Teenage Handyman

by sourdough

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, First, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Spike finds himself living in an apartment complex filled with welfare mothers. He earns money by doing odd jobs for the tenants. Sometimes he has to take his fees out in trade.

My name's Spike. Well, actually my given name is Percy, but no one should call me that to my face unless he wants a fight on his hands. My parents named me that in the hopes of pleasing a rich uncle of the same name who might leave them some money when he died. Well, he died, but he didn't leave any of us a dime.

My parents divorced over Dad's drinking and being without work besides. My mom had to apply for welfare and she, my sister and I moved into one of these cheap one-bedroom apartments. They're pretty rundown and filled with nothing but other welfare mothers and their children.

I'm just 14 years old, but I'm pretty good at fixing things. Dad taught me how to repair most things, but I picked up a lot on my own, too. Mom made a deal with the landlord when we moved in. She would fix up the apartment, give him the receipts and then she would deduct that much from the rent. I had the whole place looking pretty spiffy in a matter of a week or so. The landlord liked what I'd done, but he didn't like what was charged against the rent and tried to back out of the deal. Mom took him aside and talked to him. She carries this knife with a wicked looking blade and I'm pretty sure she threatened his manhood. Anyway, we didn't have a problem with him after that talk.

"What did you tell him?"

"I told him the apartment would look exactly like I found it when we move if he reneged on our deal."

Oh, well. It would have been cooler if she really had threatened his manhood.

Mom made some acquaintances of the other tenants pretty quickly and one of them dropped over after I'd fixed the place up. Her name was Norma. She was 22 years old with two children.

"How do you fucking rate?" Norma said when she took a look around.

"What do you mean?" Mom asked.

"I've been waiting for two fucking years to have my fucking apartment fixed up and it still hasn't fucking happened. You're here for two fucking weeks and your fucking apartment is all fucking fixed up."

"Spike here did the work."

"I'll fucking hire him," Norma said. "How much will you fucking charge?" Norma said her apartment didn't look much different from ours when we first moved in but, I wanted to have a look first. I told her she'd have to front the cost of materials and I'd keep track of my time and charge her when her next welfare check came in.

"It's a fucking deal," said Norma and left.

"She sure likes to say 'fucking' a lot," I said.

"Maybe she likes fucking a lot," Mom replied.

Norma gave me the money for materials and it took a bit longer to do because now I had school. Anyway, after I finished the work and gave her the bill for my time, Norma said she didn't have the fucking money and besides, we didn't have a fucking written agreement. I was pissed! I told my mom what she said.

"What is it about people around here always trying to back out on their obligations? Go back and take it out on her ass," Mom said.

"How am I going to do that? She'll call the cops if I try anything with her."

"No she won't," Mom said. "Have you ever been with a girl?" I knew what she meant. I shook my head, but I told her I knew the basics. She said to go back there and fuck her brains out.

"What about the cops?"

"Just do what I tell you to do and there won't be any cops."

"What do you fucking want?" Norma said when I walked back to her apartment.

"I want my money."

"I told you there ain't no fucking money." She tried to slam the door on me but I stopped it with my hand and pushed my way in. Fear flashed in her eyes. Her two- and four-year-old daughters were sitting on the floor watching TV. They saw me and waved. They went back to their TV watching. They were used to seeing me.

"You can't squeeze blood out of a fucking turnip," Norma said. "I'll call the fucking cops if you don't fucking leave."

"We'll see about that." I pushed her toward the bedroom. In the bedroom, I pushed her onto the bed. It was just a mattress on the floor.

"Are you going to fuck me?"

"What do you think?"

"Will this make us even?"

"Cash only," I replied. "This is just interest until I'm paid back in full." I started taking off my clothes. Norma got real quiet and didn't struggle when I pulled off her pants and panties. I felt between her legs. Her cunt felt wet so I climbed on and shoved my prick in. It only took a few minutes to blow my first load inside her snatch but I stayed hard and continued fucking her. Norma had remained passive, but she was finally getting into it. She was making little grunting sounds. After a while, her cunt muscles squeezed down on my prick and I squirted my second load.

