The Personality Change

by Phil E. Hebe

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Pedophilia, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Your daughter is so introverted she has no friends, and you worry about her future. You are given an opportunity that would change her personality to be an extrovert. Do you take it? Don did and all went well, until...

The ad in the back of the men's magazine blared: WE CAN HELP. It went on to read: Is your loved one, shy, timid, bashful, a wallflower to the nth degree? In just two weeks time we can return to you a fun loving, outgoing personality. Results guaranteed. Call HybAnim Institute Today.

Don thought his daughter was that and a few more things he could think of; a book worm, a nerd. He blamed his wife, if she had not run off with some bozo when Shelly was four-years-old things might have turned out different. He knew great strides had been made in the science of psychology and thought the ad might be worth a shot. He called. They wanted a brief description, both physical and mental. He tried to describe her without a father's flattery. "Pretty enough, started puberty several years ago, wasn't certain exactly when, above average intelligence, but a complete introvert." They said, "Bring her in for further evaluation."

Don looked at Shelly and saw a girl without one human friend. Her cat was her only friend. He knew he had to do something, and soon. He took his daughter to the HybAnim Institute. The woman doctor checked his daughter's health, and told him she would qualify for their special program. The doctor leaned forward to make a point. Don was looking down the front of the woman's dress to the cups of her shear, black bra. Looking back up he said, "I'm sorry what did you just say?"

"I said that the procedure is very intensive and we need you to leave you daughter here for two uninterrupted weeks, no visitors."

"Oh, yes. Fine, fine," he answered, still thinking of those two creamy breasts.

"What," Don wanted to know, "is it going to cost for this complete personality transformation?"

"Absolutely nothing."

"Come now, you can't possibly do all this work without some compensation."

"We are still in the research stage of this experiment. There are others who pay the bills. Research grants and the like."

"Okay, what's next?"

"We need to ascertain exactly what you expect in a new personality, and to do that we have a battery of questions for you to answer."

Don sat down in a quiet room, and answered page after page of multiple choice questions. Some of the questions were pretty clear cut as to preferable personality traits, while others didn't seem to have any bearing on the subject. Don knew that a lot of time a psychologist could read into what seemed like an innocuous answer. There was also a bunch of forms to sign. They were in legal jargon so he skipped to the bottom and signed his name.

When they got home they talked about the institute and how it could help her grow. He knew she wasn't happy with her personality so it was an easy sell. He had to move quickly because school was about to start after summer vacation. Monday morning he enrolled her at the institute and told her he would see her in two weeks. He hoped he was doing the right thing.

Two weeks later the institute called and they made an appointment for him to pick his daughter up. When he got there, he talked to the same woman as the first time. She told him everything went smoothly with his daughter, but he had to be prepared for the changes he was about to experience. She took him down a hall, opened a door and beckoned him in with the words, "Come, meet your new daughter." Don took two steps into the room and stopped short. His daughter was under a spotlight and standing on a raised platform. "Hi, Daddy."

"She's naked," he said.

"Yes, in your proposed profile you indicated you wanted a more open relationship with your daughter. We also present her naked to show that she is not the timid soul you brought here." The representative flicked a switch and the platform slowly started revolving

He felt ashamed looking at her nudity, but at the same time couldn't help but gawk. The face was the face of his daughter. If anything the eyes seemed a brighter blue. He had not seen the naked body of his daughter for years so the rest was new to him. Her breasts were high and nicely rounded with rusty brown nipples. He could see the outline of the lower ribs on her thin body. Her stomach was nice and flat and led down to a curved hairless pubic mons with the opening to her sex rising into it. He knew a hairless mons was the latest fad, but didn't realized his daughter did it. Probably peer pressure from the other girls at school. As the platform turned he could see that she had well rounded buttocks that were slightly dished on the flanks. Her thin arms and legs matched her thin, small body. The doctor saw how intently Don looked at his daughter's nudity. The doctor thought: All men are the same when they see a nude woman, no matter the age or relationship of the woman, the men get that hungry look in their eyes. Wait until he gets her home and finds out what a hot little number he has on his hands.

