Sta'Aniel #3: a Rescue

by mattwatt

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: New copies of an ancient, forbidden book about demons have surfaced and two groups are becoming ensnared: Marcus Polk, who welcomes the demon and two 'children' teen agers Cindy Welks and Casey Minden. Casey's Mom reaches out to Doris, who tells her husband Glen. Then Glen, with contacts from the Great El, takes on the demon as Sta'aniel.


It all began, this time, with a phone call.

Doris was surprised to hear the voice of her old friend Alice Minden on the phone that day.

"Alice!" Doris said, once she realized who was calling.

"Doris, it's so nice to talk to you," Alice had said.

Doris read the tension in Alice's voice immediately.

"Alice is something wrong?" Doris asked.

"Um, do you have a bit of time to talk to me today?" Alice wanted to know.

"Of course," Doris had said, "We can catch up; it's been a while." Though Doris was sure that 'catching up' wasn't the only thing that they were going to do.

She waited and Alice came at the time that they'd both agreed on. It was supposed to be a fairly innocent meeting between Doris and this long time friend of hers.

But Alice knew that Doris taught things about the occult and such items at the local university, and decided that she'd bring a problem to her old friend for at least a discussion.

They spent some time getting up to date with each other, and having a pleasant talk. Doris simply waited for it. She knew that something was coming.

Finally, Doris said: "Alice, honey, something's bothering you. What is it? Can I help in any way?"

Alice sighed then and shook her head 'yes'. She went on to talk about a problem that she was afraid was developing with her son and his girl friend.

"It's been so strange," Alice said. "I mean the two of them have been dating forever, or so it seems, and lately they've gotten secretive and, I swear, they're changing, and I don't think it's in a good way.'

"Changing how?" Doris asked.

"Well," Alice replied, "It's that book! That's why I came to you. I just thought that if anyone could shed any light on this, you could."

"What book do you mean?" Doris asked.

"I saw it once," Alice answered, "I came on the two of them and they were busy studying this book. I glanced at it, especially after they shut it, and made all sorts of excuses to me about school work and all. The cover said it was the 'Demonturgy'. What is that?"

"Hmm," said Doris, "It's something that I need to do some research on. I need to get back to you on this one, love."

"You're, as usual, such a friend!" Alice said, "I don't know what's going on and at times I'm frightened, especially after seeing the title of that book that they were studying."

Doris purposefully didn't offer anymore overt advice or information about the 'Demonturgy'. Of course she'd heard of it. It was legendary. But she also knew that it was supposed to have been totally destroyed, all copies, by the Church hundreds of years ago.

If her memory served her well, and she was pretty sure of this, the 'Demonturgy' taught a normal person about how to conjure a demon. But Doris also had read some arcane information, in her own studying, about such a book, and what she'd read indicated that once the demon was summoned, that demon would have control of the summoner. The summoner might have achieved a kind of power that could be use, normally for small and not really significant things but the major danger was the danger of becoming the demon's familiar, the demon's servant.

She knew that this was one that she'd need to talk to Glen about; it was getting into that ticklish area of dealing with evil that was his main concern. She knew he'd help.

Alice left at that point, after having had tea with Doris, and finally explaining the problem that was bothering her.

"Thank you so much for any help that you can give," Alice said, as she hugged Doris at the door.

"I'll see what I can find out; what I can do," Doris said.

Then Alice left, perhaps carrying a bit less of a load than she had been previously.

Doris went to her sources immediately, though she knew that the most important thing was to talk to Glen about it and see what could be found out.

While she waited, during the day, for him to be home, she went back to old notes and worked on any information that was available about the legendary 'Demonturgy' and the problems surrounding that particular work of the occult.


It had really begun, when Cindy, Cindy Welks, was idly studying in the library. She'd wandered into the library section where occult things were shelved. There was no one around just then, so she looked around at the material. She had always had a kind of off beat and crazy interest in such things, and, since she had time that day, she dipped into the resources in that part of the library. She stayed at one of the desks in the back of the stacks to do her perusing.