"What's Spike doing to you, Mommy?" We looked toward the door and her oldest daughter was standing there watching us. I wondered how for how long.

"Spike is fucking me, honey," Norma said. "He's trying to start a baby in Mommy's belly."

"Is Spike going to marry you?"

"No, honey. Spike isn't going to marry me even if he gives me a baby. Mommy isn't the type of girl men marry."

"Can he give me a baby, too?"

"You're too young yet, Annie. But you can ask him again when you have boobies like Mommy's. Now go back into the living room and watch TV with your sister. I'll be out soon to fix us something to eat." Annie turned around without another word and left.

"You can fuck me anytime you want," said Norma. "You don't even have to stop after I pay you your money. But please don't hurt my babies."

"I'm not going to hurt your babies," I replied. I meant it too, but I guess Norma felt my prick twitch when her daughter asked for a baby from me.

Norma was surprised when I told her this was my first time. She told me I was better than some older men she knew and asked if there was anything else she could do for me, like sucking my prick. I told her I'd let her suck my prick next time.

"You could do something else for me though."

"What's that?"

"You could stop saying 'fucking' every other word out of your mouth."

"Yes sir." I left her apartment and returned to my own. I told Mom everything that happened and she was quite pleased with what she heard.

"Don't be surprised if Norma has the girls calling you Uncle Spike from now on."

"I don't think so. Norma's not interested in me that way. There's too much of an age gap between us."

"We'll see." Mom seemed to know a lot more than I did. I went back to Norma's the next day and the kids were all over me. Both wanted kisses and hugs from me.

"You girls seem really glad to see your Uncle Spike," Norma said. They smiled and nodded their heads. Mom sure called that one right. I motioned Norma into the bedroom. There was no hesitation on her part. She stripped off her clothes and got on the mattress on all fours. She wanted to show me how to take her doggie style. I didn't mind being taught new positions. Of course, everything was new to me. I moved behind her and started fucking her. I heard a giggle behind me and knew one or both of the girls were watching us. Norma giggled too so I knew it was her doing. I wanted to show Norma who was boss so when I finished inside her, I pulled her over my lap.

"Do you want to see what happens to naughty girls?" I started whacking Norma's butt cheeks with my open hand. She started cussing and yelling at me to stop. The girls started crying because I was hurting their mommy, so I did stop. I felt bad about upsetting her daughters.

"Go calm them down," I said. Norma led the girls out of the bedroom and turned on the TV. She came back a few minutes later and glared at me.

"I hate you, you bastard. You really hurt me." She giggled then and sat down beside me.

"I just told them we were playing a game and you weren't really hurting me. If you want to spank me again, you're going to have to do it when the girls are visiting their grandma."

"Or put a gag in your mouth," I added. Norma playfully punched me in the arm.

"You know, I wish you weren't so much younger than me. I could really go for you." Mom warned me not to get emotionally attached with these women. They would use me if they could.

"It's not going to happen."

"I know," Norma replied. "I just hope you gave me a son this time."

"Why is that?"

"A man has a better chance of making it in this world. Annie and Megan will probably grow up to be welfare moms just like me." I thought Norma was most probably right. Their mother was already teaching them how to be little sluts.

"You seem pretty sure I've knocked you up."

"If I'm not pregnant now, I sure will be if you keep fucking me like this." I went home and told Mom about my visit with Norma.

"What did I tell you about those girls of hers?"

"You were right," I admitted. "Well, I just might be seeing her a lot more."

"No, don't. I don't want Norma getting used to seeing you. It should be a treat for her."

"I wouldn't mind her getting used to seeing me so long as I can jump her bones when I see her."

"That's not how the game is played. Just stay away from her for now. I'll have another girl here for you tomorrow."

"Who is she?"

"I'm not even sure yet. I just know she'll be a tenant who wants some work done on her apartment." That meant it could be anyone in this complex, so there was no guessing who she might be. I'd just have to wait and be surprised.

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