A Startling Beginning

by mattwatt

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: It happened, began in church. Connie brought her mentally handicapped daughter Virginia, Ginny to church. During the service there was an embarrassing incident that involved the man sitting behind them, Matt Womack, to whom Ginny seemed to take a particular shine. But that was only the beginning; love came later.

In Church:

It was Matt's, Matt Womack's, Sunday in church. He didn't go every Sunday but went fairly often, and today was his day. His lifestyle, at 41 years, was pretty much settled, especially after the death of his Mom and Dad a number of years previously. He lived a solitary and quiet life but wasn't a complainer about it. His business was doing well and so was he, as a result.

He remembered, and idly mused on the fact, as he went to church, that he'd seen a very pretty, kind of short dark haired woman there now and again. She always had a dark haired girl, who seemed to be early teens or so, in a wheel chair, that she brought.

The girl was sometimes quite calm and sometimes a bit disruptive, by never very. As a matter of fact, Matt was always pretty impressed with the way that the woman took care of the young girl in the wheel chair. She always took her to the altar for a blessing, during the holy communion. Matt liked that; he thought it was a wonderful gesture.

Today, when he got to his seat, he was on the end of the aisle. He was over sitting in one of the side sections, and after he'd been seated there a bit, the woman came in.

Today she pushed the girl in the wheel chair to the side, the side where Matt was sitting and they ended up just a row in front of him.

Once they got into place, the girl in the chair looked up at Matt and got a huge grin on her face. The grin never left her face for an instant.

Matt was struck by that and smiled back at her. When he smiled, the grin that split her face got huge, and she began to make little floppy kinds of hand gestures.

It was at that point that the woman turned to look at him. Now she too was smiling, especially at the way that her daughter —- that's who Matt thought the girl was —- was just grinning at Matt.

"Hi," Matt said.

He got a very soft: "Hi," in return from the dark haired woman and the girl in the wheel chair never ceased to beam at him. He didn't understand it but knew that he enjoyed it.

The service progressed and Matt was aware of how composed the girl in the chair was. She would now and then look at him, and every time that she did, she got a huge grin on her face. She also periodically made kind of compulsive movements, as though she had no real control but she was never really disruptive.

The service went on, and it seemed that Matt's singing voice also made the girl smile. He made sure that he smiled back at her on those occasions.

He noticed, in addition, that the woman made sure never to not be in contact with the girl. She let her hand linger on the girl's shoulder, stroked her cheek and just seemed to be constantly reassuring her daughter.

They came to the time in the service for the passing of the peace. It was a general kind of movement then among the people attending, with people moving around a bit to greet friends and acquaintances.

The woman turned to Matt and exchanged the peace with him. It was not so much a handshake between them as it was him getting to hold her hand for a moment, a fleeing moment. He liked the feel of her soft hand but thrust that thought away into the back of his mind immediately.

("Matt, you're in church!" he said to himself right then.)

The general movement of the people seemed to stir the girl in the wheel chair and she began to move around, flailing her arms just a little bit. Her mother moved immediately to calm her down by whispering to her and touching her.

It seemed to work. The woman had her back to Matt and was bending over her daughter in the chair.

For that Sunday, the woman, Constance Corriero, a lovely 36 year old, was wearing a kind of a knit dress kind of garment. It had tails and a hem that was at various lengths. The hem kind of went up and down in waves like around the bottom of the garment. She wore, beneath that, a pair of navy blue opaque pantyhose.

As the girl was finally calming down from the hustle and bustle of the peace sharing, she made one last uncontrolled arm gesture.

It had the effect of getting caught in one of the 'tails' of the dress and pulled the dress actually up to her Mom's waist.

Matt was struck as though hit on the head by a hammer. For that fleeting number of seconds, the woman's dress was hauled up, by her daughter's gesture, to her waist, exposing her butt, encased in the navy blue of the pantyhose.

Matt simply stared; he stared. He could see the sheen of her skin beneath the upper part of the pantyhose, showing that she was not wearing panties under the pantyhose.

