Finding a Husband and Training Him!

by Linda Jean

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young 22 year old woman knows what she wants and decides to get it. She want's a husband who will have make the money to keep her form working. A husband who will love sex the way she wants sex in their marriage. A Husband who can only have sex under her terms which in this case is very nasty! A husband that she can train and use as she want's and a husband that will insist that she has sex with other men because it is the only way they can enjoy sex together. This is a twisted story of Cream.

During my last year at college I realized that, while I was having the most fun of my life, I had no ambition to continue to get my (or any) degree. I had chosen the medical field so I could find a man who was going to make money in a profession that would give me the finer things in life; and I did plan on living a very comfortable life.

Now I went on dates almost every night since I was fifteen and seldom more than three times with anyone special. I decided very early in life I would not get hooked on anyone who could not, or would not, give me the life I planned for myself.

Now, do not get me wrong, the boys that I dated were Ok; but when I began dating it was to be social and meet others. Then of course came the sex. So once I had a taste of it, my dates with the boys became more for that than anything else. I have been into having sex since age fifteen in High School and I knew that I was known as "easy". I partied with boys all the time and that meant I watched dirty movies with them; and when I did not watch them, I did a lot of reading of dirty stories and about sex. Since I lived for sex all the time, honestly that was all that interested me in life at the time.

Since age fifteen I have to honestly admit that I just wanted sex and thank god so did the boys. So by age 22 I had a great knowledge of what men wanted and what made them tick; and it was all in their little brain at the head of their dicks. I had one last year in College and I decided to take advantage of my face book and the school matchmaking program to try and find that perfect man to marry me and take care of me.

Now I say that because I had decided that no matter what happened, I was not going to stop having my sexual fun. So either I got hold of a very dirty man (filthy in his mind that is) or I had to train the man that I would marry to meet my sexual needs, which I had grown accustomed to over the years.

I knew that when I married, I would have to be the one in control of the marriage; if I wanted it to last and hold onto whomever I choose to marry me. There were two reasons. First, I would make sure that my husband always had a good job and made lots of money for me to spend. And second, I knew that if he ran our marriage I would not have the freedom to do the things that I just loved doing.

Now I have to tell you right up front that I am not into BDSM. I read a lot about that topic and, while it appeals to many, it did not appeal to me. I knew my control would have to be mind control. I new that I would have to use my knowledge of sex and men to gain and keep control of the man that would end up being my husband.

So the first requirement I decided I needed to find in a man for myself was, he would need to be a virgin; and in college that meant he had to be a real big non-attractive Nerd or a big Dork. I decided if I started with a clean slate (someone who never had sex with a girl) that I would be the one who teaches him anything and everything to do with sex the way I wanted.

I also decided that no matter what, whomever I chose would have to wait until my wedding night to actually have sex with me (make love to me). Don't get me wrong, I did not want to, or wish to, be cruel. I just had to make sure that whomever it was to be, knew that I was the one in control in our lives; and sex was going to be my tool.

To be honest with you I did not care what he looked like. As I said already, I honestly expected a dorky looking nerd. I already knew that no matter what field they chose they would succeed and make the most money when they graduated; and since I was only marrying for security and the way of life I envisioned for myself, I knew what to look for in the husband choice.

I did keep going out on dates, looking for a husband did not stop me. I just knew from which gene pool I wanted sex from and which I wanted to marry.

It took time and I picked out several Dorks that I began to select from. I got it down to four and began my email campaign. I began every one of them with an innocent "accidental" email. They worked; and I began my campaign writing them when I got in from one of my dates.

Finally, after many emails back and forth, I chose two of them. I stepped up my emails, becoming much dirtier in every one, looking for a certain response. When one of the two men began to open up and respond back in kind, I decided to begin and prepare him to be my husband. I choose the man named Peter.