She took notes and had a number of giggles about what the resources were proclaiming could be done. It did indeed give her a laugh.

She talked, after school that day, with Casey, her boyfriend, Casey Minden. He picked up on her interest right away.

"This is so cool!" Casey had said. "But what would you even use such power for?"

Cindy laughed and said the first thing that came into her mind: "I'd make Beth Ward go out of the gym locker room in her underwear just for being such a shit!"

Casey laughed, along with Cindy, at the outrageousness of the idea.

"That might just be worth it!" he said. "But I'd have to get to see it!"

"Yes," Cindy said, "As long as you don't get any ideas. And I think that a number of people, guys and girls should be on hand to watch Beth Ward unveiled."

He laughed again.

Cindy had read, in the occult items that she'd delved into, about the 'Demonturgy' and it's apparent power. She was fascinated, and couldn't wait to talk to Casey about it.

The two of them had complained often enough about the attitudes of some of the 'elites' at school. Both of them had, at one time or another, expressed a wish to 'expose' those people, or humiliate them in some way.

The thought had crossed Cindy's mind immediately that if she and Casey were serious about that kind of wish, this might just be the way to do it. After all, the sources said that this book could make a normal person capable of doing those kinds of works. Of course, it also said that it was through the power of a demon that it could be done. But Cindy was really skeptical about that part of it.

She'd had a long talk with Casey about it, and it ended with both of them kind of agreeing that it would be a 'cool' project for them.

He'd laughed then and said: "Yes, but the only problem is that we don't know where to find a copy of the 'Demonturgy'.

So it was almost a total shock that a few days later, as they were perusing books and all at a second hand store, one of the things they loved to do together, they actually came across a copy of the 'Demonturgy'.

"Look!" Casey had said. "Can you believe this?"

"Wow!" Cindy has said.

They bought it, saying that it was for a lark, and apparently the person at the desk register readily believed what they were saying, and said nothing.

They had some time that afternoon. Casey's Mom was busy and they were going to look into the book at his house.

They did that. They read the information and even practiced some of the incantations.

But then things went weird. What followed was a truly frightening encounter.

The room where they were practicing became kind of foggy with smoke and both Casey and Cindy realized that someone, or something was there.

What followed was almost a matter of a dream. The evil sense in that room was truly frightening, and never let off being such.

They, both of them, received information from whatever or whoever was with them in that room, about using some easily learned incantations to achieve what they wanted.

They were assured that it would be easy, and the thing had said that it would be their servant.

It left them that way. They were at first frightened but also excited. They spoke to one another about it, realizing quickly that they'd both had the same kind of experience with the evil thing in the room.

They also realized that they knew, had, in fact, memorized the incantations that the evil thing had brought them, And decided, after a long talk about it that they wanted to try it out.

Cindy had a plan for using it, testing it out, and Casey agreed.

They'd thought about it and talked about it a good deal during the following week. It was a mid week day.Casey and Cindy got together that day.They decided that the next day would be the very day. They'd studied the book, which they'd 'found', and continued to mention that just 'finding' the book like they did was still one of the strange things about the entire affair to them.

As they talked about it, they had that very same sense of the room filling with a kind of fog like atmosphere. They knew right away that it was the influence of the book. Then the being was there again, telling them that he was their servant. They were both partially enthralled and definitely a bit frightened.

The voice from the fog wanted to know their plans. They told the fog voice about dealing at school with elite snobs and bullies.

The being seemed to approve, and promised them the power that they would need.

A sense came over each of them then that they were indeed being filled with a kind of power. It was a strange and wonderful moment.

They went to school together the next day. Casey said that he'd be sure to be outside of the girls' gym entrance toward the end of school. It's where it was supposed to happen.

They reviewed what they were actually supposed to do and both were confident with the incantations that could be used.

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