58 and Loving It

by Smiley Smith

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Space, MaleDom, Harem, Nudism, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A Swarm extraction Story

I am Robert Harmon, a fifty-eight year old white divorced male and this is my story. I scored 9.4 on my CAP test.

It was almost a year after the President's announcement and I decided to go to the food court in a mall near-by for lunch. If nothing else maybe an hour of people watching, with the new female fashions of the day, would improve my mood. I'd never been to that mall before. The food court was in an unusual place in the mall as far as I was concerned. It was on the third floor away from windows. It did have skylights.

Yes, I know, it is a Swarm story after all, this is much too predictable but it is what happened. There was an announcement and the extraction began. People not interested in going to the stars were told to move to the first floor and wait until the extraction was done. Those wanting to go to the stars were to go to the food court on the third floor.

It turned out that, besides myself, there were forty-three sponsors in the crowd with about thirty from a local think tank symposium, which was the main target of the extraction. I just happened to be the surprise in the Crackerjack box.

A Marine sergeant walked up to me and said, "Sir, may I see your CAP card." I handed it to him and he said, "Wow, 9.4. Sir, please follow me."

The sergeant introduced me to the lieutenant in charge and I was placed in the sponsor area. There were several hundred women in another area who were cleared as concubine candidates. Another group was formed with about fifteen men who were also concubine candidates. The children were all taken to the second floor.

The lieutenant in charge started the proceedings with a brief outline of the Confederacy policy concerning sponsors, concubines and dependents. I had heard everything before but this time I paid close attention. I needed to be sure how many concubines I was going to get. I was glad I did because the lieutenant explained that every sponsor in the group could get two additional concubines if one was what he called a mother figure and another had medical training.

The female concubines were then broken into smaller groups, mother figures, medical personnel and normal. The male concubine candidates where asked but none qualified --or at least admitted to it-- as a mother figure. Two were medical persons.

The lieutenant then moved on to the concubine selection process pretty much stating the sponsor could have anything from the concubine he wished. He then began to give X-rated examples. He told all the concubine candidates to strip. They knew it was coming, but there was a lot blushing and hesitation.

Of the forty-three sponsors only three were women. Thirty-five of the sponsors were 6.5 to 6.9. Each could select two-four concubines, depending on who they selected. All three of the women sponsors were below 7.0. There were six men with 7.0 to 7.9s and there were two 8.0 to 8.9s. I was the only one with a 9.0 or better, which was not all that surprising. I was entitled to eight concubine plus the two extras to make ten.

The lieutenant then asked me, "Do you want first choice of the concubines?"

"I would like first choice of the medical male concubines. As far as the women go though, test driving ten women at my age is going to be difficult at best. I have a plan on choosing them and it will work best if I choose a little after the 'lookers' are taken. I'll choose from the remainder."

"Well just remember this is a limited time affair. If you wait too long, you'll have to choose quickly."

"I understand."

I went to one of the medical male concubine candidates. It turned out that he was a gynecologist. I asked if he had any problems with me controlling my harem and dependents with corporal punishment. He said he had no problem with that and that he was raised in a corporal punishment environment. He didn't practice it in his family, mostly because it was not politically correct. He said, "In the environment that we are moving into corporal punishment is going to be a must. It will work if you apply it correctly, measured and consistently."

I found out his name was Bill Cooper. I told him, "I am not into male on male sex. I will require that you follow my orders and all the Confederacy rules. I will be ordering you to have sex with all my concubines and most likely with other women. You will be treated well and your top priority will be to ensure that my concubines and dependents are always in good health. You will be expected to follow the orders of any concubine I put over you. Will you be my male concubine?"

"Yes, I will."

I told the sergeant and he brought the man to the side to wait for the rest of my selections.

I watched the other men selecting their concubines for a while, it was everything that people said it was. Men and women were having sex openly and competing for the positions. The women who were not immediately selected for test drives were mesmerized by the proceedings. I was counting on that. I walked behind the mother figure group of women and looked at the women in the rear of the group. These were the least aggressive and exactly what I wanted. I looked at one who obviously had two c-section scars on her. I asked her for her name and if I could see her CAP score. While she was not aggressive, the card was in my hand in a flash The scores were all good. I asked her how many children she had. She replied ten. I asked how many were under fourteen. She said all of them were between three and thirteen years old. I asked how that was possible. She said, she had one baby, then two sets of twins and then quintuplets. They were Catholic and did not believe in birth control.

I asked, "Is your husband here?"

She said, "No, he died in a car accident, about a year after the quintuplets were born."

I asked, "So, do you still want to have more babies?"

"Yes sir, especially if I have help with them."

I continued, "Rose, were you spanked as a child?"

She stammered for a second, then said, "Yes sir, I was."

"Do you spank your children?"

She blushed now and was looking around, she was concerned about being overheard. Then she quietly answered, "Yes sir, when I deem it appropriate. I have to retain control of my family. Spanking them is the only way I have been successful." I could see this could easily be true considering she was a single mother.

"Where you spanked by your husband?"

That had her really nervous, but she answered, "Yes sir, in sexual role play, foreplay and occasionally when I was out of line. He never hurt me seriously though."

I smiled at her then and asked, "No promises yet, but would you like to be my concubine?"

"Will you take my children with you?"

"Yes, I will."

"Then, yes I will be your concubine, as long as you promise to treat my children fairly when it comes to punishment."

I replied, "I will try to do that, but I am not perfect. Sometimes I will make mistakes. Is that acceptable?"

"Yes it is, I will be your concubine."

I said, "What the heck, I accept you as a concubine.

"Are your children here?"

"The quintuplets are at home with my mother babysitting. My other children are in the mall, somewhere."

"Please go stand with the sergeant and tell him where to find your children."

By this time, all the prettier concubine candidates were gone. It really did not matter, with the Confederacy's technology allowing me to change my concubines to look like carbon copies of Marilyn Monroe, if that was what I wanted. The male candidates were pretty much alone. That was just fine with me.

I asked the remaining mother figures how many had five or more children under fourteen. There were ten women with their hands up and I had them come forward. I asked how many of those wanted more babies. Still ten. I asked if any had husbands in the crowd. None, though I would not have held it against them it they did. I asked them if any of them had a problem with corporal punishment being used to control their children. No change. I asked them if any of them had a problem with corporal punishment being used to control them. That brought the number down to four. None of them was going to make the cover of playboy, even if you took off about twenty years and forty pounds. It was exactly what I wanted.

I asked each of the ladies for their CAP cards and examined their sexual drive, nurturing, loyalty, family rearing, self confidence, leadership and aggressiveness scores. As I expected, their sexual drive, nurturing, loyalty, family rearing and leaderships scores were high and their self confidence and aggressiveness were low. Again, exactly what I wanted. I called them all over and asked them if they wanted to be my concubines. All four said yes.

I went to the medical group and asked how many had four children. There were about thirteen. I got it down to four using the same questions. I checked their cards, asked and they said yes.

The sergeant went over the rules again and asked, "Do you accept X/Y as your concubine, do you accept Richard Harmon as your sponsor," questions for the record. Then they were asked if any of their dependents were at the mall. Bill said, "Yes my two daughters were shopping with me. I had not even considered that Bill might have a family. It turned out he had twin daughters age thirteen and four more daughters five, seven, nine and eleven. He said, "You will take them, won't you?"

I said, "Absolutely."

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