Chapter 1

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Coming back home after two years of torture and banishment only one thing is sure for Joel: There will be revenge for those involved. But will there also be reconciliation and forgiveness? Or are the wounds too deep, too infected? And if his enemies did not worry about the collateral damage why should he?

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Violent  

It had been more that two years ago when I had last been through this door. My home's door. Even if I knew what was waiting for me behind that door I felt a bit nervous. At least I thought that I knew, as I had had some hired help to find out things as much as possible. Most importantly, I knew what was not waiting me behind that door. My ex-boss, my nemesis - the sole person behind my two-year banishment and torture. The man I had once considered my friend but who had then made me a cuckold. Now I had used my new resources to make sure he would be chasing ghosts for at least a week. Far, far away. With no real possibility to contact home, or anyone else.

And then, without warning, a flashback was inside my head. It sent me back to that morning more that two years ago when I, for the last time, had walked out of that door.

It was a nice spring morning when I kissed my wife Hanna goodbye. This two week separation would be my final favor to my current employer. After that, I would give my two-week notice and we would start on looking a new place to live. When my mother had been alive she had made sure that I should 'pay our debts' by working for these people. But enough was enough, and now it would be time to do something new. Since we both were young and had our degrees, it should not be difficult. And we both had plans for studying some more.

The kiss I received by the door was almost enough to stop me from traveling, but only almost. There had not been much sleep last night, since we both made our best to make sure that we had memories that would last at least those two weeks. The cab driver had to wake me up at the airport. I was too exhausted even to be embarrassed. Luckily I was able to catch a few more hours of sleep after boarding the plane and during the flight south across the Caribbean.

A quick check with my old keys confirmed to me that I could enter my old home just as I had been able to do it more than two years ago. The locks had not been changed, and nobody had ever bothered to take away my keys. I was not supposed to never need them again. I opened the door and stepped in.

It seemed that Hanna had been working in the kitchen since there was a sound of clinking glasses I could hear coming form that direction and suddenly she was by the door looking at me. She looked older, maybe a bit strained but so did I for sure. But the pictures I had seen did not do justice to her. She still was a real beauty, with her blonde hair framing that oval-shaped face. My heart hurt like hell as I noticed that I still loved her. How could I not?

"Hi, honey, I'm back. Sorry that I took a bit longer than planned, but there was nothing I could do about it."

Hanna and I had became an item during our last year in high school. We both had been dating before, but once we started going out together there was no question that we belonged together. We had same kind of witty humour, we tolerated or even liked the films the other one wanted to see, and we really were compatible in bed. Or wherever we decided to have sex. We went to college together, and supported each other during the rough times. So it was no wonder that we decided to marry during our final year at college. We had lived together ever since. Once reason for our quick marriage was that both her parents were terminally ill because of lung cancer caused by asbestosis. They were happy to see their little girl married before it was too late. My mother had been equally happy for us but she had also made sure that I'd come to work for the company that helped her to pay my education. Since Hanna had liked the area, and she had no problems finding the job as a schoolteacher, we agreed. That was more than three years ago.

I have to give her some credit for not fainting or throwing a tantrum. But she did have to take a hold on the jamb next to her when she gasped for breath.

"You ... You aren't supposed to come back. You started a new life down there..."

"And yet you are still married to me. Besides, did you ever try to contact me in any other way than calling my mobile?"

"I did. Or he tried. I mean he said he tried all the ways possible, but you did not want to talk..."

At that point we were interrupted by the voice upstairs. I forced a reassuring smile to my face when I looked at Hanna.

"Why don't you go and get OUR daughter, before she starts crying. I think it is time for her to get to know HER daddy. After all, it is MY name written in the birth certificate, isn't it?"

I saw her flinching. I had not been able to keep the emotion out of my voice. It just hurt way too much. I took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, Hanna, that was totally uncalled for. I just want you to know that I'm willing to accept the situation, and I do really want to learn to know her, and love her. Please."

She looked at me like she did not really know if she should believe me or not, but finally she turned and took the way upstairs. I could feel some tension leave my body. It could have been much worse. Of course, it could have been much, much better, too. This was not going to be easy for either of us. Not easy at all.

It was a few minutes later when Hanna walked down the stairs carrying an adorable little girl. Emily Lorraine. Her second name being the same as my mother's was meant to be the final insult. I should have hated the little girl and all that she presented to me, but looking at the blond hair and the blue eyes made my heart lurch. How could I hate a one year old child because of something she had not done? I did not hate her mother, either, even if her actions had shattered my heart into small pieces. I took some steps towards them, and smiled to the little girl.

"Hi, Emily. It's time for you to get to know your daddy."

I do not know if it was my comment or the hidden message that I knew a whole lot more than I should have known which shocked Hanna more. Whatever the reason she might have dropped Emily if I had not been close enough to catch her.

"Oops, Emily! It seems that your mother likes to play a little."

