Abbi's Panties

by h20wader

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Desc: : a rape, a husband's doubt, a greedy woman,


It was Friday. Tonight would be the night. She had waited 18 years for this. Tonight her virginity would be given to Derek. He had been dating her for four months (thirty dates in all) and last Saturday she had promised him this night.

It hadn't been easy for her to hold out this long. His kisses melted her, his hands inflamed her and her desire urged her on but she wanted everything to be just perfect. Over the last three dates since her promise, he had insisted that she do more than just kiss and touch. The first date after her promise, she had let him have her bare breasts. He was gentle with his hands and mouth. The next date, he demanded more so she had let him explore her womanhood but refused to allow him to enter her. The third date he had been much more insistent so she agreed to make love with him Friday night.

She was a virgin and wanted to save that for their very special FIRST time. She found what he was doing to be exciting but wondered about his confessed love for her. Why was he rushing her? Why couldn't he wait and have all of her? Why was his need and pain greater than her need and pain?

After much talking, he had finally agreed to her bedroom not a cheap motel. But to get that, she agreed to forgo the nice restaurant and a special dinner. They would meet at her house. She would prepare the meal and have it waiting for him.

As she dressed for the most important night of her almost eighteen years, she thought of her mom. Her mom needed to be out of the house and agreed to visit Becca, her older sister at the college just 30 miles away. Her mother would stay overnight and be back early Saturday morning but not too early. Lord, her mom was wonderful. There was none of the arguments that her friends and their moms had. Her mom was understanding, trusting and always there for her. She told her mom everything.

She had bathed in the tub with the hottest water she could stand, used bath oil and lots of fragrant bubbles. She wanted every nerve to be totally alive tonight. She couldn't wear the dress, the heels and the stockings with a garter belt without the fancy restaurant dinner as Derek had told her to be very casual. However, she could wear the underwear that she and her mom had purchased at Victoria's Secret.

They had spent a lot of time deciding what to wear. White was too virginal, black was too slutty, red didn't go with her light brown hair. They finally settled on pink for the color of the panty. It took them additional time to settle on a style. Briefs were too girlish and a thong was way too much. The final choice was a pink bikini with lace around the top and around the legs. The bra matched the panty color. No push-up just a simple bra that showed the tops of her breasts plus some cleavage and was thin enough to show her nipples when she became aroused.

Again she wished Derek had accepted the restaurant as she really wanted to show off for him.

The only thing she did was write Abbi in indelible ink in the smallest print she could manage on the tiny label in the back of the panty. She wanted him to have them as a keepsake. He had asked her and it was something she could easily do. Even Mom agreed with that.

What would she do without her mother?

Mom always accepted her, never lied to her and loved her very much. Every secret she had was safe with Mom. When the periods started, she had been well prepared. When masturbation started, she asked and her Mom gave her some hints. (Scented oil was very nice.) She could tell her mother things that even her best friends would never know. She did know that her mom was worried about the last three dates with Derek. She told Abbi that he seemed to pushing too fast but Abbi had assured her mom that she was ready for the coming event. She began the bath as soon as mom left for her night with the older sister.

Derek arrived at seven o'clock as planned. She had made a simple meal of red beans, rice and spicy sausage. She had a bottle of good wine to set the mood.

"Welcome, Derek."

He kissed her and she tasted whisky. As he pulled her toward the bedroom she struggled.

"Derek, wait until after..."

"We can eat later. Right now I want you on your bed."

In just seconds, she was in her bed room and he sat in the chair at her study desk. The need he had expressed made her nipples erect.

"Take off your clothes!"

It didn't seem to be a question and she looked at him in wonder. Why wasn't he seducing her, using his hands and kiss to inflame her? However, if she could arouse him with a simple undressing that would be good. It only took a minute and she was almost nude before him. She deliberately left the panty on for him to remove before he claimed her prize.

