I Gave My Wife to My Best Friend

by davenothere

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Desc: Romantic Story: What would you do for your wife, the love of your live and your best friend? Would you be willing to give it all up so the two people you cared the most for could be happy again? This is David's story of just that. Some might call him stupid, some might even question his love but, not his determination to see two people happy. But like all good plans there is something or someone with a different idea of how this should be.

"You trying to bullshit us", she said. I just told her "No but that's about the same response that I get or worse when I tell people. But it's true I gave my wife who I love with all my heart and who loved me to my best friend. Oh she was both of ours best friend since we were baby." I smile at her before saying "but she has always been between us".

Before I go any farther my name is David Carter, I'm 32. After separating from my wife two and haft years ago I have just been going for one job site to the next. I have a little camper that I tow behind my truck so I don't have to live in a motel.

I'm a military trained and collage graduate engineer but, I would rather be out working on a site fixing problems than sitting behind a desk making them. Yes most problems on the sites I'm called to are having a problem with one piece of equipment not working with another. Sometimes it's because someone hooked it up wrong, other times it's because one piece is faulty but a lot of the times it's because the person drawing it up has never been in the field and doesn't understand it cannot work the way it does on paper.

This time it was a little of all three. The funny part about this job is I know the guy that wrote it up, well. He was and still is my best friend William as he likes to be called now, I know him as Billy.

Most of the people on the sites I work don't even know my name and that's the way I like it. They just call me mister fix-it. The guys in charge know my name and number but know not to give it out if they ever want me to work for them again. Before someone asks, no I'm not running from the law.

So that's why I'm sitting in bar, at a table with four girls and two guy. Well that's not quite right. I've been coming into this bar for the last month now to get something to eat after work before heading to my trailer. They have some of the best home cooking I have ever eaten but Mary's (my ex-wife).

Tonight I was sitting with these people because for the last three nights they have been coming in and I have been catching one of the girls watching me. Since it's my last night here in town, I was going try to find out why.

I have my suspicions. Since I left, my ex-wife and Billy have had PI's looking for me. If she is a PI, she is the smallest and cutest I have seen. She can't be over five foot with the blondest shoulder length hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. When she laughs everyone looks because it is the sweetest sound you ever heard. It's a full laugh like that of a child and you know it's not a fake laugh. As for her voice I cannot say how it really sounds because she hasn't said much since I sat down.

The red head who said her name was Jill said "oh I got to hear this story" as she scooted a little closer to me.

I looked at her then at Amy, the little blond as she was introduced. It was the first time that I had seen her frown. I guess me coming to her table and Jill's actions have thrown her off her game.

When she sees me looking at her that cute little smile returned and said "I like to hear it too".

I don't know why I feel like it and it's not like others haven't asked before, maybe it's just time that I needed to tell someone. So I started.

"I guess that I should start by tell you what I meant by my ex-wife, Mary always being between us. Billy my best friend, Mary and I were born a month and a haft apart. Billy was the oldest by three weeks, Mary was next then three weeks later I was born. I lived in the corner house on our street, Billy lived two houses down and in between us lived

Mary. See what I mean, she was always between us."

I looked around the table and the ones that smiled were Amy and Jill who took my stopping as an invite to scoot a little closer.

"Our parents were friends before we came along so even as babies we were together. It wasn't till the summer between third and fourth grade that some else joined our little group. A new family moved in at the other end of the street."

Jill gave me that one eyebrow lift that all women must learn at birth. I just smiled and said "it's all part of the story".

About that time a waitress pasted and I ordered a round of drinks like I did when I asked if I could join them. Everyone got a beer but Amy she just got another coke.

"Where was I. Oh yeah, Penny. The family that moved in had two girls. Penny was our age and from the first day it was like we had grow up together. Her sister was just a baby and even as we grew up she never hung around us."

"Where ever you found one of us you found the other three. I believe we each had our own place in the group too. Billy even though he was the biggest, he was the nice guy and was right there with Mary as the smartest. Mary was kind of the leader and probable the most mature. Penny was the wildest, everything from clothes, hair, to what she wanted to be and everything in between. Me I was the bad guy of the group."

Everyone was looking at me when I stopped and the waitress started to put our drinks down. Once the waitress left I took a long drink not realizing how much I needed it. When I put my beer down I looked around the table and everyone was taking a drink but Amy and she was just smiling at me. Once everyone put their drinks down I continued.

"Don't get me wrong I wasn't trying to be the bad boy of the group. It's just I wouldn't put up with any shit. Think back to when you were in elementary school. Did you hang out with boys or girls and what happen when a boy and girl did hang out together, they got made fun of. Well they learned quickly that you don't make fun of Mary, Penny, Billy or me. Billy always tried to stop me but that was mostly because I thought that he was the only one who knew my secret."

"We had every class together till middle school. With the trouble kid rep and having to fight to get B's and C's I was in different classes then the other three. Not that they had every class together but they did have some."

I threw back the rest of my beer and waved the waitress down for another round. I looked around the table and saw that the two guys and the other two girls were not really listening. I guess since I was buying their drink they were not going to complain.

After the new round of drinks were on the table and paid for I excused myself to use the bathroom.

When I returned the seating arrangement had changed. Jim who I was sitting next to had moved one seat to the left and Amy was now sitting to my left. Jill was still to my right but now our chairs were touching.

I wasn't looking for any company but didn't want to insult her either so as I pulled out my chair out and centered between the two of them. If she noticed this she didn't react but as I sat I saw that Amy's smile seemed to have just a little smirk to it for just a second.

Once I was seated Jill asked me "What secret of yours did Billy know".

I just smiled and said "that's not really not part of this story".

I felt Amy's hand on my arm and I turn to look at her. Her smile was gone and there was sadness in eyes as she said "I know but I want to hear the rest of the story".

Just from the look on her face I felt that somehow she did know and it shook me to the bone. So much so that I shivered and when I did she just nodded her head once then removed her hand.

I just sat there looking at her wandering who this woman was. If she was a PI she might already know this story but would they tell her my secret. Billy and I never talked about it in all our years but he knew. Mary and I had but that was only after we were married and we only talked a little about it. That is how I found out that all three of them knew my secret.

I was brought back to the present by Jill bumping me with her shoulder asking if I was going to tell her the rest of the story.

When I turned to Jill we bumped shoulders and I realized that she had moved her chair right next to mine again. I heard a little snicker from my left.

"Oh yeah, remember how I said that Billy was always trying to help me stay out of trouble? Well in middle school was the only time that when he tried that it ended up getting me in trouble. Even then it was still my fault." I smiled as I thought about it.

"I was having problems in English in eight grade and had a report do on Monday. We were all over at Billy's studding and doing homework on Saturday. After we finished Mary asked how I thought I did on my report. I remembering smiling at her and saying I should at least get a C. She asked if I wanted her to look it over for me and maybe she could help with it. I told her no, I was either going to get it or not but if I let her do it I would never know if I could do it on my own. She gave me a sad little smile, she knew my secret but I didn't know it at the time. After we were done we went out and walked around"

"Well I had left my back pack at Billy's so he brought it out with him Monday morning. English was my first class and before sitting down you had to turn in any assignments. Everything went fine the rest of the day. It wasn't till Tuesday when I found out what Billy had done when Ms. Henderson gave me my report back saying this is what I expect from you from now on."

"I looked at the report and it had a big A on it. I could not believe it till I started to read it. It was on the same subject but it wasn't how I wrote it. I knew right away who did it because even though he was a lot smarter then I was Billy's handwriting was no better than mine."

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