The Blind Girl on the Second Floor

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The story about a love that began with an act of kindness: Jason Garner offered a ride to a woman he knew from his apartment building: Louise Windmeer. Louise was blind and accepted his invitation. They got to know one another and Jason became one of the most important factors in Louise's life, along with Sir Galahad.

He walked slowly out of the concert hall; he was smiling. It had been that great a concert. They'd played the Beethoven #2, which he loved. It engaged his regard for Beethoven and also his all out love of Mozart. There was so much of Mozart about the Beethoven 2nd symphony! He loved it.

He was in an extremely good mood. The week had been kind to him. A few things that he'd been working on had turned out just fine and he was pleased with that.

Jason Garner was an attorney, who specialized in corporate law. At 39, he was a very contented man. He was an apartment dweller, but with a difference. The apartment that he lived in, actually a double apartment on the top floor of the building, his building, was a marvelous one.

He had the world's greatest companion in his tabby cat 'Galahad', or, at times 'Sir Galahad'.

He'd developed a kind of life style that he loved. He had an unrivaled view of the city from his apartment. He was a good cook. He was certainly a successful attorney; though he had resources from his Mom and Dad that would have made it unnecessary to work, he loved doing what he did, as the corporate specialist at the law firm, where he was a partner.

He made it a special task for himself to know the people in his building. (It had been one that his parents had owned, as an investment and they passed it on to him, once they got older.) It certainly provided Jason with a tidy income).

He also made it a practice to keep the building and apartments completely fixed up, and also made it a policy to keep the rents fairly low.

He was realistic about that, though he didn't really need the income.

Jason had taken a warning from his father's heart problems, that had taken him about three years previously. He had his checkups yearly, he took an aspirin a day, he watched his diet, and he worked out regularly.

As a matter of fact, he'd had the basement of the building developed and had put in a workout room, complete with equipment for the tenants to use.

Such things made the apartment building a great place to live.

Tonight it was a treat for him: the concert. They played one of his most favorite Beethoven pieces and also a Tchaikovsky piano concerto. He'd enjoyed it all. He was leaving the concert hall simply smiling to himself.

As he got to the main floor and entrance, he noticed, coming from the elevators, one of his tenants. Her name was Louise Windmeer. He knew a little about her, namely that she was the secretary to an organization that helped the blind. As a matter of fact, Louise herself was blind.

She was 28 years old and had moved to the city and rented an apartment in his building, after getting the job with the Association for the Blind.

Louise was a very pretty young lady. She'd been blinded by an accident, when she was a younger and had worked to be able to take care of herself. She'd made great strides with that, over the years.

She moved around with the aid of a cane, and a trust of her sense of her surroundings. She'd become, over time, quite self sufficient at it.

Jason walked in her direction and spoke, when he as a number of feet from her.

"Ms Windmeer!" he said.

"Yes," she said, simply turning her head in his direction.

"It's me, Jason Garner," he said, "From the apartment."

"Yes," she said, "I recognized you."

She hesitated and said, with a smile: "You always smell so nice!"

He chuckled.

"Giving away my secrets!" she said.

"How'd you like the concert?" he asked.

"I love that Tchaikovsky!" she said.

"Yes, it was lovely," he remarked. "But the Beethoven is one of my most favorites!"

"Yes," she said, "It's so underrated!"

"I love the sense of Mozart in especially the second movement!" he said.

"Ah," she remarked, smiling at him, "The man knows his music."

"Yes," he said, "Did some studying, when I was at school and over the years."

"I was starting to play the violin," she said, "Before my accident but that was years ago."

"I see," he said.

Then he ventured in another direction: "May I ask, how did you get here?"

"Taxi!" she said.

"Well," he ventured then, "It's begun to rain now. May I offer you a ride? I'm going home myself."

"I would love that," she said, "You're so kind."

She reached out then, and he, realizing what she was doing, turned a bit and offered her his arm. She took it and they went off toward the garage that was connected to the concert hall.

"This is very nice of you!" she said, as they walked along.

As they did, she kept tapping with her stick, to make sure that the pat ahead of her was clear.

