Ginny and the Egyptian Toilet Man

by mattwatt

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Ginny Shield was just coming out of the grayness that was her life, after the death of her lovely Mom. She went, at her friend Harriet's insistence, to Harriet's anniversary 'do'. She met there Horus Carmichael, proclaiming him on the spot: 'One of the Toilet Carmichaels', referring to his business. They had a pleasant talk but a number of days later, when he picked her up in the rain, as she was out for her walk, their relationship exploded and the romance was born.


That's precisely where she was going, and Ginny Shields, Virginia Shields, that is, didn't like them at all. But Harriet, her friend Dr Harriet Giddons had really insisted. As a matter of fact, Harriet had been worrying about Ginny, who'd been reclusive ever since the death of her Mom. Ginny had taken a great deal of time to care for her aging, and ultimately, dying Mom. It was a return of the love that Ginny had always had from that lovely women. But since then, Ginny was in a kind of funk; it was just work and nothing else for her. Harriet, being a friend, knew that and had prodded Ginny into coming to her and Carl's anniversary 'do'. Ginny had finally relented and agreed to come.

Harriet greeted Ginny that evening with enthusiasm: "It's so nice to see you getting out," Harriet had said.

"Yes, thanks to you," Ginny responded, realizing that it was indeed good for her to get out. She was now thankful that Harriet had insisted.

"You just leave me to it," Ginny said, "I know that you have hostess things to do. I'll be fine."

Ginny had wandered among the people and spoke briefly to a number of people that she knew.

During the course of the time that she was there, she did notice one solitary man, who was drinking a drink and not really talking to anyone. That got her interest. Ginny was nothing, if not a curious woman, at such times.

She went to him and introduced herself. He actually reddened in the face, once she went to him.

She found out that he was Horus Carmichael.

"You mean of the 'toilet Carmichaels'?" she asked, putting her hand over her mouth to giggle into it, after she asked the question.

(Horus was the owner of a major business that dealt with bathroom fixtures.)

He reddened again but just grinned at her.

"The very same," he said to her.

That was actually almost the total extent of their interchange. Ginny wasn't very much at home at such a party and Horus was naturally shy. The meeting, however, did remain in his mind.


She wondered, as she struggled along, if he'd drive this way today. She smiled a rueful smile and said: "probably not, since it's maybe the one day that I need him." Then she amended that: "And no 'maybes' about it."

It had begun to rain, a regular cloud burst and Ginny, was wet down to her foundation. The only plus that she could come up with was that the rain was warm that morning.

Then he was indeed there. He pulled into the curb and parked his lovely silver gray Mercedes and rolled down a window.

She just gave him a kind of baleful look and he said softly: "Come, let's get you home."

"Yes, thank you," she said, and when she'd gotten into the car she added: "Never expected this rain."

"No," he said, "Seemed to come out of nowhere."

"Sorry for getting your car all wet," she ventured.

"No, don't say it," he said, smiling, "We're just going to take care of what's needed here."

"Yes, thank you," she said, leaning back and simply appreciating the plushness of his lovely car. She told him that also. He smiled.

Ginny remembered meeting Horus —— she called him, to herself, 'the Egyptian Man because of his name —— at that party at the's Giddons' home, where, in the course of the evening, she met Horus Carmichael.

At the time, she'd wondered about his name and he provided the explanation that his parents had been, in their younger days, amateur Egyptologists, and so, when he was born, he'd been named Horus, after the Egyptian god.

Ginny had giggled about that and said: "First time I ever met a god."

He had, right then, joined her laugh, though he had colored a bit red in the face at her comment. It caused her to apologize but he'd simply put up and hand and said that it was fine.

She had him written down, after meeting him and talking with him for just a time, as a sensitive man.

He was that. He colored easily, and wasn't really that comfortable with women. He was, Horus Carmichael was a classic 'momma's boy'. As a matter of fact, he spent some of his time taking care of his now ailing Momma, Marjorie.

He had inherited, and ran his father's toilet and bath fixture manufacturing business. He'd already joined his Dad in the business right out of college. He seemed to have a good head for business from a very early age and was a full participating partner for his dad from his earliest time in the business on.

