Gary & Becky Sheep for the Shearing

by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story written from a request by a reader who responded to a blog entry of mine asking for help with story ideas. I have received three request so far for customized stories. This is first story I have completed. This story is about Gary and Becky and Gary's Boss Paul. There may be another installment to this story if the who requested wants one. I created a series for any stories I write by request it is called Millie's Vast Expanse.

Welcome to my dark corner of the internet. Come in and make yourself comfortable in my domain of dirty desires. This is where the darkest yearnings meet the deepest emotions. Let your lust be set free and read a tale written by request. The story of Gary, Becky, their son Billy and Gary's employer Paul. There is a particular hell prepared for Gary where a fear lurks waiting to claim him. A fear of his lover's infidelity fed by his own dark desire to see her used by another. A craving he won't even admit to himself. There is one who will unleash an unbridled lust in Becky which only he can satisfy and poor timid Gary can do nothing but hang on for the ride.

"If God didn't want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep."

Calvera – The Magnificent Seven

Paul Simmons is brilliant, generous, a kind and loving man. Yet he is the antithesis of all that. A passionate man who possesses all he can, holding on to what he covets with a tightly clasped fist until he no longer wants it. Including people – his secret side isn't really a dark side, still, he is a controlling man who has taken what belongs to others. Fulfilling needs locked up deep inside of him. Satisfying pent up desires which burn inside the women he takes possession of, even the men who have claims on those women, in the end, belong to him. He had abstained for some time, but he set his mind on a new conquest.

Fifteen years before Gary came to work for him and quickly Simmons developed an interest in the boy. Soon after Gary came to work for Paul, he was married to his high school sweetheart, Becky. Less than nine months went buy and Gary and Becky had a son. They named him William but called him Billy.

Paul watched all this as a kind employer interested in them in much the same way as he was interested in all of his employees. The years passed and his affection for this particular family grew. He held a substantially greater concern for this family than any other of the employees in his company.

Paul's wife loved the young couple, she knew as soon as she saw Becky that sooner or later her husband would have to have the girl. It didn't bother her. Susan loved his concern that he held for his 'pets', she knew he would protect the whole family. The couples grew closer together over the years. Sadness set in at the sudden deaths of the younger couple's parents. In a rapid succession Becky's mother died of cancer, her father passed within a year of a heart attack. While in between these tragic deaths Gary's mother and father died in an accident on the freeway. A massive 20 car pile up but only Gary's parents were injured severely enough that they died.

Paul had no guilty feelings about what he was going to do. After all, it was obvious the two of them were submissive. A drunken confession by Gary at a convention two years before had actually started the ball rolling. Sitting on a bar stool in Dallas one night at 2:00 pm Gary looked at his boss and asked Paul a question.

"Can you keep a secret?" Simple question and Paul merely nodded. Gary leaned into him and put his arm around his benevolent benefactor. "I have a fantasy about my wife. I mean it is a lulu to, would you like to hear it boss?" Again Paul nodded, "A little background is in order. When we was kids and fucking in the back seat of my old Toyota crown Becky would moan and groan some, kind of loud you know. She spread her legs easy then. Still I could tell she never liked it much – I don't know how I knew, but I knew.

"So one night I was a little buzzed, not like this evening – I'm as the English says – pissed tonight. I mean just a small buzz." Holding his fingers up barely apart, Gary continued with the story. "I got carried away and was rough with her when we," pausing he chose his next word carefully, "FUCKED! – You know what I mean – FUCKED – because that was what it was. Honest to God Fucking, not our usual lovemaking all slow, touchy-feely, sweet and loving. But the night we made Billy I fucked her like a man. She liked it too, you know she actually bucked her hips a couple of times ... once or twice.

"Next time I started to do it that way again and she shot me down. Told me she didn't like animals and needed me to be respectful, kind and tender. So I have always made love to her that way. She don't even fake it anymore. Lays there like a dead fish and I can't get some much as a gasp out of her.