The platform stopped when she was again facing them. She stepped down, went up to him, pulled him down to her height, and gave him a kiss on his cheek. He was speechless. Shelly went to get dressed and the representative reminded him that Shelly wasn't the same girl as he brought there and he should be prepared for some major adjustments in their lives.

Sunday afternoon Don suggested that they go out for supper to celebrate the new Shelly.

"I have nothing to wear," Shelly complained.

"What do you mean you have nothing to wear. You have a closet full of clothes."

"I can't wear those. They are dowdy and not the new me."

They went to the mall. She bought short skirts that just barely covered her crotch. She bought short shorts that left the bottom of her ass exposed and highlighted her camel toe. She bought jeans that looked like they were painted on. The blouses were either low cut or button down the front. The half-tee tops were tight. She purchased thongs that were sheer mesh.

"What about bras?" he asked, trying to be helpful.

"I don't need any bras. Did my breasts look like they were sagging?"

When they were ready to go out he could hardly believe she was the same girl that he took to the institute two weeks ago. She wore a low cut blouse and a short skirt that hugged her body tightly. She combed her hair out instead of the usual pig tails. She wore makeup for the first time. She turned men's heads at the restaurant and Don was proud of her.

Monday morning she dressed in her school uniform. The blouse was tight and open down to her breast bone. The skirt looked too tight and showed a lot of leg.

She must have grown over the summer. "It looks like you need a new uniform one size larger."

"Why Daddy? This fits fine."

"Button up," he said.

She did what she was told. The blouse strained across her breasts, and Don wasn't sure what was worse, buttoned or unbuttoned. He dropped her off at her high school and then went to work.

"I'm home!" he yelled as he came through the front door."

"I'm in my room doing homework," she called back.

He spent the next twenty minutes preparing supper. He saw she had set the table; something she did not normally do. Maybe the new daughter is better than the old, he thought.

When everything was ready he went up to her room. She was sitting in the chair at her desk. "Supper's ready," he announced. She swung the chair around and he saw she was naked. "You really have got to dress, you know," he said.

As she got up she said, "Clothes make me itch." She walked up to him, threw her arms around his neck and said, "And besides, according to the profile, you want a sexy, outgoing daughter." She wiggled her stomach against his cock. "You do find me sexy, don't you?" He couldn't answer, could hardly tell her the truth. He was sure his hardening penis was already telegraphing the answer.


They sat across from one another. He couldn't take his eyes off of her breasts. They were like two halves of a small cantaloupe sitting high on her chest seeming to defy gravity. Like she said at the store, they certainly did not droop. The areolas were right at the apex of the breasts and a rust color with the small center nipple two shades darker. It wasn't that her breasts were big, but that she was small, one of the smallest in her class. Don never thought of her as small, he used the word diminutive, he thought it had a classier ring to it. He tried to divert himself by talking, "So, how was the first day of school today?" She prattled on about her English teacher and gym and her words were going in his one ear and out the other as his eyes stayed glued to her chest. He made it through supper, and she surprised him by helping do the dishes. "Okay, she is naked, but at least she is being helpful," he thought. That was a change he liked.

"Daddy, I am going to take a bath."

Okay, Dear, you go right ahead." He was glad to get her out of his sight for a while.

Fifteen minutes later she was calling him from the bathroom.

"What do you want?" He asked from outside the door.

"Come in, please."

Don stepped into the bathroom. She was under a mountain of bubbles, thank goodness. "What's up?"

"Bathe me."

"Aren't you a little old to be washed by your father?"

"You used to bathe me."

"That's when you were five or six."

"I want you to do it again, please, for the new me."

Don knelt down beside the tub and picked up the wash cloth. "Only this one time. That's it," he said with resolve.

"No. With your hands. I remember how you used to wash me with your soapy hands."

"You remember that, huh?"

"Yes, especially how good it felt when you washed my privates." He was surprised she remembered that.

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