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Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: A young school girl is seduced by her father, and she enjoys sex so much that she is willing to do it with her teacher.

Cherri was a sixteen year-old school girl. The loveliest and hottest looking young girl in school.

Since she reached puberty folks have been saying that she was a very beautiful girl. Recently they have described her as being exceptionally gorgeous and voluptuously sexy.

She had a baby face with sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks and luscious lips. Her blond hair cascaded in lovely curls down to her shoulders. Her face alone, together with its captivating smile, could arouse even an impotent man, if that were possible.

Equally gorgeous was her figure with a narrow waist and curvy hips and full shapely thighs. Extremely delicious thighs! Her most magnificent asset was her chest with fabulous forward thrusting big boobs. Big round boobs that swelled out and thrust forward excitingly. She looked absolutely young, voluptuously sexy and extremely hot. The hottest and sexiest school girl one can ever know.

Her father, Jack, was three times older than her. At forty-eight, he was still well-built, very handsome, and very virile. He loved sex.

Her mother, Julie, was 33 and still very sexy looking. An older version of her daughter. And she too loved sex. She was at an age where she wanted plenty of sexual attention. She felt she needed sex more than her husband. But that wasn't true. He was over-sexed also. She sometimes thought of sex with other men.

Cherri's parents usually watched TV after dinner. Cherri would be in her bedroom, doing her homework. After that she would go to bed while her parents would continue to watch TV.

One evening after dinner her mother went to visit Bill. Bill was her father's older brother. He was 51 years old.

Before she left she had told Cherri, "Keep your father company, my dear. He might want someone to watch TV with him."

"Alright, mom."

So, when Julie had finally left the house, Cherri was invited by her father to sit beside him to watch TV.

"Why has mom gone to visit Uncle Bill, daddy?"

"Didn't she tell you?"


"You know that Uncle Bill is a rich man with several business interests, don't you?"


Her father got up to fetch two glasses of orange juice. As usual he was in his white shorts only. But she noticed that the shorts he wore that day were smaller and tighter, giving prominence to his bulge. The rest of his body was bare and manly. She looked at the bulge and got mildly excited.

She was simply dressed, in yellow skirt and white T-shirt. But the white T-shirt was thin. Her forward thrusting breasts pushed out her T-shirt by at least six inches, big and full and lovely. The cloth bra didn't suppress the forward bulge.

"Your mom has gone to see whether she can get a part time job in the evenings."

"What for, daddy?"

"She says it's boring to stay at home all the time."


"Yes. Now that you are grown up she wants to work a bit."

."Uncle Bill might not agree to give her extra job, daddy. After all, you two have not been close."

"I know, but then he might also agree to give your mom a job."


"Well, there is something about our past which you don't know. Since you are grown up, may be I can tell you about us ... about Bill, your mom and me."

An excited Cherri yelped happily, "Yes, daddy, tell me." she giggled and sat close to her father. He gathered her against his left side with his left arm around her. His big palm and fingers rested beneath her left bosom, the thumb making soft contact against the firm swell of her bulging left breast.

Her father's right hand took her right hand and put it casually midway on his bare firm strong left thigh. It was all done very innocently, but Cherri was aware of the exciting physical contact that her father was making with her. Her body quivered with thrill. Pretending unawareness, she giggled as if she was only eager to hear what her father had to tell.

"All right, but you mustn't tell your mom what I'm going to tell you."

"No, daddy. I won't tell her," Cherri giggled. She could feel her father's left thumb press gently against her full firm swell of her left breast.

Her father said, "When your mom was about your age, she and her parents came to live near our house."

"You mean you met her when she was almost 16, like I am now?"

"Yes, and she was exceptionally beautiful ... like you are now."

"Really, daddy?"

"Yes, and she had a fabulous figure ... like yours. She was curvaceous with a narrow waist ... like yours (her father's left hand caressed her waist), her cute buttocks were round and exciting ... like yours (her father now caressed the outer side of her round firm left buttock) and she had full shapely thighs ... like yours (her father caressed her vibrant left thigh)"

The touches excited Cherri and she asked. "Am I really as beautiful as mom was when she was young?"