Truth to tell, her fairly outrageous attitude, including the comment about the 'Toilet Carmichaels' had attracted Horus in a way that was almost incomprehensible to him. Her grinning, laughing, giggling persona was like a tonic for him. Of course, he never said such a thing to her at all. That was for him merely to think about.

And they had met again. Horus noticed, one day on his way to work ——he always went the same way——her walking and stopped to offer her a ride.

"Horus!" she said, and he smiled.

Then she laughed and said: "I almost said 'the Toilet Man' or maybe 'the Egyptian Toilet Man'." It ended with her laughing outright. It also made him grin.

She'd held up a hand then and said: "I apologize; I'll behave myself in the future."

"Not sure I'm asking you to do that!" he said.

"Be careful, Mr Egyptian!" she'd said then with a grin.

"But may I offer a ride?" he asked.

"Oh, no," she said, "This is how I get my exercise. I always walk. I have a circuit that is about 4 miles and do it several times a week. It's lovely. But thank you, thank you for the offer."

He smiled at her and they waved, as he drove away.

"I like that Egyptian Toilet Man," she said.

They saw each other many times, after that, though in the future their meeting was confined to a wave, as he drove by. She always gave him a broad grin and a wave.

One day, he even went out on a limb and had, for her, a cappuccino. She was truly pleased.

They sat then in his car, at the curb and drank their cappuccinos.

"Aren't you a bit late today?" she asked.

"Yes, my Mom had a kind of spell this morning but she settled down now, and I'm off to work," he explained.

They talked then just a bit about his taking care of his Mom. This was something that she could readily understand, since she'd done the very same thing for her Mom for years.

As a matter of fact, Ginny Shields, now 45 yrs old, had already rued, a bit, the fact that life had passed her by. But the love that she'd gotten from her Dad, now long gone, and her wonderful Momma had simply made her determined to be there with care as long as Momma needed it. Her Mom was now gone also, for the past eight months.

In that situation, with him, with Horus, talking about taking care of her Mom, Ginny found herself explaining that to him, how she'd done the same for her Mom, and also how much she missed that lovely lady.

"She was my special person," Ginny said, tears coming now. This led, of course, to another apology on her part and it also led, once again, to his telling her that no apology was necessary at all. He would have, he realized, put his arms around her to comfort her, had he been a bit more 'forward', at the thought of it. But the inclination, at least, was there.

The care of his Mom was talking a good part of Horus' energy these days. He was now 48 and had been a 'Momma's Boy' as long as he could remember. There was total adulation for him, where his Mom was concerned but precious little ability in dealing with other women. He wasn't a 'lady's man' in any sense of the term except in his own mind.

His opinion of Ginny Shields, and her bubbly, wonderful personality was something that was only for him, never for anyone else.

But the truth of that was that his Mom was beginning to truly fade, and he knew that bad times were certainly in the future about that.

But now, right now, thanks be to the rain, he had Ginny Shields in the car and he was as close to 7th heaven as he ever could remember.

(It should perhaps be said, admitted, that neither Horus or Ginny were among the 'young and beautiful'. Horus, at 48 certainly took care of himself. His father's early life heart attack had taught him that much. He was pretty regular at his exercises and watched his diet. It kept him trim, and he had graying, curly dark hair that he'd inherited from his Momma. He was, all in all, a good looking, though 'aging' man.

Ginny Shields, night nurse at the local medical center in the ER, was certainly a match. She was a bit on the short side, 5'5" with fading mixed blond and dark hair. She had it kind of short and feathered at this point. She was a bit, just a tiny bit heavy about the hips and the mid section, just a tiny, tiny bit. This was overcome, however, by her fairly large breasts. She also had a lovely, lovely rounded butt. Ginny looked her age, she knew that but she was a stunner nevertheless. She was at that age, when women are the most beautiful. As she got along in age, she'd eschewed an active social life in favor of simply being there and taking care of her Momma. It was nightly tv for them, pleasant girl type movies and the like. Her Momma, in those last times, had a series of tv shows that were favorites and gave her pleasure. Ginny always watched those shows with Momma, right to near the end.)

"Okay," Horus said, "It's home for you."

"Yes, thank you," Ginny responded.

"You need to get out of those wet clothes," he said.

She put her hand up to her mouth and giggled at the thought and what he, in innocence, had said.

He stammered then, and she giggled. "I didn't mean that!" he said, coloring.

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