The Third Wheel

by Krosis of the Collective

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dani's annoying cousin is cramping her university stay. Time to get rid of her and have some fun at the same time.

Author's Note: The board game the students play in this story is inspired by the computer game the protagonists play in Wollstonecraft's Party.

It was our freshman year at (name removed) University. What? Oh, sorry ... I can't have anyone tracking this back to me because of what I did. I've changed our names, too. My new name will be ... umm ... Danielle. Yeah! Dani for short. I like being a Dani!

My cousin ... umm ... damnit, coming up with names is hard ... Haley? Yes, my cousin HALEY and I were roommates, and newly arrived at the school. Our parents dropped us off, and after some quick goodbyes in the dorm lobby we pulled our luggage into our new room.

The room was as small as could be expected, with a bunk bed for us and a door leading to the bathroom. There were 2 desks and ... another bed?

The toilet flushed, the bathroom faucet ran and a few seconds later a raven-haired girl our age walked in from the bathroom, drying her hands. Her face lit up with a smile when she saw us. "Haley! Dani! You're here!"

Okay, first, let me warn you that stating the obvious like that is par for the course for this girl. Oh, I guess you need a name for her. How about Mindy? That sounds vacuous enough, doesn't it?

Our other cousin Mindy had also registered for (name removed) University. What we didn't know, however, was that she had specifically requested to be in our room, and instead of MENTIONING IT TO US, the school just put us together. This was a banner year for the school, with a 15% higher student population than the record, so things like that just got pushed through to save on space. Still, we were pissed. We tried to convince the school to put her somewhere else, but there was no room, anywhere. What was worse, in addition to Mindy's stupidity, she and her family were total party-pooper, goody-goody Christians! We weren't going to be able to have any fun while she was around! Haley and I had dumped our high school boyfriends at the end of summer break because the University was so far from our hometown, and we wanted to party hard.

We did our best to make Mindy feel unwanted, but she was just so damned easygoing, and thick besides! She just didn't get it ... it was like ignoring a puppy, y'know? She was so anal retentive she put labels with our names on the desks and beds, and even on the drawers in the bathroom.

We made do. Haley and I are very much alike -- like sisters even though we're cousins -- and we liked to hang out together. We went to parties and had lots of fun staying overnight at guys' places while Mindy remained in the dorm room, studying.

Weeks went by like this, and then came that fateful night when I brought Gary back to our dorm. He lived off campus and I just couldn't wait to jump his bones, so we slipped into the room and then into my upper bunk. It was late so Mindy was sleeping (Haley was out at some guy's place) and I told Gary we had to be quiet.

I should describe myself here, since at that point I got naked as my clothes flew everywhere. I'm blonde, tall (5'10") and curvy -- I have been described as a goddess by some -- and my voice can get loud when I'm excited. Yeah, I wasn't thinking. Gary went down on me after my panties took flight and I was still fumbling with my bra. I think Mindy may have woken up a little on my first gasp, and then she woke all the way up during the moaning that followed. Gary brought me to a near-screaming orgasm, and then clambered up to start to push his hard cock into me.

"Con--condom!" I managed to hiss through my orgasm-induced haze. By this time Mindy was watching us in the dim light of the moon shining through the window, although I didn't know, and frankly wouldn't have cared if I had. Gary made an annoyed sound (typical man!), grabbed his pants and extracted the "jimmy hat." I made sure he put it on before I pulled him into me.

Gary, bless him, kept his moans quiet. I didn't. His expert thrusting hit my G-spot nicely, and his pelvis rubbed my extended clit just right. He must have brought me to 5 orgasms before he started really pounding me hard, and then he groaned loudly as he thrust home. I could feel his condom-covered prick throbbing inside me and I came hard one last time.

As we came down from our mutual cum we could hear Mindy gasping in her bed. We hadn't heard her masturbating until we had stopped our own sex noises. She either hadn't noticed we had stopped or couldn't stop herself, and then we heard her climax: "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Then all was silent.

Gary gave me a peck on the lips and was gone. He knew the drill, and I knew the score. We'd have some fun some other night, or with others. Ah, university life...

