On the Run

by wheelchairman85

Tags: Ma/Fa, Fiction, Tear Jerker, Violent,

Desc: Fiction Story: Short story about a disabled man who is on the run from his abusive stepfather and the life he builds after he runs away.

February 6th 2015 City of whiskey Illinois hilltop subdivision

Hilltop Street Gray house Owner Richard Rose Midnight

Mike George a 20 year old young man who was born with Spina bifida and must wear small leg braces and use a wheelchair to get around.

Is trying his damndest to eat his breakfast while be screamed at by his stepfather.

An hour later his stepfather leaves the house for his job at the whiskey Illinois hardware store which is open 24 hours a day. When finally heard his stepfathers SUV speed out of the driveway he remarked to himself.

"I can't take it anymore I have got to get out of here." When he finished talking to himself he opened the main compartment of his dark green fanny pack and he removed his prepaid cellphone and made 3 phone calls.

When he finished the 3rd and final phone call he put the phone away then mike went to his bedroom and he located his luggage.

Which consisted of 3 Rothco brand woodland camo backpacks he opened the first backpack which held his escape gear which consisted of the following items

A roll of duct tape a roll of paracord and a black money box that contained his life savings 1,000 the money was a high school graduation present from his Aunt Sarah.

He removed the roll of duct tape and laid it on bed next to the bags. Then he opened bags 2 and 3 and put his clothes into them.

Once both bags where filled up he zipped them closed then he used the tape to tape them together.

Once they were securely taped together Mike hung all 3 bags on the back of his wheelchair.

Then he left the house but before he got into his truck he did one last thing. He broke the house key he had to front door of inside the lock.

Then he broke his backdoor house key off inside the backdoors lock. Then he got into his truck and he headed to safe house number one AKA The house of Miss Sarah Heart.

a 45 year old retired hospital nurse who mike affectionately called Aunt Sarah.

Since he had no Aunts of his own when he reached her house he parked in her drive way Mike got out of his truck got into his wheelchair and made his way to her front door.

When he reached it he knocked discreetly.

A few seconds later Aunt Sarah answered opened the door and she got mike inside quickly. Once he was inside he said to her

"I am so sorry that I have to come by this early but this maybe my only chance to escape."

Sarah looked at Mike and she said to him. "Don't worry about it I made you your favorite breakfast sandwich."

"I also made you some sandwiches and a thermos full of hot black coffee."

"Please keep the lunch box and thermos so that you will always remember me."

When they were done talking they sat down at the kitchen table and they ate breakfast when he finished eating.

Sarah handed Mike the lunch box and thermos he placed these items inside the backpack that held his escape gear.

Mike hugged his aunt Sarah then he said goodbye to her got back into his truck and he headed for Safe house number two AKA the military surplus store owned by his best friend 21 year old Steve Square.

When he arrived at the store he parked the truck and headed for the front door where Steve was waiting for him.

He unlocked the front door and the two childhood friends when inside of the store and straight to the gun counter which was in the back of the store.

When they reached it Steve looked at his best friend and he said to him. "I will go in the back room and retrieve your grandpa's M1 Carbine and knife collection."

"please feel free to look around the store as much as you want to I will be right back."

When he finished speaking he went into the back room to retrieve Mikes stuff for him. While Steve was in the back room Mike proceeded to look around his favorite store.

The disabled young man memorized every nook and cranny of it.

He knew Damn well this would be the last time he would be in the store so he wanted to commit every inch of it to memory and he had to make this last visit count.

When he completed his journey through the store Mike returned to the gun counter.

Then he proceeded memorize it as well. When he reached the used gun section of the counter he memorized every gun in the display case.

Then he saw a gun that caught his attention it was a S&W Model 10.38 caliber revolver with a 4 inch heavy barrel.

When he saw that the guns price was $250 he knew he had to have it. So when Steve returned from the back room with the rifle case that held grandpa's M1 Carbine and the 2 GI Ammo cans that held the knife collection.

