Plane Crash

by Shani 34

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Fiction, Humor, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A military plane crashes in the jungle. Everyone survives, sixteen men and Jennifer, the flight attendant. This is the story of how the Colonel uses Jennifer to keep his men under control as their sexual urges threaten the discipline of his troops. It is written light heartedly, about how Jennifer copes with the requirements of the Colonel, and his men.

We were flying over mountainous jungle when it happened. The beeper went, and I picked up the phone and Dave the Captain said we have a problem, tell everybody to prepare to crash. I managed to stick with my training, and maybe because the passengers were all military people nobody panicked, and we waited breathlessly to see what was going to happen. I confess that I came very close to losing control! That is the problem with a small aircraft like this. On bigger planes there are three or four of you, and you sort of share the tension when there are problems. But here I was all alone and I had never before been faced with a real crash, and I admit that I was very close to wetting myself as I walked up and down the aisle checking that everybody was strapped in and knew the brace position and so on.

Looking out the window I could see that we were getting lower and lower, and the mountains all around us looked totally inhospitable. I began to realise we were probably all going to die! Suddenly the Captain came on the air and said that there was a small runway ahead and he hoped to be able to get in there, and everyone cheered. Another terrifying wait and then I got the word to strap myself in, which meant we were seconds from landing, or impact, or death!

We landed, sort of, bounced horrendously, I think a wheel came off, and then we skidded and slid and one wing hit something and the aircraft slewed around and there were horrendous jolts and thumps but finally we came to a stop with a bang but not really a crash! I jumped up and did my thing, and got everyone out and somehow the plane didn't catch fire or anything, and there we were, sixteen men and me. Dave and Barry the two pilots, me the stewie, a Colonel, a Sergeant, and twelve rough looking soldiers.

The plane had sort of swung round into the trees, and I made everyone move away from it, like we were taught, and then I realised we were all alive! I was so excited at having got everyone out safely that I hugged them and they all took turns hugging me and kissing me and for a few moments it was really just like a party. I even giggled when a couple of the soldiers held me rather longer than was proper, and I felt their hands on my bum rather more firmly than I would normally have allowed, and only half heartedly pushed them away. For a few minutes we all stood watching the plane and thinking how lucky we had been.

I saw a couple of soldiers out on the runway, it was tatty and overgrown, it was amazing that Dave had managed to get us down at all. They were looking up into the sky, obviously expecting to see search helicopters queuing up to rescue us, and I ran out ready to wave as they landed. I suddenly thought there might be journalists with them, photographers and everything, and after all those hugs and kisses my lipstick must be a mess, and I didn't want to look too slutty when the rescuers arrived. I turned and was just going back to the plane to fetch my makeup and a clean blouse and things when suddenly, for no obvious reason, the plane just exploded! Hot flames and a huge pillar of smoke and then it was all over, and we were alone, and in the silence I heard Barry say at least they will be able to see the smoke.

Dave asked Barry the co-pilot if he had managed to get out a Mayday and the young guy who looked really shaken said no sorry. And we all looked at the smoking wreck and thought 'oh dear'.

"So, you mean, nobody knows where we are?"

"Well, they must know roughly," Dave said, and we all sucked our teeth and looked at the jungle and the mountains and thought yeah great.

Some of the soldiers built an enormous SOS sign on the little runway beside the smoking wreck of the plane, and David and Barry and I stood around looking at it confident that within hours search planes would fly over and see it. Barry was so optimistic that I started getting cross with him. "So where are these sodding serach planes," I snapped, looking up at the empty sky, and turned and stalked off into the bushes.

While we had been standing uselessly by the wreck of the plane, the soldiers had started pushing their way into the jungle and I followed them and they had found a hut that had obviously been used by drug people, but it was burnt out and useless and there was no chance that anyone still used it. There was a little clearing around the ruins of the hut, and they built a fire and told me to sit down and relax. Some of them set out to find food and water, and I started thinking that maybe this could be fun, a day or so in the jungle with some real macho soldiers, what a story to tell everyone when I got home.

The Colonel called everyone together and said that this clearing would be our base camp, and he gave all the soldiers jobs, and Dave and Barry sat looking scared and helpless, the Colonel didn't even try to give them anything to do. I asked if I could help but he told me no, just rest, and don't worry everything would be fine. I smiled at him, so glad that I was in safe hands, this would have been just awful if it was only Dave and Barry to look after me.

I quickly had to abandon my shoes, the heels being short as required for stewies but still hopeless in soft jungle soil. And of course my stockings were quickly laddered by the tangled undergrowth so I hid behind some bushes and took those off too. I didn't dare lift my skirt to remove my garter belt, because there were soldiers everywhere hunting and things, and I suspected that some of the sneakier ones might be watching me, so I just reached up inside the skirt to unclip the suspender straps and left the belt on, with the suspender straps dangling down my thighs, rather kinky in a way. Emerging gingerly with bare feet and bare legs from the trees, the men round the fire all looked at me, and I felt really good, really sexy. What a story this would be when I got back amongst my friends.

They made seats out of fallen trees and things and set them around the fire and I sat down beside Dave and gave him a smile and he said everything would be okay and I said yeah of course, never doubted it, they will come and get us soon. Then we both went silent, thinking that it just might not be okay, that we might be here for longer than just a few hours.

Pretty soon I was unable to ignore the fact that the soldiers were looking at my bare legs! I kept my knees tight together and tried to smile confidently as though this was normal for me, being stranded millions of miles from anywhere with more than a dozen very definitely male soldiers. Dave was the only guy sitting on my side of the fire, most of the soldiers had been sent off on tasks, but as they came back to the fire I noticed that they were all sitting around the other sides, where they could watch me, and several of them were sitting quite tightly packed on the log directly opposite, where they would be able to see right up my skirt, what with the fire burning and providing light! And they were making no secret of the fact that they were looking!

Of course, however still I remained my skirt slowly rode up, and at first I tried to tug my skirt down as far as possible without it being obvious what I was doing, but every time I did the men grinned and in the end it was less embarrassing just leaving it be. I could also feel my nipples getting hard under their shameless stares, and glancing down I could see them poking through my top.

One of the nice things about being stranded with a gang of soldiers is they know how to do things. Pretty soon someone came in from the jungle holding a bird he had managed to club or catch or something, and someone else caught some little animal, and I realised that even if we weren't rescued before sunset we were going to survive. One of the bad things about being the only girl stranded with a gang of soldiers is that you become very aware that you are the only girl. And you get so all you can think about is that soldiers are very much male and very horny. It wasn't long before I realised that a lot of the guys seemed more interested in me than in hunting animals. Or maybe they were thinking of hunting me! I started listening for the search helicopters, and hoping I wouldn't have to spend the night here, with them.

The men were about to cook dinner, things they had trapped, things that looked like rats and pigeons. I offered to help, but the men said they would manage. I felt a bit of an idiot, acutely aware that my skills as a cook were totally inappropriate here, as they improvised pans from bits of metal pulled off the wreck of the plane, and skinned a rabbit-like thing while I watched helplessly, never even having had to cut raw meat off a bone! But all the time I was aware of eyes watching me. Lots of them. And I became aware that several of the guys had erections as they watched me! Don't get me wrong, I am not a prude and not a virgin and certainly not a prick-teaser. But in most of my previous encounters with erect cocks there has been just me and its owner and the exciting prospect of pleasure in the very near future. This was very different, scary, there were lots of them and just me. My previous encounters with strangers with erect cocks had been very few, mainly old men rubbing against me on busses and things, and there had always been lots of people around and at least the prospect of a policeman nearby. Here there was just us. Them, and me. And I was starting to feel very nervous!

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