Retirement Project - Vicki Comes Over

by Daydreamz

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, NonConsensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, Humor, Light Bond, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Repressed, judgmental big sister Vicki just HAS to stick her nose in where it's not wanted! Lettie can't risk Vicki telling, obviously. To make sure, Lettie takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level.

“So what have you been up to?” I asked my little brother John.

Something about him was making me suspect he’d been spending time with my wilful little sister Lettie and her promiscuous friend Janie Simmonds. I had to be concerned, because he’s too young to be getting mixed up in their mysterious goings-on over the road.

“Nothing!” said John, looking a bit guilty, “just playing with my friends.”

“At Mr Whitaker’s?”

“He’s very nice, Mum and Dad said so.”

That was true. Our parents did like him, even if John was dodging my question; and it was no accident John had mentioned them.

I’d asked if Lettie really needed to be spending so much time over there on her summer holiday project, and if she was really ‘staying at Janie’s’, and they hadn’t wanted to know. They’re too lax with her, I’ve always thought so. She thinks she can do just whatever she likes.

Now John seemed to be going the same way, if his cheeky grin was anything to go by. He’d seen that I had nothing much to go on and he could just fob me off – if I said anything to Mum and Dad they’d just start up again about us all getting on together.

That grin was Lettie’s bad influence!

But anyway I didn’t have any actual evidence so I had to leave it. Still, I had a duty to keep an eye out, obviously. I’ll be eighteen in September and an adult, with responsibilities.

Anyhow the next day my hand was forced. Completely forced.

I’d already spotted, the previous week, young Ella Green from Year 9 going into Mr Whitaker’s drive on her bike, so that was worrying enough: whether her parents were really keeping a close enough eye on her.

Now this time there was another girl with her. I knew her by sight, though not her name. She is a rather distinctive girl, being part Indian or Pakistani by the look of her; or even completely I don’t know. She has rather a glamorous look to her anyway, and some noticeable development already. I can imagine her being a Sky weather girl in a few years.

John had disappeared again too, without saying anything. Mum and Dad were out, so after thinking about it I decided it was up to me to do something and make sure the family was not being let down by my irresponsible younger siblings.

So I went over to Mr Whitaker’s and rang the bell. I had to wait quite a while, then I was rather surprised when it was Janie Simmonds who opened the door! And in a housedress! Did she think it was her house now??

It was quite an immodest way to be dressed, in the middle of the day. In fact had she actually answered the door without underwear? Her breasts were showing quite an amount of detail through the fabric, and her feet were bare.

“Oh hello Vicki,” she said. She smiled, in rather a forced way I thought, but didn’t invite me in.

“Hello Janie,” I said. I wasn’t going to be put off what I’d come for: “I wonder if I could have a word with Lettie, please?”

Janie didn’t want to be rude by closing the door in my face while she went to get her, I could tell, but at the same time she didn’t want me coming in. She hesitated, which made that a bit obvious. There was something secret going on, as I’d suspected, and knowing Lettie...

“Can I come in?” I asked and just stepped in, brushing past Janie into the hall.

“Oh!” I heard her all surprised behind me but she stayed to close the door and that gave me time. I could hear talking and laughing from a door that was open – one Janie had just come through probably – so I walked through into the kitchen, remembering it from my swim in June, and then quickly across and into the swimming pool room ... and there was a scene from, I don’t even know, some perverted top shelf magazine!!

Everyone was naked. Not a stitch on! There were breasts and privates on display everywhere. And there was sex going on!

In the pool were Mr Whitaker – presumably that was why he hadn’t answered the door - the Asian-looking girl and Ella Green. It looked as though the Asian-looking girl had been interfering with Ella - who was floating on her back - between her legs, but she quickly stopped when I came in, and Ella stood up.

Lettie and John were lying on a mat, with a space between them. Somehow I suspected that Janie had been in that space when I knocked! And next to Lettie, I found it hard to believe, was one of our PE teachers from school - Mr Harris! Naked! I hadn’t even seen him arrive.

I placed my hands on my hips. “So!!...”

“I just knew it!” Typically Lettie started talking straight away, cutting me off: “I just KNEW you wouldn’t be able to mind your own business! We’re here having a nice time, in private, and Miss Bossy Boots has to come and stick her nose in.”

