Seduction of a Young Mother

by dawn1958

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Mind Control, BiSexual, Slut Wife, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sharon was happily married and then she met Rob and Darlene who had one thing in mind. When Rob mentioned a threesome, his wife was more than willing.

Sharon was the happiest mother in the world. She was fairly happily married; although her husband was on the road a lot with his job, yet she did her best taking care of a baby and the house without a man around a lot of the time. The best part of the day was taking her six month daughter for walks, which proved to be perfect bonding times for the two.

It was during one of those daily walks through the neighborhood park that she met a young couple who had secretly watched her almost every day. Rob and Darlene were about the same age as Sharon and they had been married for three years when their sexlife took a radical change. They had a very active sexlife, but were always looking for new and interesting twists when Rob suggested a threesome.

Darlene not only agreed with her husband, but she allowed Rob to set up a sexual trio with a man from his work. When Darlene found out the man was black, she was horrified. It took her almost a month to get over the shock, but eventually a yearlong threesome commenced. Darlene had to admit the affair with Rob and his friend Ken was extremely satisfying, not only physically but also emotionally.

As with most swinging couples, it didn't take Rob long before he had the desire to watch his wife with another woman. He was sort of jealous watching Darlene and Ken together, as the sex appeared not only erotic, but very hot and steamy as if he was watching an X-Rated porno movie. Rob kind of figured that a threesome with another woman wouldn't be as traumatic and he wouldn't get jealous.

Things couldn't have worked out any better. Both Rob and Darlene were avid photographers and they always had a camera in hand when out walking or driving. It was Darlene who noticed Sharon weeks earlier and in particular the woman's physical features that were definitely bountiful and luscious. Rob knew his wife had been always jealous of women with big boobs and Sharon had a set of tits no man could resist, but strangely Darlene quickly accepted the woman's scrumptious endowment.

They were in the middle of the park and taking pictures of the gorgeous flowers that were in full bloom. "Honey, you know how we've talked about ... about having ... well having a threesome with another woman," she whispered. "I know the perfect woman."

Rob looked up from his camera and instantly noticed the beautiful mother pushing her baby carriage across the large grass strip. "Holy shit, baby, you're right ... so fucking right," he replied and stared at Sharon. Rob knew his wife was talking about the woman and he was utterly amazed at the profound luck.

"Let's go talk to her, honey. I've met her a couple of times at the store and around the neighborhood and she is extremely pleasant," Darlene said. "She is very nice and friendly."

"Oh sugar, you're the best. For sure, let's meet her," Rob replied.

They approached the attractive woman and Darlene took the initiative. "Excuse me. My husband and I have noticed you several times walking your baby around the park. We absolutely adore you and think you portray the perfect mother," she told a shocked Sharon. "We met at the grocery store and also at the spring social. This is my husband, Rob."

"Hello, hi ... I mean hi, yes I remember you, Darlene, right?" Sharon stuttered and tried to act normal when she answered the woman.

"We are taking pictures for a community magazine and would love to take some of you ... with the stroller and baby," Darlene said.

"Well ... well I guess," Sharon replied and watched the eager husband start clicking away, as he took a steady stream of pictures.

"Here, I'll walk with you and we can get to know each other better," Sharon stated. "We can chitchat and I'll get info for the article we're planning for the mag."

The two started walking along the path, which wound around a small pond and up a slight grade towards a nice patch of bushes. It didn't take long for the small talk to begin and for Darlene to find out all about the young wife. The woman knew what questions to ask and it didn't take her long to put the timid mother at ease.

Sharon completely forgot that Rob was taking pictures of her. The two women reached a small seating area where Darlene noticed Sharon would often sit on one of the benches. Sharon usually took the opportunity to take her baby girl out of the stroller and show her all of the pretty scenery, which she did once they sat down. The two women talked for a while and Sharon held her baby on her knee.