"My fantasy is that someone just makes her do things. Makes her suck him then fucks her like a wild animal. I want someone to melt that ice between her legs. I want them to use her – make her feel it when he does it to her." He pumped his fist hard like a cock striking deep in a cunt, "I work like shit just to get her to let me. First thing she does after I bust my nut is run and wash all of me away – like I'm disgusting to her. I wish someone would make her into a fucking woman," his bright blue eyes were sad and distant. Gary moved away rubbed his blonde hair with his hand. "Well, that's my fantasy."

"Well, Gary maybe I will just do that for you. Make her a young alive woman and not some frightened little girl."

"Could you, would you do that for me?" Lifting another round to his lips, he drank it down. "If you did – well – I would be the best employee you ever had if you did that for me. While you're at it knock her up too. I sure as shit can't." Paul took that as permission and hatched his plan ... he would have already sprung it but a month later his wife died. Paul couldn't think straight for the next year. As soon as he began to return to normal Paul set his scheme in motion.

Last year Paul's wife Susan passed – also of cancer which caused the mutual bond between Becky and him to be strengthened. Then his relationship with Becky changed and his feelings of fatherly love turned to possessive desire. He had a grave concern for her future. Anything which belonged to him had to flourish. The realization dawned on him that without his help Gary would never have been successful in life. He and Becky were passive passengers in the journey of life. Like the renowned feather in the wind, they fluttered from disaster to triumph by whatever breeze moved their way.

Paul began to carefully craft a meteoric rise for Gary. He catapulted him from a drab unimportant position of data entry clerk to phone sales. Then to a city salesman and now was considering a promotion to district sales manager. A job that Gary was holy and utterly unqualified to fill. Gifts given often require a reciprocation as precious as the gift. Paul knew he could take from Gary what he wanted and Gary would gladly be a part of it – eventually.

Gary was pliable and Paul managed to tweak the 32 year-olds skills with each move to make him competent, no more than that. Now Gary wasn't incompetent he was merely timid and more of a natural born follower. He had one outstanding quality in spite of his subservient personality. He could sell – there was a way in which is meekness pulled people in and he could sell them on anything. He could sell customers anything. Paul once commented that Gary could sell feathers to birds.

Gary's new position would ensure the family would not suffer. It would give Paul the time he wanted with Becky. In fact with the district sales job, Gary could easily afford anything that Becky desired. Well, almost anything – in fact, Becky's desires were few, her greatest was for another child. Which was one thing Gary couldn't possibly give her. Three years after Billy's birth Gary contracted mumps and this simple relatively harmless child's illness made him sterile. Well, harmless to an adolescent male and the occasional sterility it causes to an adult, generally passes in a year. Gary drifting on that wind of bad luck was the exception to the rule. Paul planned to give her that child.

Try as they might Becky never conceived again. The doctor was completely stumped and began to wonder if Gary was even the father of Billy. Still with the wallflower that Becky was he couldn't imagine her being, brave enough to even cheat on Gary.

Paul's interest in the family changed after his wife's death. He developed not only a concern with Becky but a deep fascination. A fascination which quickly grew into a fiery lust and an obsession to own her.

Paul was an aggressive businessman and ran his firm with an iron hand covered with a velvet glove. His natural dominance had always served him well. He could be quite forceful, if necessary, but the controlling power he exhibited only caused his workers, colleagues, and friends to fall in line with his desires. There were dark rumors in the company. Rumors which were never spoken aloud only hinted at between confidants. Stories told in a hushed voice in the bar, or to their spouses that one or another female employee who was willing had affairs with him. Or that the wife of an employee would become his mistress as her husband's career would blossom. Tales that when he was done with them – they would return to their normal life, with no regrets. All the men noticed the way the women looked at Paul. They could plainly see the women looked at him with desire. They fell over themselves to please him hoping to attract the wolf.

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