He undressed in less time than she had used and she could see that he was very aroused. His size frightened her but she and mom had talked about that, a slow and gentle approach would cause very little pain.

He pushed her back on the bed without turning down the covers; he wouldn't see the sheets she had washed, ironed and sprinkled with her favorite perfume.

He kissed her and she felt his tongue inside her mouth. It tasted heavily of alcohol. She suddenly went rigid with fear.

"No, stop. Derek, you are drunk. I cannot do this if you are drunk."

For the first time he spoke to her in anger, "You teasing bitch, you have been jerking me around for four months. You promised and I am going to take you here and now."

She struggled to get out from under him. He outweighed her by a hundred pounds and he quickly grabbed her hands in his large left hand. His right hand was trying to pull the pink panties with lace at the top and around the legs down her legs. With his weight and her resistance, he was having some difficulty removing the barrier. She began to think that he would give up and let her get off the bed.

Then she felt his fingers pull the leg of the pink panties aside. The head of his penis was against her. She screamed for him to stop. He pushed hard against her. The pain exploded inside her as he ripped through her hymen and entered her dry passage. She almost fainted as she screamed again. Her insides were forced open to permit entry of the invader. The tears started and she began to sob.

"Please, no, not like this, please not..."

She screamed again as he again slammed deep inside her and the pain was overwhelming. She tried to move away from him.

His voice sounded foreign to her, "Yeah, baby, move that ass, make it good for me!"

Her heart froze. Who was this monster? Where did he come from? Why wasn't he gentle like before?

He withdrew and slammed into her again. The motion made her bounce on the bed. As she bounced upwards, he met her with a down stroke and the bounces became her only movements. She saw her clock and it was three after seven. She closed her eyes and prayed that this horror would end soon.

"This will be a good long fuck, you cock-teaser. I had Mary Lou fuck me twice before I came over here."

It was long, almost forever before he filled her with his seed. The clock lied when it said 7:05. Surely an hour had passed. Her woman's survival instincts had taken over and provided her some natural lubrication. He looked at her as his climax ended.

"Give me a few minutes and a blow job and I'll do you again."

She felt him roll away from her. He leaned over and took a bottle from his pants pocket.

He drank deeply, "You want some of this?"

She was filled with anger and disgust. The anger replaced the fear and the pain.

"Get out! Get out now or I will call the police!"

He looked at her with some surprise, "You stupid little cock teaser, I ain't leaving until I have all I want of you! I am going to fuck you all night in every hole you got."


He laughed as he reached for her again, "When I get finished with you, you will be my fuck toy! You will beg me to fuck you!" He pulled her to him. "Now use your mouth to get me hard!"


There was a popping sound and Derek fell across her. She was pinned beneath him as the bedroom light was switched on and became a blinding glare.

"Abbi, are you all right?"

Through her tears, she saw Billy Hewitt, the 15-year-old boy from next door. There was a baseball bat in his hands and he looked very scared.

Her brain kicked in, "Get him off of me."

Billy easily rolled Derek away from her. She was naked and embarrassed. She was only wearing the special pink panties, with lace, but they were no longer special. There was nothing for her to hide behind. She covered her breasts with her hands.

Billie talked to hide his embarrassment, "I heard you scream. I was scared because I knew Derek would be here. It is all he has talked about this week in school. But when you kept screaming I had to come over. I heard enough and I hit him. Is he dead?"

The room fell silent. Derek was easy to hear as he was taking deep slow breaths. The suddenness of the entire night closed around her and the tears started. Billie did the only thing he could do, he held her as she cried.

He patted her shoulder and said the needed words, "It will work out somehow."

He didn't believe it and neither did she but it would do for now. It took a long time before Abbi could stop the tears.

"Thank you, Billie. He was raping me. I didn't want it to be like that."

Billie still looked scared, "What do we do now, Abbi? He will wake up sometime. What will he do?"

Abbi's anger was now driving her and she looked around the room. Her old softball bat was in the corner and an idea blossomed in her mind.

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