Power Failure

by Tasty Little Pop Tart

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, Fiction, Humor, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Transformation, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Matthew celebrates his 16th birthday in a unique and exciting way: he gets wasted, hallucinates Godzilla and his mom (not together, silly), blacks out, experiments with a sex toy, gets drunk, and oh, yeah, becomes a girl. Happy Birthday Matthew!

Note to the reader: Hi. My name is Angie, better known as Tasty Little Pop Tart to my readers. The condo in this story will be easily recognizable to a select few. Maybe more, depending upon my actual readership. It appeared in my short story Apparition, though with a different cast of characters.

This story is similar, in that Matthew has a weekend alone with a sex toy and his mom's lingerie. It is totally different in that Matthew doesn't make it through the night as a boy. He gets high and starts to hallucinate, and the story veers in a totally different direction, with plenty weirdness of it's own. Hope you enjoy it.

Power Failure is stand-alone story, but could also be Part 1 of a longer tale if enough people wanted to read a Part 2. Please write if you'd like to see it continue. The story, then:


Matthew celebrated his 16th birthday in a unique and exciting way: he got wasted, hallucinated Godzilla and his mom (not together, silly), blacked out, experimented with a sex toy, got drunk, and oh, yeah, became a girl.

There were actually three sex toys to choose from. Two were huge: the John Holmes, 12" long with a 10" long insertable shaft, a whopping 2-1/2" thick. (He measured it in fascination and the thing was--OMG!--8" around!)

The slightly less humongous Super Ballsy Cock measured 9" with 7" available to engorge someone's rectum, slightly thinner at 1-3/4" thick. This one was more believable at 5-1-2" circumference.

The third dildo was little brother, 7-1/2" long, with a 6" long shaft. This was more a 16-year-old's speed, he reasoned. He never bothered to measure it though, intent on adventure beyond reason.

He came upon them purely by accident. He and David were skateboarding and David ran him into a pair of plastic trashcans. One went over and Matthew spotted the trio of dildos in a bag. Of course, his jaw dropped and his eyes bugged out. He quickly scooped everything back inside and set the trashcan on its feet. He came back after dark and retrieved the bag, his heart banging against his ribcage. He stashed the loot inside his backpack to get it inside the house.

It was two days before he dared dig them out of his closet for inspection and cleaning. He was flabbergasted by John Holmes's sheer size. He was twice as flabbergasted by his bonus find: inside a sturdy Ziploc bag were four smaller sandwich bags, each containing a gram of weed. It was prime stuff too, from the looks of it. No stems, and no seeds. It had been carefully sifted and it made Matthew a bit on the paranoid side. About more than being queer.

Matthew was borderline. He didn't like boys, girls scared him to death, and he feared sucking a cock. Having a cock up his ass was a dream best never come true. He didn't expect to have it done by a fat dildo on his 16th birthday, that's for sure. What a birthday present.

Matthew was tiny. He stood 5'3" tall and weighed an amazing 119 lbs. His sister claimed he'd make a really cute girl. He thought so too, and yearned to wear his sister's clothes. He didn't dare. She was a year and a half older and a lot bigger than him. And she took karate.

Matthew had blue eyes and blonde hair that he wore long. He'd worn braces since he was 12. Come September he'd be a junior in school, but the following year he'd start school a badass senior. As badass as Matthew could ever be. His biggest embarrassment was his minuscule penis, barely 4-1/2" long when massively erect. Oddly, it got most erect watching videos of girls sucking cock and getting their asses boned. He wasn't quite as queer as he worried. His testicles were as embarrassingly small as his cock, though. He hated gym.

Matthew lived in a three-bedroom, luxury condo. Kaylee had the second bedroom and Matthew was ensconced in the smallest, up front, overlooking the main parking lot. Even the smallest bedroom was huge though, measuring 15' x 18' with its own bath.

The condo had balconies front and back. The rear balcony was the larger of the two, with access from his parent's and Kaylee's bedroom. Main entry was via the condo's rear den, however, situated between the two bedrooms for privacy.

The front balcony you accessed through patio doors in the living room. It stopped short of Mathew's bedroom, unfortunately. The front balcony was fine, but he really loved the one out back. It looked over a huge expanse of grounds, the connector road, and faced the 7799 building on a slant, affording more privacy. There were four big condos in the development, three of them twenty stories tall, his own, included.

