A Mustang for His Wife

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Revenge, .

Desc: : A young man dumps his cheating wife and obtains one sweet ride.

Hollis Thomas sat beside the small swimming pool in his back yard and watched his wife Tiffany and their best friend cavort in the surf of the Gulf of Mexico. In days past as he watched them play together in the surf he would also look at his surroundings and nearly burst with pride. He would be thinking about the culmination of their childhood dreams. They had achieved a major portion of their dreams because they escaped the cold, dreary winters of their birth city in what they considered the cold, frigid north and were living the dream in sunny Florida.

Now, on this day, he was not thinking about them escaping their birth city for this slice of paradise. Now, as he watched the couple play, he became upset once again as he remembered some of the rumors beginning as far back as his high school days and continuing to the present. He totally ignored his pleasant surroundings and keyed in on what was actually occurring in the surf and sand. Up until the middle of the past week, he could honestly say he loved both Tim and Tiff more than any other people on this earth. For years he had trusted them with his very life; with his happiness, even with his soul. They were almost as one. If one was sad or unhappy, they all were. If one of them hurt, they all did. Now he understood the trust and love he once held for them was misplaced.

Hollis, Tiff and Tim met their first day of middle school when they were all placed in the same home room. Somehow they hit it off immediately and formed a bond that lasted through high school and college for him and Tiff. Timothy was a slacker deluxe. He was the typical beach bum even before he had a beach on which to practice his art. He really had no ambition. He always dressed in surfer dude clothes and talked the beach bum talk interspersed with the slang of the drug culture. Every sentence he uttered was filled with surfer and toker slang. Hollis never knew Tim to use hard drugs but he was an expert in the use and abuse of weed and alcohol. Like many young men who acted like he did there was something about him that the women loved. They flocked around him like bees to honey. He was a handsome, tanned young man who knew all the right things to say to a woman. Tim could bed nearly any woman he decided he wanted and it seemed as if he wanted them all. Until recently Hollis thought he restrained his urges when it came to his best friend's wife but now he knew differently.

The three friends graduated high school together and applied to colleges together. The only colleges they considered were those in Florida. The location of the college or University was more important than its reputation or the degrees they could obtain there. They all were accepted to the same college and moved in together when they began their higher education. It only took Tim a semester to flunk out and declare college was not for him. He gravitated to the beaches near Ft. Myers, Fl and lived hand to mouth for the remainder of his friend's college careers, seeing them nearly every weekend and most summers.

While Hollis and Tiff were in college Timothy worked several part time jobs on and close to the beach. He worked at times for a pool company, local beach side businesses and a local beach rental shop. For some reason, that was where he shined. He could rent sand to an Arab. Hollis decided he was so successful because the tourists loved his "surfer dude" patter while he talked them into rentals or purchases. Hollis's employer owned the beach rental company with a small retail store attached as well as a larger tool and equipment rental outlet where Hollis worked. The store in which Tim worked mostly sold used beach rental equipment but also sold anything that could be used on the beach from chairs to swim suits, sun block, drinks and so forth.

Tiffany and Hollis majored in business in college. Tiffany took a degree in Marketing. Hollis had a double major, taking a degree in Management Information Systems and Business Management. When they graduated they both managed to get jobs quickly. Hollis began working in the equipment rental business for Tim's employer, quickly rising to store manager and second in charge to the owner. Tiffany obtained a job selling clothing in a beach side boutique and quickly rose to assistant manager. All three of the friends worked within a half mile of each other and saw each other daily. Hollis and Tim, working for the same employer, saw or talked to each other several times during the day some days.

Many days Tim would make a point of telling Hollis he and Tiff had lunch together. Their businesses were on the same block and they even spent most of their breaks together. Rumors started to circulate once again about Tim and Tiff but, once again, Hollis ignored them. After all, they were all friends from childhood and he trusted them. Tiffany had already gone with Tim when they were younger and found him not to be husband material. After all, she rejected him and married Hollis so he had no reason to worry did he?

Other than women and anything done on the beach, Tim had one true passion in his life. He loved Mustang automobiles. If the conversation was about cars he was in the middle of it talking about the Ford Mustang. His first car was a mustang as had been each succeeding one. He finally managed to get enough money ahead to purchase a new Mustang but it was not just a Mustang. He bought a Shelby in Ruby Red Metallic with Black accents. When he wasn't chasing pussy or hitting the beach, his free time was spent cleaning, babying and modifying his first loveā€”the mustang. Tiffany was the first person to ride in his new car and was seen many times riding with him thereafter.

Hollis remembered the good times when he and his two best friends would take a road trip or go camping or just hang out. Tiffany was always there for both of them but she was his. She was just Tim's friend only, she said. Now it looked as if she was more even back then; she never said she was a friend with benefits but apparently that is what she was and still is. It was only the past week when he was finally slapped in the face with her disrespect and cheating. He finally discovered the rumors over the preceding years were correct.

Hollis almost wished he hadn't volunteered to deliver another set of rental scaffolding to a worksite the day he discovered his betrayal. He was bored and the renter claimed it was urgent he receive the scaffolding immediately so Hollis told his boss he would deliver it. If not for that he could have remained blissfully ignorant a while longer. He would never have known the rumors were true. He felt his stomach clench with anger once again as he remembered what he saw while he watched what he now knew were the not so innocent goings on in the surf. How could he have been so blind? Everything was crystal clear now.

The day his life turned to shit was a gorgeous day. Business was slow, it being a Tuesday, so when the order came into the store he told Mr. Wilson he would deliver the scaffold instead of asking their driver to work late. That not only saved them the overtime they would have paid the driver but got him out of the store for an hour or so and it made a good customer happy. A win, win situation but, in the end, he lost. He decided to return to the store on beach road, the one that meandered past Tiffany's and Timothy's work places.

He passed the small building, almost a shack, in which Tim worked just in time to see Tiffany meet Tim outside the door with a steamy kiss. His hands rose under her loose blouse and mauled her breasts for a moment then he rushed her through the door. As she entered the building he ran his hand under her skirt and she turned, smiling and giggling. She bent forward slightly at the waist and grabbed Tim's arm as she continued into the building backwards. As soon as the door closed behind them she grabbed Tim for another long kiss. There was no doubt she was the aggressor that time.

Tim quickly put a closed for lunch sign on the door and followed Tiffany deeper into the building. Tiffany was laughing and pulling Tim along by his hand. Hollis quickly pulled his new F150 into the parking lot beside Tim's mustang. He walked, almost ran, toward the store and peered into the building. He couldn't see anything. The lights were off and door locked, no one was in sight. That meant they must be in the stock room or exited the building via the stock room door.

Hollis moved around toward the back of the building and moved a garbage can underneath a high, dingy window. When he climbed onto the can he could just barely pull himself up enough to see part of the room. He heard voices but couldn't understand them. He quickly jumped down and stacked a couple of pallets under the garbage can and once again climbed onto it. Now he could see more of the room and his world ended.

Tiffany was laid across some waist high boxes, her blouse and bra open, her glorious breasts out for Tim to see and maul which he was doing. Tiff's skirt was hiked up to her waist and her little panties were pushed to the side. Tim already had his cock sliding back and forth in and out of her obviously wet cunt. As he watched her heels came up and locked behind Tim's thighs. She almost violently pulled him to her with her legs as he thrust inward. Now he could hear her moans and grunts as Tim jack hammered her ruthlessly, her breasts rocking back and forth as she took his cock.

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