Swimming Pool Fun
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Joe Montagna

True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Pam and I had an audience while we had fun skinny-dipping in our pool.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Slut Wife   Voyeurism   Public Sex  

Late one warm summer afternoon, Pam, my ex and I were in our pool. She was wearing my favorite bikini. We had been drinking champagne celebrating the long weekend and were a little friskier than usual bobbing around in the deep end and playfully tugging at each other's bathing suits. I succeeded in pulling the straps of her top off her shoulders revealing her 34C breasts and erect nipples. She coyly swam away into the shallow end her straps still down. I swam after her but she swam away. I feigned that I was miffed at her and sat on the steps. After a couple of minutes of teasing she swam toward the steps and floated head-first between my legs. She extended her arms to encircle my hips and pulled herself into me. She hugged me for a few minutes and climbed slowly into a position where she was sitting on my lap straddling me. She reached behind her and undid the strap on her suit freeing her tits and pushing the top over them, pressed them into my chest. For a 44 year old MILF her breasts were remarkably firm. Her nipples had been exposed to the cooling summer breeze just long enough to make them hard and it felt like heaven when she took them and rubbed her nipples on mine. She planted a quick kiss on my lips, leaned back and asked, "Still mad at me?"

"Are you still teasing me or will I get lucky in the pool?" I asked back still doing my best to make her think I was pissed.

She leaned back further reached behind her unclasped her bikini top, slid it over her arms and tossed it into the pool behind her and it floated away. "What do you think?" she said grinding her hips into my hardening cock. "Judging from "Spike" you're not mad anymore."

She wrapped her legs more tightly around my waist, put her arms around my neck and we kissed passionately and groped each other right there on the steps. That end of the pool is visible to both our next door and backyard neighbor's houses but in the heat of the moment neither of us was thinking about that. We continued and our groping turned to full-fledged foreplay. She moved her hand between us and slipped it into my suit, running it down to my hard dick where she gently rubbed the cock head. My hands were on her breasts. She was usually turned off by too much nipple stimulation but if I placed my palm over her tit, she would usually have a mini orgasm after about thirty seconds of my palm just barely grazing her nipple. This time was no exception. After these "nipple-gasms" she was always at the point of no return. Her hips ground insistently into me and her grip on "Spike" grew even harder. She lifted her hips off of me and using both hands tugged my suit down while trying (not entirely successfully) to maintain our kiss. We broke the kiss just long enough to remove our suits and then resumed the foreplay. My hand went to her pussy where I used my palm to administer the type of subtle clitoral stimulation that she loved. She was a goner. She ground into my palm in an intense orgasm.

She then stood up, turned around and bent over at the waist. Her pussy and asshole were directly in front of me and I grabbed her hips and pulled her into my face. I kissed her pussy and thrust my tongue into her pussy as far as I could. She spread her legs further apart to allow my mouth and tongue more access and I moved my tongue in and out for a few seconds. Her pussy was slippery and I enjoyed the salty taste and musty aroma of her arousal, but I had another idea. I quickly moved my mouth and tongue to her "brown-eye". I had never done this before, and even though she told me that one of her former lovers like to fuck her ass, she had never let me play with her there. As I put my tongue into her asshole she wiggled away and said, "Not now. I want 'Spike' inside me."

"Do you mean your ass?" I asked hoping she would relent and break the taboo that had been in place since our first night in bed.

"No! You're too wide to go in there. Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!" She insisted.

She moved her ass away from my face and crouched over my hard cock and treated me to a sight I will never forget: she was in the reverse cowgirl bent over at the waist and I watched as my cock slid effortlessly through her glistening lips and disappeared inch by inch into her pussy. It was almost like I was watching a porn-show penetration close-up, but the site and the actual the feeling of sliding into her was incredible. I had all I could do to keep from cumming. After my cock was safely in, she sat upright on my lap and started to rock back and forth creating the sensations she craved. She shook with her first vaginal orgasm and leaned back resting on me. I put my arms around her and placed both hands over her breasts exposing her nipples between my fingers. The summer breeze intensified their hardness and she moaned in approval. When she leaned back, my cock had almost slid out. Only the head was inside her. The feeling was incredible and I was about to lose control. She sensed this and slowly moved off of me. She floated on her back and beckoned me to follow her to deeper water. We quickly found a place where the depth was perfect for her to float while I entered her. When I did enter her she wrapped her legs around me and we both came within a couple of minutes.

I remained semi-erect and inside her for a while. We held each other and floated into the middle of the pool where we could use the buoyancy to hold us in this position. It's hard to know how long we floated like this but the evening hours were beginning and the mosquitoes were poised to attack. When we got out of the pool we both noticed a rusting in the shrubbery next door and male figure started to walk away. She gasped and streaked into the house naked. I retrieved the bathing suits from the pool, put mine on and walked to the fence. I recognized that the male figure was Doug the 21 year-old neighbors' son, home from college for the summer. "Enjoy the view?" I called over the fence.

"Not as much as you did," he said walking toward me. "You're a lucky guy!"

"Exactly how much did you see?"

Doug confessed, "I was up in my room and saw the two of you on the patio drinking champagne and when you got in the pool, I wanted to see her swim. You know you can see pretty much everything she has when her suit gets wet. I got a much better show. Didn't I? About the time you pulled her bra down, I decided to sneak down and get a closer look."

"Let's keep it our secret, Doug. We don't want the whole world hearing the story. Do we? If I tell her what you said about her suit and how you like to watch her swim in it. I know that she will start to wear her old lady suit and you won't have nearly as nice a view. Neither of us would like that would we?"

"Heck no! Mr. V. But my twin brother Tim saw it too."

"Where is Tim now?'

"Still in the shrubs I think."

"Tim, I need to talk to you, too, '' I called and he shyly left his hiding place and came forward.

I got their word that it would be our secret and went back into the house where the ex had just finished taking a shower. "Can you dry my back for me?" she asked handing me the towel, "Who was in the bushes out there?"

"It was Doug and Tim. They were playing catch and the ball rolled into the bushes. I guess they're getting ready for the football season. I hear Doug will be the starting quarterback and Tim the tight end on RSU's team this fall." I explained.

'Did they see anything?"

"They both commented that they never saw any woman move as fast as you did. I think they enjoyed the view. I think you will be the subject of their wet dreams tonight."

She laughed and said, "I doubt it two young studs like them aren't turned on by a woman old enough to be their mother. They can get all they want from the sweet young things their own age."

If she only knew.

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