Out of the bag, the dildos looked clean, but Matthew was taking no chances. Odds were the smaller dudes were veterans of some young girl's heinie, or maybe that of a boy. Maybe even John Holmes, who knew. It scared the pee out of him.

His problem was opportunity. After school? Possible, but he hated the idea of mounting himself during the daytime. He wanted darkness for that, and a whole beautiful night. Fat chance that would ever happen. Then something miraculous occurred.

"Matthew," his mom said two days before his birthday. This was a Wednesday evening, and she stood in his doorway still dressed in her work clothes. He raised an eyebrow and popped loose one of his earbuds.

"Your dad and I are running Kaylee up to Penn State on Friday for a look at the campus. She's been accepted there this fall and wants to compare it to Albany. We'll be home by seven o'clock or so. Can you fend for yourself until then?"

Kaylee had graduated in early May, and this was late May. Matthew had a couple weeks left of school. He said fine, he'd hang around after school and maybe order a pizza for dinner.

"We'll celebrate Saturday, as planned," Mom said. "I'll leave you thirty dollars to cover the pizza and anything else you want to get for yourself. I can't see us being any later than eight o'clock. You'll be okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" he wondered.

"I don't like leaving you on your birthday. You don't turn sixteen every day, you know."

He laughed. "It's eighteen I'm looking forward to, Mom. That'll mean something. Friday's just another day older than fifteen. Can I smoke, drink, and get high?"

"Try it and see what happens. I'll have Kaylee take you over her knee."

He laughed again. "Kaylee's the one who needs a good spanking. Can I watch?"

Mom rolled her eyes. "I can't believe she'll be in college next year. Who am I going to yell at? Oh, yeah ... you," she said, grinning.

He got the lion's share of her wrath anyway. Maybe he'd bottle and sell it.

Friday came and Matthew went to school and Mom, Dad, and Kaylee went to Pennsylvania. Mom updated him every three hours or so via text, which Matthew eventually answered. You ain't supposed to be texting in school. The fist hint something was up came just after he stepped off the school bus around 3:15 p.m.

Are you feeling okay? Mom texted.

Sure, why?

Kaylee said three of her friends came down sick with a stomach bug since last night. She's afraid she might have it too. Hypochondriac. Dad and I feel fine, but keep an eye on yourself, Matthew. About to head to grandma's for a visit. Will still be home before eight. Happy b-day again! You have a BIG KISS coming when I get home. Don't lock yourself in your room.

EWWWW! he wrote back. Not the dreaded BIG KISS!

Behave yourself. No one over the house. Kaylee says hi.

Tell Kaylee she can get me that way tonight for my birthday.

Don't push your luck, bucko.

Matthew thought little of the exchange, more interested in what video games he might score tomorrow for his birthday ... a day late. He really hoped for the new Playstation 3. That would be so badass! He wanted Medal of Honor, and the new Halo. If he had to choose, Halo, because that was the better game. He never expected the birthday present he got.

Home, he immediately went to his closet and hauled out the loot. He could not admire these things enough. OMG, did he love the sight of that 12" long monster cock. Imagine 10" up your behind. 7" would completely fill his rectum and stretch his anus to an absurd diameter the size of an apple, he thought. He never found out.

Mom texted at 4:45 p.m.: Your sister is sick. Not throwing up sick, but more than just hypochondriac sick. She went to lay down with one of your grandmother's hot water bottles. Are you okay?

Just fine, he wrote. Hope to stay that way too. Tell her she's dead if she ruins my birthday!

I'll kill her if she ruins your b-day! We may be later than 8 pm. Order your pizza and enjoy yourself. No one over. Sorry, not fair on your b-day, but oh well.

Yea yea. Story of my life. Tell Kaylee feel better.

Will text you when we leave, she wrote. Behave.

He behaved, though he thoroughly scrubbed the dildos with hot soapy water in the kitchen sink, and then boiled them in a kettle for good measure. He wasn't sure about doing that, but the dildos didn't seem to mind. It certainly put his mind at ease, knowing they were completely sanitized.

Was the stuff in the bags really weed, he wondered? What had possessed someone to chuck out four grams of weed? The dildos were probably a clue (or maybe the other way around, he thought), but regardless, he had enough to roll twelve joints. What would he do with twelve joints of weed with no one to smoke it with?

Why couldn't he be popular? David was pretty much his only close friend. He got along better with girls than with boys, but he couldn't hang around girls. He should invite David over to try out this weed.

Smoke in the house ... right. That was gonna happen.

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