He also noticed that the pantyhose ran right up to her waist and were captured in the crack of the woman's butt.

Matt admitted to himself that the sight was totally, completely grand. He couldn't and didn't force his eyes away from the sight. He stared.

Quickly enough the woman swept her hand around her back and pushed the hem of her dress back down.

It was almost as though Matt were holding his breath up to that point and only breathed easily, once the woman had straightened her skirt.

But the image was burned into his mind. He knew that he wouldn't get rid of that image very quickly, if at all.

At that point, he warned himself again that he was in church, and, as before with the feel of her hand in his, he filed the image of her blue clad butt cheeks into the back of his mind, only to be thought about later.

He went back to paying attention to the part of the service where they were at, and now and again, he exchanged a smile with the young girl, who again seemed to be calm.

When the service ended, the girl turned her attention again to Matt. She seemed to sense that she could now make some noise again, and as she looked at Matt, with another grin on her face, she made some throat noises.

He looked down at her and smiled, saying a soft 'Hi'.

She responded with a similar noise to him. It was then that her Mom turned to face Matt. He was sure that his face was red, when he had a quick mental replay of the girl raising her Mom's hem to her waist and showing him the wonderful sight of the butt cheeks, encased in blue material.

"She likes you," the woman said simply.

"How wonderful," he said. He stumbled a bit and said: "I'm Matt, Matt Womack."

She said that her name was Connie Corriero and this was her daughter Virginia, Ginny.

Then he had the pleasure of having Connie Corriero's soft hand in his again. As before, it was not really quite a hand shake but rather let him hold her hand for just a moment.

"Pleased to meet you, Connie," he said, still holding her hand.

Then he turned and said: "Hi, Ginny."

She grinned at him and said a kind of similar word to his 'Hi' greeting.

"She is so well behaved," he said.

"Thank you," Connie said. "She gets excited by parts of the service. The exchange of the peace and all."

He tried not to let his reaction to that statement show on his face.

"Yes, I guess she does," he said, wondering then if this pretty Connie Corriero knew that he'd been spying on her pantyhose clad butt a bit ago. He hoped not.

They turned into the aisle then, which eventually led them through the door to greet the pastor, who was waiting there. He had an effusive greeting for Ginny and a very cordial one for Connie.

"Hey, Matt," he said to Matt, when it was Matt's turn.

Matt went out and was pleased by the fact that Connie was parked in the same part of the back lots as he was. She had an SUV parked in one of the special parking spots, where she stopped and transferred Ginny's chair into the back of the SUV, with an automated plate to help in the process.

She was walking back around the back of the car, when he passed her.

"You do so well with her," he said.

She stopped and said: "It's not always that easy. It helped today a great deal that she took such a shine to you."

"My pleasure," he said.

Then she surprised him: "Sorry that she was lifting my skirt that way during the passing of the peace."

He got extremely red in the face and said: "That's totally okay."

She said nothing further but she kind of grinned at him getting so red faced about it.

"Enjoy your day," he said, as he turned to go away.

"You too," she said, and just then Ginny was making noises and he looked and realized that it was for him that the noises were meant.

"I've got a friend," he said.

"Seems so," she said, turning to get into the SUV.

"She knew," he said to himself, in an almost accusatory voice.

But he got a quick answer too: "The sight, that sight was grand, just grand."

He meant it too, and let the little scene, from the passing of the peace, run through his mind again a time or two. He stared, mentally, at the loveliness of her pantyhose encased butt cheeks and found it stimulating both times.

"Back off a bit, mister," he said to himself but still grinned at the replay of the scene.


A pattern was quickly set for them. Matt continued to sit in the same part of the church, and Connie brought Ginny and always sat where Ginny could see Matt. It seemed to make a great deal of difference to Ginny.

After one particular Sunday, when Matt was home with a cold, Connie told him the next week, when he asked, that Ginny was much more nervous, when he wasn't there.

They took time to talk to one another after each service and Ginny stayed pretty calm, continuously grinning at Matt.

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