Odd Man in College

by Ernest Bywater

Tags: Teenagers, Romantic, Fiction, Violent, Workplace, School, Military, Politics,

Desc: Fiction Story: Lyn Davies is the Odd Man In - not the Odd Man Out. An Australian in a US college, Lyn is the sort to vanish into a crowd, even one as small as four people, despite many stand-out abilities. Just after Lyn graduates from high school life delivers Lyn three strikes; but this isn't baseball: Lyn is down, but not out. While trying to stand Lyn is served some fast balls, but manages them. One curve ball is what Lyn needs for a solid hit to get on with life with an unusual Pet as Therapy animal.


Cover Art

The background image is Odd Man Out by Amos Doyle usage is allowed by Creative Commons Attribution Licence. The adding of text is by Ernest Bywater. All rights to the cover image are reserved by the copyright owners.

June 2016 Edition

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Teenagers / Romantic / Fiction / Violent / Workplace / School / Military / Politics /