Fundraising for the Band Trip

by Oscar Dante

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Coercion, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Sister, Father, Daughter, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Squirting, Teacher/Student, Babysitter, Public Sex, Prostitution, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Cassie Walters needs money for the summer band trip to Europe. She's not going to get there babysitting.

Cassie Walters picked up her backpack and opened her laptop. She pulled up a spreadsheet were she entered the money she earned on her last babysitting job for her band trip to Europe.

The trip was in five weeks, and she only had half the $6,000 the trip cost. Last night she would get $40, to lower the total she needed to $2,960. It was depressing.

She spent every hour she could selling candy, washing cars, and other menial jobs to raise money. The trip meant everything to Cassie, she was an exceptional jazz saxophone player and this trip would look so good on a college resume.

Her older sister, Hillary had gone to Europe four years ago with her jazz band. How did she do it?

She clicked on Skype and paged her sister. Her sister accepted the call.

She was at Yale, on a music scholarship. "Hi, Cassie!" She said cheerily. "What's up?"

"Hill, I'm depressed over the fund raising for this band trip. I have five weeks and I'm $3,000 short."

"Yeah, I remember being really short to about a month out." She said.

"I'm babysitting, washing cars, mowing yards, and I just don't think I can make it. Did Mom and Dad help you?"

"N0, they'd made it clear that they couldn't. They told me that if I wanted to go, I had to raise the money on my own."

"So, how did you do it? I'm out of ideas." She said sadly.

"Are you alone?" Hillary asked her younger sister.

"Yeah. Mom and Dad are down stairs."

"Put in ear buds. What I tell you is a huge secret." She seriously told her sister.

Cassie picked up a pair on the desk and put them in. She plugged then into the laptop. "There's no sound."

Hillary leaned into the screen getting close to the microphone. "Linda Gaines and I ... well ... we ... let the fathers of kids we babysat know ... that we would fuck them for money."

"What? You and Linda used prostitution to make the money?" Cassie gasped speaking in a loud whisper.

"Yes, it was the only way we got to go on the trip. You can make a lot of money quickly if you sell pussy." Hillary said.

"But, I wouldn't know what to do. I've only been with two boys. I would be terrified to ask a grown man to have sex with me for money." She said nervously.

"It was the same with us, we had no more experience then than you do now. The men were very helpful. It was a real turn on to fuck a girl who wasn't very experienced. They showed us what to do. Later when we knew what to do, we kept pretending we didn't." Hillary informed her sister.

"This is crazy." She paused. "How much did you raise?" She asked.

"I made $2,000 more than I needed." Her sister smiled.

"If you raised the amount you needed, then why did you keep doing it?"

Hillary smiled, "Extra spending money. And after a bit, it got to be a real turn on. Being with grown men can be addicting. They are so much better in bed than boys your age."

"But, I don't think I could ever just ask a man to have sex for money." Cassie said sadly.

"Make some business cards. Get a burner phone, put the number on the card, and what you do and for how much. Business men love this." Hillary looked down and pulled out a desk drawer. "Like this." She said as he put a card in front of the camera: 724-436-8372. Darlene, Hand Jobs $25, Blow jobs $50, half-and-half $150, anal $300, girl/girl $500, and movie appearances negotiable.

"See it lays it all out there. And they will pass the cards around and business grows." Hillary said positively.

Cassie leaned in and examined the card. "Hill, why do you have a card still, and who's Darlene? Oh, God, are you still doing this? At Yale?"

"Yale is expensive, Cassie. There are a lot of older men here who are unhappy with their older wives. And Darlene is my stage name. Your clients will know you so you can use your real first name." Her sister advised.

"I don't believe this, my musician older sister is a hooker." Cassie said in shock.

"I'll leave you to pass judgment on me when the band is in Europe and you're not." Hillary said coldly.

"I'm sorry, this is just such a shock. I need to think about his." Cassie said.

"Let me know what you think. Maybe you can come up this weekend, I have a client you could help me with, and it would give you some idea of what happens." Hillary said.

"I'll think about it. Wow, this has been a bit shocking. See you later."

"Bye Sis." Cassie broke the connection.

She closed the laptop. This was totally unexpected, but she could see that she could make the trip with the money Hillary said it was possible to earn.

She texted her bff: need to see you ASAP. About band trip money.

She quickly got a reply: im home. Where are u?