I didn't say anything to Mindy that night. I pictured her there, face red with embarrassment, as I passed into sleep. This could be fun after all.

From then on I made sure to bring all my lovers back to the dorm. The guys seemed to enjoy being overheard, and when I brought one of them back while both Mindy and Haley were in their beds we heard both of them pleasuring themselves while we went at it.

One Friday night I decided we'd have a group study session, just the three of us. I brought red wine. Haley was all about the wine ... Mindy took only a little convincing, wine being the blood of Christ and all, but soon she loosened up and we started to talk about boys.

"Have you ever, y'know ... with a guy, Mindy?" I asked as we sat on the floor. We both looked at her, questioningly.

She flushed with embarrassment. "Um, no; never."

I pressed, "But you want to, right? I hear you playing with yourself when I fuck guys here."

Her face turned scarlet. "Um ... um..."

"It's okay, sweetie. There's nothing wrong with those feelings."


"You're at university," I continued over her protests, "It's expected."

She thought about it. "Well, my mom did put me on birth control pills. She said that she wanted me to be safe, after she heard I was going to be rooming with you."

Well, bless you, Auntie, you old bag, I thought to myself. She thought I would be a bad influence on sweet, innocent Mindy? Oh, yes.

Haley and I started to frankly discuss our sex sessions. Mindy had nothing to offer the conversation but listened intently. At one point she started to rub her thighs together, almost imperceptibly. I stood up.

"I'm going to call Gary over right now. Haley, you call Aaron." I then whispered to her, conspiratorially, "And tell him to bring a friend." I moved my eyes to point to Mindy, who poured herself another glass, as if on cue. Haley nodded, understanding.

The three guys arrived quickly and Aaron covered for his buddy Jason's "unexpected" presence; that they had been hanging out when he got the call and it was a party, right? Gary and Aaron sat down next to us and Jason started up a conversation with tipsy Mindy. She smiled uncertainly at him.

Some more wine followed, plus some beer the guys brought. Gary and I and Haley and Aaron were making out, and Mindy was watching, unsure what to do. Jason moved closer to her and took her hand. She started, but didn't pull away. Jason moved his head close and whispered something to her. She giggled. Very nice, Jason, I thought.

Aaron's hands were now under Haley's shirt and were massaging her huge mams. Oh crap, I forgot to describe Haley! She's brown haired, kinda short and curvy, almost Rubenesque; the kind of woman who's probably going to be fat when she's in her middle age, but at this age had the bazoombas to get the guys' attentions.

Mindy, in contrast, was of average height and a bit slim, although she had nicely sized breasts too, from what you could tell with the baggy clothes she wore. She was pretty, in a simple kind of way. Jason thought so, anyway, and he kissed her hand. How sweet (blech)!

At about that point I lost track of what happened with them as Gary ripped open my shirt, pulled down my bra and devoured my nipples. I gasped and pulled his head to my chest, eyes closed.

Things progressed quickly from there. Unlike with our normal voyeuristic show, the lights stayed on. As Gary took me up to my bunk and started inserting his condom-covered cock into me I noticed that Mindy and Jason were making out now. I could hear Aaron and Haley already fucking below us. Mindy's eyes kept roving back to our bunk beds as she made out with Jason.

I lost track of them again as Gary started to fuck me hard. Knowing that sweet, simple Mindy was watching spurred both of us on, and we made a production out of it. From the sounds below, Haley and Aaron were of the same mind. Gary thrust and thrust, and I was cumming almost continuously. I don't know how he held out, but after 15 minutes I pushed Gary back and got on all fours. Jason now had his hands on Mindy's breasts through her shirt and was kissing her neck. Come on Jason! We're hitting home runs and you're still at second base?!

Gary shoved himself back inside me and all coherent thought was lost. After I came for the umpteenth time and Gary finished off I looked over again. Jason had his hands in Mindy's pants and she was cumming too, watching us. When she was done she gave Jason his hand back, kissed him, and ran into the bathroom. The fun was over. Damnit.

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