My Eighteenth: Strip for Me

by TerminusOmega

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Mother, Daughter, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Angelina wants a unique gift for her eighteenth birthday from her stripper mother

I grew up basically normal. Despite the environment I was raised in I really was not the maladjusted youth many would expect of me. Now the reason I say this is because of what my mother does for a living. My mom is a stripper. She's been one my whole life. She was one before I was born and at thirty-eight she still works the stage. She had me two years after she started stripping. She went home with a guy she was dancing for that night and despite being on the pill, I was conceived that night. She had to take a break for a while once she started to show.

Thankfully, she had been very popular at the club she worked at, Radiant Terra's Hideaway, so they were okay with letting her take some time off. A year after I was born and she'd lost the baby weight, she went right back. They welcomed her with open arms and apparently the news that Crystalline, her stage name, was coming back was a huge event. Apparently the night she returned was record setting for the club's attendance. The only change she made when returning was that she now did not go home with customers. She did not want another illegitimate child. She told me it was bad enough she already had one child who would never know who their father was.

Now there was a reason my mom was a popular act. She was drop dead gorgeous. She was a brunette, her hair was a very dark brown, almost black, with sharp blue eyes and a button nose. She had very full lips, and she was very trim. Still, her biggest grab was her big, heart shaped butt and her natural 36E breasts. Curves in all the right places that men, and some women, could not help throwing their money at hoping to see her naked. She usually brought home between 800 and 1100 dollars a night. Yeah, we were never wont for money. She never wanted to leave.

Mom was proud of being a stripper. I did not know how she got started in the game, but even years later she still loved her job and had no plans to stop. As far as I knew, it was the only job she ever had and she planned to retire from it when the time came. She was sure she'd never do any other job. She did not listen to the judgments of other moms when they found out what she did. Many moms at school would slander her, but she never cared. She doubted any of the other moms who worked enjoyed their jobs like she did.

It did hurt me some, socially at least, as people did not want to hang with the "Stripper's Daughter", but I took it in stride. I loved mom, and what she did to survive was her choice. She could have gone to college, or something like that, but she enjoyed the stage and felt it was a good career for her. I was intrigued often by her job, and for a few years I considered doing it myself but mom shot that down fast. She wanted me to go to college and be more than her. What she did was good for her but not good enough for me.

Now I probably would have been a success myself. I was basically a slightly less endowed version of mom. I was taller, my breasts were a cup size smaller and my hair was a lighter brown, but otherwise we looked much alike. I won't lie, even now I still did consider being a stripper, even if it was only temporary. I did wonder if she would let me do it for something like that, if I didn't make a career of it.

Now look, I'm not gay. I like guys a lot but for some reason my mother's job always intrigued me. I always wanted to see what she looked like stripping, removing her clothes for other people's enjoyment. I had no interest in other girls and I never really viewed my mother in a sexual way, but for some reason I really wanted to watch her strip. It wasn't like I had some desire to just see her naked. I had seen that before.

Being a successful stripper, she had built a practice room in our home so she could work on new material. A few times, I had entered the room while she was practicing so I had often seen her topless. I had never seen her privates though, she never took them off when practicing as she rarely removed them at work. I'm not sure if she knew, though I'm pretty sure she did, but I had used it a few times myself practicing my own routines. Like I said, I still had an interest in doing the job myself and if I ever got the chance I wanted to make sure I was ready.

I finally got my chance to see her strip on my eighteenth birthday. Since we were never worried about money, I basically had everything I wanted. Mom always found it hard to shop for me, so she often asked me what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday. Knowing this was coming, I thought this would be my chance to see if I could finally get my wish. About a week before my birthday, mom came into the kitchen for breakfast and asked me. "So sweetie, you have a big birthday coming up." She said to me. "My little girl is finally an adult. So, is there anything really special you want for your birthday?"

I knew exactly what I wanted, but I was still nervous to ask. This was not something a normal girl asked her mom for. My heart was pounding, but I had to ask. The worst that could happen is that she'd say no. Yeah, she might get angry, but I had to do it. I took a deep breath and swallowed, to calm my nerves. "Yeah mom, there is something I really want, but it's not something you can buy." Mom looked confused. I looked her right in the eye as I prepared to bite the bullet.

"I know this is a strange request, especially because I'm your daughter, but I do have one thing I really want for my birthday." Mom was looking at me with wonder in her eyes. "I want you to strip for me mom. I want you to give me a show like you give your customers." Mom's jaw dropped in shock. "Angelina, you want me, your mother, to strip for you?" I nodded. "I never would have expected this from you. Tell me something, why would you want that?" I felt a little more at ease now. She didn't say no, not yet, and she did not seem angry.

"I've always been intrigued by your job, how you can so easily expose yourself to others. You remember at one time I even wanted to follow in your footsteps. I just want to see how you do it. I want to see you perform." She sat in silence for a bit, and it was tense. I was scared of her response. Then she spoke. "Well baby, it is an odd request, but I might be able to fulfill it. Give me some time to think about it." I nodded. It could happen, I might get to see my mother strip.

For the next week, I often caught her deep in thought. I knew she was pondering my request. I had asked her for something very unusual, so I knew she had reservations about giving me such a gift. I did not push her. I wanted her to accept freely. I woke up on my birthday a week later with still no answer. I hoped she'd say yes, but I prepared for a refusal. After dressing, I headed down to the kitchen for my birthday breakfast.

Every year, she made me my favorite. Full course of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage and homefries. Normally this would take too long for her to make as she was always coming home as I was getting up and she'd be too tired to make such a meal. On my birthday that was not the case. She always took my birthday and the day before off. Being the club's most popular and highest earning act did earn her quite a few favors. What days off she wanted, she got. She was smiling at me as she served me my food. As I ate, she finally spoke. "Angie, I have had a lot of time to think about your request." I stopped eating at that moment, my heart again pounding. "I will admit, it is an odd one, but after some thought, I feel that it is not that big a deal. So yes, I will strip for you. Meet me in my practice room tonight." I jumped for joy. I would finally see my mom strip.

I barely remember the rest of that day. I was in a fog, anticipating the night. I went out with my friends and all but I raced home later around eight, eager to receive my gift. When I got home mom was in her bedroom getting ready. She told me to go to the practice room and wait for her there. I went downstairs and headed for the room. It had been a guest room when she bought the house, but she converted it when she started making more money. The room's interior looked like a miniature strip club.

In the center was a checkerboard tile floor with a stripper pole in the center of it. The ceiling was fitted with lights and speakers. There was another door on the other side of the room, hidden behind a curtain which also hid her small control board. A few feet from the "stage" was a red leather booth-like couch. It basically looked identical to the club she worked at. The lights in the room were at full brightness right now. I walked to the seat and sat down, my heart starting to pound. Fifteen minutes later I heard the other door open and close. I did not even know what she was wearing. My heart beat faster knowing my present was on the other side of that curtain and then I heard the click of a switch from the control board.

The lights in her practice room were dimmed and I heard the beginnings of her signature song list start. I knew these songs well, I heard them often when she began her practice routines. My heart began to pound harder as I heard a recording of one of her club's DJs come through. "Here she is ladies and GENTLEMAN. Everyone's favorite MILF dancer, Crystalline." With that, mom came out from the side and began her strut to the center of the stage. Her legs looked so sexy as she strut with a wide gait to the "stage."

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