Frank and Ruth

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: : Just another cheating wife story.

I was on my back, totally fucked out, and she stood next to the bed looking down at me and looking for all the world like she had just awakened and was as fresh as a daisy. No one seeing her at that moment would have believed that she had been sucking and fucking me for five hours. No one would have imagined that those lips had been wrapped around my cock and that mouth had swallowed my cum. She looked so fresh that no one would have believed that her pussy had taken two of my loads and that her ass – her beautiful heart shaped ass – had taken a third and a fourth. She looked exactly like what she wasn't – a sweet looking faithful wife.

She smiled and said, "Take plenty of vitamins baby; I need you to last longer next time" and then she left me to go home to her husband and kids.

As I had watched her dress I'd thought back on the circumstances that had brought us together. I was your typical dyed in the wool every day clueless husband. I'd been married to Ruth for a little over six years and I was happy in my marriage. I could barely stand to be away from my wife, but we both had to work if we were ever going to have the house and family that we wanted.

All that the end of the work day meant to me was that it was time to hurry home to my lovely and loving wife. Make no mistake about it – Ruth was my reason for being and she had been from the moment she called me a clumsy asshole.

It had happened at Clancy's; a night spot in lower downtown. I was in the habit of stopping there after work with some of the guys I worked with to hoist a few and let off some steam by bad mouthing management. Clancy's had a band Thursday through Saturday and it was a Thursday night and the place was crowded.

Service tended to be a bit slow on live music nights because the place was so packed that the waitresses had to slowly and carefully work their way through the teaming throng. Sometimes it was quicker for you to just go up to the bar and get it yourself. I was sharing a table with seven of my co-workers (actually two tables pushed together) and four of us were dry. I volunteered to make the bar run and I'd just turned away from the bar with drinks in hand when someone ran into me and caused me to spill the drinks. I heard:

"You clumsy asshole! Look at what you've done to my dress!"

I turned and looked into the most startling blue eyes I'd ever seen. My eyes dropped to her dress and I saw the wet stain on the fabric covering her very impressive breasts. The lecher in me wanted to grab a towel or something and go to work on rubbing the area dry, but her tone of voice and the word "asshole" pissed me off so I fired back:

"I was standing here lady and you ran into me; I didn't run into you so if you want to blame someone blame yourself."

I turned back to the bar and got the bartender to top off the drinks and then went back to my table. About ten minutes later I was looking across the table at Olivia trying to talk myself into asking her if she would like to dance. Her fingers were tapping the table in time to the music and I got the feeling that she would like to take a couple of turns around the floor, but she was married and I was afraid that she might think I was trying to make a move on her. Pam, who had been sitting beside me was out on the floor with Gary and just as I thought to myself "To hell with it; I don't care if Olivia does think I want in her panties I want to dance." As I opened my mouth to utter my first word someone sat down on Pam's chair. I could see Pam out on the dance floor so I looked to my left and saw the woman with the starling blue eyes and impressive breasts. She looked at me sheepishly and said:

"I'm here to apologize for being nasty to you. You were right; it was my fault."

I took a long look into those eyes and I was lost. I said, "I'll accept your apology on one condition."

"And that is?"

"That you dance with me."

Her face lit up in a smile and she said, "Done!" She stood up and said, "Let's do it."

From that moment on Ruth and I were joined at the hip. Six months later in front of family and friends we took our vows and for the next six years I considered my life perfect.


It was a cliché. We both were at a place where we had never been before. At least I never had, but her? Who knows? I was in Lone Tree, not all that far from Castle Rock, but still a place I never seldom went to. I was meeting a client for lunch and halfway into it I saw a shocked look come over his face and he mumbled to himself:

"I wonder if Larry knows."

"What?" I asked.

He looked at me like he didn't understand so I said, "You just got a weird expression on your face and mumbled "I wonder if Larry knows." Since it happened in our discussion of clause five in the contract it made me wonder."

"Oh? I wasn't aware that I said it out loud."

He saw that I wasn't going to ask – take it and farther – and he must have thought that he needed to explain so he said, "Larry's girlfriend just walked in and she is holding hands with a guy who is most definitely not Larry."

Being the curious guy that I am I turned to look. I saw a woman and a man standing at the entrance waiting to be seated by the hostess and I saw that indeed they were holding hands. The man was not someone I had ever seen before, but the woman was my wife.

If you have ever been in a like situation you know the emotional war the instantly takes place. You wanted to get up, run to them, pull the apart and kick the shit out of the guy. There was denial. It couldn't be Ruth! It has been said that somewhere on this planet everyone has someone who looks like them. A doppelganger I believe is the term. Surely that must be what is happening here. It couldn't be my Ruth. It just couldn't. There was recognition. I recognized the dress she was wearing. I was with her when she bought it. There was curiosity. If she is Larry's girlfriend and the guy she is holding hands with is not Larry that means she is getting together with at least two guys behind your back. Are there others? How many? For how long? Then of course came acceptance. How could you not accept what was right before your eyes.

All of the above took place in an instant – maybe a second or so – and then I turned to face Chad. He took one look at my face and asked:

"What's wrong? You look like you've just seen a ghost."

My hand was shaking when I picked up the water glass and took a drink. As I set the glass down I said, "Not a ghost, but something just as upsetting. I know her. She is married to someone I know and that someone isn't named Larry. Who is Larry?"

"A guy I work with. I doubt that Larry knows she is married."

"I would appreciate your not telling him until I've had time to prepare my friend for the bad news. He worships the ground she walks on and this is going to devastate him. If Larry doesn't know maybe he will take her in when she gets kicked out of the house."

"Not likely. Larry is married, but that brings up a question. Hubby worships the ground she walks on, but he will kick her out?"

"No doubt in my mind. No doubt at all."

Fortunately they were seated on the other side of the room from us and Chad told me that she was seated with her back to us and since my back was to her she did not know that I was there. I didn't finish my meal – for some reason I had lost my appetite – but I did finish my business with Chad and then I got up and left the restaurant. I went out through the kitchen and back door to make sure that Ruth had no idea that I'd been there and seen her.

I stopped at the office and told my boss that Chad was on board with what we wanted to do and then I took the rest of the afternoon off. I stopped at the bank and moved some money round. Nothing that should grab Ruth's immediate attention, but I guessed that private detectives didn't come cheap. We had three accounts; a checking, a savings and the new house account. Ten percent of the net from each of our paychecks went into the new house account and the goal was twenty-five thousand for a down payment. We were still a year or so away from reaching that goal so I didn't expect that Ruth would be paying much, if any, any attention to the house fund just yet.

I briefly flirted with the idea of just following her around myself, but quickly realized that there wasn't any way I could do it. For one thing I couldn't take that much time away from my job and for another my inexperience at doing something like that almost guaranteed I'd somehow fuck it up and the last thing I wanted right then was for Ruth to find out I was onto her and besides, it didn't appear that we were going to need a house fund anymore anyway.

After leaving the bank I called Jack Webster. Jack and I had been close friends since the seventh grade and Jack was an attorney. He specialized in business law, but I was hoping that he could steer me to a good divorce attorney. He told me to come into his office and he would have a list ready for me. When we met he handed me a list with thirty-one names on it. I was a touch confused and asked him which one I should see. His answer surprised me.

"All of them."

"All of them? All thirty-one? No way on God's green earth could I afford to do that."

"Sure you can. You will notice that twenty-seven of them are underlined. They are the ones who give a free first consultation. The other four have a flat first consultation fee, but even then it isn't more than a hundred bucks."

"I still don't understand why I need to see that many."

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