all want to be part of my household?"

The six said "YES!" simultaneously.

The tilt meter in my mind was going off. I was for the first time in a long time not sure what to do. The right thing in my mind was to say, 'Sorry, I just have too much on my plate already.' I knew I was already stretched too thin. This would have been a disaster waiting to happen but I could not turn them down either. In my own way I considered them my family, being that I was responsible for them being extracted. At the same time I could not allow this to happen to my household.

"Ladies, you've obviously been talking to the AI and my mother. I need to ask the AI a few things and make sure we are on the same page. Please be patient while I do."

I said sub-vocally to the AI, <AI, is this possible, can we form a household with eight sponsors?> I was hoping for the answer of 'no.'

The AI responded, <<I don't see why not. I would have stopped them before they arrived here if I thought it would not work. It has been done before in many colonies. Usually it is men getting together to help each other in their work, and keep their families happy.

<<As I explained to the ladies earlier though, the only way this is going to work, in your household is if all seven of the female sponsors agree to defer to you in all household matters. They have to be on the same terms as your mother and you.>>

I said to the AI, <Have you spelled out my mother's and my agreement to them?>

<<With your mother's help, yes they understand the terms. That includes the discipline terms, termination rights, the first spanking and sex test drive. Most of them are concerned about the spanking and test drive, with the exception of Linda, but they are willing to do just about anything to have you as their partner in their household. They agree that it would be best if they all were on the same terms and have agreed to the spanking and sex.

<<Linda is looking forward to the spanking and sex. Several of the sponsors find the spanking idea kinky and interesting. You need to remember their libidos are turned up to make sure that they bond with their concubines and the concubines are turned up even higher. Unfortunately, the women don't have the proper hardware to deliver the necessary chemicals in an ejaculation to counter the chemicals used to increase their libidos. The female sponsors and concubines libidos are just getting stronger. The sooner you have sex with them the better.

<<These particular sponsors need a partner even more than sex. The spanking will just make them hotter and more ready to receive you.>>

I continued to the AI, <I don't think this will work. I see major problems because Ed and I are spread too thin already. Ed is going to croak when I am away or deployed. We need more men.>

Then I said to the AI, <My mother initiated this, didn't she.>

The AI said, <<Yes, but to her credit she initially started talking to the women when she saw how unhappy they were. She is more experienced and wanted to try to help them. The idea of joining households came to her during the conversations. I was partly at fault because I revealed the reason they were extracted. Your mother felt they needed a strong male or they were going to fail. She thought that you might help.

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