"You get around very well with that!" he said.

"I've had so much practice," she answered.

"I've seen you around the building many times," he said to her next.

"Yes," she replied, "And I have to say that you do a spectacular job at keeping it in fine shape. I love living there."

"I'm glad!" he said.

Jason realized that he was having a simply great time, walking with and talking with this beautiful woman.

"Here we are!" he said, as he took her arm and opened the door for her, helping her to get into the car.

His car was a silver gray Lexus. He liked to tell people that it was the car that Galahad insisted on him buying. He'd go on then that Galahad would only ride in a Lexus.

"This car smells lovely," she said, "And fairly new!"

"Yes, it is," he said, as he began to start the engine. "It was Galahad's choice."

"Galahad?" she asked.

"The tabby cat that I live with!" he said.

She smiled, "Oh, I love cats!"

"Gal is a remarkable cat," he said, "He actually owns the apartment building and makes all the decisions. He only lets me live there!"

They were both laughing, after he'd said this.

"Then I must meet the building owner!" she said.

"He'd love it!" Jason answered, "Gal is such a lover."

"Marvelous!" she said.

Jason was having such a good time that he decided to venture an invitation: "Say," he began,"It's still a bit early; would you like to stop in and meet Galahad; maybe have a glass of wine?"

He saw her considering and said quickly: "Please, no seduction or anything of the kind intended."

She let out a kind of tinkling laugh and said: "Thank you for the reassurance. I'm sure that Galahad would protect me!"

"Well, yes," Jason replied, with a chuckle, "His name is actually 'Sir Galahad'."

She clapped her hands and said: "Better and better!"

"I'd love to," she said, "Galahad, um Sir Galahad sounds like a true love."

"Oh, he is!" Jason said.


Louise certainly remembered him, thinking of his soft voice, his constant concern, whenever they met, especially in the elevator or in the laundry room of the building. She'd, in those contacts, formed a positive image, in her own mind, of what he must be like. She was acting on that positive image, and was happy to join him for a glass of wine.

He opened the door for her, and touched her arm to let her pass him. As soon as she was inside the door, she heard the noise of the approaching cat.

"There he is!" Jason said, as Gal appeared in the hall way.

Immediately, Louise could feel the cat rubbing against her leg. It caused her to laugh with glee. She went down on her knees and was stroking Galahad, who was enjoying the attention.

"Made a friend," Jason said.

"I guess!" she said. "Just love cats and my situation makes it too dangerous for me to have one."

"Yes, I'm sure that's true; but since Galahad is your pal, you can visit him here often."

"How kind of you!" she said then.

"Well," Jason said next, "Glass of wine?"

"Love one," she said.

"Red? White?" he asked.

"White, I believe," she said.

"Living room is this way," Jason said, touching her arm. She reached out and put her hand through his offered arm and let him lead her into the living room.

He got her situated on the couch, and she immediately felt the weight of Galahad getting up on the couch with her. By the time that Jason came back with the wine, Galahad was situated in her lap, and she was stroking the big cat and making small noises to him.

Jason just stood in the doorway to the kitchen and looked at the scene. He'd always thought her beautiful but this was a scene of loveliness even beyond his imagination.

"You there?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, "Sorry, just staring!"

She laughed her tinkling laugh.

"Forgive me, if it's inappropriate," he said next, "But you are so lovely!"

"Oh, thank you!" she said, blushing.

"And the picture of you sitting there with Galahad is almost beyond words."

"How nice you talk about me!" she said, and, with another laugh, added: "And about Galahad."

He sat in an arm chair that was next to the couch, at a right angle to it. He took her hand and put the wine glass in it. When she took a drink, he guided her hand then to where she could set the wine glass down on the table.

"Mmmm," she said, "That's very nice!"

"German!" he said.

"Oh, I like it!" she replied.

Then she looked at him and said: "Please tell me, if you don't mind, what you look like."

"Ok," he said, "I weight 650 lbs, I'm totally bald and wear size 19 shoes!"

She was laughing almost uncontrollably then.

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