Janie had come in behind me: “She just pushed in, sorry.” Everyone was standing up. The three in the pool were getting out.

“I should just think I do have to stick my nose in!” I shot back. “What are you doing with John? And these others, they’re underage too and you’re all having SEX with them! With men. And doing drugs too!”

“It’s none of your business.” Lettie was in my face now; she’s a bit shorter than me but she can really lose it sometimes. She knows I’m a bit of a lightweight too, but I held my ground.

“It IS my business! He’s MY brother too, and you’re all breaking the law: sex and drugs with children, it’s WRONG!” I was looking at Mr Whitaker and Mr Harris.

“Course it’s not wrong.” Lettie’s always so sure of herself, it’s infuriating. “Everyone’s having a nice time, being nice to each other and making each other feel good. John’s not smoking anyway and Ella and Seeta aren’t allowed much, just a taster. Everyone’s ready for sex, who’s here, and just doing what THEY want to do. Not what YOU want.

“John was having wet dreams about Janie so he’s ready and she showed him how to fuck nicely, like David, and Seeta’s ready and having periods and everything and wanted to know about it and girls and so we’re showing her too, how sweet it can be.”

“It’s wrong!” I repeated, feeling myself running out of arguments like I always seem to with her. “Grown men with children, having orgies. You ought to be locked up!”

They all looked pretty shocked at that, except Lettie.

“Oooh yeah!!” Lettie was laughing at me, “just because YOU’RE still a virgin you think everyone else ought to be.”

That was so unfair! “That’s it!” I stormed at them all, as they were starting to gather round me. I suddenly felt it was time to clear out though. With Lettie, she doesn’t back down like other people even when she’s completely in the wrong. But I’d teach her!

“Just you wait!!” I flung at her, turning back towards the door.

“Stop her!” I heard Lettie call behind me. Janie got in the way, then I heard running feet behind me, male feet, and Mr Harris got past me and closed the door. He stood in front of it, huge and naked like some palace guard in a porn movie.

“What do you mean ‘just you wait’?” Lettie demanded, standing there with no clothes on either, as though it was normal. “You’re not going to make trouble are you? Graham would be in deep shit if you told on us, being their teacher. He’d go to prison, even though he’s just here being nice and because I asked him so we’d have a hunk to compare. David would go to prison as well probably.”

I realised I had to tone it down a bit. I’d just wanted to scare her, for once. But she wasn’t sounding scared; she was sounding more like scary.

“No of course I wouldn’t tell,” I tried to sound scornful but even to me it didn’t sound very convincing, “I just think you should stop, as it’s wrong.”

“Didn’t sound like that to me.” I might’ve known Janie would start a double-act with Lettie.

“Jesus Christ,” Mr Harris was sounding really alarmed, “I would go to prison, ‘position of trust’ and everything, with my students, fourteen, fifteen...”

“We wouldn’t tell, would we?” John was looking at Ella and Seeta.

“No of course we wouldn’t,” Ella was quick to confirm it and Seeta was shaking her head in agreement as well.

“Yes I know,” Mr Whitaker was worried too, “but it’s a different thing when you’re down at the police station, just with your parents and everyone’s pushing you to say what they want to hear. They have people trained in it, how to get it out of you. If Vicki tells anyone and the police start asking questions we’re in for it.”

“I won’t,” I hated backing down but I had to, “it was just to scare Lettie. I think it’s wrong but I won’t tell anyone.”

“How do we know?” Janie’s a sweet girl normally, even being a complete tart, but she’s such friends with Lettie she’ll do anything if she thinks Lettie’s being threatened. They’ve been friends since playschool and are joined at the hip. Other parts too, half the school thinks!

“You have to join in,” Lettie had decided. She can be so like that. “You have to join in and be part of it and we have to film you so you can’t tell anyone for absolute certain sure. You’re almost eighteen so some video of you forcing Seeta or Ella would drop you deep in it as well.”

“Forcing?” Mr Whitaker and Mr Harris said almost together.

“Well not really,” Lettie seemed to think that was obvious, “we just have them tied up or something so it looks like forcing on the video. Assuming you’re up for it?” It finally occurred to her to consult the girls, “it’s pretty vital.”

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