Lois Myra and Me

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: I find out the truth.

I sat there in shock at what I was seeing. The camera angle was a little weird. It had obviously been put on a flat surface which had line of sight to the bed and was tilted a little to the right, but the content way over shadowed the position and angles of the recording device.

The question is how did it end up with my other tapes? The unlabelled tape was supposed to have been a program I had recorded last week for later viewing. I'd sat down expecting to be entertained and what I got instead was the biggest surprise of my life.

It was a Monday evening and at six-fifteen the door bell rang and I answered the ring and found my cousin Ralph standing there. I thought that was a bit odd because I'm normally I'm not home until after midnight, but then I thought that Ralph had probably forgotten my schedule.

I invited him in, got him a beer, and then we sat and talked while watching Monday Night Football. He seemed disappointed that my wife Lois wasn't home, but she had called me about five and said she was going to stop after work for a drink or two with some of her co-workers. She also told me that she would be "Ready for some" when she got home.

I was more than ready.

It had been a little over three weeks since Lois and I had last made love. Lois had seemed to be going through a moody period of some sort. It had been nothing but "I'm too tired" or "I've got a headache" or "I've had a bad day at work and my feet and back are killing me."

After a bit Ralph said that he needed to be going and I walked him to the door and said goodbye. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was only eight so I got another beer and settled back down in front of the TV.

Later that evening I woke up in the recliner. The beers I'd had had relaxed me enough that I'd nodded off to sleep which is something I don't normally do. I got up and noticed that the Yukon was parked in the drive so Lois must have come home and I wondered why she hadn't got me up so we could go to bed and 'get it on' as they say,

I smiled and headed on up to the bedroom anticipating the sex that Lois had told me to look forward to. She was in bed and I undressed and snuggled up behind her and put my hard cock against her ass and then I reached around and cupped a tit and she gave a little snort and started lightly snoring.

"Fuck" I thought, "She's sleeping."

I thought maybe I could get her excited enough to wake up so I started playing with her tit. I tweaked and pulled on the nipple as I rubbed my hard cock against her ass. After a bit I felt her pushing her ass back at me and I started a slow humping against it.

At forty-four Lois was in much better shape than girls half her age. Her ass was round and firm and her tummy was tight. Her breasts were 34C and only had a slight sag to them.

I had noticed that when we were out in public together Lois attracted plenty of male attention and at times I was still surprised that Lois hadn't left me for someone richer, better looking, had a bigger cock or all of the above.

My cock size has been the only real insecurity I've had in our marriage and it went all the way back to when Lois and I had first made love. It was on our tenth date. We had been making out hot and heavy since our third date and it had been getting heavier and heavier with each date. At the end of the tenth date she invited me in when I took her home and she left me on the couch while she left the room to "put the coffee on."

She came back a couple of minutes later and she was stark naked. She smiled and said:

"Coffee, tea or me?"

I stood up and stripped and when I was naked she looked at my cock and said:

"I guess it will do."

She turned and headed for the bedroom and as I watched her walk away I thought to myself, "I guess it will do?" That and the tone of her voice led me to think that she wasn't overly impressed not that I expected her to say something like "Oh my god; I don't know if I can take that." I figured that I was average; average in my mind being between six and seven inches and I had six and a half so I thought I fell within the range.

Neither Lois or I were virgins by a long shot. We had both "been there and done that" and I knew several of her ex-boyfriends and I'd seen a couple of them in the locker room showers and they were roughly the same size as me so I was wondering what brought on her comment.

When we got to her bedroom she pushed me down on the bed and then bent and took me in her mouth. After a minute or two she took her mouth off me and said:

"It is the perfect size for sucking."

The way she said it and the tone made it sound like, "Its okay; it'll do."

She laid down on the bed and I returned the favor and did it well enough that I got her off and then I moved up and pushed me cock into her. She felt loose and I never 'bottomed' out in her like I had on past lovers. I was wise enough not to question the looseness and just made love to her. I did get her off a second time before I got mine and then we cuddled for a bit before she started fondling me and I got it up again. We made it two more times before calling it a night.

As I drove home I was thinking about her looseness and her "I guess it will do comment and it bothered me. Face it; no man wants to think he isn't enough for his lady, but that is what I was thinking.

After we had started 'making it' and had been at it for a couple of weeks Lois asked me if I thought she was too loose. I had no idea of what prompted the question (and I did think it weird that she asked it), but I wasn't stupid and so I lied and said:

"Of course not. I guess I'm just a little small for you."

"You aren't small at all baby; you are just perfect for me."

She was lying and I knew it. From a guy's perspective that was not the right thing to say. Be honest and admit it is a little small for you or work around it and say it is bigger than any other of the lovers you might have had, but don't be obvious about trying to spare his feelings. I was in love with Lois and when I finally proposed my cock size was apparently not a problem for her and she said yes. Even though she married me the "I guess it will do" never left my mind. Anyway; back to my trying to wake a sleeping Lois to try and get some loving.

As I was getting my hopes up with her starting to push back at my slowly humping cock she must have woken up or was starting to and she moaned and then reached back and took hold of my cock and then let loose of it as if it were a hot rock as she said:

"Oh. Its you."

My disappointment at her being in bed asleep after promising me sex instantly turned to red hot anger. I'd had enough of her shit.

"Just who the fuck did you think it was you miserable fucking bitch?! What the fuck is with this "Oh, it is only you" shit." Who the fuck have you been fucking behind my back?"

I got off the bed, grabbed my shorts off the floor and went downstairs. I got a beer and then went outside onto the deck and then sat down to cool off a little as I thought about what just happened. She was rubbing her ass against my cock and she reached back as though she wanted it and then let go of it as if it was red hot. The tone of her voice when she said what she said came across as "Shit! Its little dinky dick."

As I sat there and looked up at the moon and stars I wondered for the first time in our married life if her evenings out with the girls were really spent with girls. I now seriously doubted it. Shit! Were any of the things she did when she was away from me really what she said they were. My next thought was "Where in the hell can I scrape up enough money to hire a detective to find out just what the bitch did do with her time.

Another thing occurred to me. The bitch knew just what I was thinking from what I yelled at her and she didn't care enough about what I thought to drag herself downstairs and give me her usual excuses and try to mend fences. It was almost like "Oh well; now he knows. So the fuck what!"

I didn't want to go back upstairs and I was now wide awake so I decided to go back into the house and watch some TV. I had taped last weeks "NCIS" so I dug through the tapes until I found it (it was the only blank tape in the pile) and then I pushed it into the VCR.

The video explained it all.

I paused it and went quietly back upstairs to see if Lois was still in bed and when I looked in on her she was snoring softly. I went back downstairs and resumed playing the tape. I watched as my wife and my cousin Ralph came into the bedroom, embraced and kissed passionately. From the angle of the camera I guessed that it had been placed on the top shelf in the clothes closet. I could see most of the room and it was obvious to me that the two of them had done this before.

Ralph moved Lois to the bed and then they undressed each other. When Lois pulled down his boxers my jaw almost hit the floor. Ralph had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It must have been ten or twelve inches and almost as big around as my wrist.

He practically ripped the panties off of Lois exposing her shaved cunt and then he pushed her back onto the bed and dove face first into her box. He slurped and sucked and she came almost immediately and was running her hands through his hair while grinding her pussy into his face. Ralph stood up and said:

"How bad do you want to be fucked bitch?"

"I need it baby; hurry up and fuck me."

"Come on you cheating slut; tell me how bad you want it."

"Oh God please. Please hurry up and fuck me. Don't tease me baby; give me your cock."

He looked toward the camera winked and then wiggled his eyebrows like it was meant to be funny.

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