My comment worked, and the shy little girl in fact giggled a little when I lowered her to the floor. She rushed behind her mother, but she smiled when peeked at me from her safe haven. I took Hanna's trembling hands in mine.

"Honey, we can make this work. Remember what we used to have? Isn't that something worth fighting for?"

I put all the sincerity I only could reach to my voice while saying that and I made sure that my eyes did not leave hers. I could see the tears forming in the corners of her eyes before she took her hands away from mine and turned away. Maybe we had some hope, after all.

The times after graduation when Hanna and I occupied a small apartment close to my old home were happy times. I worked and Hanna prepared to start working that autumn, but the weekends were mostly ours. We hiked, talked, did some window shopping, loved - and loved some more. We talked about having children, but decided to postpone it a bit. We did not plan to live in this area the rest of our lives. We agreed that if it would make my mother satisfied, we could live here maybe two years; during which time my debt, imaginary or real, would have been paid.

Things went on like that for more than a year, until to that night in October when my mother died as a result of a hit-and-run accident. We both were devastated. We had had our issues with my mother, and we had not always seen eye to eye, but she had been the only grandparent we'd had, as my mother had always refused to tell me anything about my father. We survived, as we had each other. The good thing was that we inherited the house she had been living in, and it was debt-free. Coincidence or not - after my mother's death I started getting more important assignments in my job. I thought that they would look good in my resume.

It did not take long for Emily to get rid of her shyness. After her breakfast, I spent some time playing with her. Hanna was sitting nearby and watching us, as though not knowing if she should believe her eyes. I noticed that she was about to say something a few times, but each time she hesitated and pulled back. After the third time I turned to her.

"Hanna, honey. I know that you have probably planned to go shopping. I was hoping that we all could go together ... after all, we are a family."

"But ... What if..."

"If you are worried about Carl, I can promise you that he will not be coming for at least a week, more probably more like ten days. There is also a great possibility that he'll not be calling, either, as mobiles don't work everywhere. I'm quite sure that he'd never use a landline while talking to you."

"But how can you know all that?"

I smiled to her.

"Simple. I arranged his absence. I promise that I'll tell you about the rest, later this evening, okay?"

She hesitated for a moment but then nodded to me. But from the look on her face I could see that she had her doubts. I could not really blame her for that.

On the way to the mall, I made a mental note that her - or our - car should be changed, since it was starting to show its age. The shopping event itself went okay. There were some awkward moments, but since we visited a mall she did not usually visit, there were no people present who might have asked some unwanted questions. Emily had no problems accepting me, and I played with her like a good father should. It was only when we returned, and I had carried the supplies inside, when everything really hit Hanna.

"Please leave the door open. I need to carry my clothes and other stuff inside. I guess that my old clothes might be a bit out of style."

"But you can't just..."

"Hanna, we are married - right? Besides, I think that I still own at least half of this house, or are there some changes I'm not aware of?"

"No, but..."

"I don't see the problem, then."

She looked a bit like a 'deer in the headlights', but I ignored that, and carried my suitcases and large backpack into the house, and to our bedroom, which shocked her even more. When she followed me she looked like she was about the protest but she remained silent and only looked at me. I checked my watch and noticed that we were well within my schedule. I turned to her.

"Oh, if the doorbell rings, please let the guys in. They'll be bringing us a new bed and new sheets. I really don't like sleeping on the old ones."

That broke the dam. I knew her, and I knew this was coming. I could only hope that it was better to have it sooner, rather than later. At least she made to attempt to escape when I came to her and hugged her gently.

"Honey, I know it hurts, and it will probably hurt for some time. But we used to have it, and I trust we can make it work again. I promise that we'll talk, tonight."

She did not answer, but just sobbed against my chest. After a moment, Emily noticed that something was wrong with her mother. She came to hug Hanna's leg, and started crying herself. I lifted her up to Hanna's arms, and for a moment they cried together, while I was gently hugging them both. I was sure that those would not be the last tears shed inside this house, I just hoped that they would be healing ones.

After a time, Hanna calmed down, and started soothing Emily.

"Mommy is okay, dear. Sometimes you just cry, even if you don't hurt yourself."

It took her some time to calm Emily down. I excused myself and started throwing my old clothes into plastic bags I'd had ready in my backpack. Once I had my old clothes bagged, I started unpacking my suitcases. I noticed that Hanna followed my activities, but she didn't interrupt me.

Once I finished, I turned to her and said,

"If it's okay with you two, I'll go downstairs and start preparing dinner for us. They'll probably bring the new bed, soon, and we can then collect all the old sheets, and put them away for Goodwill, just like my old clothes."

I could only imagine what kind of whirlwind was going on inside Hanna's head. There was no way she would have been this silent for this long, before my last trip. Somehow, we made it through the rest of the day. Our new bed was delivered and, of course, Emily was happy to test its suitability for gymnastics. We put away all the old sheets, and unpacked the new ones.

Suddenly, or so it seemed, it was time for Emily to go to sleep. The feared 'moment of truth' was now here.

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