He looked at his best friend and he said to him politely "Steve I saw a really nice S&W Model 10 in the used gun display case. May I please take a look at it?"

Steve looked at Mike and he said to him "Yes of course you can take a look at it let get the key real quick."

Steve quickly found the key to the used gun display case on his keychain then he opened the display case and he handed the S&W Model 10 to Mike. After making sure that it was unloaded Mike examined it for a little while.

When he finished looking at the beautiful S&W Revolver he said "Steve I will take it." Then he handed back over to Steve who set it aside. Then he handed Mike the federal back round check forms and a pen.

Mike started to fill out the forms as neatly as he could he was halfway through this process when he began to panic.

"Steve what about the federal back-round check? It takes 3 days you and I both know damn well I can't stay here an extra 3 days."

"If I don't escape today I am a dead man and I am not using that as a figure of speech I am a dead man."

Steve knew that his best friend Mike was right damn right. So after quickly gathering his thoughts he said to his buddy.

"Mike I got some friends in law enforcement and I will have them run your application through." After his mind was put at ease he finished filling out the forms. Once they were completely filled out.

He handed them over to Steve who took them into the backroom and he made a few phone calls to his law enforcement friends and he explained Mike's unique situation.

The lawman who was on the other end of the phone line understood the situation completely and he pushed the application through in short order.

Once all of that was done Steve placed the revolver into a blue plastic case that had the S&W Logo on top of it.

Then he locked the case and carried from the back room and to the front of the counter where Mike was waiting.

After placing the case on the counter in front of Mike the young man retrieved the Black money box that held his savings counted out $250 and handed it over to Steve.

Who gently took the money and put it into the cash register then the two old buddies left the store and went out to Mike's truck.

Steve placed the rifle case into the truck bed then he placed the two GI Ammunition cans and pistol case on the floor in front of the passenger seat.

When all of that was done they shook hands and Mike headed for safe house number 3 AKA the library owned by miss Emily franklin.

Emily to her many library patrons when mike arrived at the library Emily was waiting for him she unlocked the door and let mike inside.

The young man went straight to the back room he grabbed his roll of duct tape roll of paracord and pocketknife from his escape gear.

He used the pocketknife to cut several strips of duct tape and he taped the lid down on the plastic box that held his music collection and cd player.

Then he wrapped the paracord around the box tied the other end to his wheelchair and he dragged it out to the back room and out to his truck then with Emily's help they put it into the truck bed once that was done.

Mike went back inside and dragged the box that held his writing gear out to his truck and with Emily's help put it inside the truck bed once all of that was done they shared a tearful goodbye.

Mike ate a couple of the sandwiches and drank some of the coffee that Sarah had made for him.

Then he left town as quietly as possible his destination the town of Castle Texas the town where his grandparents lived and where later buried.

The town where he spent the summers and school holidays of his youth after a long drive Mike arrived in town.

After checking into the local Motel he decided to explore the town that was his home away from home.

When they young man reached the castle Texas subdivision where his grandparents had lived he turned down south moon pie street and he stopped at the white house with the house number of 3634 on its mail box.

When he saw the little white house that he grandparents had owned for many years he felt a mixture of emotions happiness joy and sadness.

after sitting there and just staring at the house for a little while Mike started up the truck and he got ready to leave.

But before he left Mike saw a sign in the yard that said for rent with the option to buy. So he wrote down the contact information that was on the sign.

Then he returned to his motel room and made a phone call and he arranged a meeting. Two days later Mike had a meeting with the nice lady who owned the house.

after filling out some paperwork Mike handed over the rest of the money he had with him then he returned to his motel room packed his things and he moved into his new house.

Over the next two years Mr. Mike George built a nice life for himself he had a good job at Walmart a lot of friends he enjoyed his various hobbies and he gradually began to forget.

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