I did my homework and Peter never went on dates at all, he had another Nerd for a roommate, he never did anything but study, and he stayed in his room. It took some time, but I managed to skip my classes and followed him around to his. He was a dork all right; he wore glasses, never talked with any of the girls, and was really involved with the classes he took. When I asked around in his classes about Peter dating anyone, they laughed at the question.

In my emails I got him to open up to me and I steered the subject to sex. Slowly at first; but after a good month of just one on one, I made sure that it was all that we ever talked about. So it was sex all the time, emails, texting, and online chatting.

Once I woke up the sleeping topic (for him), like any boy it began to be always on his mind. Get this, he was twenty-four and would seldom allow himself to even think about sex; because in his words it was a distraction. I kept at him and once I woke him up, he began to masturbate; telling me that he was thinking of doing the things that I wrote about.

I convinced Peter that there was nothing wrong with a great sexual fantasy life, that it was just fantasy. It was only wrong when someone crossed from fantasy into real life. It took time, but I managed to get him to fantasize and enjoy my fantasies. Well, for me, they were my every day sex life. However for Peter, I told him it was just my fantasy. I convinced him that it was very normal and natural for women to lose themselves in dirty nasty fantasies; because they could not, and would never, live any of them out in real life.

Now every boy I had ever known jerked off, some many times a day. So once I convinced him that it was normal to do, and that as I girl I even masturbated many times a day myself, it helped me break down the barriers for him. Once I got that across, he began his quest to be a normal male with me. As his self-appointed sex guide I really got into his brain.

Once I got him to admit it, I got him to really open up. I told him how turned I would get, knowing that he laid in bed at night, holding his dick and stroking it. I began telling him of something I read in a sex story, which led to then sending specific parts from a sex story for him to read.

I told him how they always turned me on (which they did) and how I would picture myself in the fantasy stories. I wanted him to read them as well and go into the fantasy story with me. I told Peter that I could not help but lose myself in them and masturbate like crazy. It did not take long before he was asking where he could get stories to read like that.

I found several websites that had just the kind of nasty, filthy, stories that I loved and wanted him to read. I would go in to the sites and download stories. I began sending them to him to read. I chose stories of gangbangs and one new theme that began to really interest me. I really liked reading stories I came across called creampie eating. I began sending him stories that I told him to masturbate to as he read them, thinking of me and my fantasies. I told him that I wanted him to read them and write back what parts turned him on and got him to climax, so I could see if those same sections turned me on as well.

I got to the point where I told him specific sections that took me way over the top and I would masturbate like a crazy woman reading them. I in turn wanted him to open up, like I was doing, and tell me which parts really turned him on. I told him that when he got to those parts, to stop reading the story and text me every time he got hard and wanted to jack off.

I remembered the first time I heard a text notification and saw it was Peter telling me he was hard and ready to jerk off. It really thrilled me to my core. That first time, I told him to stop doing anything else and to stroke his cock to a climax. I told that to him every time he did text me after that. I always told him to go someplace and jack off.

I upped the game by then having him text me when he finished, to tell me where he was at when he'd jerked off and what in the story turned him on. I told him to give me details, so I could get turned on and masturbate.

At first, he only did it in his room when his roommate was out, or in the bathroom, and of course in the shower.

When I began to tell him how doing it in those places did not turn me on, he began doing it in different places. I told him it was a turn on, doing it in places where he could get caught. I also told him that I loved fingering myself in public places. It took some time, but I finally got him to go jerk off in public restroom, under the field bleachers, behind a dumpster, and finally on the side of a dumpster. I told him that when he did it in public places it got me so hot I would always masturbate, picturing him jerking off.

In the stories that he told me turned him on, if it was not where I wanted his head to be at, I told him that I read that part and it was boring to me. I then proceeded to tell him what really got me on fire; and it was always the sections of the girl being a real nasty slut in the center of a gang-bang. I'd never done that and it did turn me on thinking of myself in that position. I also told him that the sections that told about a woman being eaten always made me climax.

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