Sixty-Four and Loving It

by Smiley Smith

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Space, MaleDom, Spanking, Harem, Nudism, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A sixty-four year old man is extracted, with a lot of concubines and many dependents.

My name is Major John Burns and I am a member of the Confederacy Fleet Auxiliary.

I have a 9.2 CAP which entitled me to eight Concubines. Under special colony rules I was granted two additional concubines, one a mother figure and one a medical professional. Their names are Joan our mother figure with fifteen children, Jackie with sixteen children, Frank our male and Gynecologist, Lisa with fourteen children, Alexandria with fifteen children, Jean with fifteen children, Rhonda with fourteen children, Rachel with sixteen children, Barbara with fourteen children, and Linda with sixteen children.

The total was one hundred thirty-five children. That's a lot of children, right? Yes it is! In this day and age there are no families that big. Well here is another surprise, one hundred twenty of the children are girls between the age of eleven and thirteen.

This is how it happened.

When the President's announcement was made I was a divorced white male sixty-four years old. Frankly I was feeling my age at that point. I was a retired Marine sergeant. After thirty years I retired. That was seventeen years earlier. My wife divorced me a year after I retired. I can't really blame her, we were both not the same people we married. We had had four children, who were in their forties. They were scattered all over the US and I hardly ever saw them.

About a month after the announcement I was downtown looking to pick up some football tickets for the next game. As I drove back I noticed the local CAP testing center and decided to get the test over with. I still had 5 months before I had to do it, but it was a hassle going downtown and I had time. In fact I had nothing to do the rest of the day. I entered the testing center and discovered that, other than staff members, it was almost empty. The person at the reception desk asked for identification and I handed her my driver's license. She said, the tester would be available in a minute or two. We chatted for several minutes.

I asked, "Why is this center so empty?"

The receptionist replied, "Oh, it is not that surprising, we only opened the center today and the announcement will hit the news tonight. Tomorrow this place will be packed to the gills."

After a few minutes the receptionist led me to a office with a couch and I laid down. The receptionist attached a couple of probes to my fingers and left the room saying the examiner would be with me in a moment. After what I thought was a quick nap, I was awakened by the receptionist and led to a desk where my card was printed out. I looked at the clock and it was about four hours later. I told the receptionist that I remembered nothing. She said that was normal and not to worry. She then pulled the card from the printer, looked at the score and did a double take. Her eyes had this far away look, then returned to the present. Sir, your score is 9.2, would you like to volunteer for the Confederacy?"

I said, "Yes!"

"Which branch? The AI recommends the Navy where your logistics talent is needed."

"The Navy is fine."

She then handed me the card and I left the center.

I was not aware of exactly what a 9.2 CAP score meant when I left the center. I remember the looks of awe in the faces of the Confederacy staff in the CAP center. I really did not understand that CAP score of above nine were rare.

As I walked out, I noticed the center was close to the natural history museum and decided to visit it since I had not been there since I was a child. I paid the admission, and wondered how parents found the money to take their kids.

I was wandering around looking at the exhibits, being slightly disappointed that the museum was geared mostly to children when suddenly the light from the windows in the building dimmed, even though there was not a cloud in the sky.

Then there was an announcement, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is an important announcement. Please listen carefully. I am Lieutenant Stanley Hargrove of the Confederacy Marines. I would like to welcome you to the Museum of Natural History extraction.

"Anyone with weapons of any type please disarm yourselves and point the weapons out to the Marines in your vicinity. If you are not extracted they will be returned before we leave."

There was a few minutes wait as people were disarmed. This was mostly security guards and mothers with small guns for protection.

Lieutenant Hargrove then said over the public address system, "Thank-you, for your cooperation. Those of you who cannot follow directions will now find out how serious we are."

There were a few zaps and several museum patrons ended up sprawled on the floor, including several students and a teacher.

The miscreants were disarmed with several apologies being made for things like screwdrivers that looked like knives, pocket knives that the students were carrying and such. The students did not see the pocket knives as weapons and the Marines pretty much agreed. Several were Boy Scouts and it was pretty normal to carry that type of stuff around and not even think of it.

The people were hit by a very light stun, this was the first few weeks of the pickups.

It took another five minutes to straighten things out. One of the women in one of the groups with children was reading a Marine the riot act for stunning one of her children. It did not help that the woman was right. Apparently the item that the girl was stunned for was a tiny flashlight and not the knife that the AI thought it was. I wandered over as the young woman kept it up. I could see it was just escalating and if no one intervened she was going to end up stunned. Meanwhile the student kept telling the lady she was alright no harm done. I stepped in between the woman and the Marine and backed her away mostly by blocking her attempts to get around me. She took a swing at me. I smoothly ducked and had her in an arm lock marching away from the group as the surprised Marines watched. I told them I had the situation under control.

I spoke in a whisper to the lady, "Calm down honey! All you are going to do is get yourself stunned! Your students need you! Relax! Mistakes happen!"

She suddenly relaxed and said, "Let me go. Sorry you're right, I am out of control, thank-you. You don't understand, this girl's father is a local thug. I'll end up in the river for sure, no matter what the girl says." I would later find out that the father was incarcerated which led to the daughter being in foster care. From jail the father had people constantly watching the daughter and had issued threats should any harm come to her.

I said, "No you will not, if you play your cards right."

The lady quickly explained that a large number of children were foster children from a state foster home for girls. There were actually one hundred twenty girls between eleven and thirteen years old from the foster home on a field trip to the museum. Most of these children were from homes where abuse occurred regularly. It turned out that there were nine female chaperones including the director of the facility. Except for the director, the chaperones were all between fourteen and seventeen years old.

Meanwhile the lieutenant was sorting the sponsors and the concubines, and the new exhibition at the Natural History Museum describing in great detail the mating rituals of the Homo Sapiens species began.

This is when a sergeant came up to me and asked, "Sir are you John Burns?"

I said, "Yes."

"Major, Sir, you are the main target of this extraction. I need you to come with me!"

I replied, "Just a second sergeant, I need to talk to a potential concubine here."

Just then another woman who turned out to be the director of the foster home spoke up, saying, "Sir, all these women are my charges. I apologize for her outburst, but I need you to let go of her and allow her to return to her job, escorting these girls."

I asked her, "You are the legal guardian of these women and children?"

She said, "Yes I am".

"How many children are left at the foster home?"

"Fifteen who are babies of the girls or my children. There is a male staff member, a Gynecologist, who is watching over them.

"Has he been cap tested?"

"Yes 5.9."

The sergeant, with the guidance of the AI asked, "What is his name?"

The director said the name and the sergeant then said to me, "The AI thinks it knows what you are up to. If the ladies over thirteen all agree and the director agrees to be your concubines we will take all the children and the ladies. Don't worry if the concubine count is too high it will grant you extras on a hardship basis. We will also pick up the doctor if he agrees to be your concubine and you find him suitable. He is a well respected Gynecologist. The AI says that there is a high probability you will find him compatible.

"I am going to add that the AI is rarely wrong in these things and children are something the AI seriously protects."

I thought, a gynecologist would be perfect.

The director said in a tone of disbelief, "Is that man suggesting we go to the stars with you, with my foster girls and my children?"

I gave the short answer, "Yes."

The woman said, "All one hundred and forty-three of them?"

It turned out that the chaperones were former foster children that the state was allowing to live at the foster home, in exchange for their help running the home. While the Confederacy considered fourteen-year-olds to be adults and the state laws had changed to conform, the foster care system was still adjusting. The director considered all the chaperones her charges too.

"Yes. As long as the ones fourteen and older agree."

The woman said, "Where do I sign up?"

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