She sent back: am home too. Can you come?

The return message was quick: yep. Parents said ok. Be right there.

Cassie sat on her bed leaning against the wall thinking. She heard Allison greet her parents and come up the stairs.

When she came into Cassie's room she smiled, but Cassie just said, "Shut the door."

"What's up?" She said as she came over to the bed and sat by her friend.

"It's about money for the band trip. How much have you got?"

"About $2,200. I'm not going to make it. I thought my grandma would come through, but she had to say no. So I'm fucked."

Cassie paused for effect. "You may not be. I have an idea."

"So how do we raise that much money that quickly? Do we become hookers?"

Cassie said nothing, but just smiled. A look of comprehension spread over Allison's face. "NO! You have to be kidding."

"I'm not. I just got off Skyping with Hillary, and she told me that was how she paid for the trip when she was in high school."

"NO! You're not serious. My Mom would kill me if I went down to Howard Street and started selling my ass." She shivered.

"Oh, Allie, we don't go down to Howard Street. We print up cards and give them to the Dads we babysit for. They're our customers."

"No, shit? You're serious about this, aren't you?" Allison was recovering from her initial shock.

"I am, Hillary said she made $2,000 more than she needed for the trip. And she said it got to be fun, having sex with all the older men. She said older men really know what they're doing." Cassie was selling hard.

"This is crazy, we can't do this." Allison said firmly.

"I'm still open to the idea. I'm going to New Haven this weekend to talk to Hillary about it. When I get back I'll let you know how it was." She said.

"Okay, but don't think that I'm going to sell my pussy to go to Europe." She said.

"Girls, supper in fifteen minutes, are you staying Allison?" Cassie's other called from downstairs.

"No, Mrs. Davis. I have to get home soon." Allison shouted.

"Well, you know you are welcome." She called back.

"I know, and thank you." She yelled back.

Cassie said reaching out to twirl a lock of Allison's blond hair around her finger. "So, we have fifteen minutes."

Allison saw the hunger in her friend's eyes, and a heat flowed through her body.

Cassie leaned over and softly kissed Allison. They played lip games, then tongue games. Cassie's hand brushed Allison's breast, then firmly took it in hand. She could feel the hard nipple through her shirt and bra. "Let me get you off." Cassie whispered and let her hand fall to the tanned thigh of her bff.

"Oh, God." Allison moaned as she deeply kissed Cassie. The fingers on her thigh moved up under the hem of the miniskirt and her index finger rubbed across the front of Allison's wet panties.

As they kissed Cassie's finger ignited Allison's fires. Her wrist flicked and her fingers were inside her friend's panties touching the wet lips, massaging them, pulling them apart and tickling her clit.

"Oh you are so good at this." Allison moaned. "I love it when you finger me." Allison put a hand under her top and pushed up her bra to tug on her nipple.

"Show me your boobies." Cassis hissed. Allison pulled up her shirt to expose her tiny brown nipples. Cassis locked her lips on it and sucked as she fingered Allison's clit.

Cassie saw she was running out of time and bit Allison's nipple and toyed with it with her tongue as she pressed on her sensitive clit.

Allison bucked off the bed, whispering, "Cumming ... cumming..." and writhing under the force of the orgasm. She pushed Cassie's fingers away. "I'm done." She said softly.

Cassie offered her bff a taste of her fingers, which Allison accepted licking her juices from them.

"Dinner!" She heard from downstairs.

Allison adjusted her panties. "You always do that to me. I want to return the favor sometime." She said quietly.

"Maybe next time." Cassie said.

The train was running late and when Cassie got off at New Haven and saw her sister waving.

She ran over with her backpack and gave her a big hug.

"I'm so nervous." Cassie said.

Hillary held her out an arm's length and looked her over. "You look fine. Don't worry." Her sister wore a similar black dress that showed deep cleavage.

"We need to get to the hotel. It's just a few blocks from here." Hillary walked Cassie to a waiting limo.

A driver opened the door for the women and they settled into the plush back seat.

Hillary poured vodka into two crystal glasses. "Drink this, it will calm your nerves."

Cassie downed the burning liquid. "So I'm just going to watch?"

"Yes, unless you feel like joining in, that will be up to you." Hillary reassured her.

"How old is this guy?" Cassie asked.

"He's forty-five. He's good looking, and he's very rich." Hillary said.

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