The conversation ended very casually with Darlene telling Sharon that they will have some pictures ready in about two days. "I should have my article fairly complete by Friday and would dearly love to show it to you. I would also like to get your approval for the pictures, as I don't want to publish something that you don't like or is inappropriate."

Sharon liked Darlene a lot and she felt totally at ease with the woman. "Sure, I'd love to see what you've done ... also see the pictures before you do put them in the magazine," she replied and promptly put her baby back in the stroller. "Friday is fairly free. What time would you like?"

"Let's say three," Darlene said and then wrote her address on the back of one of Rob's business cards. Then the encounter abruptly ended with Sharon going in one direction and Darlene and Rob in another.

The Friday afternoon meeting went extremely well and once again Darlene easily put her new friend at ease. She showed Sharon the news article for the community magazine and then she led the way to an upstairs room the couple used as a picture gallery. When they entered the large room, the vast amount of pictures and neatly organized display panels took Sharon's breath away.

Rob was meticulous and he had several panels or room dividers spread out around the room that made the room look like a maze. Each panel was covered with a similar set of pictures and all of them appeared splendid and beautiful. Darlene casually walked up to the first panel and described the obvious intent of the group of pictures that showed several kids playing in a playground. "Rob did this one for the June community newsletter. He wanted to show how our playground is greatly appreciated by all of the kids in the neighborhood."

Then Darlene went to the next panel and the next, as she kept telling Sharon about the sequence of gorgeous pictures. One was about the July 4th neighborhood celebrations held in the park. Another was about the August festivities that were held to commemorate the celebrated citizens that supported and represented the community in politics for many years.

They walked around one of the panels and came up to the set of pictures that were taken at the park during their first meeting. Sharon stared at the amazing gallery and couldn't believe she was the main focus, as Rob had an apparent talent to take phenomenal photos. Her eyes slowly shifted from one photo to the next and each one made her heart skip a beat.

Darlene noticed her friend's amazement. "Rob does know how to take good pictures. Then again, when you have a splendid subject, it is easy to make them look lovely."

"Yes, oh yes, his work is very beautiful. Wow, I can't believe that is me," Sharon whispered, as she blushed profusely.

Darlene proceeded to explain the written article that went along with the pictures. She said how they were trying to get everyone in the community to appreciate what events and structures there were and hopefully that would entice everyone to attend and use the various facilities. "As you can see, we tried to capture the aspect that we are a young, vibrant neighborhood and that everyone is welcome."

"Yes, I like the article and do think you did a nice job," Sharon said.

They continued walking and Darlene pretended it was an accident when they rounded one partition and abruptly came to a stop in front of several photos that caused her to gasp. "Oh ... oh my, I'm sorry. I didn't realize Rob had put these up," she stated, as her voice sort of went higher and higher. Instead of running or moving away from the brazen pictures of a naked woman, she grabbed Sharon's arm and stood motionless.

Sharon stared without blinking and her mouth gapped wide open. She recognized Darlene as the naked woman and almost fainted at the sight of several erotic pictures of her seemingly posing for the camera. Each photo got more brazen and explicit, as she glanced from one to the next, and she had trouble regaining her composure.

Darlene felt her friend move as if trying to walk away, but she didn't relax her firm grip on the woman's elbow. "Oh my, you must think I'm awful, but it isn't what it looks like," she stated.

"No, no, I don't," Sharon replied as her eyes remained fixed on the photos.

"Well, it was one of Rob's wishes. He wanted to show the beautiful progression of a woman from being fully dressed to her being completely vulnerable."

"Yes, I can see. It looks very ... quite attractive," Sharon said and her eyes lingered on an explicit photo that showed all of Darlene's gorgeous assets.

"Oh geez, I feel so embarrassed. I didn't know Rob put these up. I'm sorry," Darlene said.

"No, it's okay, really."

"Thank you. I don't want you to think I do this all the time. I just thought they made adorable pictures. Hey, we have to keep our husband's happy."

"Yes, we do. You look ravishing," Sharon said and actually believed the compliment, as her friend did appear very beautiful and photogenic in all of the photos.

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