"Yes, dear. The most fabulous thing was her bosom ... just like..."

Giggling playfully Cherri finished the sentence for her father, "Just like mine?"

"Yes," laughed her father, and gently caressed the swell of her left breast. "Your mom had very big beautiful breasts ... like..."

"Like mine?" giggled again Cherri, as her father's hands came up and cupped the underside of both huge bulging breasts and squeezed them softly. Oh God! Her body tensed as a strange thrill coursed through her.

"See, yours too are very big, vibrantly firm and voluptuously beautiful." Her father continued to knead gently the lower swell of her big breasts. Cherri was getting aroused, but pretended to giggle as if it was all playful.

Then her father's hands returned to their original positions; the right hand took her right hand and rested both their hands on his left thigh. His left hand went around her body and the palm and fingers rested beneath her big left breast. In fact, he made sure her young breast nestled in the concave of his left thumb and first finger, so that the thumb and finger pressed gently into her firm tender breast flesh. Cherri felt her father's fingers and was getting more aroused. Did her breast love the touch? YES!

"So, you fell in love with mom?"

"Yes, but she wouldn't date me at first."


"Because she liked Bill. He was older and was already a successful business man at 31. So, she dated him for a few weeks but broke off after that."

"Why?" Cherri could feel her father's thumb and finger press softly into her swelling breast again and again.

"Because Bill dated other girls in between his dates with your mom. So, your mom didn't like that. Your mom felt Bill was fooling around with other girls. And in fact he was."

"What happened then?"

"Only then she agreed to go out with me."

"Oh, that's great. Otherwise I wouldn't have been born!"

"Yes, and I wouldn't have such a gorgeous daughter!" Her father's thumb and finger pressed her left breast several times as they laughed lightly.

"And I wouldn't have such a gorgeous father," said Cherri, laughing with him. Cherri realized that her father was making her right hand play with his bare firm left thigh.

Her father's right hand pressed her palms and fingers into his solid thigh flesh. Then he moved her hand to make her hand rub along his bare inner thigh. When they finished laughing, her right hand remained on her father's inner thigh, right close to his shorts covered loins. Embarrassed, Cherri slowly pulled her hand to the top of his thigh. But her father slowly pushed her hand back to his inner thigh. This time her fingers were touching his bulge. Cherri was worried even though her excitement increased.

"Tell me more about you and mom, daddy." Her father's left handle continued to squeeze gently her left breast, her nipple hardening with excitement.

"At first your mom wouldn't let me touch her."


"Because she didn't trust that I really loved her. She had engaged in heavy petting with Bill."

"What is that, daddy? What is heavy petting?"

"Well, you will come to know soon. Let me tell you about your mom and uncle Bill. He had betrayed her by fooling around with other girls, by having sex with them."

"What about you?"

"She wouldn't let me touch her at first. But I desired her so much that I stopped dating other girls. This finally convinced her that I really wanted her alone."

"So, what happened?"

"After four weeks she let me kiss, hug and touch her."

"Where did you touch her?" Immediately she realized that it was not a good question.

"Here," her father indicated by touching her bare tender thigh. Cherry giggled.

"Also here," her father's palms gently cupped her huge breasts and gently kept squeezing. Cherry pretended to take it lightly by more giggling.

"And especially here, " her father's right hand slipped under her skirt and seemed to approach her private part.

Cherri panicked. That was going too far. She got up. "No, daddy, we mustn't do this," she chided her father playfully, smiling at him nevertheless, and ran to her room giggling.

Her father didn't pursue her. She changed into her pyjamas. Her panty was wet, soaked by her pussy juice. She tried to sleep but kept thinking of what her father had done. Was she angry? No, she told herself. After all he didn't inflict any pain. He only touched her here and there. And, if she was honest about it, she had liked it. So, how could she be angry with her father?

She rubbed herself for a while and eventually slept.

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