Mona Turns to Be the Sex Queen of Long Island, New York
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Swinging, Interracial, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, Safe Sex, Sex Toys,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mona gets married and moves to New York. She opens up a beauty Salon in Long Island. The husband of her elder sister visits New York, and he excites Mona to begin a wild and libertine sex life...

Mona is the younger sister of my wife. Before moving to New York she lived in Pakistan - while I was living in Europe. I was fascinated by her as soon as I saw her first time at the occasion of my marriage. And a few months later I had told her that I was so fascinated by her. Even at that time she gave me a welcoming response, though nothing moved further during that phase. Next year she got married and moved to New York. She opened up a salon in Long Island. I always wanted to fuck Mona, and she knew it well. Whenever I talked to her, she gave me the clear hints that she was aware of my desire for her.

It was the end of January 2014 when I was in New York for a week, and I stayed in the apartment where the 2nd sister of Mona lived with her husband ... And Mona was living in the apartment in basement with her husband who was working in some security company in New York. I asked Mona just casually about her husband's day-off. She told me that he worked over-time even on Sundays. Actually he had two jobs, so he had to leave everyday at 7 in the morning and return after midnight ... By giving me so much detailed info about her husband's absence, Mona was giving me a clear-cut hint ... And then she again emphasized with a meaningful blink, "Don't worry, most of the time he's not at home". Then she turned to step down the stairs, stopped for a moment, looked back at me, moved upward her sexy ass wrapped in tight shalwar-kameez, and started shaking it wildly in a circular motion. This movement of her ass was a sexy invitation or just a gesture to tease me? I did not know at that time. But it made me intensely excited. Earlier, I had been through swingers' libertine sex life. And I thought it would be great to excite Mona to have this kind of wild sex life. I thought of a few techniques to give her some extraordinary sexual pleasure. And the same afternoon I bought a sex toy (vibrating dildo). I was sure this would give Mona a non-stop, very long intercourse experience.

Next morning, I got up at 7. Mona' sister & brother in law were sleeping in their room. Her brother in law used to leave around 9:30 to open his store. I quickly and silently stepped down the stairs to the apartment in basement where Mona was living with her husband. I had already made it sure by looking through the window that her husband had left in his car. I slowly knocked the door. Mona appeared at the door. She did not show any surprise. I entered and closed the door behind me. She smiled but did not say anything. Though my dick was already rock-hard, I decided to play soft at the beginning ... I just put one of my hands slowly on the back of her neck and with other hand I twisted her hairs affectionately. I thought that if she showed any anger, I could say it was just a gesture of affection, nothing more. But she did not protest. And then I just hugged her tight, my hands slipping from her waist to the hips, and I started deep mouth-to-mouth kissing. This was a non-stop continued kissing for more than 10 minutes. And I was squeezing her boobs at the same time. Then I pulled her in the bathroom and said, "I have a very special gift for you." I opened my small shoulder bag and took out the vibrating sex toy, which was the size of a 7-inch dick. "What's this?" Mona was surprised to see this.

"Just don't say anything until you experience it," I responded.

By now I had already taken out her shalwar-kameez. And she was completely nude. I was sucking her boobs and moving my finger inside her pussy. I slowly pushed the dildo inside her pussy and pressed the battery switch ON. It started moving and vibrating ... I wanted to give Mona a very long-duration sexual experience (so long that she could not have with a man's usual stamina). That's why I was using this sex toy. The 7-inch long dildo was moving to and fro inside her pussy. And I frequently changed its speed & movements ... I kept on fucking her with this dildo for more than 45 minutes, and then I fucked her myself for around 10 minutes. As soon as I was finished, I again penetrated the great 7-inch toy-dick inside her. This time, I continued fucking her with vibrating dildo for more than an hour. I could hear Mona saying, "Oh it's so good, so hard, so long, never stopping, oh it's so hard..." I fucked her with dildo in all the positions. Over the floor, I let her riding on the dildo in cowgirl position also. And she really enjoyed this angel. By fucking her continually with a dildo for more than an hour, I was again aroused intensely. So I gave her a 2nd shot myself for around 8/10 minutes. Altogether Mona had been fucked for more than 2 hours non-stop. And this was an incredible sexual experience for her.

I returned to the apartment upstairs, and around 9:30 left with Mona's brother in law to his nearby store. There I told him that I was going to Manhattan and would return around 8pm in the evening. But I just went to nearby Municipal Library. After mid-day, around 1pm, I was again with Mona in her basement apartment. I again fucked her first with my player (the 7-inch long dildo) for one hour, and then with my live dick for 8/10 minutes ... and then again with dildo non-stop for more than an hour. This was enough for me to be aroused again for my 2nd shot. So I gave her a quick shot. The same sexual game was played again around 6pm. For the whole week I was in Elmont, Long Island, I went to fuck Mona 3-times a day. 3 sexual sessions per day ... And each time I gave her 2 live shots myself ... along with wild, hard and long fucking with 7-inch long vibrating dildo). Mona became obsessed with multiple orgasms daily due to this 6-hours a day dildo fucking (2 hours per session)and 6 live shots with me (2 shots per session). We had 3 sex sessions every day. I told Mona if she wanted to continue having this kind of tremendous sexual pleasure, she should go into group sex ... I suggested her that she should get 4 to 6 men who would fuck her at the same time. And she could get multiple orgasms like this each time when she would have sex with multiple sexual partners...

I was on my way back from Los Angeles to Europe when I stopped at New York JFK airport. Mona came to see me at the airport. We went to a nearby hotel where we had sex. This time I did not have that sex toy (vibrating dildo) with me. And I fucked her myself for around 10 minutes. This was certainly not enough for her. She loved the pleasure of multiple orgasms with long-duration sex. And it was there when Mona told me that now she had 4 boyfriends, a spicy blend... 2 rough and tough Black American men, 1 Latin American and 1 Italian-origin American ... They all used to fuck her at the same time. And each one of them gave her 2 shots. So she could get multiple orgasms...

Now Mona is obsessed with having sex with several men at a time. Recently she told me over the telephone that once those 4 boyfriends were joined by 4 other friends. And those 8 men fucked her one by one (2 shots by each men). She was fucked 16 times. Her pussy was little swelled up for about a week. Then she told me that they had invited her for a very very wild sexual adventure. They want to gather two baseball teams in a sexual competition - for the longest duration intercourse. Every member of each team would fuck Mona once. And the duration of each shot would be recorded. The one who would fuck Mona for the maximum time would be the winner. Then Mona would have sex with that winner in the cowgirl position. And while still riding on the winner's dick in cowgirl position, she would be crowned as "The Sex Queen of Long Island, New York". Then the winner would fuck Mona in doggy-style position. And while fucking Mona in doggy-style, he would be crowned as "The Sex King of Long Island, New York". Mona is hesitant to be in this contest. I am waiting for the final confirmation if this contest takes place. If it is confirmed, I might go there as a "guest player".

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